Rich and Mike's The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video

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A little late to the game? NO! We've got until December to pointlessly speculate on the last of the "Skywalker saga" films!!! Mike has a crazy plot prediction and Rich has some ideas on how Palpatine can come back. Enjoy, friends!!

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isaiah wolftail
isaiah wolftail Hace un hora
Its vaders flying that tie fighting because klyo converted to reylo so they brought back palpatine with vader and darth maul. To kill this reylo and try to bring imperalistic order to the galaxy once again. So our two former protaganist must team up to fight the powers of the dark side to save the galaxy.
no printer just fax
no printer just fax Hace un hora
han died in tfa, luke died in tlj, now leias gonna die in ros 😔 more sad about her death than anything
Langers Hace 2 horas
7:15 Ahahahahahaha
Patrick Doherty
Patrick Doherty Hace 2 horas
I don't even like Star Wars and haven't seen a Star Wars movie since Attack of the Clones, but these convos are always entertaining!
Patrick Doherty
Patrick Doherty Hace 2 horas
I wonder how long it will be until Disney remakes the original trilogy.
Matthew Marin
Matthew Marin Hace 3 horas
Now that I know who's writing it, I'm actually kind of excited to watch this movie, but in sort of a sick, morbid way. Like if I knew a passenger train was about to derail but there was nothing I could do to stop it. That's what Star Wars is now, a horrible disaster that we can't look away from.
MrSplendid Hace 4 horas
The evil ewok idea is actually really so great that I’m disappointed that we won’t actually get to see it
Wes Moody
Wes Moody Hace 5 horas
Maz Kanata was the evil force all along. The man behind the curtain if you will.
musicaldooder20 Hace 6 horas
I have to say, it’s a bit pretentious to say that you guys understand what makes Star Wars work, better than George Lucas the creator. I mean, he was the one who made it. I think he probably has a better idea of how it all works better than the rest of us.
John John
John John Hace 6 horas
Rey will travel back in time to recruit the Republic's warriors, including Mace Windu. Rey will then visit Tattooine, where a little boy will ask her "are you an angel?" This starts a new timeline where Hayden Christensen and Rey produce poorly written babies.
Wilburgur Hace 8 horas
oh my god they're gonna to kill finn, poe and leia immediately so they don't need to bother writing their B plots. gives rey has a reason to go back in time too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
30noir Hace 8 horas
I predict the Mr Plinket review of Star Wars 9 will be better than the movie, and there's a better chance I'll sit through the whole thing.
Dazfloor Hace 9 horas
"Hey JJ it's me... your cousin... MARVIN ABRAMS.... you know that ending you've been waiting for? Listen to this!!"
Horatio Moonraker
Horatio Moonraker Hace 9 horas
I think Kylo kills Rey exactly like he did Han Solo, then an X-wing gently takes Rey in it's landing gear and flies away. Then everybody left agrees to make Chewbacca King of the Universe, because reasons. The end.
shut up bitch
shut up bitch Hace 13 horas
The bag contains the continuum transfunctioner.
william hazlett
william hazlett Hace 13 horas
they are going back in time so rey can absorb lukes power to fight the kylo absorbed emperior highlander style cutting there head off to get there power
Steven Sinishtaj
Steven Sinishtaj Hace 13 horas
Im willing to bet this movie ends up being so disappointing, we'll wish these predictions were right.
Jaime M
Jaime M Hace 14 horas
So, this is how horrible misinformation is spread. With a barely noticed ESwomen video and smug attitudes.
Rob Goc
Rob Goc Hace 15 horas
“Is that a joke?” “No.” “This movie’s going to be terrible.”
Sweet Bro
Sweet Bro Hace 17 horas
Not going to lie, I wasn't excited about this movie. You had me at "fuck it" though.
dumwyteguy Hace 18 horas
God help us I think the time travel theory is real
Mel Kerner
Mel Kerner Hace 19 horas
They blew the obvious choice of making the Snoak character into the not quite dead Darth Plageous. So much missed opportunity, just to kill off all past characters and screw George Lucas out of his portion of the legacy characters intellectual property money
DevilGearHill Hace 15 horas
Really not sure George gives a fuck. Like any fuck at all. He’s got too much money to care.
