Return Of The Short Shorts Shoplifter

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Gas Station Encounters

Gas Station Encounters

Hace 27 días

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Lori Ackerman
Lori Ackerman Hace 3 minutos
I can't believe ppl are so stupid to the fact that cameras are just about everywhere! He's been busted repeatedly at this store!! What an idiot
1202bJ 28
1202bJ 28 Hace 2 horas
How come you doing that with that nice car
Michael Hawkins
Michael Hawkins Hace 2 horas
Say hi (hi)😂😂😂😂😁🤔
Bernando Turner
Bernando Turner Hace 9 horas
He steals for A Living.😄
SingerGirl LetMeSing
SingerGirl LetMeSing Hace 11 horas
Death rides a Boner
Death rides a Boner Hace 12 horas
Lemme guess Trumps not this Old Fa&&3ts President?
Death rides a Boner
Death rides a Boner Hace 12 horas
Old Fa&&3t!
Hey Dani
Hey Dani Hace 12 horas
Who steals 1 cheesestick? Like whats the point? Aren't they like .50 cents?
TripleVenti Hace 12 horas
Tomorrow it’s Cheetos!
Nile Queen
Nile Queen Hace 15 horas
Narrator remembers him because he's unique. Double check for ice cream sandwich😅😶😁😭.
alex garcia
alex garcia Hace 16 horas
el bandido
Meister Rodgers
Meister Rodgers Hace 16 horas
You could always swab a DNA sample from the smegma left on the cheese from his taint.
Justin Sizemore
Justin Sizemore Hace 17 horas
hi dave
Petty Betty
Petty Betty Hace 20 horas
Say hi “Hi” 🤣😂
Paul Reid
Paul Reid Hace 21 un hora
That was one bitchin' Deuce short shorts dropped in the pool!
Jesus Alfaro-Garcia
Jesus Alfaro-Garcia Hace un día
Bamsmacked Hace un día
This is my favorite one lol
pate heckerwoods
pate heckerwoods Hace un día
Thieving peckerwoods...what do you expect from trailer park upbringing
mdd1963 Hace un día
What a loser
Michiko Toyoda
Michiko Toyoda Hace un día
For he a thief, he has a very nice car. definetely a stable in your gas station thief selection.
Mark Richards
Mark Richards Hace un día
I’m in no way defending this scumbag but he has mental issues and clearly wanted to get caught, why else would he stay outside reading the paper? He already knows they have CCTV
RICH SOUL Hace un día
She gone!! lmao!
rsl6767 Hace un día
We need updates... arrests
Boots mcgee
Boots mcgee Hace un día
I new angry grampa was not dead
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod Hace un día
Dr MAG Hace un día
Buy one get one.
Trevor Bourgeois
Trevor Bourgeois Hace un día
I wasn't stealing it I was borrowing it and forgetting to return it.😁
SuperHorseman22 Hace un día
so I see you guys are in NY! You are doing an awesome job of catching NY criminals!
sincere nine excellent
sincere nine excellent Hace un día
Who jumps in front of a moving vehicle because of a ice cream sandwich.... anything for views
Monique Mcquieter
Monique Mcquieter Hace un día
The commentator is funny
Monique Mcquieter
Monique Mcquieter Hace un día
Theo Bolton
Theo Bolton Hace un día
Honestly I’m impressed that you remembered someone that stole from you that long ago. But good store habits lol
Mike Hegarty
Mike Hegarty Hace un día
The fumunda cheesestick bandit.
Neo N bros
Neo N bros Hace un día
I'm a kid and this teaches more than school can
Dr. Frick45
Dr. Frick45 Hace un día
Wow! What a jerk! A second time he got caught stealing! And to think he would of learned his lesson the first time. I guess stupidity & thievery is bliss!
The 'Wokemaster 5: Raven Reloaded 2
The 'Wokemaster 5: Raven Reloaded 2 Hace un día
They aint short shorts....
G Smith
G Smith Hace un día
His food stamps dont pay for junk food
