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Maureen Bosetti
Maureen Bosetti Hace un hora
Xela nice demon name
Gaige Gamer
Gaige Gamer Hace 3 horas
Its mooshroom from mincraft
Amelie Warneck
Amelie Warneck Hace 5 horas
*My demon name* eilema..... ok sounds demonic...........
Amelie Warneck
Amelie Warneck Hace 5 horas
my bff's nnyletak
Tom Hannagen
Tom Hannagen Hace 6 horas
2:41 original video eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-MDvWh37c3cE.html yes i've watched it ok?
Dennis Berry
Dennis Berry Hace 14 horas
My demon name: Eelyah
Ethan Snively
Ethan Snively Hace 18 horas
I kid you not i actually got the handerpants at target
Sneezy wheezy
Sneezy wheezy Hace 20 horas
Stand name: *[Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap]* Localized name: 9:21
a human
a human Hace 22 horas
I thought goofy was a cow?
Pow You are dead
Pow You are dead Hace 23 horas
4:23 is the flood from halo
stemla lol
stemla lol Hace un día
13:34 is no one acknowledge the fact that he said "You scary son of a bitch."
Gemma Cattrall
Gemma Cattrall Hace un día
Lol I'm happy undertale is in here xD
Cerberus Hace un día
Emkay, the Maui picture was a combo of him and Aquaman.
goatboss Hace un día
Goofy is a cow
Dean De Bruin
Dean De Bruin Hace un día
di di di di d *OHMYGOD*
Sagan Adams
Sagan Adams Hace un día
The anime tp is definitely from a weabou if I'm spelling that right
Evan Bailey
Evan Bailey Hace un día
Me: before vid😀 Me seeing sanana:😭☹️😵🙀
CuberCat Hace 2 días
finally and undertale reddit video
Cole Harrison
Cole Harrison Hace 2 días
Gabriella Morris
Gabriella Morris Hace 3 días
i havent gotten past the intro i keep re-playing it
Pixel Intellect
Pixel Intellect Hace 3 días
I hope he knows there is prob like some 5 year olds crying with the momo photo
neely ferguson
neely ferguson Hace 3 días
RTX Sans looks freaking awesome.
Jamie Leb
Jamie Leb Hace 3 días
Emkay: cool, a mushroom cow Minecraft players: triggered
cancelled Hace 3 días
The goofy domina thing is false Goofy is a cow
you wont know
you wont know Hace 3 días
Thunderous's tail looks like an@l beads
SCP-096 Hace 3 días
di di did di di- *OH MY GOD*
Youmu Konpaku
Youmu Konpaku Hace 3 días
13:35 Is this from Neytirix? The art kinda reminded me of him/her
Sakura Hace 4 días
13:03 I'm actually going to try that 😐
master L boy
master L boy Hace 4 días
Robin is the b e s t
AlexHawkeye 1
AlexHawkeye 1 Hace 4 días
Turtle shells also bleed
Hxarûka Hace 4 días
"Is that a new ben and jerrys flavour" Me: *eating ben and jerrys* huh
Blue Shy Guy Productions
Blue Shy Guy Productions Hace 4 días
I'm Sana. Sana the K-Pop skensation.
Doge Loaf
Doge Loaf Hace 5 días
3:11 I just pinned this timestamp for myself because I come back everday to this video just for the skenana joke.
Alexander Remmers
Alexander Remmers Hace 5 días
sadly i know the couple who 'identify as black.' they're german and i'm too, they went on tv some times
Lemon Cupcakes
Lemon Cupcakes Hace 5 días
13:36 OHMYGOD! I audibly gasped! Neytirix! Any other Neytirix fans here? It would be so awesome if Emkay could react to more of their artwork. It's amazing!