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson Hace 19 horas
Rich laughs like salacious crumb
Daryl Dacillo
Daryl Dacillo Hace 20 horas
News Flash: "The Skywalker in Star Wars Rise of Skywalker is just a force user who can navigate the stars not the family of Luke Skywalkers!" "Disney main objective of Star Wars is anyone can be a jedi so please buy our super expensive plastic lightsaber and other expensive merchandise." So yeah it will be a crap. I'll just be seeing the whole thing crash and flop on the side.
Kylo Ren PT
Kylo Ren PT Hace 22 horas
You guys are the best!! Please don´t you ever stop doing videos!! Regards from Portugal
mjl1966y Hace 22 horas
$325M. And then Disney will sell Lucasfilm to Sony. In a trade package for Spiderman...
Just Perfect
Just Perfect Hace 21 un hora
mjl1966y that actually might happen
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie Hace 23 horas
You realize that now you have said this there will be whole shifts of low paid Asian children painting all the eyes red on the huge container ship that is full of old Ewok figures lol. You inspired me to guess and ......... The emperor mind and power into Kilo and Luke power into Rey, at least it would be kick ass lol
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie Hace 23 horas
I like the time travel thing and hope it is as interesting as you said but they will have to make it three and a half hours to fix {sort of it cant be fixed without scrapping TLJ} so it will be complicated. Either way I am not paying to see it at any theater just my small aybeck for the slap in the face they gave us
John nohobear
John nohobear Hace 23 horas
There are two constants in the JJ universe- lens flares and time travel.
Plur307 Hace un día
It always annoys me that each planet is only 1 climate for the whole planet. Yet they all have climates that can be found here on Earth, a single planet.
grendl Hace un día
Theyre going to bring back Han Solo. We never saw the body.
Kyle Hart
Kyle Hart Hace un día
I just realized something. Star Wars can double their characters by making alternate versions of every character. Every evil character has a good version, and every good character has an evil version. They’re already did it with BB-8.
Kyle Hart
Kyle Hart Hace un día
Another part of time travel machinations is that it would be a fresh slate for spinoffs. No more mountains of lore that comic book writers have to sift through.
Nick M
Nick M Hace un día
16:19 - I don't mean to be an asshole, but 'laser sword fighting' just sounds like something someone who knows nothing about Star Wars would say.
DevilGearHill Hace 10 horas
Nick M Watch their other stuff. They are very adult and very smart with their critiques. Just type “Star Wars RLM” and you’ll get it all. People especially love the Rogue One review. And watch all the “Nerd Crew” episodes by them. They are hilariously on-point.
Nick M
Nick M Hace 14 horas
Yeah, I guess. The 2 guys in the video are clearly big star was fans and know their stuff, I just cringe a little when I hear something like that
DevilGearHill Hace 15 horas
Yeah, it only sounds that way. Because in essence that is exactly what is happening.
Andreas Mixahl
Andreas Mixahl Hace un día
10:57 since when kylo ren have hairly hands?
Joseph van Wyk
Joseph van Wyk Hace un día
Literally no one is talking about Ep09, except for you... Let me make it simple for you, save your cash. Those barbie doll characters and their writing will shit over a 40 year old franchise again (including their own garbage trilogy). There is nothing to speculate about.
Gamenofun Hace un día
I think this was my favorite prediction 31:34
Jaakko Hace un día
The practical effects on Rich Evans have recently looked terrible, they really need to hire actual VFX guys to animate him properly
That One Doesn't Count
That One Doesn't Count Hace un día
Honestly I think this movie has no hope. I actually enjoyed The Last Jedi (Don't hate me it's fine if you didn't and I understand were you are coming from) but how can they go from where that film left off and also try and structure it around 5 year old deleted footage of a dead actor? It's fucked
chud67bbc Hace un día
So, basically the Terminator plot in Star Wars.
Samuel .Lescelius
Samuel .Lescelius Hace un día
R2 is out of the picture, 'cause it's part of the old squad. BB-8 is the new strong (possibly female?) equivalent that has come to steal the spotlight of the funny bulb headed robot.
nexusbrill Hace un día
Please do a mashup of ST:Voyager "Think Tank" with George Costanza.
Jeffrey Riley
Jeffrey Riley Hace un día
Both Death Stars were blown completely to bits on screen. How can you have such large wreckage?
DevilGearHill Hace 15 horas
Eeeahhh... studio money does wonders.
