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Sarah Baska

Sarah Baska

Hace un mes

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wills music video lmao go show some love:
I hope you guys enjoyed my video!!!! :,) I cant believe i'm a blonde bitch now. every time I look in the mirror I get so startled & panic a little lol, its gunna take some getting used to. BUT I'M PROUD OF MYSELF DAMN IT. hope you are all safe and cozy in your homes. do something for yourself today ~self care related~ like reading a book or journaling or................ bleaching ur fckin hair :-) LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH STAY SAFE

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Sarah Baska
Sarah Baska Hace un mes
y’all....... i said ‘tiger king’ bc there were lions in the documentary ‘tiger king’ on netflix and i just watched it so it was fresh in my brain LMFAO i didn’t mean lion king. it was a stupid joke but now y’all just think i’m stupid lmfao
VallyB Hace 14 días
DYE your roots dark, like a root smudge
ninki minjaj
ninki minjaj Hace un mes
Sarah Baska “i LoOk LiKe A LiOn FrOm *TiGEr* KiNG“💀
Sadie Sadie
Sadie Sadie Hace un mes
Sarah Baska highly recommend playing Detroit: become human
Nikki Marie
Nikki Marie Hace un mes
Sarah Baska okay but can we get a video about you talking about tiger king
Irish Mitchell
Irish Mitchell Hace un mes
Sarah Baska can u bring back u diving in ?????
Jenna ASL
Jenna ASL Hace un hora
It looks good! Google a shadow root if you really want to fix the top and pick a color that is 1 or 2 shades darker than the T18 blond you used on the ends. It'll also help it blend with your brown hair as it grows out so you won't have such a harsh line.
brannan jolen
brannan jolen Hace 11 horas
while she was doing her intro i was just staring at the bud light can LMFAO
Juna Bellia
Juna Bellia Hace un día
Go watch Brads Video gal. He funny. Just don't take it all to heart.
Amo Doh
Amo Doh Hace un día
A good toner will even it out :) Looks good!
Fostering Madness
Fostering Madness Hace un día
do a shadow root on your hair! it'll give you the dark root you're looking for
akaSage Hace 3 días
I probably would just let it grow out and then blend it once its grown out.
Natalie Mullaney
Natalie Mullaney Hace 3 días
I work at sally beauty and GURL ur hair is bomb. I’m a little late to the party but honestly ur roots aren’t that bad at all!!
Maria Mia
Maria Mia Hace 5 días
It looks good!!
McKenzie Epley
McKenzie Epley Hace 5 días
Sarah baska Is the best tuber Has no haters And cute hair
McKenzie Epley
McKenzie Epley Hace 5 días
I tryed to recreate the " Carole basken " song but it isnt good
Lauren Gomez
Lauren Gomez Hace 6 días
Shelby Robason
Shelby Robason Hace 6 días
Sarah as a fellow panic disorder pal (lmao) you need to play animal crossing lmao. You’ll love it. I just have a feeling you will. It’s so relaxing to me.
Shauntel Brooks
Shauntel Brooks Hace 6 días
What happened to your merch?!
bbbeauty Hace 7 días
Girl you need to root shadow it and you’ll be fine!
ImBaileh Hace 8 días
play assassin's creed odyssey its sooo good
Steve Richards
Steve Richards Hace 8 días
I Love You! :D
Fook Off
Fook Off Hace 8 días
Brad mando we need you
ghost Unix
ghost Unix Hace 8 días
Sarha has really amazing fashion skill.
Diana Kincaid
Diana Kincaid Hace 8 días
Sweetheart, ALWAYS RE-read the DIRECTIONS !!! Those f-bombs were crazy. Use a deep conditioning mask and purple shampoo/conditioner to tone down those gold tones.
Jayla B.
Jayla B. Hace 8 días
Even tho you didn't love how the roots came out, I love your hair! ❤
Michaela Allen
Michaela Allen Hace 8 días
Dude I've been wondering where you got all your posters from? I really want to get me some. Help a girl out?
Reese Jett
Reese Jett Hace 8 días
Purple shampoo
Breezy Mareezy
Breezy Mareezy Hace 8 días
Wait.. what book are you reading? I wanna be okay too :(
Tierra Guild
Tierra Guild Hace 9 días
Cheyenne Lucci
Cheyenne Lucci Hace 13 días
Send it and ONLY LIGHTEN THE DARKER ROOTS! Or for all out and try to give yourself a shadow root
Xochitl Manley
Xochitl Manley Hace 13 días
Did you ever get your money back from the scammers? Just curious lol
Ella MacDonald
Ella MacDonald Hace 13 días
Bruh.. play Minecraft are u kidding
Breianna Edwards
Breianna Edwards Hace 14 días
you ruined that hoodie huh sarah
intellectual unicorn
intellectual unicorn Hace 14 días
I screamed at 1:33 lol ur eye
Lettie Farradzs
Lettie Farradzs Hace 15 días
Try blending in a brown hair color at the roots the same color as your natural hair so when your hair grows it blends basically making your own roots 😗
Bianca Walker
Bianca Walker Hace 16 días
Can I just say, AMAZING job of the colour and dang it suits you!!
Esmee Leentjens
Esmee Leentjens Hace 16 días
Kinda lovin it
Karmina Guantes
Karmina Guantes Hace 16 días
*****Hair stylist here***** I'd recommend trying a shadow root! Grab yourself a level 7 ash toner and just apply it at your roots feathering it down about 2 or 3 inches depending on how much root you want. Definitely use an application brush and a comb
Erin Bellavista
