Recreating The Most Expensive Desserts In The World (TASTE TEST)

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Hace un mes

Today, we're taste testing some of the Mythical Kitchen team's recreations of the most expensive desserts in the world! GMM #1689
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InebriatedOcelot Hace 5 horas
Should've had the cellist say "you know what time it is".
bintlooda Hace 14 horas
I can’t believe they spent this much on one episode 😨 3 dessert would have been enough
Hermes Hace 19 horas
Yo the look on that cellists face when Link said they could probably get just as good from any old recording made my heart sink :
Jake Griffin
Jake Griffin Hace un día
Rhett must be the new spokesperson for Old Spice.
BJ Murray
BJ Murray Hace 2 días
But is there a place we can see how the Kitchen did it? What it took, etc?
eyes of steel
eyes of steel Hace 3 días
8 year old kid says he said the a word parent comes in looks at cheese cake and says that's big ass cheese cake
Mikedeela Hace 4 días
Oh yes, goose milk. Love it.
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers Hace 4 días
Is there any way I can get the Puppy Love tshirt shown in this episode????
Red Rhapsodos
Red Rhapsodos Hace 6 días
Lmao, the cellist is the best part. She just straight up walks in, sits down, and starts playing. 10/10
Nikica Pavličić
Nikica Pavličić Hace 8 días
Rhetts smirk after "sweet and sticky"
Athen 0mega
Athen 0mega Hace 8 días
Link: 6:06 casually touches fire
NeshVibes_ Hace 8 días
The cellist was low key fine tho👀
llama corns
llama corns Hace 9 días
Whos gonna buy this expensive stuff?😂😂
Vythal Hace 9 días
5:50 rhett had to do something before link does something unexpectable
Omnical Hace 10 días
virgins eat edible gold chads eat edible diamond
Jesse Kleine
Jesse Kleine Hace 10 días
Bach cello suitessssss
joelker41 Hace 10 días
"This is to expensive" Said the multi millionaires....
Marijke Cooper
Marijke Cooper Hace 10 días
Putting the cherry on top, the cellist played the 3rd movement of Bach's 3rd cello suite.
DarknessGaming Hace 11 días
Lol I guess the cheese cake $500 😁
Jdogdabest7578 Hace 11 días
Rhett: gold dust doesn’t taste PERIODT
Westley Knee
Westley Knee Hace 12 días
The minute she started to play they completely forgot about the thousands of dollars they spent on the food lol
Lily Serva
Lily Serva Hace 12 días
Dan Peters
Dan Peters Hace 13 días
4:27 Links reaction. Priceless😂😂😂
Sir Funk Owl
Sir Funk Owl Hace 13 días
I love their reaction everytime they tell them how much they spent lol
Jordan Cunningham
Jordan Cunningham Hace 13 días
And I would be complaining about it to that does not need to be that expensive
Jordan Cunningham
Jordan Cunningham Hace 13 días
In cheese cake
CyoLN CodMobile
CyoLN CodMobile Hace 13 días
Did Rhett just say the whip cream was made form goose's milk???
Adam Schumann
Adam Schumann Hace 14 días
I like how they bolth got fancy when the cellist started playing
Stella Hace 17 días
i hope someone finishes these....
Stella Hace 17 días
LennyBoiLovesYoutube Hace 18 días
"Its cause there's three twins" *"no its the organic banana"*
Chloe Randolph
Chloe Randolph Hace 18 días
That RR one seen better days.
Squidney :l
Squidney :l Hace 18 días
this video costs over $2,000 so everyone’s gotta like the video xD
Zaria Muzaffar
Zaria Muzaffar Hace 18 días
God I am so proud to be from Dubai . Link has made me feel so great about my home Lol
Aaron S
Aaron S Hace 18 días
Best episode of gmm
Saucey Collura
Saucey Collura Hace 18 días
EquineAshleigh Hace 19 días
I think it’s crazy I celebrated when you guys hit 1 million now you’re almost at 17 million 🥺🥺
Dean Waller
Dean Waller Hace 20 días
Link is peak angry dad and I am so here for it!
