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Space Cat
Space Cat Hace 2 horas
You wash cats with warm wet towles or with water becuse Some cats like water but most dont so warm wet towels
Ewald Schmitter
Ewald Schmitter Hace 3 horas
3:58 Emkay:AWW MAN Me: CREEPER
HATZ Rulez
HATZ Rulez Hace 8 horas
So, we all gonna ignore 2:22 ? The forbidden *S Word!*
WowStopV Hace 14 horas
Creeper. 3:58
LAG Spike
LAG Spike Hace 19 horas
Dumb Londoners can’t go down escalators properly
Fucking Loser
Fucking Loser Hace un día
The chick fil a post was a joke lol
Pyitkos_ Hace un día
6:53 i dont really know why but that face reminds me of shaco from LoL
Crqcked Hace un día
Geese have balls of steel but no strength to back it up Swans however Oh Jesus They are everything terrifying about geese but instead of being useless they can actually fight back
Rhonnie Sikat
Rhonnie Sikat Hace 2 días
There was an attempt to make Damien laugh in every video.
Ultramarines Captain
Ultramarines Captain Hace 2 días
Okay so at 4:29 there was an add after he said washing your cat. And the ad was for PERIOD MEDICATION. Also you rock dude.
Anthony Dembitsky
Anthony Dembitsky Hace 2 días
Geese are NOT to be messed with.
Catsofawsomeness Hace 2 días
5:11 this is why we call Canadian Geese "Devil's Ducks"
Hardcorehenry 2018
Hardcorehenry 2018 Hace 2 días
The story about the rabbit is from dickie Roberts a former child star movie where the dog named Popeye digs up the neighbors dead rabbit peter
Nothing to See Here
Nothing to See Here Hace 2 días
I'm mr.king dice
Owen Roberts
Owen Roberts Hace 3 días
Hey dud friend me
littlest adventures
littlest adventures Hace 4 días
Logan Deeter
Logan Deeter Hace 5 días
3:57 creeper
Cody Reece
Cody Reece Hace 5 días
The more I watch these videos the more I think this fella don't like Republicans much
Saif Farooq
Saif Farooq Hace 5 días
Tamil Nadu was butchered horribly
Moot[]Moot Hace 5 días
I love the vids but i'm sorry - 599 dislikes, I had to make it 600 or I would die of OCD :)
soggy BANANA
soggy BANANA Hace 6 días
10:14 i cant breath
Kyra Barnes
Kyra Barnes Hace 6 días
The frog was an albino translucent pac man frog, the same ones that where being fed and yeeted themselves (although I think the one that jumped was a green Brazilian horned)
Kyra Barnes
Kyra Barnes Hace 4 días
@Nymphia lol, no problem! Pac man frogs are super cool and the translucent just makes them cooler lol
Nymphia Hace 4 días
yo thank you, that thing had me trippin
Angel Vill
Angel Vill Hace 6 días
7:03 "Weiners"? Did you mean: Weileaves?!
Loi G Danny
Loi G Danny Hace 6 días
Creeper? 3:57
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat Hace 7 días
At 4:14 that reminds me of school
Zuko Stryder
Zuko Stryder Hace 7 días
So I worked at Subway for about a year and a half in these idiots come and they want pickles so I put pickles on the sandwich right and they’re watching me make them right so when I go to close the sandwiches and fold it up and stuff like that they were like no I want to refund my sandwich it has too many pickles and I was like the fuck dude
XxAverageJoexX Hace 7 días
How did he not comment on that guy who shot the bottle cap off.. that was impressive.
