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Caine Hace 12 horas
Did I hear chills when you said number 5?
___Axg96 ___
___Axg96 ___ Hace un día
Me: **watching people mess up their matches on dating apps** Also me: You guys get matches?
Leevi Maunula
Leevi Maunula Hace un día
4:05 thats a scene from brooklyn99.
nadja adia
nadja adia Hace 2 días
Would definitely choose jack the cat person NO cAp
Messorems_Joker Hace 6 días
Geek Overlord
Geek Overlord Hace 6 días
Did it bother anyone else that the last one's math was wrong? (They calculated for 16 inches of growth which would put the person at 6'4", not 6'6")
Silly Purple Girl
Silly Purple Girl Hace 7 días
love the Brooklyn Nine nine scene in there lmao
gurklethegreat :-D
gurklethegreat :-D Hace 8 días
4:27 for anyone that doesn't get it, it's from an amazing show called Brooklyn 99
Nathaniel Cutajar
Nathaniel Cutajar Hace 9 días
Update: That couple who talked to each other after huge gaps, ended up dating after 3 years and are actually happy together :D
Kero Hace 6 días
Oh shit really? How'd you find out?
Javier Diaz
Javier Diaz Hace 11 días
The one at 6:51 is a friends refference lol
Master Tyler
Master Tyler Hace 13 días
I'd post some quirky texts on here but my like/message ratio is 0.00%
BT -7274
BT -7274 Hace 16 días
4:06 The transition in voice was perfect!
Cherry Sage
Cherry Sage Hace 20 días
9:38 my… my name is lauren…
CN 20
CN 20 Hace un mes
3:25 the dinners or the people?
Jon Cobb
Jon Cobb Hace un mes
what makes the last one even funnier is that 5' to 6'6" is 18 inches, not 16
Yazmin Sings
Yazmin Sings Hace un mes
Phoebe Sulistio
Phoebe Sulistio Hace un mes
More soop please
Osian Evans
Osian Evans Hace un mes
Heeeey, it’s Matthew and son
SaberSword Hace un mes
2:22 I wonder if he replied yet
Michael B.
Michael B. Hace un mes
10:56 me: alright through the secret fire place entrance in my modern minecraft house and go 60 blocks below the surface into my very secure bunker that you need to A: know the lever code and B: have a level 6 keycard to enter and live in there for a while (also there are shops mini games and a WORKING 9X12 PRINTER)
MintyUlti Hace un mes
0:37 LMAO
JadeYTG Hace un mes
10:23 but Romeo and Juliet was a tragic tale not a love story.
Siar Enra
Siar Enra Hace un mes
Lil uzi way bigger then 6'6
xAssassin13 Hace un mes
“Now number five” that shi had me dead
Bobby O’Haver
Bobby O’Haver Hace un mes
That number 5 was such a good impression 😂😂😂
Tommy Martin
Tommy Martin Hace un mes
Are we not gonna discuss the holy grail that is 9:59 I thought that was the cutest thing ever. Don't @ me if it's fake cause Idk that
The One Dumb Diggity Dawg
The One Dumb Diggity Dawg Hace un mes
10:56 No i am... Add me on PS4 DaMemeLordParker
Just a regular meme account
Just a regular meme account Hace un mes
Are you the coronavirus because you've been infecting my thoughts
Shalewa Moren
Shalewa Moren Hace un mes
Are you coronavirus bc I don't want to be out in public with you
Supermoist _grandma
Supermoist _grandma Hace un mes
My 2 favourite pickup lines are #1. I put the STD in stud, all i need is U And #2 wana get maccas drive-thru and go do butt stuff behind the dumpster bin
Supermoist _grandma
Supermoist _grandma Hace un mes
I'm addicted to damiens laugh, he sounds like Ron Funches if he was white and from boston
lacey leisure
lacey leisure Hace un mes
My name's also Lacey XD
captain blaze
captain blaze Hace un mes
I was watching tv n as soon as he said ka ching someone made a basket
Deku_Chan! Hace un mes
R u a redstone block, because you make my piston extend
JayJay Llamacorns
JayJay Llamacorns Hace 2 meses
luvlyxfreak Hace 2 meses
I want one of God with the bio: "People's lives aren't the only thing I'm good at skrewing"
Sinister Yeah Just Simply Sinister
Sinister Yeah Just Simply Sinister Hace 2 meses
Didn’t get the Brooklyn 99 reference I see
Jins Worldwide beautiful laugh
Jins Worldwide beautiful laugh Hace 2 meses
Has anyone noticed the potato guy in multiple tinder vids?-
Al3xand3rDAGR86 Maximusboii123
Al3xand3rDAGR86 Maximusboii123 Hace 2 meses
12:13 you would need two more inches to make 5’ into 6’6 5’ + 16 in 16 in = 1’4
Al3xand3rDAGR86 Maximusboii123
Al3xand3rDAGR86 Maximusboii123 Hace 2 meses
He did the first part wrong but hen the second part right
Al3xand3rDAGR86 Maximusboii123
Al3xand3rDAGR86 Maximusboii123 Hace 2 meses
11:50 also
can i hear a wahoo
can i hear a wahoo Hace 2 meses
damn the brooklyn 99 reference got me
Vinweh Hace 2 meses
7:24 thefunny thing with the hellos is that the names are relatif(english mit first languese) to star wars
Unable Shine
Unable Shine Hace 2 meses
SCP-2399 released many dopamine chemicals into my cerebral cortex where it then sent a fast and quick electric charge down my neck to my mouth and vocal cord where I then let out a "heh" from my vocal cord after relaxing my jaw.
