Report: Trump upset over Kremlin trying to re-elect him

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The New York Times reports that Trump was upset with acting DNI Joseph Maguire over a leak of an intelligence assessment that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election; reaction and analysis from the 'Special Report' All-Stars.
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Nils Lindstrom
Nils Lindstrom Hace un mes
The biggest interference in US elections is voter fraud. Investigate bloated voter rolls! Investigate ballot harvesting! Investigate non-citizens casting votes. Sheeeeeesh!
inter peter
inter peter Hace un mes
Impeachment 2.0, the reality series is coming; with special appearances and story lines by Mueller and his Report, Bolton and his book, corrupt criminals and their pardons, the Supreme Court and months of court delays over subpoenas for Pompeo, Mulvaney, Barr and Pence and endless lies and obstruction by the biggest conman on Earth, Putin, and of course the constant sideshow by his court jester and everyone's favorite clown, Trump.
Driver Man
Driver Man Hace un mes
As Trump's children take on an expanded role in his reelection campaign, they are embracing different styles - and speaking to different constituencies. From Trump Jr.’s bombastic rally warm-ups and social media posts to Lara Trump’s focus on women's issues and Ivanka Trump’s composed policy perch inside the White House, Trump’s family traitors give their message to different voters.
Old Heathen
Old Heathen Hace un mes
Attempts to smear Bernie backfired lol.
Edson kabanda
Edson kabanda Hace un mes
Really!? Anyone is suprised rusia interferes in USA affairs? It's like Russians being suprised Americans spy on them.. It's real and it happens every day since 1945. Now, what's important isn't about who does what but what deterrence put in place
Mario flores
Mario flores Hace un mes
Wish my president would have signed the bi partisan bill that would have protected the US against the Russian meddling maybe next time after the Russians mess with the election again politicians will not worry about republican democrat or independent but about the USA
Jabootie Hace un mes
Freedom of speech is not freedom of propaganda. New Rule: Disclose the source, or pack up.
beyondthebreakers fishing
beyondthebreakers fishing Hace un mes
Fake news
Richard Walker
Richard Walker Hace un mes
Democrats are, well just plain dumb.
Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast Hace un mes
Yes, the president is enforcing criminal justice reform.
Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast Hace un mes
Really? More Russia Russia Russia? They should be more concerned about the Ukrainians and Chinese having influence on United States. There is obvious evidence of the Chinese influencing the United States Americans.
Denzo D
Denzo D Hace un mes
The Democrats and the Deep State are into this Russia Russia Russia hoax again. How come they are not saying China! China! China! when China has been on a silent invasion of the USA through "business delegations", contributions to our major universities, major research and development with US partners, buying off US companies, ports and real estate, bribing our politicians (like Bill & Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein, some state governors, etc.) to get ahead with technology transfers and stealing of our intellectual properties and military secrets. WAKE UP AMERICA!
John wayne
John wayne Hace un mes
He's not a sensitive guy.
BigBadDogIV Hace un mes
There has NEVER been even one single shred of evidence presented that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump. LITERALLY not one single piece of evidence. All there has ever been is the same people that insist you that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself also insisting that you believe them on this too. This has always been based on nothing but the Word of proven liars...
philip knappe
philip knappe Hace un mes
the dems are all idiots if russia wanted anyone to win it would be the dems. trump has increased santions on russia, given arms to ukraine, is exporting oil that hurts russia, on the other hand you have comrade bernie. now who really does russia wants to win. idiots
Vic Alexander
Vic Alexander Hace un mes
It is natural for President Vladimir Putin of Russia to want the US to trade with Russia because that's how the standard of living of Russians will go up. President Trump coming from a business background rather than just a politician has always been known to be great at promoting US prosperity of the American people. One of President Trump's greatest strategies has been to give a construction job to someone who has succeeded in doing it in the shortest of time, and he has been known to give it to Black contractors also. I hope all countries who want to improve their economies to work with our US President Donald Trump -- Victor Isaac Alexander
I'm Out
I'm Out Hace un mes
Then do something about it Trump!!! Do what we do to Iran and North Korea! Hit them with much more and increasing economic sanctions and commerce restrictions! Do it today!
