Rest in Peace.

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Hace un mes

100% of the monetization from this video will go directly towards the Celebration of Life for Baz.

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Elise A
Elise A Hace un mes
for the short moments we got to see him on your channel i think we all fell in love with his spirit and immediately understood he was one of the special ones with unlimited kindness, his immense energy, and his clear desire to lift those around him up. i am so sorry for your loss, lauren. take the time you need to regain your strength and to organize your thoughts and feelings. please remember you are surrounded by love and support on all fronts. i hope moose and jeremy can give you all the hugs we wish we could right now. 🤍
Sleepy Sami
Sleepy Sami Hace 13 horas
Sonny Doctor he wanted to swim? Are you an idiot? This dude literally DIED and you are staying he is a goddamn loser? Shame on you.
Sophie Leigh
Sophie Leigh Hace 12 días
Take your opinion and go can’t you see this girl is severely upset! Lauren does everything and always has for her fans so don’t treat her like like with your opinion many thanks! 😜
Alina Curnew
Alina Curnew Hace 12 días
Elanajford16 Hace 15 días
Sending our thoughts to you 💔🕊We Love you and want you to know that it’s ok if you need to take a break for a little while.
Kaliyab Jajsjdjsbbs
Kaliyab Jajsjdjsbbs Hace 27 días
Sorry for your loss😪❤️❤️
Jenay Altay
Jenay Altay Hace 2 horas
Your so strong to be able to make this video, im sure he will always be with you. All the people that are dis liking this video are heartless. Love u lauren
nat Hace 7 horas
i’m so in piece❤️
a. h
a. h Hace 7 horas
Emma grace
Emma grace Hace 8 horas
HRL_01 Hace 9 horas
Manaal Ali
Manaal Ali Hace 9 horas
I'm so sorry lauren. I love you. ❤
Kermit Bros
Kermit Bros Hace 10 horas
I want to say, that it is okay to grieve, he sounds like he was an amazing person, i am so very sorry for your loss.
Harris Gonzalez
Harris Gonzalez Hace 10 horas
Sorry rip 🥺
Asahi Arts
Asahi Arts Hace 10 horas
WAIT is this about Matpat?
Nichole Whipple
Nichole Whipple Hace 10 horas
OMG I'm so sorry for your Loss Lauren me and my entire family at spending love and prayers 🙏❤️
A&M Productions !
A&M Productions ! Hace 11 horas
the people who disliked did that because they dislike that he passed so sry for ur loss 😇
Zkoopa Bro
Zkoopa Bro Hace 11 horas
2020 sucks
Jakai Walcott
Jakai Walcott Hace 12 horas
im sorry, rip
Josephine Dinh
Josephine Dinh Hace 12 horas
Rest In Peace ❤️❤️
Marisol Torres
Marisol Torres Hace 13 horas
once i saw you crying i started bawling my eyes out and could barely hear what you were saying so i had to rewatch it but i am so sorry for you lost he’s in a better place now🕊❤️
Pink Clouds
Pink Clouds Hace 13 horas
Wow my heart is hurting. I’m SO sorry for your loss. You have so many people behind you. And beautifully spoken. He would be so proud of you.
Yer Mum
Yer Mum Hace 13 horas
Rip he’ll be missed
Ninah Uwah
Ninah Uwah Hace 13 horas
Sorry Lauren😭😭😭😭 That's why I say 2020 is the cursed year 😢💔😓
Delara Arab
Delara Arab Hace 14 horas
He didn’t die
Sophia The Sunflower!
Sophia The Sunflower! Hace 14 horas
He will always be with you
Sophia The Sunflower!
Sophia The Sunflower! Hace 14 horas
Im so sorry laur
Ggucciggg G
Ggucciggg G Hace 15 horas
Randomly came in from my recommended I’m VERY sorry for your loss me whoever passed away rest in piece 😔
Paulina Keating
Paulina Keating Hace 15 horas
Can someone please fill me in like who is this how did he die and
iiBxbyii Hace 15 horas
Im so sry love :
Lifewith BOEMI
Lifewith BOEMI Hace 15 horas
Rip for him I love you and it wil be ok he is in a way better place and one day your gonna be together again and your gonna have fun💕
NicoleReview Kids
NicoleReview Kids Hace 15 horas
girl i’m so sorry 🥺.
teagan mckeigue
teagan mckeigue Hace 16 horas
I’m so srry
Ivy Young
Ivy Young Hace 17 horas
It hard but he is in a better place it will get better he I s watching over you
Ivy Young
Ivy Young Hace 17 horas
It's ok it ok it ok please crying please
FAD3N Racing Series
FAD3N Racing Series Hace 17 horas
why is this in my recommended...
Kennedy Smith
Kennedy Smith Hace 19 horas
I’m sorry for your loss
•Kallie •
•Kallie • Hace 19 horas
i’m so sorry
georgia pollock
