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Random Chikibum

Random Chikibum

Hace un mes

Releasing my second crowd-work video from the show that I did in Bangalore, on 14th September 2019 at That Comedy Club. Crowd work is a sub-genre of stand up comedy, which is completely unscripted and based purely on audience interactions.
I am currently doing an India tour of my crowd work show "You & Me" which you can catch in your city.
Tour Details & Tickets: bit.ly/35RRVTU
You can check out the first part of my video here - bit.ly/3bswblH
Follow me on Instagram here - bit.ly/2MWeFL8
Watch my other stand up videos here - bit.ly/35UiXLC
Watch our Office sketch videos here - bit.ly/2J6rVvy
Follow me on Facebook here - bit.ly/2JoPNuL
For Enquiries contact - sahil.bohra@oml.in
Edited by - Love Upadhyay
#standupvideo #standupcomedy #comedysketches

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Random Chikibum
Random Chikibum Hace un mes
Hey Guys! I am coming to the following cities with my crowd work show... Ticket links below 16 Feb - Bangalore -2 shows - bit.ly/31G2idc 20 Feb - Kochi - bit.ly/2OJ6xz8 22 Feb - Delhi - bit.ly/3bpf6sJ 23 Feb - Gurgaon - bit.ly/2w7AQcC 29 Feb - Kolkata - bit.ly/2OKy03z 20 March - Surat - bit.ly/37npHkG 21 March -Vadodara - bit.ly/37npHkG 22 March - Ahmedabad - bit.ly/37npHkG 26 March - Jaipur - bit.ly/2SEsn89
BUVANESH J Hace un mes
where is chennai da;>
Vignesh Mishra
Vignesh Mishra Hace un mes
Bhubaneswar Kahan he bro
jayasurya choudary
jayasurya choudary Hace un mes
Hyderabad please!!!!!!!’
One dollar
One dollar Hace un mes
Bro u should come to nagpur
Richick Panthei
Richick Panthei Hace un mes
Random Chikibum you should visit Hyderabad sometimes may be?? ✌️
Rajesh Nayak
Rajesh Nayak Hace 17 horas
11:44 background wale uncle kitna serious hai yr :P
Ryno Hace 18 horas
Pinku Phukan
Pinku Phukan Hace un día
I'm watching it again in these lock down days due to covid 19 and I'm feeling so relieved now
Nathanael Prasad
Nathanael Prasad Hace un día
Sir,pls upload video where u have conversations with audience, that really good ..pls sir pls
Prince Pediwal
Prince Pediwal Hace un día
Kaustubh's zoomcar ending 😂😂😂😂
Tushar Rokade
Tushar Rokade Hace 2 días
Chitra is Art Vandelay
ashu aryan
ashu aryan Hace 3 días
Actually this guy is really cute😂 But wid harami dimaag😜
rani salokhe
rani salokhe Hace 3 días
People are making start ups like modiji making new decisions
Vinith Michael Antony
Vinith Michael Antony Hace 3 días
I'm badly waiting for part 3 of crowd work post it soon
Ajmal Noushad
Ajmal Noushad Hace 4 días
Trivandrum 💪💪
oldage media
oldage media Hace 4 días
Trivandrum? Really? I'm from trivandrum and I never felt so!
Sumit Jha
Sumit Jha Hace 5 días
Uncle behind Kaustubh has stopped smiling. He is still thinking how can a honeymoon be of 3 days😉
subha jayakumar
subha jayakumar Hace 5 días
Thank u Rahul for making me laugh...
mohammed farooq
mohammed farooq Hace 6 días
Awwwww whyr u here da
sricharan reddy
sricharan reddy Hace 6 días
too many liit's for that girl
zed9642 Hace 6 días
You’re hilarious and it’s obvious you’re an intellectual :) you also have the most infectious smile ever. Love all your videos ❤️
Pooja Sridhar
Pooja Sridhar Hace 7 días
You did a wonderful job, only some comedians can come up with jokes on the spot like this but still make the audience laugh. Hats off!
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan Hace 7 días
Very witty I must say, what a skill to have. Good show.
Rashid Shamim
Rashid Shamim Hace 7 días
ind vk
ind vk Hace 7 días
but, how long rahul, u do this da for living? do u earn so much with this? just checking da...nowadays kids education costing min 30 lakhs per kid da....
Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey Hace 7 días
Rahul apse acha standup koi nhi kr skta
A. B
A. B Hace 8 días
11:42 that uncle is like wtf these kids are doing
prathmesh mule
prathmesh mule Hace 8 días
Brother plz upload crowd work part 3 please ❤️
Sumit Jha
Sumit Jha Hace 8 días
I did my bachelors in Architecture and Masters in Environmental studies so I am an Architectural Planner. A true Deja vu experience😁