Wyatt Hall
Wyatt Hall Hace 20 días
Rhett was so happy with his joke at the beginning tho
Fiona Gierlinger
Fiona Gierlinger Hace 20 días
Link: this is a fire hazard! Approximately 2 seconds later: holds up a giant knife right in front of his face
Mckinley P
Mckinley P Hace 20 días
“Big ass cheesecake”
pv3Hpv3p Hace 20 días
I'm lowkey in love with the cellist (sp?)
S L Hace 21 un día
I'm just catching up on these videos during the "sheltering in place" ... holy mother of gawd - Rhett's hair. 🤤 Rhett flipping his hair - yes - yes - all day yes - it's what might get me through working remote for weeks (months?). Lord be with me - that's a married man!
poopagore Hace 21 un día
damn they are jewie
Damn That Sucks
Damn That Sucks Hace 21 un día
I’m sorry but the first ones front looked like it had a peen
Sophie Hace 22 días
Levi Prather
Levi Prather Hace 23 días
I think it’s safe to say this will be the last episode of trying expensive products lol 😂
nate lord
nate lord Hace 23 días
y'all need to quit having tiny cuteass props that are a good size for my pillsbury doughboy plushies cuz Wish ain't got everything and im not an engineer
pandatwee Hace 23 días
Link’s hairwhip at 11:50 😂😂😂
Yosgar Mejia
Yosgar Mejia Hace 24 días
I personally LOVE cheesecake
NG Haurachi
NG Haurachi Hace 25 días
That’s the first time I’ve heard them curse
baludlad Hace 25 días
I miss the old song intro from the other video
Ws_IssaPablo 999
Ws_IssaPablo 999 Hace 25 días
Rhett: "this is a BIG ASS cheesecake" 😂😂
Megan Drianis
Megan Drianis Hace 26 días
Rhett, you are one sexy man... Link, nice try
Pin-Wu Yu
Pin-Wu Yu Hace 26 días
that cellist after hearing what Link said... “you should have hired someone else”
Brandon K
Brandon K Hace 27 días
This has such "kid who used their parents credit card on a bunch of games" energy
Brandon K
Brandon K Hace 27 días
"NICOLE is RR your initials?"
RansomSniper Hace 27 días
**Rhet in weird ‘😡 face’:** *”this is the best one”*
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Hace 28 días
$3000 FOR A SUNDAE!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Hace 28 días
Cherie Johnson
Cherie Johnson Hace 28 días
Wahhbajack Hace 29 días
Felt bad for the cellist, not gonna lie. Don't say "You could find it online" or "I'm trying to save a few bucks here" when you have an ARTIST RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Oh my gooooddddd. At least Rhett tried to be nice.
Daisy P
Daisy P Hace 15 días
Wahhbajack it ain’t that deep
Dark Slayerz
Dark Slayerz Hace 22 días
He’s just thinking reasonably
Daphne Morrison
Daphne Morrison Hace 29 días
Quote of the day: “It’s so moist” -Rhett McLaughlin
•• Hace 29 días
are they guessing how much it cost for each serving or like in total to make the whole batch or whatever
Grace R
Grace R Hace un mes
this is a bigass cheesecake
Selene 6.23
Selene 6.23 Hace un mes
12:30 “FiNiSH yOUR LinE sWEETIE”
David Gambrick
David Gambrick Hace un mes
"We spent, WEEEEE spent!!!!" 😣😂😂😂😂😂
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Hace un mes
IT'S SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ajanae Parnell
Ajanae Parnell Hace un mes
11:35 that hair flip tho 🤤🤭😍
TexasRain Hace un mes
OMG!!! THE BLUES BROTHERS. Are y’all getting the band back together and starting with Mr Fabulous?
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