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'80s TV wasn't just Thundercats, Domino's Pizza commercials, and Facts of Life. Remember the very special episodes of your favorite '80s shows? The ones that got pretty dark and quite possibly left you with lifelong nightmares? We're here to dig up some of your saddest TV memories.
Nothing about war is really funny. And yet, for 11 seasons, the ongoing story of an Army hospital during the Korean War not only managed to be full of laughs, but also deeply meaningful, which probably explains why MASH stayed on television for more than a decade.
But it couldn't be all be doctor jokes and cross-dressing conscientous objectors, and MASH had plenty of serious, dramatic moments. The dark and last episode of MASH was arguably the darkest moment of the series. Airing in February 1983, "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" centers in part around leading character Hawkeye recovering from a mental breakdown. In the pinnacle scene of horror, Hawkeye is flashing back to the source of his mental anguish - he's on a bus, the enemy is nearby, and the passengers have to kill the lights and remain silent or risk discovery.
But there's a woman on the bus who has a chicken, and the chicken won't stop making noise. Hawkeye tells her to shut the chicken up and she does, by smothering it, in order to protect the entire bus of refugees from being found. But we learn that it wasn't actually a chicken, like his fractured memory was trying to convince him. And it's horrific.
Watch the video for more Really Dark '80s TV Moments!
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Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen | 0:17
Doris in Wonderland | 1:28
Farewell, Mr. Hooper | 2:25
Home Again | 3:33
A, My Name is Alex | 4:29
Hate Mongers | 5:22
Goodbyeee | 6:56
Turn Turn Turn | 8:14
The Sad Story of Henry | 9:02
Cherie Lifesaver | 10:00

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Grunge Hace 2 meses
What were some dark TV moments that caught you off guard?
santhony74 Stephen Anthony
santhony74 Stephen Anthony Hace 5 días
@Ronald Bie Ha...True!
santhony74 Stephen Anthony
santhony74 Stephen Anthony Hace 5 días
There was a couple of episodes from Growing Pains. One where Mike grieves over the death of his uncle Bob seeing him in the kitchen several times. Another when Joanna Kerns character loses her father. She talks to him in the swings outside and then the grandmother is visited by him to help her fix a plumbing problem.
FanfareT.Loudest Hace 6 días
Good Times. Janet's character getting abused by her mom. That was surprising and dark.
hainted house
hainted house Hace 8 días
Every other episode of Little House.
EMarie61 Hace 9 días
@Alex Palmer Hey, that's the episode I was just mentioning! Poor Hawk. Memories can be a bear.
lucaboden Hace 2 horas
"she smothered her own baby" Was this based off a true story? If it was not, then i think it is a bit racist for american writers to portray a Korean woman in this manner.
TootsiesCreationz Hace 8 horas
Thomas the train was freaking WEIRD!! 😲 Punky Brewster, to me, wasn't very good. The refrigerator episode might have been ok. I wouldn't know. I never really watched it past the first time. I only caught glimpses when flicking through the channels.
TootsiesCreationz Hace 8 horas
I used to love watching Mister Roger's Neighborhood and Sesame Street. I am so old LOL! I loved Little House on the Prairie too. Family Ties when Alex was using speed to study for a test then crashed and slept through the test. That was a good episode too. Geraldo got the broken nose because you can't put a group of skinheads in the same room with prejudiced, racist black people. He got what he asked for. Cagney & Lacey was one of my favorite shows.
TootsiesCreationz Hace 8 horas
Alfre Woodard is an EPIC actress. Love watching her!
donald Clifft
donald Clifft Hace un día
donald Clifft
donald Clifft Hace un día
Mortimor Duncan
Mortimor Duncan Hace 2 días
After he says "iT waS A BABY!" I thought the guys laughing and high fiveing each other was still part of that same scene so I was even more like WTF!!!!
Ryan Coulter
Ryan Coulter Hace 3 días
There was an anti teen smoking episode of Little House where a couple of boys light up in the basement of a house and end up starting a fire that burbs down the house and kills a young woman and a baby. That’s one way to get written off a show.
mrtroylynn Hace 5 días
I'd add the Wonder Years episode "thank you Mr Collins" for when Kevin goes to talk to Mr Collins but is told by the principal that he passed away the night before.
Tom V
Tom V Hace 6 días
When I lived in Philly I mentioned to a neighbor that she should take the door off of her old fridge that she put out on the curb. She didn't realize the danger of doing that. She took it off immediately.
roger smith
roger smith Hace 7 días
so sjws . and weirdos today would scream and protest and demand its trumps fault because they watched old reruns and thought it offend the lgbtghiz system
Russell Cooke
Russell Cooke Hace 9 días
I must have blocked out that episode of M.A.S.H.
Lisa Dooley
Lisa Dooley Hace 9 días
Jerry springer was more hardcore but he has lost his touch
Lisa Dooley
Lisa Dooley Hace 9 días
Because you never know when death will strike
afeni shakur
afeni shakur Hace 10 días
That Punky Brewster episode was traumatizing.