ruler kr
ruler kr Hace 9 días
9:59 coincidence...... Watchin dis @ 3'o clock in d morning.....
Nikunj Jain
Nikunj Jain Hace 10 días
Kaustuv k piche wale uncle naraz thhe 😂
Browse Internet
Browse Internet Hace 10 días
Trivandrum is not planned properly. Wondering how come she took that name...
Amisha Raswant
Amisha Raswant Hace 12 días
Can’t help watching your videos again n again ♥️♥️
Sumit Rustogi
Sumit Rustogi Hace 12 días
Rahul Ji - is there any eta for crowd work 3, 4, 5........103?
Observer Hace 12 días
Loved that girl chitra.. Supercool....Jo bhi...🤣🤣🤣
debasis panda
debasis panda Hace 13 días
Give the part 3 bro
Shubham Singla
Shubham Singla Hace 13 días
All people here are hell so talented, that's why only Banglore is called the Tech City Of India.
Anish Kodla
Anish Kodla Hace 13 días
Chitra was cool
Joby Jude
Joby Jude Hace 15 días
Lovely yaar
Shubham Harlalka
Shubham Harlalka Hace 17 días
What you did for uplifting your personality?
Prajwal M.S
Prajwal M.S Hace 18 días
You can play joker Rahul
Aparna Dalai
Aparna Dalai Hace 18 días
Rexona ma'am if you watching this , We miss you ma'am in college .💗💗💗💗
rehan ahmed
rehan ahmed Hace 18 días
Chitra is awesome
Jayaris Raghav
Jayaris Raghav Hace 19 días
i think this your best work .......love your attitude man......
Rahul Bhandari
Rahul Bhandari Hace 19 días
This guy is awesome
hars__ HARS
hars__ HARS Hace 19 días
I had never saw before this much interesting CROWD INTERACTION Kya faadu tha Bhai... #BAKIsabMAST
Sakshi Thakur
Sakshi Thakur Hace 20 días
He is too good!
Pratiksha Nayak
Pratiksha Nayak Hace 21 un día
ATTENCH karna hi padega
Gflix Hace 21 un día
People named Rahul are the best comedians in our country
viraj parmar
viraj parmar Hace 21 un día
That furzaaaa 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
dmaniax D
dmaniax D Hace 21 un día
Now i can say why western make fun of indian accent
dmaniax D
dmaniax D Hace 21 un día
What is that no or know thing at the end of evey sentence ? Its sound very annoying
Saurabh Patil
Saurabh Patil Hace 22 días
The guy who took a photo is a such a shit. Worst for an audience
Gyaan Study
Gyaan Study Hace 22 días
Chitra saying: MONEYYYYYYY was so exhausted by LIIT😂😂
Gyaan Study
Gyaan Study Hace 22 días
Why I feel like watching a stand up is good but going through the comments is even more funnier where jokes are jokingly made on the jokes used in comedy🤔😂😂
MANI RICH Hace 22 días
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Chitra: I Make Decisions for Companies,Which do not Care About My Decisions.😁😁
Sonu Christopher K
Sonu Christopher K Hace 22 días
Rahul looking cute as Everr 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Abhilash Thakare
Abhilash Thakare Hace 22 días
audiance is way more interesting than the host lmao
Udi Hace 23 días
Came after watching your video in JABY KOAYS CHANNEL.... 👍👍👍👍 LOVING YOUR CONTENT
Abhishek Solanki
Abhishek Solanki Hace 23 días
You're naturally funny and one of my favorite now.
Violet Anand
Violet Anand Hace 23 días
That "yaaa" omg......
Jai ShriRam
Jai ShriRam Hace 23 días
I wish I had one-tenth the positivity of Chitra 😔😔😔
chandelrohit1981 Hace 24 días
Scripted show !!!!
parthiv slal
parthiv slal Hace 24 días
I am addicted to this guy
Swavna Heisenberg
Swavna Heisenberg Hace 24 días
Still wondering if the girl was drunk or not....🤔😂
Kshitij Hace 24 días
The uncle in the background at 11:37 seems to be having the most fun in the entire crowd.
Chetan R
Chetan R Hace 25 días
Subham Agarwal
Subham Agarwal Hace 25 días
Osooooom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
prithvi raghav
prithvi raghav Hace 25 días
Sorry I don’t see any comedy here . Looks like a normal interaction.
Mukund Bihari Kaushal
Mukund Bihari Kaushal Hace 26 días
This guy has a separate fan base
schufanatic Hace 26 días
watched this video 4 times for chitra 😍
Jasdeep Singh
Jasdeep Singh Hace 26 días
That guy in the first row is offended hard
BV Nikhil
BV Nikhil Hace 26 días
Kentucky Fried Pens?
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