Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Dodge Charger Police Car Part 7

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More crazy finds!!! We begin stripping the parts police car down to get all the parts that we need and we can't believe want we find. This has been a crazy experience and we are happy to take you guys along this journey. Be sure to stay tuned and watch what happens next. Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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rebuiltwreckedsalvagedrebuilding a wrecked 2018 dodge charger police car

MasterIan G
MasterIan G Hace 8 días
I like the car so far
MasterIan G
MasterIan G Hace 8 días
I love it the new car
EmergencyGuy1994 Hace un mes
The light stick is actually a baton and is used for traffic control. Police and Fire Police alike use them to direct traffic either a block over past a fire or accident or keep traffic down to one lane passing the wreck. These batons are normally used at night.
EmergencyGuy1994 Hace un mes
I can give you guys a little insight on the scale. Sure drug dealers use them, but the police use them as well. When narcotics like weed (Marijuana), coke (cocaine), dope (meth), and heroin are involved, the officer performing the felony stop can weigh the confiscated narcotics and determine whether the violator gets a felony possession charge or a felony possession with intent to distribute charge. The charge depends on the amount confiscated and what the weight of the confiscated amount totals to.
Antonio Hidalgo
Antonio Hidalgo Hace un mes
I know it's been a while since you guys. Did this but I hope this quarantine gives you a chance to upload and stay safe during this difficult time but remember your lives matter more then cars and hope to see you return
Carl Nettles
Carl Nettles Hace un mes
Great work guys. I like the work on the apocalypse vehicle but can"t wait to see what you do on the semi tractor.
James Brown 12
James Brown 12 Hace un mes
cat pretty
kntwing.23 Hace un mes
i want that little k-9 small dog..
Thomas T
Thomas T Hace 2 meses
Where’s the bout
wayne morgan
wayne morgan Hace 2 meses
We all know when you go to time lapse, that took a long time.
Gabe White
Gabe White Hace 2 meses
The sliding window is for the police to talk to the criminal
Mohsin Ali
Mohsin Ali Hace 3 meses
Bro the 2017 charger is dead
Piero1940 Hace 4 meses
Thomas,the policecat....
Fred Price
Fred Price Hace 4 meses
I like that
Jaime Vera
Jaime Vera Hace 4 meses
U guys are crazy talented inspiration
Jaime Vera
Jaime Vera Hace 4 meses
I always like the video when I see Thomas
Tezla Rocks
Tezla Rocks Hace 4 meses
This is my all time favorite ESwomen channel. My wife’ so much
David Grant
David Grant Hace 5 meses
I dont know why they just dont have a quick disconnect on the antenna. lol These guys do know much about RF. lol
Thomas Gleason
Thomas Gleason Hace 5 meses
Stream light is a flashlight
Denise Gordon
Denise Gordon Hace 5 meses
The badge that said “Y.P.D actually broke in ur parts car. It used to say NYPD
Shane Thompson
Shane Thompson Hace 5 meses
Cops have scales yoo
Shane Thompson
Shane Thompson Hace 5 meses
Patrick Lown
Patrick Lown Hace 5 meses
It is a flashlight charger
Camden Matter
Camden Matter Hace 5 meses
What light bar is that
TFH 203
TFH 203 Hace 5 meses
#pimp my ride
Bryce Ewing
Bryce Ewing Hace 5 meses
Goonzquad please please please send me the pictures you took of the wires in the correct spot I’m doing the same exact unwiring job as you and I forgot to take a pic of all the wires in place now I do not know what wires to put where. Thanks
Halak Productions
Halak Productions Hace 5 meses
Brandon Green
Brandon Green Hace 5 meses
I wish everyone would like and comment y'all do amazing work #OEM
Tsa Dee
Tsa Dee Hace 5 meses
Scale was the officers to weight illegal paraffin millia
Luke Khalifa
Luke Khalifa Hace 5 meses
That scale belongs to the police, whenever they catch someone with drugs they scale it out with they’re own scale to put into their paperwork.
ph gaming and vlogs
ph gaming and vlogs Hace 5 meses
If y'all did it right you probably could actually put together your own car. Just an idea
SLUMP GTX Hace 5 meses
I would put a new gear box
BlackTreser Hace 5 meses
Dude, they are so ugly muricans :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
Austyn k
Austyn k Hace 5 meses
That scale you found if for the police officers so if they find someone with drugs on them the police officer can measure the amount on them for record.