Fine Dandy
Fine Dandy Hace un mes
The silent majority, disgusted with trump accepting russian help in 2016, disgusted with trump putting his kids in the white house, disgusted with the assault weapon supporting NRA backing him, disgusted with trumps lack of morals lifestyle will vote him out.
Lj Mac
Lj Mac Hace un mes
The American people are planning to influence the election by voting. How devious is that? Trump 2020!!!
Selayahay Aniga
Selayahay Aniga Hace un mes
John Horter
John Horter Hace un mes
The video title's wrong. It should say "Trump upset that the public knows the Kremlin is trying to reelect him."
Ion Burcheci
Ion Burcheci Hace un mes
CNN ABC CBS in control of FBI?
Richard Wolske
Richard Wolske Hace un mes
Why should the prosecutors pass down sentencing? It’s amazing that historically prosecutors withhold evidence ?? That’s like saying stones lawyer shouldn’t bring any evidence into court and we can get rid of the judges , save a bunch of money and clear the courts back log ! 🤨 hey win win , unless your a citizen.
Richard Wolske
Richard Wolske Hace un mes
Did she just try to blow Trump off ?
walter toly
walter toly Hace un mes
Right well thanks Russia we are loving the president you picked any future help would be appreciated
Rusty Spurs
Rusty Spurs Hace un mes
Drain the swamp. Pardon Roger Stone and Rod Blagojevich.....Really? Are we that stupid?
Xassan Ali
Xassan Ali Hace un mes
Trump is a fake
Xassan Ali
Xassan Ali Hace un mes
What nonsense
Richard Willette
Richard Willette Hace un mes
Putin said they didn’t help him. Trump believes Putin NOT American intelligence
pusher7586 Hace un mes
True and that's exactly the problem.
Aгент Oранжевый
Aгент Oранжевый Hace un mes
Meanwhile the Russians have infiltrated election systems in every one of the 50 US States, while Trump has been meeting with Putin without any US witnesses...
My Dark Soul Shines
My Dark Soul Shines Hace un mes
@Baracus Obamus Maybe President Trump told him he "would have more flexibility after the next election"? Or promised Putin he would send them billions of dollars because it's their turn after Obama paid Iran?
Driver Man
Driver Man Hace un mes
@Richard Strong Really? Have you talk to EVERYONE on the left? here's a fact failed businessman! Draft dodger, proven liar!!
Richard Strong
Richard Strong Hace un mes
@Aгент Oранжевый what a perfect example of the juvenile thinking you pathetic people are endowed with.
Aгент Oранжевый
Aгент Oранжевый Hace un mes
@Richard Strong Great talking point Sirgay! 👍🏻
Richard Strong
Richard Strong Hace un mes
@Driver Man your imagination has no value. Its pathetic all of you on the left feel your unproven opinion/imagination is fact for debate.
Con Servative
Con Servative Hace un mes
I didn't realize that a country like Russia was an entity with voting rights in the US.
W. H.
W. H. Hace un mes
Wow a video title where Fox is sucking Trump dry and thanking him for the serving. What happened Fox? Are you boomers dying off that fast that you're trying to lure young people to your channel?
Linux Welt
Linux Welt Hace un mes
Wow, she pushed the false narratives of Russian interference. Fox news too are scumbags?
Linux Welt
Linux Welt Hace un mes
Why? I'm an Independent but I can't stand obnoxious morons at all. Bernie Sanders can't be trusted because of the same false narratives of Russian interference in the general election. This is nothing but falling inline with the Donkey Establishment and this garbage deliberately hatched with the help of crooked intelligence agents. It seems Fox also playing this fake game?🙄
Doug Howard
Doug Howard Hace un mes
Russia is supposed to interfere they’re helping Donald Trump beat democracy and achieve dictatorship his family already rules the White House he’s got all them in there making millions
Doug Howard
Doug Howard Hace un mes
Yeah Bernie Sanders spend his honeymoon in Russia but Donald Trump and her trained Putin in our White House on several occasions and no one knows what they talked about it was never told
Rach G
Rach G Hace un mes
Should have left it... then when the Obama swamp get done for lying they'll cop huge sentences too, but without the pardon saving them. These people are stupid... they forget they are setting precedents.
