Randy Orton attacks Matt Hardy after apology to Edge: Raw, Feb. 17, 2020

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After Randy Orton finally apologizes for attacking Edge, The Viper unloads on Matt Hardy with an RKO and vicious steel-chair assault.
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Ofentse Mwase Films
Ofentse Mwase Films Hace 20 minutos
Randy Orton was Born to be heel!
Meowshmallow Hace 8 horas
Randy: Ahah! Steel chair.. Steel Chair: No please, I BEG YOU!Please!! Stop I am for sitting not for using me as a torturing gadget, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! **Corona has heard a really loud yell** **Corona got owned** **Randy orton has Rkod people** **Corona got scared** **Corona has left the chat** Me:But I thought that he is a legend killer, not a virus disinfectant. 1 like=1🙏🏻for thine poor steel chair 👇🏻
Gabriel Rubio
Gabriel Rubio Hace 8 horas
Crazy crazy crazy
Abdul Hace 14 horas
Idk what everyone's complaining about, he said Sorry!
Ragnar Lothbrook
Ragnar Lothbrook Hace 15 horas
"I'm sooorrryy" kkkkkkkkk
Rosendal Jr.
Rosendal Jr. Hace un día
"what is Orton tryna prove!?" that the *legend killer* never left
Amarion Robinson
Amarion Robinson Hace 8 días
I didn't expect that edge was going to rko randy orton and on a last man standing match at wrestle mania I don't know who will win this match
Mr.Misty.Eyed_ 21
Mr.Misty.Eyed_ 21 Hace 9 días
Who’s here after Matt went to AEW?
Patrick Lew-Hayashi
Patrick Lew-Hayashi Hace 9 días
4:50: My reaction towards toxic people after I blacklist them. Lol.
Tyler Burch
Tyler Burch Hace 11 días
WWE did Matt Hardy real dirty.
J Compass
J Compass Hace 11 días
It's crazy the Matt Hardy left right after this and wound up in AEW.... as BROKEN MATT!
dm9542 Hace 13 días
Broken Matt's last appearance in WWE before jumping ship to AEW !
Gabbi RL
Gabbi RL Hace 13 días
God job Randy
The Killer
The Killer Hace 14 días
Broken Matt Hardy is backkkkk
Dwight Hace 14 días
Orton seriously one of the best wwe characters so complex even at this stage in his career can still be such an impact player
Derek Vang
Derek Vang Hace 14 días
Matt Fact: This is Matt's last WWE appearance.
DJ Lune
DJ Lune Hace 14 días
It's pure sickening how everybody in that arena shouted "one more time" ugh I feel bad for Matt Hardy, vince McMahon needs to retire ASAP!!
ッAzza Hace 6 días
Matt Hardy is so underappreciated...I wish HHH had full control as he would've pushed him
Fragkeska a
Fragkeska a Hace 14 días
I think he's dead 4:48😓😓😓😓😓😓😷😓😷😓😓😷😓😷😓😓😷😓😷😷😓😓😷😓😓😓😷😓😓😷😓😷😓😓😓
Gage Hollis
Gage Hollis Hace 15 días
I like how he seems to have remorse but he has almost like a bloodlust and is crazy like multi personality it's a good angle and he performs so well like when he was struggling with himself before grabbing the chair then snapping then apologizing again after like murdering Matt
Star Seeker
Star Seeker Hace 15 días
And now Broken Matt is in AEW
Bryan Unwin
Bryan Unwin Hace 15 días
And now matt hardy is now in aew just like that
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 15 días
Randy attacked matt hardy = AEW matt hardy :P HAHAHAH
Koolbreez103 Hace 15 días
The last appearance of Matt Hardy in WWE. (He is now in AEW) What a way to go out.
Ryan Diggs
Ryan Diggs Hace 15 días
I guess Randy beat Matt so bad that he sent him to AEW
Stirner's Retrowave
Stirner's Retrowave Hace 6 días
AND, more importantly, brought back Broken Matt Hardy.
Mr. Anonymous Anarchy
Mr. Anonymous Anarchy Hace 16 días
Now matt is in aew. So...
CerebralAssassin1977 Hace 16 días
And now, hes with AEW!!!
Bastard Juhm!r
Bastard Juhm!r Hace 16 días
Matt carried a storyline from one company to another, in terms of creativity & character that man is a GOAT
FUCHMAN 1 MILLION Hace 15 días
What do you mean?
Hyper Prime
Hyper Prime Hace 16 días
Beat him straight into AEW.
Ralf Ronel Ayes
Ralf Ronel Ayes Hace 16 días
Who's here after they see Matt Hardy in AEW.
rowdawg25 Hace 16 días
The last day that Matt Hardy appear in WWE
Jipsu mies
Jipsu mies Hace 16 días
Yeah.. Matt Hardy burn that bridge now. He can't ever return back to wwe. Too bad i wanted to see more Hardyboyz now then Jeff Hardy returned
Jipsu mies
Jipsu mies Hace 14 días
Monchi2006 but yeah ddp is working in both aew and wwe so nothing is impossible
Jipsu mies
Jipsu mies Hace 14 días
Monchi2006 Yeah that's true. Chris Jerico left with good terms too but he is not gonna return eighter. Maybe they will be hall of famers one day but wwe will never see Hardyboyz reunion and that sucks
Monchi2006 Hace 14 días
he didnt burn any bridge. He left on gold terms with WWE, hasnt said a single bad thing about them
Hrishov Ryan
Hrishov Ryan Hace 16 días
🤣🤣🤣Who is here?After Matt Hardy made his debut in AEW....
