Rich and Mike's The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video

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A little late to the game? NO! We've got until December to pointlessly speculate on the last of the "Skywalker saga" films!!! Mike has a crazy plot prediction and Rich has some ideas on how Palpatine can come back. Enjoy, friends!!

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gloodgy Hace 22 horas
Oh! They fly now!
bluSPECTRE Hace 22 horas
Apollo For a Better Future
Apollo For a Better Future Hace 7 horas
Matthew Keeler
Matthew Keeler Hace un día
I would prefer the time travel aspect to what we actually got. It would have restored the status quo and it would have restored a lot of support to disney.
M Hace 3 días
Holy shit the Ewoks were Sith!
LJWR Hace 4 días
I’ve never found so much humour in JJ Abrams saying ‘we have written a Spider-Man comic book’
Stirner's Retrowave
Stirner's Retrowave Hace 8 días
If only we'd gotten that time travel plot with the Palpatine worshipping instead of the movie we actually got. A man can dream though. A man can dream.
tg72201 Hace 8 días
JJ Abrams "very good at pacing" didn''t pan out, did it?
SpartanV327 Hace 9 días
15:24 Lol no
bapanada Hace 9 días
that stupid fucking time travel plot would have unironically been better than what we got
yoomazir Hace 9 días
7:03 and Rich was a 100% right
Christopher Arthur
Christopher Arthur Hace 12 días
Sigh...these ideas are all 100x better than what Disney put into this movie!
J Horn
J Horn Hace 12 días
Ewok death cult would have been amazing!
Idols Smashed
Idols Smashed Hace 12 días
RepMed Vitapaste courtesy of the Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center.
minski76 Hace 12 días
And somehow the time travel plot would have made more sense....
Gustavo Pérez Ramírez
Gustavo Pérez Ramírez Hace 13 días
7:17 This was the most accurate prediction about the movie.
Coming back to Jesus
Coming back to Jesus Hace 13 días
Honestly with better writing star wars could be amazing with new movies
Ender Hace 14 días
What's the end song?
Ender Hace 14 días
Damn you for pitching a far superior film about Palpatine's Ewok death cult.
mitchell zurbrigg
mitchell zurbrigg Hace 16 días
They were so innocent. They didnt even predict the 10,000 star destroys coming out of the ground from a mystery red plasma planet universe with snokes bros in an aquarium hidden in a lightning giant statue land with palpy on strings
Mindbleach Hace 16 días
I can't believe Mike's terrible awful theory had fewer plot holes than the actual movie.
JugularTV Hace 17 días
Rey's story arc was with Kylo. They could have fought at the end. Luke's story arc involved The Emporer, and they could have fought at the end. That wouldn't have taken away from Rey. The movie actually takes away from Luke.
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Primarch Roboute Guilliman Hace 18 días
Mike's impression of Palpatine is fucking great.
Tomato Melvin
Tomato Melvin Hace 20 días
Holy shit did Rich's laugh turn into the Emperor's cackle at 19:24 or is that just a subversion of my expectations
SnoutBaron Hace 21 un día
Mike's time theory would've been so much more exciting.
Chris Parlamas
Chris Parlamas Hace 23 días
It's sad because the predictions about Luke coming back and beating Palpatine is better than what actually happened
Frank Merker
Frank Merker Hace 20 días
but how would Rey, the most adored and cared-about protagonist in all of cinematic history, not save the day?
Lord Auriel
Lord Auriel Hace 23 días
so in retrospective, ANY of your theorires turned out to be way too smart for disney. Sorry guys but if you want to think like JJ, you have to be really shitfaced when you do these prediction videos.
Sans Serif
Sans Serif Hace 23 días
I come back to this video for that moment at 7.15 Should be required watching for actors who want to know how to portray that moment when someone realises, and must come to terms, with a great and horrible truth. The zoom in. The dramatic paper fold. The sheer range of emotions processed and portrayed in those two short lines. "This movie is going to be awful!"
Fiama98 Hace 23 días
It is amazing that Mike points out all of the things that are back from the past for no reason therefore it must be time travel. But no... it was a force even greater than Time Travel.... Nostalgic Marketing...
Troy Kluver
Troy Kluver Hace 24 días
What happened to c3po's red arm?
Pixelated Sugar
Pixelated Sugar Hace 26 días
It still BLOWS my mind that there was no plan. How do you spend 4 billion dollars and then just wing it?
Fiama98 Hace 23 días
The sad part is the fan base STILL WATCHES! Rise of Skywalker is close to breaking 1 billion world wide after less than a month. Why bother having a plan when you can make billions winging it? Fans still see these things four or five times because "ma childhood!". Disney isn't looking to create art or a lasting legacy, they are looking to recoup that 4 billions as quickly as possible. Frankly, I would have much rather seen the time travel idea Mike had.
Kᶦᶫᶫᵉʳᵃᶰᵈᵘᶰᵈᵉʳᵗᵃᵏᵉʳ Hace 26 días
I think there gona' take you back to the past to re-play some shitty Star Wars fanfic that sucks ass.
Gamehulk Hace 26 días
Rich is wearing the same shirt here as in his Half in the Bag review of RoS. Continuity expert? Or Lazy fuck?
brandon patraj
brandon patraj Hace 28 días
17:09 Holy shit. RLM called it: They brought Palpatine back.
Eduardo Cherry
Eduardo Cherry Hace 29 días
32:09 Never tell me the odds
ortizmo Hace 29 días
paraphrased: "What would be fun but you don't have to thin about the ramifications later?" Nailed.
Brett Fox
Brett Fox Hace 29 días
How it is possible that the actual plot was worse than the time travel theory?
