Revisiting Spider-Man PS4 in 2020 | Free Roam Gameplay (4K)

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Hace 2 meses

► At its core, Insomniac Games’ new adventure strives to make you feel like Spider-Man. This video will showcase some of the many activities you can partake in around New York City. Enjoy!

About: Marvel's Spider-Man features your favorite web-slinger in a story unlike any before it. Now a seasoned Super Hero, Peter Parker has been busy keeping crime off the streets as Spider-Man. Just as he’s ready to focus on life as Peter, a new villain threatens New York City. Faced with overwhelming odds and higher stakes, Spider-Man must rise up and #BeGreater. Subscribe to see more of my #SpiderManPS4 videos!

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ynSection is a dedicated fan-channel which helps provide quality guides, easter eggs, tips & tricks, and playthrough videos of Spider-Man games. I help entertain & educate my viewers through my gameplay footage which is all recorded and edited by me.

(All gameplay footage contained within this video is my own.)

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Zax The Hedgehog
Zax The Hedgehog Hace 2 meses
I hope this isn't the end of revisiting Spiderman, i need more nostalgia.
Clancy Hace 7 días
J Boi GamingXD um okay
J Boi GamingXD
J Boi GamingXD Hace 7 días
@Clancy whatever buddy. RDR2 has rpg elements in it, I was just sharing my opinion so that's all that matters. I like your idea though💯.
IKO.3-TOONS Hace 7 días
Bert Vuegen
Bert Vuegen Hace 8 días
Zax The Hedgehog D!r
Do you eat ass???
хочу выиграть миллиард
хочу выиграть миллиард Hace 43 minutos
Game have so primitive graphics, that i cant belive, that this game from 2020. I realy disapointed
TITAN BOSS Hace un hora
“Revisiting Spiderman PS4” The game isn’t like 10 years old or like the Amazing Spiderman games. It’s almost 2 years old.
Steven Geisert
Steven Geisert Hace 3 horas
Sebastian Yachini
Sebastian Yachini Hace 15 horas
Korak Khadgi
Korak Khadgi Hace 20 horas
This game brings so much nostalgia when i watched this vid after 2 years. Damn, I used to enjoy this game because it looked realistic and was really good... This might be old, but this game is gold
p247 Hace 20 horas
Style-wise this looks really, really crazy. But I can't let go of the thought that the old Spider-Man 2 game already had almost everything sorted out web-swinging/wall-climbing wise.
Alexis Boyz
Alexis Boyz Hace 23 horas
5:55 the bandit from below seems dead
Emilian Strange
Emilian Strange Hace un día
Gosh, Wish I could play this thing
Luther Reigns
Luther Reigns Hace un día
I still play this game. I honestly wouldn't have had a problem with micro transactions.
David Olujinmi
David Olujinmi Hace 2 días
Ákos Kardos
Ákos Kardos Hace 2 días
how many times is this map bigger than gta 4's liberty city?like 20?
logitech9 Hace 3 días
Can you go inside any of the buildings?
TheDragonKing Hace 4 días
Ahh,the nostalgia. I grew up playing this game, every day after school. It feels like last year that I played it.
HARRYRANTS Hace 3 días
You are a moron
JR White
JR White Hace 4 días
Movement reminds me of prototype .... I want prototype 3
Pam Beesly
Pam Beesly Hace 4 días
Let’s be honest the game is gorgeous but the character does everything himself
Plot Hace 4 días
I remember when i came back from school and playing Spider-Man PS4 on my shitty laptop.. nostalgia...
MarkH88 Hace 4 días
I switched from xbox just for this game. Any1 else?
Azula Hace 4 días
Wish there was a venom game
GameFlix Hace 4 días
As if this game is only a year old tho
Reuben Smith
Reuben Smith Hace 4 días
He just killed someone at 1:04
tree sama
tree sama Hace 5 días
this nigga killed them over drugs n yall wanna say cops are bad 🙄🙄🙄
Amante Heru
Amante Heru Hace 5 días
I Won't be impressed with a Spiderman game until they include all boroughs of NYC and upstate NY and i don't care if Spiderman never went to Montauk put Montauk fucking NY in the game. There's no excuse not to have thr entire state of NY on a Spiderman game lol
Jack Fahey
Jack Fahey Hace 4 días
Seriously, that's what you want from a spiderman game, just ignore all the highflying combat and story and but in a few buildings to be impressed
aznpanda510x Hace 5 días
That how you play Spider-Man?!?!?......... I didn’t use combos like that...... look like a different game
Cicek gul
Cicek gul Hace 5 días
cool game!!!!! how to download this game from google to compyuter
Jhonny Laqualite
Jhonny Laqualite Hace 5 días
Good here after having finished spiderman several times the free mode becomes tiresome and I found something that could like the players. I noticed that the arrow on the right was useless on the controller so I had an idea: it would be the fact of pressing this arrow and incis removing his mask, this would be possible in view of the identity revealed of Peter or to be able to use this functionality only once out of sight. In view of this function we could why not have a city suit with a backpack and keep the right arrow (out of sight) change and put on a suit, this function will only be available with this bag for more realism. These options could add an RP side after finishing the story (of course these functions will be impossible on mission). If you like this idea like this comment so that someone from insomniac games may notice and integrate it into the next Spider-Man, don't hesitate to respond to this comment to tell me your opinion, thank you very much. 😉
Orion Hace 5 días
Man, I remember playing this when I was like 28 years old. I’m now 29, I think it’s time to dust off my old PS4 Pro!
