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Taika Tohveli rewamped
Taika Tohveli rewamped Hace 4 horas
It may have been a back up plan but I'm still impressed that he sjot off the cap.
Thegamerguy Hace 7 horas
6:34 I literally staggered back
Alastor [Radio Demon]
Alastor [Radio Demon] Hace 16 horas
There was an attempt to stop making my friend stop eating the class pet while moaning
Specs the OC-less
Specs the OC-less Hace un día
7:09 I think its a frog that is essentially a fetus, or its a weird type of frog with see through scales
TwTケーキ Hace un día
5:06 I heard that they donated to anti lgbtq+ groups but idk if it's true or not
Cool Dog
Cool Dog Hace 2 días
7:14 dirty deeds done dirt cheep
mop themop
mop themop Hace 3 días
Its a ghost frog .its skin is transparint.
Tristian Playz
Tristian Playz Hace 5 días
The Disappearing Act 7:13
Nothing Hace 5 días
Goose: Peace was never an option
Michael Conner
Michael Conner Hace 6 días
5:08 chick-fil-a is supposedly homophobic
ThatOneOddLookingDog ThatBarksAtYou
ThatOneOddLookingDog ThatBarksAtYou Hace 6 días
7:15 Bull: I’m done takinG YOUR MYSHIT
My Speedpaints
My Speedpaints Hace 6 días
7:03 so you know that meme of the creepy clay Kirby
FedoraPlaysFTW Hace 7 días
6:30 my fbi agent when I look at nsfw pics
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Hace 7 días
7:26 its just a high elf from oblivion.
RedLemonCola Hace 8 días
Jacob Anonymous
Jacob Anonymous Hace 8 días
7:00 that's a breed of a frog popularly used for disection
Edward Hace 9 días
Is it just me or is the audio like... 1 second behind the video?
Agelis Hace 9 días
rofl, I can't stop laughing at the Rabbit one
Carebear gaminG
Carebear gaminG Hace 10 días
I play minecraft 2
Spill the beans sis
Spill the beans sis Hace 10 días
6:17 *user has been disconnected*
Royal Hace 10 días
If you've dealt with Canadian geese, you wouldn't mess with it either
Mr Omega
Mr Omega Hace 11 días
“There was an attempt to blackmail.” Me: there was success in being the most annoying human alive.
Mario Mario
Mario Mario Hace 7 días
There was an attempt of an attempt of an attempt of an attempt
Isabella Duell
Isabella Duell Hace 12 días
Geese are fricking scary! I was at a lake with my grandmother and went to feed the ducks and aciddentally got way to close to a goose and it flapped in my face and honked at me till ran away on the verge of tears.
Austin Riemer
Austin Riemer Hace 12 días
I’m no frog expert but I think it is a young frog
BOB BOB Hace 13 días
At 6:57 that frog has no skin
Totally a Human
Totally a Human Hace 14 días
4:30 Let me Out, Let me Out, This is not a Dance, I am begging for help, I am screaming for help, Please come let me out TINY RIIIIIIIIIICK
King Chesher
King Chesher Hace 16 días
was that a glass frog?
Bumper Bonnie
Bumper Bonnie Hace 17 días
The Kik one reminds me of Kurt Eichenwald. “LET ME ANSWER THE QUESTION.”
HappyWolf OfDeath
HappyWolf OfDeath Hace 18 días
For the skinned frog thing... Scientists made a frog that its skin is completely clear for the main purpose of schools not having to kill frogs so kids can examine it.
YayDude123 Hace 19 días
Bruh the chick in the thumbnail literally be looking like an elf from Oblivion
diesel boi
diesel boi Hace 20 días
"what kind of frog is that, that's gnarly!" *a baby one*
Toxi Life
Toxi Life Hace 20 días
The thumbnail was Hisoka in HxH.
Spring Wolfie
Spring Wolfie Hace 21 un día
Also, that’s a glass frog 🙃
Spring Wolfie
Spring Wolfie Hace 21 un día
EmKay:This goose is scaring what, 13,15 cows? Me:it’s a duck...
