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makaan1932 Hace 2 días
over 4" heels and at this point she's more heels than human
Lily C St John
Lily C St John Hace 2 días
4:03 Tinder 99
Braden Vester
Braden Vester Hace 3 días
9:55 actually amazing
RoadkillWaffle Hace 4 días
Ah yes bris- *tol* my favourite city
triiple-chips Hace 4 días
1:41 ain't that the face of an SCP
Bad Animator
Bad Animator Hace 4 días
7:12 damien, DAMIEN, *DAMIEN*
oilimE Noruega
oilimE Noruega Hace 5 días
0:09 She can even hold the fabric of reality. I'd say she's a keeper
felixx Hace 6 días
(11:48) wait wait wait wait wait. wouldnt it be 18in not 16?? since 5' is 60in and 6'6 is 78in???? unless i read it wrong?????
Sir62 Hace 6 días
Well 1. B99 reference at 4:10 but ALSO he said “number 5” in chills voice? I frikkin died
Liam Cornell
Liam Cornell Hace 7 días
*Chills voice* now number five. I spat out my drink
Jason Bourne The CIA Agent
Jason Bourne The CIA Agent Hace 7 días
More chills!
skyblaze23 Hace 7 días
6:39 I sense a lot of salt
Isaac Radeka
Isaac Radeka Hace 8 días
oh dont be sorry (0:44)
Dendran Gardner
Dendran Gardner Hace 8 días
0:32 >has horrible jackscepticeye flashbacks No! Not the clap!
Pronator Tendon
Pronator Tendon Hace 8 días
Um. No. 5'0 to 6'6 is 18 inches
J a z
J a z Hace 8 días
4:02 NINE NINE!!!!!
Delta Kingpin
Delta Kingpin Hace 9 días
I would sex the John
LoganDark Hace 9 días
4:10 now number five
jollygreenjeff Hace 9 días
Hippity hoppity you’re legally my property
aSoup Hace 9 días
Fyrestone Hace 10 días
I love the random Chills impersonation nearly every video lmao
OmniscientWarrior Hace 11 días
That last guy failed. It is 18 inches between 5 foot flat and 6 feet 6 inches, not 16.
Frédéric Chopin
Frédéric Chopin Hace 11 días
I matched with Josh. Can confirm his claim.
Jonathan Robertson
Jonathan Robertson Hace 11 días
11:50 it's 18 inches, not 16 lol
Sean Hamel
Sean Hamel Hace 12 días
11:57 it's 18 inches :P
Amfibrachy Hace 15 días
Can someone tell me what meme face on 7:09 is called?
the real oh yeah yeah
the real oh yeah yeah Hace 15 días
John looks alittle... alittle... [REDACTED]
Dorian Hge
Dorian Hge Hace 15 días
Hurricane vibe check
Camden Hace 16 días
minecraft n chill
Chronicw0k3nspamsL2ツ Hace 17 días
1:40 what my sleep paralysis demon doing on tinder
Rainbow Rose
Rainbow Rose Hace 17 días
I feel like Michelle and Josh are already dating, and they use their profiles to flirt with each other in a cute couple-y sort of 'Oops sorry I missed you' sort of way...if so that's adorable fucking gold!
Onfroi Hace 17 días
is tinder gold really $15 a month? holy shit what the fuck
Khoi Tran
Khoi Tran Hace 18 días
Tresha LeFoxy
Tresha LeFoxy Hace 19 días
5:11 Even funnier since my friend with coheclier (just forgive my spelling sin father) implants, name, is Alex.
Austin The gamer
Austin The gamer Hace 19 días
She forgot to account for the dollar bills compressing under her weight
Makayla's Dollhouse
Makayla's Dollhouse Hace 20 días
speed weed bike sandwich
speed weed bike sandwich Hace 20 días
Everyone on tinder must pass the Damien test.
[SCP] Gr33nL1ghtn1ng6
[SCP] Gr33nL1ghtn1ng6 Hace 21 un día
1:50 That's SCP-3199, I'm a huge SCP fan
Pete Baumgartner
Pete Baumgartner Hace 21 un día
So those people that were messaging for years.... GMA (good morning America) had them meet up and the chick rejected him. Then again the dude did give off the creeper vibe of saying how she should meet his parents 😂😂😂
phooogle Hace 21 un día
How come earlier EmKay is an English sounding chap, maybe an Aussie, and now it's an American?
