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DatDogeDude Hace 2 horas
Thats how you know your parents fing love you. by buying to hold you.
MGK Animations :3
MGK Animations :3 Hace 5 horas
Are these made from *EA* ?
Jesse Mcferon
Jesse Mcferon Hace 9 horas
Regarding the firecracker: The 'asshole design' comes from the fact that he, msot likely, paid for what's known as a M-55, AKA a VERY LARGE AND POWERFUL firecracker, the kind one normally uses for making massive booms, and yet what's inside isa ctually SMALLER than the standard 'Black Cat' firecracker, AKA one fo the smallest style of firecracker known. This would be akin to paying for a tripledecker Big Mac with all the toppings and getting half of a one-dollar hamburger, plain.
Darius Pietschmann
Darius Pietschmann Hace 17 horas
They use Pink light on the meat to make it look tasty
Kylie Agee
Kylie Agee Hace 22 horas
5:10 there is not enough gunpowder and firework stars
Odyssey Virtual Entertainment
Odyssey Virtual Entertainment Hace 23 horas
6:17 Not only are they individually wrapped jelly beans but their jelly belly beans and half of em are from bean boozled! thats where the WORST beans come from.
PrefrontalOxymoron Hace un día
Can we talk about the way this man says “notification”
Ender Shard
Ender Shard Hace un día
9:13 *laughs in NHS*
Amazing James
Amazing James Hace un día
Those Snapchat story things are so f*ing annoying. So I swipe up, start to read the story, then later the screen turns white, so I have to swipe down then back up to get back to the story, and then I have to scroll all the way back to the point in the story I was at. The most I’ve had this happen in one story was like 5 or 6 times. But yeah those adds are so f*ing annoying as well
WCTW Redux
WCTW Redux Hace 2 días
Men dont use purses because we got bottomless pockets
Holo Sohma
Holo Sohma Hace 2 días
Ok can someone tell me what premium for that does?
ecstasy.apostasy Hace 2 días
11:11 I wanna say I experienced that with a Vaseline bottle (legitimately needed to water it down it was so thick) because it didn’t unscrew until I took a knife under it first.
ecstasy.apostasy Hace 2 días
Slightly off topic but a finger swipe to change to the next video can be as little as A MILLIMETER and anywhere on the screen, ESwomen will play an ad for the new video, preventing you from just switching back, and then of course ESwomen plays another ad for switching back to the video!
YaBoyJacob DX
YaBoyJacob DX Hace 3 días
6:44 on behalf of LA I apologize
Will Turner
Will Turner Hace 4 días
7:00 Do not go to Copenhagen airport it is the worst airport in existence. It literally smells like that image.
toh ping Tiang
toh ping Tiang Hace 4 días
I'm at master at closing windows, programs and pop ups
B P Hace 4 días
2:35 is Best Buy training in a nutshell. Those losers almost went bankrupt as a business & it was blamed on employees literally having no tech knowledge. They somehow survived & turned the business around, but even then.... This was the quality of their computer based training. *Total.* *Crap.*
Heaven on High
Heaven on High Hace 4 días
"A lot of young people don't want to become parent." Yeah i wonder why, a real mystery 9:09
About Blank
About Blank Hace 5 días
As a kid I was always obsessed with America. But after seeing that scummy hospital bill I think I’ll just stay in a country that cares for its citizens. Yes I know the nhs isn’t free as taxpayers pay for it but by country I mean entire country including its tax paying population.
prizedcoffeecup Hace 5 días
Off topic a bit though, who the fuck registers a hairdryer
Joy ce
Joy ce Hace 5 días
Under the light it’s redder, same reason why they often use green fake leaves in between red meats.
Rigel1001 Hace 6 días
I have notifications on and it went oh notification sound absolutely notification sound when it was supposed to be oh god absolutely mental
Chocolate Thunder
Chocolate Thunder Hace 7 días
But how about 4 advertisments
Holo Sohma
Holo Sohma Hace 7 días
The one with the Anti virus the person was in the middle of drawing if you look they had st least was almost done sketching. That must have made them soooo mad.
chocobo child
chocobo child Hace 11 minutos
Alt tab to minimize. Save then restart?