killer quuen
killer quuen Hace 7 días
What is that frog tho
Internal Gameing
Internal Gameing Hace 7 días
That goose has conquers haki
Danə Dəmønt Jr
Danə Dəmønt Jr Hace 7 días
there was an attempt to censor a bad word 2:21
Introvert Hace 7 días
It always seems like the video you’re watching always buffers when something crazy is about to happen smh
MistaBassBooster's Kammeraad
MistaBassBooster's Kammeraad Hace 8 días
Holy shit she took a 12 pack to the face
Kaya Grace
Kaya Grace Hace 8 días
4:50 not 9.02 but more of a Hawaii five o Danny type thing much ok so don’t criticize the best show in history (only Hawaii five o fans understand)
happynuggets459 ___
happynuggets459 ___ Hace 8 días
Is it just me, or is it really nice to click on a video with nothing to do with Cuphead, and then I get to hear King Dice’s theme right at the beginning
That one about the rabbits I think it was Bill Engvall or Jeff Foxworthy that also said it in their comedy.
wargamesmaster Hace 8 días
7:57 The black guy always dive first in ESwomen videos
Troy i think flareon won
Troy i think flareon won Hace 9 días
That's a baby frog
Yousef Krewi
Yousef Krewi Hace 9 días
the minecraft one is a cursed images of minecraft
The Yellow Blade of Mordor
The Yellow Blade of Mordor Hace 9 días
Sorry for seeing you naked 😐
Marshallemmet Hace 9 días
The thumbnail looks like the cover of an Aphex Twin album.
Road to 100 subs with no videos
Road to 100 subs with no videos Hace 9 días
8:54 happened to me and my brother.... you dont know how fast i typed in /keepInventory true... my hand still hurts
Devin Miller
Devin Miller Hace 10 días
4:51 the dude shot the cap off how the...
Vaeza Hace 10 días
Yo, you should play minecraft wit sum of us
Galaxy Hunter
Galaxy Hunter Hace 10 días
10:15 Yeet
Asena Albayrak
Asena Albayrak Hace 11 días
I spilt some of my milk from my cereal onto the woman’s eye in the thumbnail and it looked like she was crying
Chris Probst
Chris Probst Hace 11 días
5:10 that's a Canada goose, fills me with completely un-earned civic pride to see that goose face down a dozen bovine bullies 🇨🇦
Metric Healer
Metric Healer Hace 11 días
7:35 it’s a glass frog
Saad Iftikhar
Saad Iftikhar Hace 11 días
"aPecks Predator"
Me. Yes.
Me. Yes. Hace 11 días
Always remove lava!
KungFu74 Hace 11 días
When you don't realise that the audio was unsynchronized until 4:12
Henry Williams
Henry Williams Hace 11 días
7:21 that thing looks like a licker from resident evil
ikkyblob Hace 11 días
4:52 Someone set off a firecracker near my house at the same moment that gun fired.
Timelqpse Hace 12 días
6:53 high elves
Nerdgirl 9820
Nerdgirl 9820 Hace 12 días
Goats are so stiff when they fall
Gorgeous Freeman
Gorgeous Freeman Hace 12 días
He tried to jump into mulch
C00k13 Hace 12 días
Apertustist Hace 12 días
There was an attempt to sync the audio on this video
UltimateDarkrai Hace 12 días
Jesse Mills
Jesse Mills Hace 13 días
8:50 it has to do with the orientation of the end portal frames. That clip in specific was most likely staged as portals don’t spawn in that way.(unless there is a glitch I dont know about.
Blueb3rrybotbot Hace 13 días
audio bad
Isaiah F-D
Isaiah F-D Hace 13 días
10:51 you also have to tell them what to put on it like how do you not get what you wanted
yuval buda
yuval buda Hace 13 días
Creeper 3:58
Black_Cat2978 Hace 13 días
Upload minecraft
consumer of bepsi
consumer of bepsi Hace 13 días
7:26 that be a glass frog m'boy
Unknown user
Unknown user Hace 14 días
Is the audio out of sync for anyone else
Noman 12
Noman 12 Hace 14 días
4:58 chick fil a is really religious and they will kick out people for being gay
Jessica Kauffman
Jessica Kauffman Hace 14 días
Perturbed pink pacman frog.
The cabbage samurai 123
The cabbage samurai 123 Hace 14 días
1:11 nearly 15 times he used this 😐
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera Hace 14 días
8:47 r/softwaregore
TheOne MothBoi
TheOne MothBoi Hace 14 días
7:33 What frog species is that?? I honestly wanna know.
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