Lingx Cats
Lingx Cats Hace 21 un día
Why is the giraffe pickup line something that would low-key work on me?
cmagee14 Hace 22 días
Ooo and a bonus r/oopsdidntmeanto 😂😂😂
Heavy Impact Gaming
Heavy Impact Gaming Hace 22 días
Your chills impression bro🤣🤣🤣🤣 I almost shit myself😆😆😆
Xaracen Hace 23 días
2:57 Briss toll? scuse me
Mini Roi
Mini Roi Hace 23 días
My relationship boundaries -Cuddles -Cool - - - -
GlitchBox Animations _Prophet_
GlitchBox Animations _Prophet_ Hace 23 días
Jayden Lugo
Jayden Lugo Hace 23 días
login scooter
login scooter Hace 24 días
Just realized that mkay uses the mr king dice music
dat boi
dat boi Hace 24 días
the number 5 killed me, i did not expect that
Furry Control
Furry Control Hace 24 días
i want to use tinder seriously but i am also worried
GrimmWF Gaming
GrimmWF Gaming Hace 24 días
but the truth is it wasnt the last hello. because. next. came. hello- rise of the hello
Jay buff
Jay buff Hace 24 días
Jesus man u blew up quick. Feels like a few weeks ago when I subscribed u were at like 500k now look at you doin the thing mister 1mill. Love your uploads bro but was always curious as to who the Australian guy is who is also emkay.
Slatt Attack
Slatt Attack Hace 24 días
Just found this channel yesterday and ive been watching so many videos i cant remember wich ( sorry if i don't know grammer) ones I've already seen😆
Dacota Poe
Dacota Poe Hace 24 días
Anyone else realize that the last person did their math wrong? Because they multiplied the thickness of the bill by 16 inches but in fact they would have to multiply it by 18 inches to go from 5' 0" to 6' 6"
Suggindese Nuts
Suggindese Nuts Hace 24 días
9:14 why is she on Tinder when she already has a boyfriend
Hunter Steidle
Hunter Steidle Hace 24 días
I am playing Minecraft right as I was watching this 😂
Daniel Jun
Daniel Jun Hace 24 días
1:03 This actually killed, oh my stomach it hurts
Varak7 Hace 24 días
My name is Grayson but A instead of E
Ventus Vindictus
Ventus Vindictus Hace 25 días
It really bugs me that the last guy there seems to think there are 10 inches in a foot. This is why I am alone, isn't it?
Blaze the Fox
Blaze the Fox Hace 25 días
hmm im having SCP vibes from that chap about a minute 40 in.
GalacticDestroyer25 Hace 24 días
Lovely Cookie
Lovely Cookie Hace 25 días
10:30 what if I put my Minecraft chest next to yours to make a double chest
Rachel Von Lee
Rachel Von Lee Hace 25 días
I died at "now number five" in chills voice😆😆😆😆
Sphinx Hace 25 días
2:50 Had me dead LOl Boom boom let me hear you say My nan died last night Wee hoo LOL
Caleb Anthony
Caleb Anthony Hace 25 días
Don’t lose faith bruh... Tinder works. Met my fiancé on it. We have a kid and are pretty happy 😁
Vitor Almenara
Vitor Almenara Hace 25 días
LordDoom10 Hace 25 días
1:40 Someone call the Foundation. Dr. Bright put the SCPs on tinder again.
Parapraxised Hace 25 días
Does it not bother anyone else that the calculations were wrong in the last post about money, that the amount to be 6” 4’ not 6” 6”
James Williams
James Williams Hace 25 días
So we’re not gonna talk about dude saying 6’6 is only 16 inches more than 5’0... Who taught you math 🤦🏻‍♂️
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous Hace 25 días
9:27 is that a Jojo reference!?
DerpsTheKitten Hace 25 días
"I'm on there to disappoint humans, not robots."
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