Vitor Apolônio
Vitor Apolônio Hace 7 días
10:37 thats why i unsubscribe to anyone who puts a download in mega
rattle me bones
rattle me bones Hace 8 días
11:30 when you have road anarchy on in city skylines
Ronni Ron
Ronni Ron Hace 9 días
7:45 I got called out and I don’t appreciate it Also about the air. That’s why I feel up the food/candy
Daydreaming Drawings
Daydreaming Drawings Hace 9 días
zakuraRabbit Hace 9 días
*Clicks delete on file* UUuuuugh that was so difficult. I should get paid for this.
themidnight gamer48
themidnight gamer48 Hace 9 días
At 5:27 that firework should be packed with gunpowder not just a smidgen of powder
Kodierung Krieger
Kodierung Krieger Hace 10 días
Jesus Christ, so many people in these comments know enough specifics about fireworks to explain that one, but nobody has noticed that the skin-to-skin contact charge isn't asshole design at all? Does literally nobody realize how vulnerable to diseases a newborn with an entirely undeveloped immune system and no vaccines yet is, especially if there's the kind of complications that would cause them to be born via c-section like in the post? It isn't a charge for hugging your child, it's probably a penalty for possibly exposing your kid to an illness they are too weak to fight off. I'd imagine it probably entails some kind of protocol to protect the kid incase someone forgot to wash their damn hands and just wiped 100 different kinds of microorganisms all up on their face, and the extra time and effort of a trained professional does not come free. Edit: Looked it up. Turns out that specific bill actually went around social media for a while so people could complain about the US healthcare system, and a few news sites reported on it. That specific charge was for the service of nurses who needed to be with the mother during the contact for the safety of the child. People tend to get nauseous and shakey after having a child taken out of a hole cut in them, which is understandable. Even though this specific charge wasn't actually about protecting from diseases, my point still stands that common sense should immediately tell you that a charge related to touching a newborn is probably for safety and not just for being an asshole to parents.
horrorkesh Hace 11 días
Hell on ESwomen anymore I'm getting two unskippable ads and the third one if I go to the next video That's not including ads while videos are playing
franky g
franky g Hace 11 días
I tried reading the article on snapchat but there's full pages of add that skips parts of the article
Totenkopf ßänß
Totenkopf ßänß Hace 11 días
5:23 There is a much smaller charge in it, it is like buying box of shotgun shells just to discover that they all have one .22 lr cartridge inside instead of a propper load.
Charlie Plush Productions
Charlie Plush Productions Hace 11 días
I keep getting photoshop ads but I always skip them because I’m not interested in photoshop, but according to ESwomen that means I am interested
05 council
05 council Hace 11 días
the way you say notifications hurts me my guy
Ramune Raven
Ramune Raven Hace 11 días
ESwomen is actually $12.00 or something and I fucking hate the whole "won't play in the background' shit. I'm paying you ESwomen. Let me do my shit
Jay McVey
Jay McVey Hace 11 días
The Conair one makes sense from a marketing standpoint. They want to know their demographics so they know who to market more towards, and who to back off the marketing for so they dont waste money in advertising. Its basically what companies ask in those "Want to answer a few questions?" but without asking.
Zetaiee Hace 12 días
1:45, just open task manager and close-
GᄂΛƧƧƧΉΛЯd 24 Hace 12 días
7:49 probs a dodgy launcher
PersonaFan -I only do videos of roblox-
PersonaFan -I only do videos of roblox- Hace 12 días
5:19 boi there was supposed to be a big firecracker not a small one
Unknown Follower
Unknown Follower Hace 12 días
1:01 Pixelgun had a sale of one cent and said 90% value.
corbin steele
corbin steele Hace 13 días
A m80 is basically a really big and even louder firecracker but when he opened it there was a normal firecracker on the inside
Digital Daydreams
Digital Daydreams Hace 13 días
I *am* unsubscribed from Epic emails. I'm not sure what the one person's issue is.