Spring Wolfie
Spring Wolfie Hace 10 días
Also me:I’m an idiot (I was saying that it’s a duck, because I’m stupid! I thought that at the time, then my brother pointed out that it’s a goose...while I was watching the video...It was funny, so I commented it...thanks for explaining the type tho!)
antichristian74 Hace 18 días
It's a Canada goose, they are aggressive. By aggressive i mean they attack, bite, and hiss a lot.
Someone good
Someone good Hace 21 un día
7:38 Scott Sterling when he was young
EmilyB3690 Hace 21 un día
Hey, Damien, I'm really sorry for seeing you naked. 😩
The Funguy
The Funguy Hace 22 días
the thumbnail = the cart Titan from AOT
TrOlL mAn21
TrOlL mAn21 Hace 23 días
It's a Canadian goose that's why the cows where afraid
Ornithocowian King
Ornithocowian King Hace 23 días
Nobody: Cats in the shower: *_boing_*
Diane Blackmon
Diane Blackmon Hace 23 días
I love how Damian loves animals!
Cristina Tori
Cristina Tori Hace 24 días
Chic-fil-a one is a joke in the LGBTQ community.
Avenue 522
Avenue 522 Hace 24 días
0:56 there's is a story called killer cat and it's that but it's a cat not a dog.
Ruth Samuel
Ruth Samuel Hace 25 días
is that the goose from untitled goose game 5:10
Kai mikk
Kai mikk Hace 25 días
You obviously don't know much about Canada geese bc if you did you would understand why the cows are afraid of it.😂
NOT POPULAR Hace 26 días
me apologizing for seeing myself naked be like: 1:12
Adelaide Brown
Adelaide Brown Hace 26 días
Damien laughing never fails to cheer me up.
Cookie Gacha
Cookie Gacha Hace 27 días
9:21 looks like wood chips
Cookie Gacha
Cookie Gacha Hace 27 días
9:06 adults cant do it yet babies can
Christina Latekjo.mnbhyu00
Christina Latekjo.mnbhyu00 Hace 27 días
Y'all I'm dieing over here at 12PM
ZeAdminWasTaken Hace 28 días
9:38 Think it's a beer six-or-four-pack?
Elise Clark
Elise Clark Hace 28 días
While watching this I realized it was about time for my mom to wake me and I'm here a "natal" sleeping possession and its the weekend
EliteProtoJay ___
EliteProtoJay ___ Hace 29 días
That rabbit story is literally what happens in Dickie Roberts lol
Ben craft 8
Ben craft 8 Hace un mes
rat rat
rat rat Hace un mes
10:01 that's a cement thingy
Jamie Townsend
Jamie Townsend Hace un mes
7:06 its a glass frog
Breanna McLarty
Breanna McLarty Hace un mes
6:53 that flip was so good even Thor and Loki's dollar store fusion in the back there is impressed.
Gamer Moms
Gamer Moms Hace un mes
I think the rabbit story was my dad.
Blades Of Derp
Blades Of Derp Hace un mes
Doc903 Hace un mes
Bro, what would be cool, is if you played CAH with the comment section. Like, every now and then, just post a random question, with a blank, or without, and see what your audience can do to ruin the comments, lol.
Fredy Rodriguez
Fredy Rodriguez Hace un mes
4:03 My favorite
Ryan Lu
Ryan Lu Hace un mes
There was an attempt to make friends :(
Dark Flame
Dark Flame Hace un mes
And you wonder why people have anatidaephobia
Collaboration Cool Boys Commission
Collaboration Cool Boys Commission Hace un mes
AnatoDragonshard Hace un mes
I call bullshit on the rabbit story. That's from Dickie roberts.
Andrew Hasenpflug
Andrew Hasenpflug Hace un mes
5:52 Look at the subtitles... AND SUFFER I bet you do, *you filthy little dogs.*
wael Mustapha
wael Mustapha Hace un mes
9:35 killed me
Luna Light
Luna Light Hace un mes
6:50 perfect! 10/10
Aiza Gonzalez
Aiza Gonzalez Hace un mes
7:10 why do i imagine him making a "mah!" Sound
jeff the kill
jeff the kill Hace un mes
There was an attempt to make the outro good
Sleeping_Remy Hace un mes
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