georgia pollock Hace 20 horas
Bella Arita
Bella Arita Hace 20 horas
It ok
Rebecca Sauls
Rebecca Sauls Hace 21 un hora
Im so sorry
wan raymond
wan raymond Hace 23 horas
He is the only best boyfriend ok ok ok😡😡😡😡😡😡😡!!!!
Alreem AlJneibi
Alreem AlJneibi Hace un día
Whos mass???
chelle chelle
chelle chelle Hace un día
rest in peace
Aleeyah Molina
Aleeyah Molina Hace un día
I know how you feel my uncle over dosed a couple years ago and I’ve missed him ever since but he’s in a better place now
Hamlin Hace un día
I stoped watching a little bit ago but I am so so so sorry for your loss Lauren 😔
edenxvibes Hace un día
i’m so so sorry lauren! he’s in a better place right now and it is tough but u can get through this ❤️❤️
Hey it’s Isøbeł
Hey it’s Isøbeł Hace un día
i know this probs isnt the right time to say this but WOW ESwomen YOU NOTIFY ME FOR THIS VIDEO A MOTH LATE! WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK
Mary Arteaga
Mary Arteaga Hace un día
Iuaren i miss you I’m so sorry your still the best😭😭😭😭❤️😥
Mary Arteaga
Mary Arteaga Hace un día
Luaren I Im so sorry I love you your my favorite so sorry 😭😭❤️😭😭😥
Antonia Cambareri
Antonia Cambareri Hace un día
I’m so sorry for ur loss. Be strong I love u❤️
dangyounow Hace un día
No Name
No Name Hace un día
Why is this in my main menu
David Tucker
David Tucker Hace un día
lauren , I wanted to say I don't watch you as much as I used to.. but I just want you to know that I still love watching you just I have so much to deal with right now I don't watch a lot of ESwomen but if I do I watch atleast one of you videos and btw he is probably up in heaven doing the craziest things right now and trust me it is sad but it will get better and I'm just gonna say you were my childhood hero! Every time I was sad I watched you and seeing you sad makes my heart shatter and I hope you feel better soon! Virtual hug?
Shane Celestra
Shane Celestra Hace un día
Rest In Peace
riah o
riah o Hace un día
May be late cause this was in my recommendations for some reason I am very young and know how you feel sadly I’m here for you cause I’m also still hurting after a love to you🥰
Annie Moreno
Annie Moreno Hace un día
Why is everyone dying this year! T^T
GinaRBLX Hace un día
So the point wasn’t made clear in this video it was pretty much sobbing so can someone please explain what happened?
sara qaid
sara qaid Hace un día
I’m crying like this just made me 10000 times more depressed. I’m so sorry 💕
Chase Spiller
Chase Spiller Hace un día
I can’t stop crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I’m sorry Loren diy
My instagram is overdcs
My instagram is overdcs Hace un día
Wait who died :(
Cat's Adventures 3AM
Cat's Adventures 3AM Hace un día
I’m here with you
cayyy Hace un día
the people who disliked this, don’t know what it’s like to go through this.
Isabelle Lopez
Isabelle Lopez Hace un día
Oh my god ...I never woulda imagined I’m so sorry mamas
Candice Goodwin
Candice Goodwin Hace un día
im so sorry
Rutendo Mvura
Rutendo Mvura Hace un día
No one deserves to go through this pain 😔❤️
Lauren Slaton
Lauren Slaton Hace un día
it kills me to hear the way he died. i have epilepsy and it really really sucks. i am SO sorry for your loss you got this gorgeous 🤍
Abi Kim
Abi Kim Hace un día
i’m so so sorry. i will pray for you and his family and friends. i don’t know why this came up for me but i’m glad it did
Jason Boni
Jason Boni Hace un día
Lauren he LOVED you and know he was and is in the best place possible!❤️❤️❤️;((((((((
melanie todd
melanie todd Hace un día
OMG im so sad for you :
ElisaVP Hace un día
He sounds so amazing and I know he past as a happy man .he was so sweet and kind . we are always here for you. Hope this can help you get throw these hard times and get back to making you viewers happy with your own fun spirit. Hope you are well
Amelia Clayton
Amelia Clayton Hace un día
hes literally posting on his Instagram
amyjanealice Hace 2 días
I’m so so sorry 💔
angel echefu
angel echefu Hace 2 días
who is watching this and tears are rolling down ur eyes i am so sorry rest in peace
Alicia M
Alicia M Hace 2 días
Laura ik I’m late I’m so sorry for your loss he’s looking down and loving you for the amazing person you are ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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