Bubbalubba Hace 13 días
Joseph Giandolfo
Joseph Giandolfo Hace 13 días
666 dislikes
Evercast 92
Evercast 92 Hace 13 días
A-hole capitalism on steroids
Tidily Ram
Tidily Ram Hace 13 días
3.14 the ethnicity actually makes semse when you count in that black peeps have different hair i personaly have absolutely no knowledge about how and why and yeah, i just know they have cus of what ive been told if ive been told wrong feel free to correct me
spiderdude2099 Hace 13 días
Ok, so some chip companies abuse this, but there IS a REAL reason why there's so much air in chip bags. It's not just air, it's pure nitrogen and acts as a preservative because the fats in chips go bad over time if exposed to oxygen. The nitrogen prevents this and it wouldn't stay as fresh if it was just filled with chips, oxygen would leak in over time.
darsirious Hace 13 días
Mark Gonzalez
Mark Gonzalez Hace 14 días
This made me really depressed. Is that normal?
Gorgeous Freeman
Gorgeous Freeman Hace 14 días
When apps ask for phone and call info, they give your numbers to scammers.
Moist Desk
Moist Desk Hace 14 días
Its Not ESwomen anymore Its WeTube
TECHRaiser Lit
TECHRaiser Lit Hace 14 días
Yes I did figure out how to uninstall it
TECHRaiser Lit
TECHRaiser Lit Hace 14 días
2:15 same
EchoVR Hace 15 días
(know-ti-fi-cations) not (not-if-i-cations)
Mooshy Swags
Mooshy Swags Hace 15 días
10:00 at least the dude gets messages from someone!
Fluffy Fluff
Fluffy Fluff Hace 15 días
"Because of the huge workload of this easily automated process, we're gonna charge you money, and if you decide to keep your account we will charge you that amount monthly instead"
Just Random BOI
Just Random BOI Hace 15 días
1:19 it say eat as much as you want but still scumy
THE CRUSADER Hace 15 días
Not-iffications and avail-iable. I love the way he talks
Cecekate Cecekate
Cecekate Cecekate Hace 15 días
Once i was using hulu and there was an ad for Smartwater I think there trying to tell me that im dumb
Joseph Silva
Joseph Silva Hace 15 días
An m-80 you can blow your finger off. What the guy found inside of the fake m-80 was a black jack. Blackjacks just make a loud sound
EnderBorn Hace 16 días
suck to suk i still have a dvd reader on my pc well mines a old model acer pc so
Burger Tree
Burger Tree Hace 16 días
Two things: Notification isnt pronounced nod-ifications Thing
Noah Hace 16 días
My sister pronounces it like that and it’s weird. But she pronounces a lot of things weird
Zach Campbell
Zach Campbell Hace 16 días
Can someone explain the last one? Was he previously subscribed but it is intentionally designed to make it impossible to unsubscribe even though it clearly states at the too that you can unsubscribe? (Just doesnt specify that you must be subscribed to at LEAST one of them?)
Graphicc Hace 16 días
ESwomen sucks now! I’m gonna make something called CoolTube and all I need is for people to donate money when I make a go fund me and I won’t take any of the money it will all go to the site where demonetization doesn’t exist, what happens if you break the rules on a video, we mark it as 18+. If you do an illegal activity we will private your video and contact authorities. This is my dream, but I need help to do it so if you guys wanna be the founding fathers of CoolTube, reply to this comment!
Karis AsaNi
Karis AsaNi Hace 16 días
7:49 That's likely an Amazon based phone
Aj Webb
Aj Webb Hace 16 días
For the firecracker, it's a smaller one in a bigger empty shell
Lukas Langrock
Lukas Langrock Hace 16 días
My iPad once offloaded an app because storage was full and after klicking on it it showed me that too. I didn’t have offloading enabled.
Abyss Sensei
Abyss Sensei Hace 16 días
6:29 for real though
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