Fiama98 Hace 23 días
You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.
thewrong house
thewrong house Hace 29 días
„I dont like it... I dont like any of this“
John S
John S Hace un mes
It's sad that this would have been better..
Fraser is Not Nice
Fraser is Not Nice Hace un mes
F**k it
Uncle Flansy
Uncle Flansy Hace un mes
Its almost sad that the 'lets just make up random garbage' bit at the end turns out to be the most accurate to what happened.
Matt Hace un mes
At this point i wish the could have gone with the time travel
Dario Volarić
Dario Volarić Hace un mes
That mock story you came up with is actually better than what they actually made!
Lauren Night
Lauren Night Hace un mes
I like how the time travel theory made relatively better sense then what they actually did
skeletorrobo Hace un mes
No proof of course, but I feel Red Letter Media did have a large influence on the whole Sequel Trilogy. Mike Stocklasa recommended JJ Abrams in his viral Plinkett videos, which would have caught the attention of Disney executives at Lucas Film, convincing them to hire JJ Abrams for the the Force awakens. We know that Rian Johnson watched Red Letter Media, and very likely saw the subsequent Plinkett material and RLM content about The Force Awakens. Red Letter Media’s criticism of The Force Awakens as a fan-serviced, soft reboot must have influenced Rian Johnson’s decision to subvert expectations. In the Plinkett review of the Last Jedi, Plinkett refers to Rian as his son. Finally with the Rise of Skywalker JJ Abrams attempts to correct the wrongs of Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi by any means necessary or possible. JayBauman’s observation that the Last Jedi disregards all that proceeds it in the previous movie and that the Rise of Skywalker largely does the same highlights the lack of cohesion of the sequel trilogy. I’m sure some people love the Sequel Trilogy and I think those people have a lot to thank Red Letter Media for. Having said that Mike Stocklasa and Red Letter Media had no direct influence over Lucas Film or Disney whatsoever. Disney and Lucas Film made those creative decisions by themselves.
skeletorrobo Hace un mes
So what I got from all this since 2015 is a recommendation to watch “The Good Marriage”. I’ll watch it. I guess this is some irony or poetic justice like the end of End Game intended.
Gabe Pharris
Gabe Pharris Hace un mes
I went in with my expectations on the floor and managed to have a pretty good time.
MKECBS1 Hace un mes
I only come back here for 31:38
Munjee Syed
Munjee Syed Hace un mes
Wait they put the fucking chewie medallion in the teaser
Jake Shattuck
Jake Shattuck Hace un mes
Just hire the hack frauds to put together the next trilogy. Help us, RLM. You're Disney's only hope.
Mike Hace un mes
They definitely time traveled back to Return of the Jedi
Jeff Nichols
Jeff Nichols Hace un mes
Watching this after ROS's release, reveals that Rich "Nostradamus" Evans was dead-on with his prediction: "This is going to be terrible."
Jake Shattuck
Jake Shattuck Hace un mes
Kookle Hace un mes
It was worse than all their predictions.
than217 Hace un mes
7:13 He called it.
s bunch
s bunch Hace un mes
nothing in these predictions was nearly as stupid as the actual movie, even all the time travel bs
Red Star
Red Star Hace un mes
20:43 Rich the secret owner of Disney stealing ideas from better minds cought of film.
Applecrow Hace un mes
RoS filming ended in February 2019. Then this video comes out. Then we hear they are doing reshoots....
somebuddyX Hace un mes
Luke Timewalker.
Sipher777 - Alex
Sipher777 - Alex Hace un mes
Rich’s laugh is fucking ethereal
cannon Hace un mes
I've heard Rich's laugh described by many people, but that's the best most accurate way I've heard it described lol.
Sipher777 - Alex
Sipher777 - Alex Hace un mes
Wait, so did JJ write a Spiderman comic or what?
Valmont334 Hace un mes
Time travel would honestly have been better, because none of the hints, none of them, were paid off. Deflector dish, etc. :(
Valmont334 Hace un mes
Consistent plot twist: Every one of their terrible predictions that ISN'T true, for the whole trilogy, is still better than what actually happens. They really ought to hire them to write a screenplay. Not even kidding.
darkwater124 Hace un mes
Rich did not predict that he would be wearing the same shirt 5 months later.
Lucas O'heyze
Lucas O'heyze Hace 23 días
Everybody else did though.
Graham Kennedy
Graham Kennedy Hace un mes
Who knew that that bottomless shaft Vader threw Palpatine into had a massive trampoline at the bottom of it?
ThemFuzzyMonsters Hace un mes
10:01 - Accurate prediction!! Points! 13:16 - ... if only! 😢 14:45 - That’s better than what we got. We got Death Star #4, the fleet of Death Stars! 🤦🏻‍♂️ 30:45 - There can be only the one! 32:07 - Spot-on again! “Rey, I am your grand father!” “Search your feelings! You know it to be true!”
Thomas Gaita
Thomas Gaita Hace un mes
near the end they get scarily close to the real plot, even though at that point they’re done with real predictions and are just saying “this might as well happen who cares anymore.”
Robert Dennys
Robert Dennys Hace un mes
correct predictions: -Rey slices and crashes TIE fighter, KR emerges to fight -This was the least accurate RLM predictions video.
k4nc3r Hace un mes
TIL Tupac sampled Star Trek V
Questbro Hace un mes
I'm from an alternate timeline. This video was 100% accurate.
Cylent Nite
Cylent Nite Hace un mes
Take me back there with you.
Jaybee Hace un mes
This was better than what we actually got. I think my favorite part of this was that they didn't predict The Emperor coming back as himself, because even that would've been too stupid to predict.
3spewky5me Hace un mes
Rich is wearing the same shirt in this video as he does in the Episode 9 review.
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