SeñorReapfield Hace 15 días
Lowkey I was hoping that Randy would trespass and hit him out of nowhere
Jesus Esparza Show
Jesus Esparza Show Hace 16 días
Matt Hardy is All Elite!
Mohammed Abusadah
Mohammed Abusadah Hace 16 días
Who is here after he joined aew
MoralesTV Hace 16 días
Jesus Esparza Show
Jesus Esparza Show Hace 16 días
Agustin REYES GALLARDO Hace 16 días
Who's here after Hardy's AEW debut?
Murlin Richard
Murlin Richard Hace 16 días
I didn't kno this happened a month ago, I felt like a couple of weeks ago
Jesus Esparza Show
Jesus Esparza Show Hace 16 días
وحيد جيمرز العاب أندرويد ومحاكي دلفين
وحيد جيمرز العاب أندرويد ومحاكي دلفين Hace 16 días
Who here after aew dynamite matt is now on
Jesus Esparza Show
Jesus Esparza Show Hace 16 días
Cristian Escudero
Cristian Escudero Hace 16 días
and right now, just like exactly one month ago, Matt Hardy return with BROKEN in AEW
Pancho SRK
Pancho SRK Hace 16 días
Randy REALLY turned him back into BROKEN. Matt is so BROKEN now, he now just debuted in AEW.
NebraskaFan77 Hace 16 días
Who's here after Hardy showed up in AEW?
Jesus Esparza Show
Jesus Esparza Show Hace 16 días
Varun Hans
Varun Hans Hace 16 días
Here after Matt’s debut on AEW
Kono D. Oda
Kono D. Oda Hace 16 días
Orton "broke" him, returning him to his former state. Perfect continuity, though ofc you cannot acknowledge that onscreen.
MoralesTV Hace 16 días
So sad, so crazy. No words
Jesus Esparza Show
Jesus Esparza Show Hace 16 días
Same here
Ink Ing
Ink Ing Hace 16 días
Matt is AEW NOW !!!!!!
T R F Hace 17 días
Lol the crowd is actually cheering for RKO. Go Randy Orton♡
Synai Mccrae
Synai Mccrae Hace 18 días
I love randy
M Sk
M Sk Hace 19 días
Best heel ever
Tsukuyomi Shikigami
Tsukuyomi Shikigami Hace 20 días
ItsMeDaniel YT
ItsMeDaniel YT Hace 21 un día
4:42 - 4:53 so funny in x0.25 speed XD
okamus panulirus
okamus panulirus Hace 23 días
Why he talk like thanos now
Rozeta Meckarova
Rozeta Meckarova Hace 23 días
Rozeta Meckarova
Rozeta Meckarova Hace 23 días
Michaelson Sarmiento
Michaelson Sarmiento Hace 24 días
Good value entertainment
Randy Orton is the number one heel right now, what a character
Jellyfam 45
Jellyfam 45 Hace 25 días
And thus Matt Hardy was DELETED
IamTheWarriorGirl Hace 25 días
Randy Orton Is a 🔩⚾️
Edouard Nourrisson
Edouard Nourrisson Hace 25 días
Finaly some good storyline for the viper
Pleum and Popp
Pleum and Popp Hace 27 días
Arsenal Vlogs
Arsenal Vlogs Hace 27 días
Where can I get his jacket
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 27 días
I’m here after Matt Hardy joins the bucks of youth
Philly Native
Philly Native Hace 27 días
Roman and Sasha
Roman and Sasha Hace 28 días
Randy is very bad
Bryan Wells
Bryan Wells Hace 28 días
Where is EDGE?
Billie elish Star
Billie elish Star Hace 28 días
Randy orten is a idiottttttt
Hobo J
Hobo J Hace 29 días
Lmaooooo some of those fans reactions had me dead 😂
Lozzie Shines
Lozzie Shines Hace 29 días
4:28 only Randy Orton could pull of such a psychotic facial expression in the wrestling industry, he is the greatest at it, Viper for a reason.
met182 Hace 29 días
The fans are really spoiling this storyline by cheering for Orton.
Jordan Schoepke
Jordan Schoepke Hace un mes
Ah the good ol' days, when Randy was one of the best heels the company had ever used. Glad to see he's back to being himself again
Devin Morrison
Devin Morrison Hace un mes
I like what they’ve been doing with Orton since the Randy vs Jeff Hardy fried, evil and calculating, and HEEL, how he should be, he can be baby face when he retires lol.
charvelgtrs Hace un mes
Louis Hace un mes
Bucks Of Youth, I knew'd you'd come...
Stra4315 stra4315
Stra4315 stra4315 Hace un mes
Matt Hardy is ALL ELITE!!!
ROBB STARK Hace un mes
The old Randy orton is back... 😢👏 You see Vince, this was not complicated. That’s all we wanted, that’s it. 🤷‍♂️
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