atheywa Hace 5 meses
That scale was most likely owned by the cop to see how much drugs were found to figure out if the perp is being charged with a minor offense or a felony
Rauf Hut
Rauf Hut Hace 5 meses
yo can i have that scale?
mitchell peters
mitchell peters Hace 5 meses
Where did you go to school at
Nick 636n8r
Nick 636n8r Hace 5 meses
yall should do a slick top version stealthy have to buy new strobes tho
Policeman44 Hace 5 meses
Could u do a giveaway of the YPD collar pins
Patrick Scott
Patrick Scott Hace 5 meses
The antenna is for a HAM radio
Darryl Healy
Darryl Healy Hace 5 meses
Install a digital police scanner which you cannot transmit and use that aerial.
thiefinthe nigh
thiefinthe nigh Hace 6 meses
Plot twist they didnt find the scale
thiefinthe nigh
thiefinthe nigh Hace 6 meses
Poleets hahah
Angelo Agosto
Angelo Agosto Hace 6 meses
Y’all should fix the suspension on the parts car and use it as a derby car
abdalellah hanbazazah
abdalellah hanbazazah Hace 6 meses
Tint out the back lights
Daniyar Dadashov
Daniyar Dadashov Hace 6 meses
J B Hace 6 meses
If you still have any of the jeeps from when your channel first started you should put that hemi in it
WeN33dJustice Hace 6 meses
Theres usually a 3rd party company that does all the installs for the cop cars
Mattdness D
Mattdness D Hace 6 meses
why is everything crazy or insane?
S N Hace 6 meses
Best page👌👏👏
Pushpa kumara
Pushpa kumara Hace 7 meses
Cute dogs man, I also had 3 of them but I miss them. Nice 😍😍😀😀
tim wegman
tim wegman Hace 7 meses
Hell yeah toss that whip on. It’s not a cop car without a 4 foot whip lol.
Slayyed G
Slayyed G Hace 7 meses
The scale being found was the highlight
Bryant Pineda
Bryant Pineda Hace 7 meses
Hey Goonzquad, Maybe Someday That Old 2017 Charger Can Convert From Automatic to 6-Speed Manual Transmission, To Pretend A Manual Car Version, And Also For The Body Exterior Can Transform From Old Police Cop Car to New SRT Hellcat Body Style, From Now On.
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock Hace 7 meses
Like the old time the OG tool box memories coming back super sick this is turning out sick
Trayrecklezz Hace 7 meses
This is a good this for the po leets car 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jon Edmondson
Jon Edmondson Hace 7 meses
The reason the trans was clicking when you put it in park was because it was rotating as if the car was rolling. Since the rear wheel is missing there’s no way to stop the driveline rotation
Kaiden Rogers
Kaiden Rogers Hace 7 meses
"for A/C" 😂 yeah ok. It's so the cop can talk to the prisoner and pass objects back and forth. Like tickets or court summons.
David Williams
David Williams Hace 7 meses
Some criminal charges are related to how much a crim is carrying on them.....potentially those scales were police issue to weigh drugs found on crims
Umer Ali
Umer Ali Hace 7 meses
Please send me this gram machine i really want this
Scott Grillot
Scott Grillot Hace 7 meses
the charger thing is for a flashlight
DangerousDaedric Hace 7 meses
I wanna do what you all do so bad😭😭
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Hace 7 meses
Saludos desde puerto RICO
tyler isadore
tyler isadore Hace 7 meses
you should make a Dodge Charger truck with the parts car
HELLCAT324 Hace 7 meses
You should ask Chris fix ti help you with the siren wires and light wires so #chrisfix :)
yamahadude157 Hace 7 meses
You guys should hook up with the police to do an event for kids with this car. A great opportunity would be the D.A.R.E program which helps teach kids about the risk of drugs and addiction. As civilians you would be more approachable to the youth giving you a better chance of connecting with them to get the message across. You guys are blessed ,it would be nice to see you use your notoriety along with this vehicle to make a positive impact and give back to your community !!
1992Hoffman Hace 7 meses
Looking good fellas!!!
Michael Motors
Michael Motors Hace 7 meses
Ponchoplayer202 Hace 7 meses
Every goonzsquad episode ever : Daaaaannnngggg dude
Bill Aldridge
Bill Aldridge Hace 7 meses
In my opinion, I would not install the cage, but if you must, remove the plexiglass divider window.
George P
George P Hace 7 meses
the stream light is a charger for a flash light. my dad has one.he's a cop.
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