ZiggyWalsh Hace 11 días
What about the episode of “Mr. Belvedere” in which youngest Owens child Wesley’s friend has AIDS?😰
Andrew Castillo
Andrew Castillo Hace 14 días
Sorry I didn't watch the whole segment before I commented. Dumb of me.
Andrew Castillo
Andrew Castillo Hace 14 días
That episode of Sesame street was aired on a Thanksgiving morning not so the parents could deal with the "fallout", but so they would be home from work and could discuss the whole concept of death with their children. Parents used to actually talk to their kids back then.
Patricia Arold
Patricia Arold Hace 15 días
I think the episode on All in the Family where Edith nearly gets raped scared the shit out of me. 😱😱😱
Lori Gonzalez
Lori Gonzalez Hace 16 días
Im still upset with mr hooper's death
JimSweet Hace 17 días
One of the darkest shows on Little House on the Prairie was when the neighbors wife died in a fire while the husband yelled to her as she was on the second floor holding a baby yelling out the window.
Pamela's V Log Central (Getting real)
Pamela's V Log Central (Getting real) Hace 17 días
What about the Greatest American Hero.... Operation Spoilsport has a computer melfunction that would help start WW 3 and Beast in the black... There was also an episode where Ralph takes a bullet for Bill.... I thought that Ralph was going to die....
Jennea Coleman-Cubero
Jennea Coleman-Cubero Hace 21 un día
Speaking of "The Facts of Life" there was an episode where a classmate commits suicide and the girls trying to cope with the loss. Then, in another episode, Tootie becomes a model for an "adult" photographer. What's messed up about the episode is the ending. Mrs. Garrett, instead of CALLING THE COPS, just leaves the creepy camera to his "job" along with a 14 year old girl to be the model.
HORROR FAN MAN 88 Hace 21 un día
What's creepy about these pictures
billie winn
billie winn Hace 21 un día
Little hore house on the prairie
billie winn
billie winn Hace 21 un día
The facts of life is the girl played joeann on that show really made me understand the facts of life yay I was in my teens and fell in love
Observer Enlightened
Observer Enlightened Hace 21 un día
The Fonz jumping the shark 😲
Deja Voodoo
Deja Voodoo Hace 22 días Different Strokes with the repairman pedo?
Deja Voodoo
Deja Voodoo Hace 22 días
Russian partisan women had to smother their own babies in the Forrest and marshes while hiding from the Germans.
Kamodomajere Hace 22 días
Couldn't Henry just go backwards?
Michael McDonald
Michael McDonald Hace 22 días
This should be titled “Golly Gee Willikers, It Shore Is A Drag Talkin’ About REAL Shit.”
altha 2014
altha 2014 Hace 23 días
Little house when Albert girlfriend Sylvia got raped
altha 2014
altha 2014 Hace 23 días
Loved it when Gerardo got his noise broke
Robert Hace 23 días
What about the episode of What's Happening...Now when Freddie "Rerun" Stubbs suffers from incontinence and poops his pants while out on a date with the girl he loved? The part where he cries in humiliation and runs out, his pants all stained, was one of the most disturbing moments ever on TV.
BLU3Collar TRANCE Hace 23 días
The 80s was a doom and gloom decade. The free loving 70s came to a crashing end with AIDS and the music was horrible. I could not wait for the 80s to end.
sharp52092 Hace 23 días
LOL I remember that episode of Thomas, Henry gets out later and redeems himself.
sharp52092 Hace 23 días
Albert had been a farmer, not a cowboy. Even during that episodes he wasn't really a farmer anymore, he was student who got mixed in with the wrong crowd.
Super Intendent Chalmers
Super Intendent Chalmers Hace 23 días
Little House on The Prarie and The Waltons were almost nothing but dark episodes
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien Hace 24 días
Little House had quite a few dark episodes, This one, The one where Alice Garvey & Mary's baby die in the fire & there was the one where Laura & Jenny's friend drowns & the mom is so traumatized she keeps Laura/Jenny captive thinking she is her daughter. Then there is the one where someone rapes Albert's girlfriend. There might be more I can't remember right now !!
Rob Hansen
Rob Hansen Hace 24 días
Why is Big Bird called a giant bird nerd?
wx4newengland Hace 24 días
St. Elsewhere "last dance at the wreckers ball" The old DR dying of cancer, hallucinating that he was a little boy and did not want to go sleep. He knew if went to sleep he would not wake up. They got that scene perfect if you have ever been around a terminal cancer patient you know sun down syndrome.
Mr. H.
Mr. H. Hace 24 días
That’s hilarious. No only did Mr. Hooper die, probably O.D.’ed on some bad shit he got from Shuffalupagis. But they drop the new on Thanksgiving. So half the kid nation are crying all over their pumpkin pie. Beautiful P.B.S., Bravo!!!
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper Hace 24 días
Geraldo got a punch in I saw that . The white supremacy guy nearly got choked out to.
altha 2014
altha 2014 Hace 23 días
actually like that Geraldo is an idiot now way to far to the left
jjj Hace 25 días
no one ever said Albert was a cowboy or Charles .