Doug Howard
Doug Howard Hace un mes
Well see Graham is too faced he speaks one way one day and the other way the next day he’s just a puppet for Donald Trump and Donald Trump is a gangster in the White House
Susan Delaney
Susan Delaney Hace un mes
SMELL IT?! 🤥 TheStench coming from the WH. It is 💩 to believe that help isn’t coming from Russia to Interfere with the election. They did it in “16”! And the way our Intelligence Office is being replaced with people who aren’t experienced in find such wrong doing & if someone does find any Evidence of said Corruption, who are they going to take it to. OUR , I did nothing wrong, trader-n-chief. ! Vote. Blue
brenda fournier
brenda fournier Hace un mes
Russia didn't interfere in election on Trumps was on HC!! behalf, she's RUSSIA"S buddy, she sold them AMERICA"S URANIUM MINE!! another treasonist act to her belt...we need to prosecute her for every one of her treasonist acts!!
otsisippi1 Hace un mes
doj should have tried commey mccabe and hillery then maybe stone but someone pushed this thru before prior caseloads. rotten fish in denmark
otsisippi1 Hace un mes
first of all i may not like trump but i voted for him, i voted againt hrc! russia did not influence my vote. russian influence was for hrc and u1 deal.(obama) obamas fbi murdered lavoy vinnicome u1
WS Intern
WS Intern Hace un mes
Marco Quesada
Marco Quesada Hace un mes
Vladimir Putin has to help trump ones more because trump hasn't being available to get him back at G8. But trump has being loyal to Vladi.
elizabeth cope
elizabeth cope Hace un mes
The storm is coming & the traitorous leftest are trying to save their sorry butts. Not sorry to tell them, ain't gonna stop Justice from coming.
Conrad S
Conrad S Hace un mes
Hmm let’s just have a voting reform then just to make sure. 1. American citizens voters only 2. Mandatory registered voter ID 3. Voting on the weekends vice on Tuesdays 4. ICE/police/FBI/CIA agents at every voting booth. 5. Voting booths at local malls. Shop and vote!
tony tucker
tony tucker Hace un mes
heh heh heh ..... all 17 intelligence agencies who say trump is getting help in the 2020 election from russia ....... odd that this number 17 is also the number of women who have reported being sexually harassed by "the donald" ........ no one tells the truth except trump
Ivan Muniz-Brown
Ivan Muniz-Brown Hace un mes
Nothing burger. Totally fake news. But coming from Bret Bush it’s no surprise.
T B88
T B88 Hace un mes
Trump upset about being a dickhead.
robbie G
robbie G Hace un mes
Lew Mark
Lew Mark Hace un mes
It was Schiff having a Russian collusion delusion.
Anne Marie
Anne Marie Hace un mes
The headline on this story is another laughably obvious attempt by FoxNews to spin for Trump. Trump isn't upset "over Kremlin trying to re-elect him." Trump is upset that U.S. Intelligence reported to Congress (as is their duty) their findings that Russia is again engaging in a widespread campaign to influence the U.S. presidential campaign in Trump's favor.
Neil Macleod
Neil Macleod Hace un mes
News flash ,, the ones most trying to get Trump re-elected is the democrat party and their partners the crooked press , every one sees it , except them .
Donald Bailey
Donald Bailey Hace un mes
2: Ian Johnson > "@UltimateWATCHER2 you're taking time to edit." YORE ORE WRITE, Ian Johnson. YOAR SHOAR OAR! FORE SHORE!
Robin Phillips
Robin Phillips Hace un mes
Nice thumbnail. All that means is that the check actually cleared.
Costa Junior
Costa Junior Hace un mes
What noooooooooowwwwwww Trump.....what nowwwwwwwwwww???????????????
Donald Bailey
Donald Bailey Hace un mes
Matthew Dixon @>"Donald Bailey no Donald.........................................................." Matthew Dixon YES Matthew! U R NOT SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW U R NOT VERY SMART!