Erin Bellavista Hace 16 días
I swear you looked like Shakira when you took your hair outta the bun :O Oooh, Shakira Shakira!
Liz Skelton
Liz Skelton Hace 17 días
Root shadow
Gabriella Wildrick
Gabriella Wildrick Hace 17 días
Love how she actually made the gaming videos of life is strange! 😂😂😂😂😂
sophie Hace 18 días
little does sarah know how emotional life is strange is lmao
Rie Rie
Rie Rie Hace 18 días
So what did you do to your roots??? It looks good!
Google User
Google User Hace 19 días
I would dye your whole head at the point and then do a "shadow root" as Brad would say. lol
Brooke007 Hace 19 días
8:35 ok but the warmth in her hair brings out the warmth in her skin tone I like it 🥺🥺
Jazmine Salazar
Jazmine Salazar Hace 19 días
Awhh but brad is a sweet heart, he might be sassy but he never insults people he just cringes bc he knows when things are being done wrong 😂
layna gilley
layna gilley Hace 20 días
Come at me brad 🤣
Jenna Jamieson
Jenna Jamieson Hace 21 un día
Just do a shadow root
Jenna Jamieson
Jenna Jamieson Hace 21 un día
I got a cheap version of one of those sucker things and it left hickeys all over my face
Vladka Vločka
Vladka Vločka Hace 21 un día
woooe...perfect new blonde hair...very beautiful now
Alexis Allen
Alexis Allen Hace 21 un día
The sponge bob scene killed me 😂😂😂 you're funny as hell
Felicia Abrams
Felicia Abrams Hace 21 un día
awww it looks cute full blond
Felicia Abrams
Felicia Abrams Hace 21 un día
also toner won't work if you want it lighter you'll have to bleach it again but if you don't want to bleach your hair more you can just dye your roots the preferred color which would probably be safer (but aye yolo fam you do you)
Kari Vita
Kari Vita Hace 21 un día
Brad mondo is awesome
Louise Warner
Louise Warner Hace 21 un día
I am crying at your videos 😂😂
Linda Spicer
Linda Spicer Hace 22 días
Girl I love you personally you did an awesome job no need to call Brad lol 😂 you rocked it get ... living your best life for sure 💕👍🏻
Bex Kivistö
Bex Kivistö Hace 22 días
Bro!! U have to make at least one video of you trying out the games. Like,, Life is Strange?? You are not ready. It sounds kinda stereotypical and shit, but it's this indie game, the graphics and visuals in general are hella good and the story is freaking great. I don't wanna give any spoilers, just have tissues at hand cause you'll cry and also be super shook.
Tara Marie
Tara Marie Hace 23 días
Your so hot as a blonde!
Raelyn Ligon
Raelyn Ligon Hace 23 días
You’re telling me that she could buy more product but she couldn’t buy a shower cap?
Raelyn Ligon
Raelyn Ligon Hace 23 días
Dude I’ve been watching Sarah for years and it still catches me off guard when she legally drinks.
Clinic21022 Shorewood
Clinic21022 Shorewood Hace 24 días
I peep that bud light in the corner beeeeech
Elizabeth Vaughn
Elizabeth Vaughn Hace 24 días
9:42 me drinking wine. Lol make faces at how ugh it is and continue drinking it.
Elizabeth Vaughn
Elizabeth Vaughn Hace 24 días
The Brad Mondo SHADDDEEEE 😂
Elizabeth Vaughn
Elizabeth Vaughn Hace 24 días
I thought it looked good the first time 😂 my bleach experience was WAY WORSE than that lol also they already have your credit card # sooooo why did they need a picture 😂 I get wanting the ID buuuuttt whaaaa
KIRSTY 1001 Hace 24 días
Bree Wilson
Bree Wilson Hace 24 días
I literally lost it when she was putting the toner in her hair and started by gagging 😂
sofi leal
sofi leal Hace 24 días
i really liked the outcome :)
taylor sxhultz
taylor sxhultz Hace 24 días
I don't know why but she reminds me of Rachel ray just toned down like more relaxed
maren lala
maren lala Hace 25 días
your natural wavy/curly hair is everything 🥰✨🧚🏼‍♂️💕
Abby Quinn
Abby Quinn Hace 25 días
i want to dye my hair now damn
ElizaLovez Hace 25 días
wait....what toner did you use? And how are your roots dark in the next video after this one? What did you do?!! Did you dye the roots?! Your hair looks really good and I wanna know how you got it THIS BOMB?!!!!
ElizaLovez Hace 25 días
oh wait just realized you bleached your roots in the end....ok how did you get your roots back to dark again though?! and again what toner and dye did you use?! lollll
VelnsRobloxTime Hace 26 días
Woah any tips on brushing hair without torment and pain! XD
VelnsRobloxTime Hace 26 días
Hi this is my first time seeing you
Isabel Susano
Isabel Susano Hace 26 días
I’ve been putting aside to the fact that I have to get my roots touched up and this just motivated me to do it 😂 I just had this adrenaline rush like yup imma do it! If my girl Sarah dyed her hair so can i
Emma Singletary
Emma Singletary Hace 27 días
is nobody going to acknowledge the fact that in the beginning she has a bud-light can on her side table i cant stop laughing
Star Sound
Star Sound Hace 27 días
Girl just wait a couple weeks for it to grow
people on omegle are so mean to me :(
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