XxTheOddEggxX Hace 5 días
5:09 It's a crapechino
Rock Star
Rock Star Hace 5 días
Pregnant Vegeta Why
ok please
ok please Hace 5 días
My name: sabeer This is to much yM emane :reebas
Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel
Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel Hace 5 días
Oh yeah
CoolBeanz 411
CoolBeanz 411 Hace 5 días
Person: Write ur name in reverse! It’s ur demon name Me: Mkayz *~writes name backwards~* Paper:Alleb Me:OH SHOIT
HazmatHarry Hace 6 días
Robin: calls mooshroom mushroom cow r/TIHI
Some Cookie Run Fan
Some Cookie Run Fan Hace 6 días
4:48 Alabamian Muk
Sans Da skeleton yayaya
Sans Da skeleton yayaya Hace 6 días
*_ive morphed into a banana_*
Mr. Miacis
Mr. Miacis Hace 6 días
*hehe *i turned myself into a banana papyrus, i'm sanana!
Jennifer Alberto
Jennifer Alberto Hace 6 días
4:33 if a cat eat this is it cannivalism
zoe si
zoe si Hace 6 días
*s a n a n a* *p a n a n a* *u n d a n a* *a l p h d a n a* *t o r i a n a* *a s a n a* *a s g a n a* *f l o w a n a* *m u f f a n a* *m e t t d a n a* Over here still loving undertale
Steven Wood
Steven Wood Hace 6 días
EJ pug
EJ pug Hace 6 días
I hate that I'm saying this but the pants at 9:15 were "soiled"
Sara Mitch'elle Sylvester
Sara Mitch'elle Sylvester Hace 6 días
I'm sanana . Sanana the skenana 😂😂
S B E V E Hace 7 días
So to explain the Simpson spike thing Marge was originally supposed to be a rabbit but they Decided to just cover up her ears with a big wig
Suraya Bush
Suraya Bush Hace 7 días
Jems the American
Jems the American Hace 7 días
7:02 No little Susie you're being sacrificed to Posiden...
Jems the American
Jems the American Hace 7 días
3:00 Girls when the light flickers
Åññå Lŷññ øk?
Åññå Lŷññ øk? Hace 7 días
7:22 *its mold.*
Lester Crest
Lester Crest Hace 7 días
ThatOneDoge Hace 7 días
4:46 So my demon name is Nomad? That's a pretty lame demon name tbh.
Unknownturtle Hace 8 días
4:22 the thing that took out the dinosaurs
xXyesntXx Hace 8 días
d-d-d-d-dOH MY GOD
Objectasticical! Hace 8 días
4:45 my name in reverse is "ahsatan" so i think that checks out
Alexander Shleymovich
Alexander Shleymovich Hace 8 días
Rest in peace, Pamela. May the Renpire be with you.
Freshly Baked Sadness
Freshly Baked Sadness Hace 8 días
The momo one made me remember when momo got brought up in class while we were talking about internet safety and someone asked where it came from and Mrs. B (the teacher) said it came from Japan. The kid said, and I'm not paraphrasing at all, "Why would Japan do that?" And then she had to explain that it wasn't something the Japanese government did because this kid actually thought it was like an act of war or something lmao
Shade Slayer
Shade Slayer Hace 8 días
Hey sooo Uhm guys, goofy is supposed to be a cow! 😬😬 hes not a dog he is not a dog!!!
ARK Sonic
ARK Sonic Hace 8 días
Therapist: Sanana isn't real he can't hurt you Sanana: I'm Sanana the skenana
Cursed Hace 8 días
"Banana sans doesn't exist, he cant hurt you." Banana Sans: hey im sanana, sanana the skenana.
Eleanna Velasquez
Eleanna Velasquez Hace 8 días
Where are mushroom cow what is a Moosh room for Minecraft
Zoey Cosplay
Zoey Cosplay Hace 8 días
8:02) I'm always pointing at your shoulder! Me: *Puts screen up* HA!
Niklas Steger
Niklas Steger Hace 8 días
1:23 “crying from happiness“ what a time to be alivr
Charles Gentry
Charles Gentry Hace 8 días
Goofy is actually a cow not a dog
wow q
wow q Hace 8 días
sans sans
sans sans Hace 8 días
I dare you to play piggy PEPPA IS NAMED PENNY
sans sans
sans sans Hace 8 días
BTW its on roblox
Ada S
Ada S Hace 9 días
4:45 People with their name the same forward and backward: (´ . .̫ . `)
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