Chris G
Chris G Hace un mes
FOX "NEWS", Trump did collude with Russia, just not to criminal conspiracy. Stop changing the facts. You can support Trump all you want, but for once in your lives tell the truth. If Trump tweeted that he does not defecate but instead lays golden eggs, FOX "NEWS" would report it as scientific fact the next day. You know what's worse than a never Trumper, people blinded by their support for him. I could care less if you support Trump, being able to support whomever you want is what makes America great but don't be blinded to the Truth. Stop trying to tear down anyone that has information that puts Trump in a bad light. This conspiracy of the deep state is just crazy. You would rather tear down this country than for one second think Trump might be a little shady.
Buttercup Horn
Buttercup Horn Hace un mes
Sure spin it however you wish, our intelligence agencies said they are interfering....but Trump lies and says the democrats are spreading false blame the Dems every single time...and yes Trump asked them to interfere...are you blind and deaf too? He said it on TV You are letting Trump rule like a king and he is constantly interfering with our justice are letting him become a dictator
Sweet kilishami
Sweet kilishami Hace un mes
Please tell Trump.... satan President You're not human. Trump Your person It causes the virus to spread. Because China was the leader in the world economy. For your own personal benefit, You made the Chinese people and the whole world sick. Satan When people are not Will you become the head of the cemetery? Satan You're responsible for the deaths of humans ... satan President I hope You die in loneliness, suffering, sorrow and torment. I hope Hell to be true And you burn in hell
The Mysterious History
The Mysterious History Hace un mes
But He, knowing their thoughts, said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls (Luke 11:17 NKJV)
Mike R
Mike R Hace un mes
So much corruption so much winning Trump 2020☝️
AirGtr Hace un mes
When you refuse to pass bills to protect our Election and fire the Intel Director who reported on efforts by Russia to interfere, it can only mean one thing. And you don't have to be a worried Dem to figure it out. And the day that the other half doesn't care or refuses to believe, then we are lost as a Democracy.
AirGtr Hace un mes
@My Dark Soul Shines Jeeze dude. You must have blinders on. You are in such denial. You can slice through it. I read your posts with interest, but strongly disagree. Trump is an embarasent to the character of this country. There was so much testimony during the Congessional impeachment hearings, some by his own appointees. A Senate hearing on his removal and for the fist time, no documentation or witnesses allowed? Hope that never happens to you if you are accused of something...Truly. Are you kidding me? Holy crap. To make it easy, msg me your Email and I can or will send you hundreds of documents, fact checked evidence excerpts from' testimony and more. Would love to read your commentary. I can assure you. It will make no difference. You will continue to keep your blinders on and be duped by this snake oil Salesman. A note of diclouser: I did business with Donald Trump in a previous career in the early eighties during the construction of the Trump Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. I have first hand experience of dealing with his organization as do so many other small business leaders who were scammed by this idiot. If you were to tell me then, that this guy would some day be President, wow. No way. America would never allow it once the truth about his character surfaces. But hey. At that time in the 80's, being an owner/ partner of a full service marketing and public relations business with quite a few employees and being recognized as the fastest growing agency in the industry serving some of America's top brands. I can honestly inform you that most mass media campaigns believe it or not, we're and from the looks of it maybe still are designed to reach the intellectual level of a 7th grader. Spend enough, come up with appropriate reproducible and repeatable branding slogans, grow market leverage, grow media leverage gain market share and yes, you can be a perceived as an expert industry leader. INTRO TO ADVERTISING (101). I taught this for a brief time at a University. Case in point, the Trump Presidency. We no longer have the Republican party, we have the Trump party. Let' s just hope that you are very wrong and we do get our country back come November. One that will no longer be divided, one that can hold intellegent debate regardng differences in ideology, one that can be proud and stand behind the elected leader of our nation regardless of philosophical diffefences. In summary, make it easy on both of us. Here is a little assignment. Google Trump fact check, pick any thing and dispute it here publicly, Msg me if you prefer privately. Hey what is your opion of Bill Weld? Mitt Romney? Did you support Romney in 2012? McCain in 2008? How the heck did Trump blindside America? He can not tolerate the fact that over 3millon more votes were cast for his opponent than he in 2016,and he fairly won the electoral vote by a mere 77000 culminating from 3 States. This type of "frenzy" created by a leader and directed toward a specific segment of the population has been repeated several times in history with the populations of other countries. Welcome to being just human. This mechanism is something that will be discussed in institutions of higher education for a long time to come.