Katie Stahl
Katie Stahl Hace un día
Im watching a line of these clips and its amazing how many are not needed crimes I mean its not like they are steeling to feed little kids
nerica hinds
nerica hinds Hace un día
That was my teacher in middle school
المشاعر Hace un día
Ghetto People doing Ghetto things - expect nothing less. No remorse what so ever - just another disgusting waste of space on this planet.
Willie Neckbone
Willie Neckbone Hace un día
rrhone Hace un día
More stores should put their videos online and expose the thieves to the whole nation. Thanks for your great work.
Andy Velasquez
Andy Velasquez Hace un día
This dude an idiot! Your gonna lose your life one day over an ice cream sandwich!!!
TheseThots GotThem
TheseThots GotThem Hace un día
Gas Stations Encounter why does this Store ALWAYS Attracts theifs?!!!!
Marc Alexander
Marc Alexander Hace un día
A compulsive booster. Those shorty shorts are🔥isn't he worried about that ice cream melting 🤷‍♂️
Dawson Garret
Dawson Garret Hace un día
That's a sweet bus though..
mklik4 Hace un día
This meeting is over "I'm outta here"
Zephyr 9218
Zephyr 9218 Hace 2 días
At least he payed for them afterwards a lot of the other thieves didn't pay for the thing they stole afterwards
ScarabChris Hace 2 días
LOL...Should have just charged him for two without him knowing. Then if he asks why just tell him because he has two.
Billy Rose
Billy Rose Hace 2 días
Like a lot of theive
BULL WRINKLE Hace 2 días
I think he is used to sticking things in placed
Paul Osicne
Paul Osicne Hace 2 días
Old school hippie driving a VW Bus. He's a true remnant from Woodstock.
Gil Edwards
Gil Edwards Hace 2 días
I'm glad this guy don't accuse everyone of stealing when they don't know like Walmart does. He's more than generous and gives even known shoplifters chance after chance, break after break. He could put them thru hell but he don't. You gotta commend that
aaronb287 Hace 2 días
There’s just something about that middle Aisle. You should rename it to the “SHE GONE! aisle.
Cheryl Knight
Cheryl Knight Hace 19 horas
Martin Rigggs
Martin Rigggs Hace 2 días
That VW van is worth a lot of $$$ and still he steals 🤔 never lost his hippy ways I guess, Sad !!
805punjabi Hace 2 días
wait..if you have him on camera and his license plate number...why do you have in end of your video if you see him let him know he has to turn himself in??? you dont actually call the police and show them this video??? or is it just a scare tactic lol
JaynsRebelations Hace 2 días
We wear short shorts...
J F Hace 2 días
1M subscribers! Congrats man!
Katherine Canaday
Katherine Canaday Hace 2 días
Is a cheesestick worth a criminal record?
Dave C
Dave C Hace 2 días
Hmm do all thieves scratch then take a duece?
sick minded
sick minded Hace 2 días
He comes every 506 days 😂
Young Dagger
Young Dagger Hace 2 días
Dis dude gone get popped 🤦🏽‍♂️
M. Happy
M. Happy Hace 2 días
Wow.... great memory
Ron Hace 3 días
Keep up the good work. I hate thieves.
brandon Cherry
brandon Cherry Hace 3 días
Man that place stays HOTTT...its worse then Sparta Mississippi....crime.....
Equinox 4Lyfe
Equinox 4Lyfe Hace 3 días
He always buys one gets one free
Jim Joslyn
Jim Joslyn Hace 3 días
He is wearing the same clothes 506 days later . really?
siberwolf33 Hace 3 días
Should've had him trespassed following the first incident.
Kvyn Gmbyr
Kvyn Gmbyr Hace 3 días
those shorts aren't short
Josie Whales
Josie Whales Hace 3 días
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