Devont'eDamoi Hace 6 días
Spidy truly be one with air
immortal Immortals
immortal Immortals Hace 6 días
for 19 bucks on amazon right now... is it worth it to buy?
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Hace 7 días
I hope they patch the shitty rx catchphrase
Chanelb Hace 7 días
link8 Hace 8 días
It would be good if they'd bothered to record more voice lines than just "Hey guys, you got prescriptions for this stuff?"
Jeff Parr
Jeff Parr Hace 8 días
Marvel's Spider-Man GOTY (PS4) £17.95 Plenty of other bargains to be had on this site !
Kaso Gamer
Kaso Gamer Hace 8 días
I hope we will get a sequel to this game. Also there are a lot of references to the other avengers in the game so it would be amazing to get similar type games featuring other heroes like Hulk or Black Panther.
BobbyJedi97 Hace 8 días
What difficulty is this on I am doing Ultimate and it so much harder
Britney Bitch
Britney Bitch Hace 9 días
Just watching this since the rumours says this game will be free monthly game on playstation + in june 😊
NightAvenger375 Hace 9 días
What bridge is that at 4:29
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Hace 9 días
dear god can you imagine spider-man PS5 yet?
ツelromaomg Hace 9 días
My dream its get this game but im poor and i cant buy an ps4 :(
HARRYRANTS Hace 9 días
your not missing much the games is complete trash and not worth buying
John Samsung
John Samsung Hace 9 días
Shit bro, I swear watching this takes me back to simpler times. I remember playing this back in 1999 when I was 4 year olds. I hope the next Spider-Man game will give me the same feels I got from watching this game again after so long
J Zip
J Zip Hace 10 días
Everybody saying nostalgia like the game been out since 2000
Jamad Callery
Jamad Callery Hace 10 días
I think with this game this is as good as you gonna get with good gameplay. It's only so much you can do in this game without looking completely identical to somone else's gameplay. It's just not dynamic enough. To static, except for the few variations of stylish animation between swinging and swinging.
Rashid Ford
Rashid Ford Hace 10 días
You just made someone some money. I need to play this in 4k.
HARRYRANTS Hace 3 días
@Jack Fahey how does it feel that you are the defonishon of a spastic
HARRYRANTS Hace 4 días
@Jack Fahey yes it is, deal with it you low level, intelligence fraud.
Jack Fahey
Jack Fahey Hace 4 días
@HARRYRANTS That's not a fact
HARRYRANTS Hace 9 días
no, you dont the game is trash accept the facts
mohamed amine zourair
mohamed amine zourair Hace 10 días
game in 2018
RIGHT ANGLE Hace 11 días
Damn, i was 16 when i played this game for the first time. I’m 17 now.
Crash Bash
Crash Bash Hace 7 días
It's really not that big of a deal
Jonathan Uriostegui
Jonathan Uriostegui Hace 11 días
Woww 1 year
Bloofa Hace 11 días
I re-played it recently, load an old save file, I forgot all the combo combinations and died a lot 🤨
Jonny Hughes
Jonny Hughes Hace 12 días
Its rrally good but alot of the animations are bad and unrealistic. Shame
Mike B
Mike B Hace 12 días
You should revisit red dead redemption in 2020 and see if it holds up
Yassine Zine
Yassine Zine Hace 13 días
Really quite something.
Jordan Arlan
Jordan Arlan Hace 13 días
I can’t wait to see what they fucking do with Spider-Man ps5
SAFIS GAMER Hace 13 días
Can I play this game offline
Video Corner
Video Corner Hace 13 días
Is there's any news of new dlc??
Jack Morsey
Jack Morsey Hace 13 días
Wondering what will games look like 50 years from now
Cuppa Joe
Cuppa Joe Hace 14 días
I wish I could play this game, but I have an xbox 😭
jenag jrjc
jenag jrjc Hace 14 días
it honestly got boring already just the repetitive events animatioms and enemies its the same shit over and over again. swinging around and just roaming id the best part tbh
Jack Fahey
Jack Fahey Hace 4 días
Say your pretty much saying all open games are bad
Aurelien G
Aurelien G Hace 14 días
Best game (2018)
S H Hace 14 días
spider man au sahara il pourra rien faire
appolospbvxr Hace 14 días
Couple of mins in and the audio is already repeating "Hey guys have you got prescriptions for this stuff", the hallmark of a bad game. Looks like its also full of quick time events.
lebanese gamer MS
lebanese gamer MS Hace 15 días
Played it, enjoyed it, got platinum in less than 4 days.
Shady Fungus
Shady Fungus Hace 15 días
A shame that there is more people on the streets of New York in a video game then in irl.
Trudy Cole
Trudy Cole Hace 15 días
David Lagos
David Lagos Hace 15 días
hola!!! la verdad imprecionante video lo disfrute deseo el siguiente video me despido les dejo besis muchas gracias
MrLazynko Hace 15 días
I need to buy this game.
Johnny May Cry
Johnny May Cry Hace 16 días
As a Spiderman fan, I traded my Xbox One for a Ps4 to pre order Spiderman and It was the BEST thing I have done!!
Shaggy with 1 000 subscribers
Shaggy with 1 000 subscribers Hace 16 días
I regret that i bought that game It s boring
Jack Fahey
Jack Fahey Hace 4 días
So why are you here genius
Salomeister Hace 16 días
Spider man throwing bad guyz off the roof and not catching them or hang, dat is not the spider man ik
Nick BMX742
Nick BMX742 Hace 16 días
Wouldn’t it be cool if you looked out your window and saw spider man
dave flounders
dave flounders Hace 16 días
Any PS4 owner not played this yet , needs to try it ASAP This and horizon zero dawn .
Ishikatu Hace 16 días
The title of this video is so cringe the game isn’t even old
A83Y Hace 17 días
PS5 about to get released & I'm only just going to get myself a PS4 today 🤔
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