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This might be the most EPIC RC Airplane video you'll ever see!
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Matt S
Matt S Hace 3 horas
3:16 Garret gets scared by Cody shooting the paintball gun too close to his face 😂😂
Asher Brown
Asher Brown Hace 10 horas
I’ve flown them white and blue ones, they’re interesting
Herologan 295
Herologan 295 Hace un día
Who else thinks that they stole this from Flite Test
Hanna Barket
Hanna Barket Hace un día
1st best Channel
Bodh Raj
Bodh Raj Hace un día
I love all the videos you do
Greyson Alan
Greyson Alan Hace un día
Lauryn Gallagher
Lauryn Gallagher Hace un día
Gataar Hace un día
Tyler could have easily won if he went like 10 above ground
Cayde 3421
Cayde 3421 Hace 2 días
Can you show us where to get the planes from the first battle please
JM PLAYZ YT Hace 2 días
7:01 Footage of American paratroopers missing their drop zones the night before the d-day landings
Nurmukhammed Dauletbayev
Nurmukhammed Dauletbayev Hace 3 días
Landen Russell
Landen Russell Hace 3 días
Seif Elden
Seif Elden Hace 3 días
I love you because you don't talk much, you do impossible things. ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩
Yeet da Feet152
Yeet da Feet152 Hace 3 días
My name is Coby to
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan Hace 3 días
U guys are the most cool people I have ever seen lats go pound it
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Garcia Hace 3 días
DCW Films
DCW Films Hace 3 días
That was bunch of money that was crashed in this video, lol...
Technical Umar
Technical Umar Hace 3 días
Subscribe me I'm back subscribe
Finn Moision
Finn Moision Hace 4 días
Ty nice summerskates!
Messi_Miner Hace 4 días
Cody has glasses
Jamie Van Lennep
Jamie Van Lennep Hace 4 días
You should do rc plane trick shots
Banch hoy Gamming
Banch hoy Gamming Hace 4 días
My dream I want one of them but I don't have money to buy
Doge Mano
Doge Mano Hace 5 días
Df&&gbgbf f brvyfgdhmc hfcufyt
Malcolm Hudson
Malcolm Hudson Hace 5 días
By the time Coby got his second win, Tyler only went from 11-16. Which isn’t normal for the Tyler of old
Jonah Who?
Jonah Who? Hace 5 días
Why did Tyler say the first two letters, then waste time repeating them again?
العالم العربي
العالم العربي Hace 5 días
Every time I watch Dude Perfect I think.. How long would the video actually be with no edits..
XTY Youtube
XTY Youtube Hace 6 días
That drop by coby WAS AMAZING
LABULU Hace 6 días
Silver bullet
Nishae Davis
Nishae Davis Hace 6 días
Don’t click read more if you haven’t watched the whole video Coby’s second win of all time!!!💥
Brian Edels
Brian Edels Hace 6 días
3:59 had me dying
Samuel Grosu
Samuel Grosu Hace 6 días
Dude can u giveaway one of the planes
ThebeastW31 Hace 6 días
This was one of my favourites by DP
Lucas Estes
Lucas Estes Hace 6 días
Tylers toes
Nicolas Lima
Nicolas Lima Hace 6 días
É maça de mais
Truedy Hace 7 días
Your like is your team -100= solo 100-199= panda 200-299= Garrett 300-399= Cory 400-499= Tyler 500-599= Cody 600-699= Coby 700+= camera man Comment who you are
Reese Courtney
Reese Courtney Hace 7 días
Team Coby 4 life
Katie Kemp
Katie Kemp Hace 7 días
Paul Jones
Paul Jones Hace 7 días
Cat Mama W
Cat Mama W Hace 7 días
after ten years... Coby has only won two times.
William Passmore
William Passmore Hace 7 días
2020 anyone?
MTG24 YT Hace 8 días
RC battle 1:little planes Plane Battle 2:Plane toys with guns Jet Battle 3:American Jet Battle
Leffie Crawford
Leffie Crawford Hace 8 días
Stop chandler sucks
John S
John S Hace 8 días
coby coby coby
Yazmani Carranza
Yazmani Carranza Hace 8 días
I want to make a plane with you guys.
Gamer The Beast
Gamer The Beast Hace 8 días
Tyler is the angry drill agt Coby is the officer
Jason Baylor
Jason Baylor Hace 8 días
Why would you not drop the troops from like 10ft up instead of freaking 60
Kaden Gruninger
Kaden Gruninger Hace 9 días
Are you going to big ones
Colene Milstead
Colene Milstead Hace 9 días
Cody didnt you crash one in seoson three of dudeperfect show
Hind Abd
Hind Abd Hace 9 días
امو عرب بل طيارة
nayan biswas
nayan biswas Hace 9 días
Tyler Tyler
Abdula Jusufovski
Abdula Jusufovski Hace 9 días
I hate tyler
K Manonmani
K Manonmani Hace 9 días
If you like Coby like If you like Tyler leave a comment I love coby
Eder Edim
Eder Edim Hace 9 días
Brasil 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Jacob Gutierrez
Jacob Gutierrez Hace 9 días
Love videos like this
Tommy Mendez
Tommy Mendez Hace 9 días
"Pepy watch out there's a BOGi On ur tail" Only Nintendo 64 players would understand
Havok Jones
Havok Jones Hace 10 días
Juniper Honeycutt-Dill
Juniper Honeycutt-Dill Hace 10 días
I am a crying lady but only because i have the flu
Jared Morrow
Jared Morrow Hace 10 días
Niger sultana
Niger sultana Hace 10 días
Maskedpanda 42
Maskedpanda 42 Hace 10 días
I have the exact same RC plane they used in the first round
P4R7Y_J0N73 Hace 11 días
What are the planens theyre using?
Eileen Bailey
Eileen Bailey Hace 11 días
Skopperkopp Hace 11 días
The apprenticeS is by far one of the best rc planes ever. Indestructible and can haul a pretty heavy payload. Love those things
김규민 Hace 11 días
Did you make the planes in this video yourself? Or did you buy it?
rufuszero08 Hace 11 días
Stop shouting please
Amit Vaya
Amit Vaya Hace 11 días
Go Coby ! Nice job
Question Everything
Question Everything Hace 11 días
I'm such a child Them: DP merch.. Me: uhh tf what
Chip Dip
Chip Dip Hace 12 días
where did you get the jet in round 2? amazon name?
Mija The pupper
Mija The pupper Hace 12 días
Me and the boys bombing Iran
Naresh Chhetri
Naresh Chhetri Hace 12 días
Did anyone else see Cody running and pulling up his pants at the same time😂😂
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