Return Of The Short Shorts Shoplifter

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Gas Station Encounters

Gas Station Encounters

Hace 8 meses

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AldLee3 Hace un hora
I’ve seen every video twice now but this baby here was my first. Good times
sycoticpsycho Hace 4 horas
Lol. 19crimes wine is pretty telling
someone someone
someone someone Hace 6 horas
you said the ice cream sandwiches were buy 1 get 1 free so is it still stealing
Brandon Ohara
Brandon Ohara Hace 13 horas
LMAO "his buy one get one free ice cream sandwiches."
Brandon Ohara
Brandon Ohara Hace 13 horas
506 days later he said lmao
Konrad Wysocki
Konrad Wysocki Hace 21 un hora
Ooops! He did it again
Jackpots After Dark
Jackpots After Dark Hace 2 días
In fairness he walks as though he is used to smuggling things much bigger in his butt so he probably figured its just ok
Kyle McCarthy
Kyle McCarthy Hace 2 días
Same fucking technique too lmao these dudes just don’t learn do they
Raheel Hashmi
Raheel Hashmi Hace 3 días
Mr van dijk you have to pay for that 😂
Texas Hace 3 días
What would you do for a Kwondike Bar well I guess know I know!
Stryker Hace 4 días
Your register sounds like sonic got a coin.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Hace 4 días
The joke should be on them from now on when you see on the camera they put something in their pocket if you know what it is go ahead and charge them for it then they'll look at the register like wait a minute you overcharged me know I'm charging you for what you got Thief
TheMachomaniac Hace 4 días
I’m betting he is a registered sex offender
Warriorsorb Hace 5 días
Did Mr. Shorty get arrested? I wonder if there were any updates on those that got away
koby kitchens
koby kitchens Hace 5 días
Say hi ... “hi”
TempGuest7 Hace 5 días
I only watch these now for the SHE GONE! It's like crack.
Brandon Clarke
Brandon Clarke Hace 6 días
Flashback to two pink lines A whole lot of praying and doubting. Feel like the world was going to end Now my world don't spend without them
Eman A
Eman A Hace 6 días
Eli Sianez
Eli Sianez Hace 7 días
He's like ok ya' got me And hands over an icecream sandwich with pubes😂
BACNandEGGS Hace 7 días
Pays $20k for a shit van but ya stealin ice cream?? LMAO
Fernando C
Fernando C Hace 7 días
That used to be my third grade teacher
Daniel Hace 8 días
Bet he's picked up a lot of kids in that van
JGkratom Hace 8 días
This is great!!and he's taking a douche before hahaha
lost Girl_ gacha life
lost Girl_ gacha life Hace 8 días
Well well weell
Paz Since81
Paz Since81 Hace 8 días
What a douchebag he gives all Volkswagen owners a bad name because most of them are koo not douchebag ice cream sandwich short short wearing punks
Josey Wales
Josey Wales Hace 8 días
Ander X
Ander X Hace 9 días
Never trust a dude with shorts that short.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Hace 9 días
Damnnnn I was hoping he ran you over smh 🤦‍♂️
Gage Elijah
Gage Elijah Hace 9 días
I get what he’s doing but this guys sense of humor is so cringe, he genuinely believes he’s funny.
barkup atree
barkup atree Hace 10 días
man, you certainly have the patience of job!!
IPlayToWin Hace 10 días
All he had to do was drive away before he checked.....
Todd Haley
Todd Haley Hace 10 días
that shit noise was really unnesecesary... especially for headphoners
I H Hace 10 días
Apu would be proud of you
tom ee
tom ee Hace 10 días
Hes a school teacher
Ulice Veasey
Ulice Veasey Hace 10 días
He has the mental condition called Kleptomania.
Brian Rivera
Brian Rivera Hace 11 días
Do you ever report these people to the police?
Charles Schroeder
Charles Schroeder Hace 11 días
Sidz Hace 11 días
My dude said Hi lmaoo
Matt Hace 12 días
He's a rude fucker too,tossed the dime,didn't put it in the clerks hand.
1234 Hace 12 días
He walks so weird.... Plus why even bother stealing something so low cost?
Jasson Poirier
Jasson Poirier Hace 12 días
Dude is either a total waterhead or really likes being on ESwomen
Julie Mcalister
Julie Mcalister Hace 13 días
If u dare wear short shorts he needs some Nair for those short shorts and a good slap upside the head😽😽
Yeayea Hace 13 días
That’s is actually a very expensive van. Unless he had it forever. But you have to spend big to get one in that condition.
KaLAkaBeatz Hace 13 días
breakthrough implosion
breakthrough implosion Hace 13 días
That guy had a badass vehicle.
Yea Right
Yea Right Hace 13 días
Someone who eats all that dairy (cheese sticks and ice cream) is not using my bathroom
MK4VLI S Hace 13 días
Hi 😂
Dr Poison
Dr Poison Hace 13 días
He’s my grandpa😅
MikeyMike Hace 13 días
Well to be fair I think he is just considering the free food payment for bringing that kind of sexy into the store.🤣
VC Vapula
VC Vapula Hace 13 días
his stupid shorts what a bundle of sticks
Hank Bridges
Hank Bridges Hace 13 días
Why is it that there are SO many shoplifters at that store?
Gutterball 420
Gutterball 420 Hace 14 días
911 what is your emergency?
Rick Ramirez
Rick Ramirez Hace 14 días
I always touch the chips a couple of times gotta stop doing that.
gosoku2 Hace 14 días
Colin Kellogg. Itinerant air-cooled is his Facebook page. IG is the same.
Carson Davis ttv
Carson Davis ttv Hace 14 días
Whats the point of stealing a ice cream sandwich its like $2
james daniels
james daniels Hace 14 días
Doesn't he know that someone as ugly as he is will be more memorable that most guys in the thief business. Especially this ugly Mofo.
Frank Anthony
Frank Anthony Hace 14 días
Do you own this store? Lol or are you just a SUPER EMPLOYEE? Im surprised you haven't caught a fist yet.
David Boulton
David Boulton Hace 14 días
What a unit ,! 🥴🤛
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson Hace 14 días
He sounds like dr. Phil.
ჯბიმა მიჭ
ჯბიმა მიჭ Hace 15 días
VW 😍
atfinn Hace 15 días
Should have just booted a dent into his door.
mc1dash1b Hace 15 días
A cheesedick stealing cheese sticks, how poetic.
Sar R35
Sar R35 Hace 15 días
He looks like uncle john
Susan Elezebeth
Susan Elezebeth Hace 15 días
Wtf is up in the usa everyone's a ducking theif it seems. Old young people of all ages sexes races ITS CRAZY!!
m747 96
m747 96 Hace 16 días
You know he's a liberal !!!
Devin Henderson
Devin Henderson Hace 16 días
I totally thought that was Angry Grandpa in the thumbnail
James Gison
James Gison Hace 16 días
Nigelrathbone1 Hace 16 días
funny how they all display similar behavioral tells
Jon Shepherd2
Jon Shepherd2 Hace 16 días
Did you seriously phone the police over an ice cream sandwich? If we did that here in the UK we'd get laughed at at best
Bryson Rodden
Bryson Rodden Hace 16 días
You could have probably stood in front of that thing and pushed it backwards😂
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