Paisley Dunbar
Paisley Dunbar Hace 25 días
WKRP dealing with the trampling at The Who show in 79 in Cincinnati
-A-C B-L
-A-C B-L Hace 26 días
I thought Mash was in Vietnam War. Learn something new
SOL SHALEM Hace 26 días
What about the day after where they warned parents not to let children watch it for weeks. Of course we all did and watched the whole work get incinerated and the rest die from radiation poisoning. Then there was the abc after school special about a kid who fears the Closet monster the whole episode he’s been told that the closet monster doesn’t exist finally in the last moments of the episode the boy opens up the closet fearlessly and there’s a ghost like figure holding two knives in his hands the kid looks up and the grim figure stabs him. The end. I checked my closet every day for 10 years after that.
Laura Walsh
Laura Walsh Hace 26 días
I remember "Growing Pains" episode where the daughter and her male friend were in a serious accident after drinking and driving. Once she hears the guy will recover at the hospital, the daughter tells her mom please not to lecture her right now. Then, as they all arrive home, the son (Kirk Cameron) gives her the news that her friend just died. The ending with her tortured screams and wailing was haunting!!!
Allen Jay
Allen Jay Hace 26 días
Re the 2nd entry...The trend continues today? Police are shooting kids that have toy guns? And it’s a trend? Ridiculous
okeithmartin /Badd kittin
okeithmartin /Badd kittin Hace 27 días
Eric Lasalle
Eric Lasalle Hace 28 días
Wish I didn't see that clip of Hawkeye being on the bus...I had to stop watching right away..that scene messed with me when I was 12 watching the series finale....
Gregory Reed
Gregory Reed Hace 28 días
Omg. How did I not remember it was a baby
David Volsky
David Volsky Hace 28 días
That kid trapped in the refrigerator, crying for help hurt my heart, just to imagine a real life scenario.
David Volsky
David Volsky Hace 28 días
That wasn't even the darkest episode of Little House on the Prairie. And they left out the bicycle shop episode of Different Strokes.
Joe McKenzie
Joe McKenzie Hace 28 días
Everything with michael jackson in it
Mrs. Arthur Morgan
Mrs. Arthur Morgan Hace 29 días
When Virgil's wife is raped in their kitchen and stalked afterwards by the rapist on In the Heat of the Night, it TERRIFIED me as a child. Even now, I remember her trying to clean the kitchen after the rape; that image of her on the floor still haunts me. Can't remember if it was on an 80s or 90s episode.
Toph Morris
Toph Morris Hace un mes
Any video covering "A, My Name is Alex" gets an instant upvote from me. I'm easy that way. To be fair, Family Ties often dipped into more serious topics (especially the episode where Tom Hanks played Alex's alcoholic Uncle Ned), but "A, My Name is Alex" is what put the show on the map for me forever. I was only either 12 or 13 when that episode aired, but we recorded it on a tape and I used to rewatch it frequently even though many of its themes went straight over my head at the time. Overall, the show doesn't get talked about enough these days, and that episode in particular is just phenomenal.
X F Hace un mes
Mr Hopper killed me when I was growing up...
X F Hace 24 días
@MissyB 75 what
MissyB 75
MissyB 75 Hace 25 días
X F how are you here then?🤷🏼‍♀️
Arthur Watt
Arthur Watt Hace un mes
The mash chicken episode literally made me cry. Shockingly sad.
K Taylor
K Taylor Hace un mes
Or that episode of the Jefferson's where George and Louise's baby granddaughter Jessica found George's pistol and fired off a round. Luckily she wasn't hurt, but that scene was intense.
Frank Black
Frank Black Hace un mes
Yea MASH wins.
B Hace un mes
That Little House episode traumatized me when I was a kid. When that kid threw up during the withdrawal sequence, it grossed me out & I couldn’t shake it off for days.
BLASTGAMER18 Hace un mes
/\ | | \/
Patrick Andre
Patrick Andre Hace un mes
I remember that kid in the fridge
WarlegganFangirl1984 Hace un mes
Morphine addicted cowboys?! 🤣
Freedom Lover
Freedom Lover Hace un mes
I remember an episode of Punky Brewster where her dog Brandon got hit by a car. They were at the animal hospital, and she was talking to this old lady, who brought her dog in for something. Brandon lived and the old lady's dog passed away. She was crying and showing a lot of guilt because "her dog died so Brandon could live." Gets me in the feels every time I remember it.
אריאל גולני
אריאל גולני Hace un mes
LEGION 4wermany
LEGION 4wermany Hace un mes
I was a little kid when the punky Brewster trapped in the refrigerator episode absolutely, terrified me.
Madeline Bryant
Madeline Bryant Hace 16 días
They needed to explain that the writers did that one for a reason that it had just been in the news where someone's kids died because of it and they wanted it to be heavy and still on people's minds so they knew not to do that kids themselves and so adults remember to check . ESwomen that and ur find a video where Moon talls about it
ElleCee62978 Hace un mes
Punky Brewster.... not this episode but the one where Punky goes into the cave where Brandon turns into a skeleton and the gigantic spider eats Alan. I literally have this episode taped from the tv. Written across the front of the tape - Punky B Scary Tape Do Not Watch. Also, my other favorite 80s show was kinda dark - Rags to Riches.
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