Rialster 2000
Rialster 2000 Hace un día
As the "Great" J.J once said "F*** it"
Shayla Smith
Shayla Smith Hace un día
I love how rich keeps his hands in a prayer position while hearing the time travel theory
History Eraser Button
History Eraser Button Hace un día
I watch this video every few days. Watching RLM talk about these films are better than the films.
Dragaur Hace un día
There already was a form of time travel in Rebels. It was done in a pretty cool way though.
RedGreenLugar Hace un día
Fuckin ewoks!!! Im completely sold on that idea xD holy shit that is fantastic
similaritiesendhere Hace un día
Matthew Housham
Matthew Housham Hace un día
They're gonna go with a cloned Palpatine, aren't they?
Josh Little
Josh Little Hace un día
Fuck me I thought it was bad but fuck. Fuck ur right....!!!!!!
TommyPKFire Hace un día
Ayyy Rich Evans shops at Kohls too
ŠP Hace un día
It's going to be Rey who leaves Rey on Jakku
RJD1116 Hace 2 días
I actually hate how right they probably are
Lester Brunt
Lester Brunt Hace 2 días
I think they will go total End Game. Not only are there force ghosts, the death star ruin made a ripple in the force through which people can be resurrected, old tech from lord plagous or whatever. So they will get everybody in a big cgi battle, yoda, mace windu, quigone, obiwan, dark vador, maul, emperor, etc. They will all be facing each other and then run towards each other screaming in a final showdown.
Diogo Neves
Diogo Neves Hace 2 días
Rebels wasn't the only thing Star Wars related to introduce time travel. There is a 2017/2018 Darth Vader comic book series, which is canon from Disney, where underneath Vader's castle on Mustafar there's a portal. And a ancient dark lord named Momim traveled through it
Atlas Fell
Atlas Fell Hace 2 días
Time travel = shit writing
Parv Verma
Parv Verma Hace 2 días
Palpatine's ghost will seduce Kylo by chatting with him while sitting on a rotting tree log.
cueballB Hace 2 días
I actually like the idea of Luke the White. But that would absolutely wreck everything they were building with Rey. They just had no idea whatsoever where they wanted to take the story, writing, rewriting, shoots, rezmwriting, reshoots. And now they're stuck with a mess of a story. Too bad. Still, it was doomed from the start. Many people didn't even give it a chance and started the hate the secont the first trailer came out.
Rainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warrior Hace 2 días
Kenneth James
Kenneth James Hace 2 días
lol, A white saber
Kenneth James
Kenneth James Hace 2 días
They gave up on R2D2 cuz Lucas has merch rights on him.
Karl C.
Karl C. Hace 4 horas
R2 was always my favorite. Bloody hero in every film he was in.
History Eraser Button
History Eraser Button Hace un día
Yup :-(
Beacons_r_lit Hace 2 días
If Terminator films are constantly trying to undo the previous one through time travel you can bet star wars will go down this path.
Dead_Yellow Hace 2 días
Has anyone told Mike and Rich that the Star Wars Rebels show had a kind of form of time travel so their bat shit insane theory isn't as crazy as they think???
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hace 2 días
I don't remember perfectly, but couldn't that scene in the dark side cave in TLJ allude to Rey being her own ancestor. I really think they might have Rey be the first Skywalker or something
Zero Black
Zero Black Hace un día
Thats horrible... and probably rigth
Allan Ragnarson
Allan Ragnarson Hace 2 días
Why would they conceal ren? Its obviously vader. Disappointing
Kevin McNamara
Kevin McNamara Hace 2 días
"too evil to be redeemed" lol Anakin was essentially a school shooter(+supernazi) who killed his own wife, and he ended up fine.
Zero Black
Zero Black Hace un día
That was on the prequels. Not in the original trilogy
Allan Ragnarson
Allan Ragnarson Hace 2 días
So its trash. Gotcha didnt need to watch this to guess that.
RAJ1 Hace 2 días
Kylo Ren-Kyle Reese-"K.R Terminator Connection". Finish what you started.......Time travel in Star Wars. Rey-Sarah Connor.
Dave T
Dave T Hace 2 días
If there's any time travel I swear to god I'm standing up and walking out
John nohobear
John nohobear Hace 23 horas
Don't go. Denying Disney money will end this reign of incompetence sooner before more beloved franchises are destroyed. Watch a pirated version if you must or buy a ticket to some other movie at the cineplex.
DevilGearHill Hace un día
Not gonna go in the first place.
Jimi D
Jimi D Hace 2 días
The fat one’s laugh ruins these videos.
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