Amir Esmaeli
Amir Esmaeli Hace 2 meses
“Are you a earthquake? Cuz i’m falling for you” Would be another god natural disaster pickup line
Pixel Pudding
Pixel Pudding Hace 2 meses
1:52 Goddess of gacha
Tofu Hace 2 meses
I have a question, would it be assault if you try to give someone a paper cut.
Hex Trasher
Hex Trasher Hace 2 meses
Oh Bella .. niceeee
Noemi C.
Noemi C. Hace 2 meses
I'm living for this guy's laugh 😂😂
NLvideomaster Hace 2 meses
Bella's from Alabama man, it's normal there. If you don't already have something going with the family pig.
K0-G Hace 2 meses
I have broken the code! eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-0ZVM_O3u4c4.html -She is the one who wanted to be the wife in the relation ship, and they adopted two kids
Slixic Hace 2 meses
Evelyn Britt
Evelyn Britt Hace 2 meses
I didn't think anything of the last one until I actually paid attention if you go from five foot two six foot six that wouldn't be 16 inches that would be 6 foot 4. it would be 18 inches. MY HEAD HURTS ( and yes I'm streesing about someone doing math incorrectly I'm that person)
FrostDragon57 Hace 2 meses
I literally can't.. I'm halfway through the vid by now. At work. And I'm trying so hard not to laugh, cuz my boss is doing rounds
Jérémy Hace 2 meses
11:50 ye ye 16 inch from 5' to 6'6 ye ye 12"+6"= 16" ye ye
BloodyBunny Hace 2 meses
At 12:08 the guy did the math wrong. He did 16 inches but from 5 foot to 6'6 it's 18 inches
Aaliyah Valentino
Aaliyah Valentino Hace 3 meses
8:44 r/nicegirls lol
Noosherz Hace 3 meses
11:49 mans did all that math but got the number of inches wrong- it should be 18 inches, not 16
Dr Mystery
Dr Mystery Hace 3 meses
Dorian came to us to Gone from bahamas broke up To scotland
Jaxei Hace 3 meses
Bella did say she was from Charleston... assuming she’s from the states, could be South Carolina ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 9:32
Dorian Duda
Dorian Duda Hace 3 meses
Kaira Hace 3 meses
I was listening on the train and I almost spat out my dr pepper when the "Now number Fiiivee" came in
Dragon Reaper
Dragon Reaper Hace 3 meses
Person didn't do the star wars movies numbers wrong Also I'm not going to give the Time to give you some hell m8😈😈
Killer Kirby
Killer Kirby Hace 3 meses
9:52 that's actually possible is it true probly nit but yeah mother of two and virgin they could have adopted or artificial insimenated lesbian and loves husband lesbian refer to pyschal attraction nit mental
Kenady and Kelista
Kenady and Kelista Hace 3 meses
I seriously can’t get over you’re laugh 😂
Thedudeamongmen Gs
Thedudeamongmen Gs Hace 3 meses
You actually need 9,418.5 dollars or more to go from 5' to 6'6". That's 18 inches not 16
Swing Swoosh
Swing Swoosh Hace 3 meses
Isabella pick one god dam it you love your lesbian husband ...wait
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid Hace 3 meses
4:13 that moment you realise it’s brooklyn 99
A Deer
A Deer Hace 3 meses
4:23 brooklyn nine nine season 7 bro just b99 season 7
Durp Hace 3 meses
The last calculation was wrong, he said it was 16 inches to get from 5'0 to 6'6 which is really 18 inches
Tae hyung Kim
Tae hyung Kim Hace 3 meses
Hey i didn't told you you could use my life story in your title . For ever loney ....
A Filthy Weaboo
A Filthy Weaboo Hace 3 meses
4:03 is from Brooklyn nine during the line up scene
Alex McLeod
Alex McLeod Hace 3 meses
It slightly bothers me that Hello 6 wasn't Return of the Hello
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