My Dark Soul Shines
My Dark Soul Shines Hace un mes
@Andy Kimbel Yes, more people want him as President now than in 2016 and will come out to vote. You act like every president before him was wearing a halo. Would you like President Trump to pay Iran billions of dollars to play nice, knowing they won't? By the way, if you cannot state solid facts for accusations on his Presidential conduct there is no need for spin. But hey, Dems put him through impeachment without a single fact to base it on. And I guess we should stop thinking JFK was any good, right? He had an affair while he was president, and the woman ended up killing herself. Clinton got re elected after his affair while he was president. BTW, what exactly does the Clinton Foundation do? These are a few things former presidents have done WHILE they were president. You and the left want to crucify him for things he did BEFORE he was elected? Bit of a double standard. Also, did you see the stadium in India where Trump spoke on his visit? People in other countries really want to hear our "inarticulate" President speak. I prefer blunt honesty over a silver tongued devil like Obama every time. I will end with just one of the tidbits from President Trumps past people like you skip over. Jesse Jackson gave him an award a few decades ago for things he had done to help the black community. Look it up if you are not afraid to see both sides of the MSM bias. Tell me, since you like to pass judgement on others, are those wings heavy? Does that shining halo of yours make you have to duck going through a doorway? Or do you just sit on your pedestal playing a harp all day?
Andy Kimbel
Andy Kimbel Hace un mes
@My Dark Soul Shines I am an independent, have supported many Republicans... Trump is a complete disaster. Any evidence that I would provide, you would somehow spin and say it is not true. This happens time and time again. Would you want your kids to grow up to be like the President of the United States as he is so well articulated, has so much integrity, has so much respect for other people, is so against bullying, always tells the truth, Never had an affair, (and of course, never paid anybody to cover it up), never scammed anyone with a fake university, never started businesses (6) that went bankrupt and left small businesses that he never paid hanging by the wayside... Yes! sounds like someone that I would want my kids to aspire to be as well. And hey, he represents our country in the highest office in the land. Wow,. We should all want to be just like him. Think what a fine country this would be. I am outta here. Useless.. Sad time in America. It should be changing in November. America will see voter turn out like never before in history.
My Dark Soul Shines
My Dark Soul Shines Hace un mes
@AirGtr Waiting on that list. Anytime you want to show verified, undeniable facts just send them to me since there are sooo many.
AirGtr Hace un mes
@My Dark Soul Shines is So much evidence. Unreal..
Hajime98gang Hace un mes
Where’s Hunter??
John Webb
John Webb Hace un mes
Sometimes I watch fox, just to see why Trump supporters are so ignorant to the Facts. Trump is only doing what he has always done. He is selling lies and Fox is his outlet.
Hortensio9 Hace un mes
Is that Dana White in the background? Why is Dana White in the background
Bill T Marchi
Bill T Marchi Hace un mes
I love how a trump reaction to a news story is leaked to the world within two hours. How does this fake news happen that trump can't fart or belch without it being leaked an hour after it happened and how fake news claims it has to do with Russians wanting trump elected. Guess what Israel wants trump elected while corrupt China and Ukrainians want dems elected. Iranians want dems elected and two democrat politicians have went to the mideast and colluded with Iran to go around trump and to wait till a dem is elected. Where is the news outrage there.
Jared James
Jared James Hace un mes
Boy you sure haven't heard much from nasty Nancy pelooser since Trump was acquitted, and acquitted is forever
Purple Rain
Purple Rain Hace un mes
Orange Dogface at it again.(cheat)
Robertodette Hace un mes
I wonder if junior will be going to any meetings with russian spies this time around???
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