Quick D: UFO on the Moon

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Captain Disillusion

Captain Disillusion

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Captain Disillusion conducts a thorough analysis of tiny dots orbiting a big ball.
Written by Alan Melikdjanian and Samantha Kuk
Guest-starring the stellar Phil Plait! about.me/philplait


Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim Hace 4 minutos
I checked that selective attention test and I got D by the D himself because they never make out
Killer Beast
Killer Beast Hace 5 horas
This man is way too underrated
Only Real UFOs
Only Real UFOs Hace 7 horas
Incredible UFO filmed over Cuba. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-2JRi7VUZTcA.html
Dreadlord Daemon
Dreadlord Daemon Hace 10 horas
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo--jF8kEs2FpE.html @ 1:45 this jet video, have you ever debunked this?
It’s Lia
It’s Lia Hace 13 horas
did anyone else use to watch this dude in 2017 and than forgot he existed so they spent like 2 years looking for the channel?
Amin Benz
Amin Benz Hace 14 horas
I like man 👍 thx for your job 😄
Only Real UFOs
Only Real UFOs Hace 19 horas
I filmed many UFOs while filming the Moon. The Best UFO sightings filmed by me. eswomen.com/wlist-PLEBS6PzPNC1QLNpuqevFj6Tjz13seK31F
simon fawcett
simon fawcett Hace un día
Dam , and I wanted that to be real 😤😭
Deipatrous Hace un día
Antiky Hace un día
vm.tiktok.com/JRgeQ3P/ it’s so fake
Hallunacy Hace un día
I love me some quick d Haha
Ravi Makwana
Ravi Makwana Hace un día
Hello Captain D, can you debunk this? m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1497978803707852&id=100004872395399 Love You Captain D.
Wooper Hace un día
Only Real UFOs
Only Real UFOs Hace un día
UFO was filmed flying past the Moon. UK. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-cNCcF_7U4O4.html
痛いouch Hace un día
brockoli inter meshz !?! misthoris !?!
brockoli inter meshz !?! misthoris !?! Hace un día
Facue ef des did waet es faceng dud
Only Real UFOs
Only Real UFOs Hace 2 días
Best UFOs from around the world: eswomen.com/wlist-PLEBS6PzPNC1TTG8_sZGJBEPj0_bEGB9D9
Paul Wolf
Paul Wolf Hace 2 días
lovely :)
irSpanxx Hace 2 días
Please, Please, PLEASE do a breakdown of any of the video's on Erwin Saunders youtube channel. Love your work. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-g1S7BJNF-Iw.html
Minecraft PC303
Minecraft PC303 Hace 2 días
Cannot wait for the next video.
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent Hace 2 días
I watched all of captain D and loved it! Thank you H3 for putting light on this guy, anyone got suggestions on what to watch next?
Helena Edwardson
Helena Edwardson Hace 2 días
Please Do a video about: projector app
Mike Rigas
Mike Rigas Hace 2 días
Hey can you make a video about chaos greek supercar? It is a concept art about a car which it get advertised as a real car and it get too much hype ...
Debunk that new-fake-app called Air-buzz
라이트닝 레몬
라이트닝 레몬 Hace 3 días
--/\ /○ \ /_____\
Johann Sebastien Garcia
Johann Sebastien Garcia Hace 3 días
U know summer is coming and he is still wearing a jacket
S Cowell
S Cowell Hace 3 días
You have debunked many videos of "normal" individuals,which I think is brilliant 👏👍,how about trying to prove some for a change?I would love to see a video on the spaceX launch 🥺, so many things just didn't make sense to me or my eyes
Arghyadip Mondal
Arghyadip Mondal Hace 3 días
Sir, please tell me this video is not real facebook.com/100004260761677/posts/1719454078206601/
Morgan Phillips
Morgan Phillips Hace 3 días
1:58 - 2:14 the amount of work needed for these 16 seconds is mind blowing.. and good job btw! thats insane!
4oz Hace 4 días
Watching all the debunk videos in order ive noticed bitterness then changing to arrogance and now hes just plain yelling at his viewers. I suppose its character development but i cant help but feel its personal. Im curious how long he plans to keep up the persona.
Fiqri Alnur
Fiqri Alnur Hace 4 días
Subtitel indonesia
Just an alien with internet access
Just an alien with internet access Hace 4 días
ZarinDrake Hace 4 días
You gotta debunk the James bell video. It is apparently the only TRUE ghost video as no one can seem to debunk it at all. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ZkHZwpEZToQ.html
Darkorse Hace 4 días
I understand, you gotta make it seem like the government is giving out fake videos so people think they didn't mean aliens.
Necwo Hace 4 días
I just realized he's only reaching 2 million subscribers. He is so underrated.
Renz christian Santos
Renz christian Santos Hace 4 días
Dude the last time I saw you, you only had 400-700k subs good joblol
lee perry
lee perry Hace 4 días
Cap'n Disillusion! I need help! Back me up on debunking this linked video. The shadows on the bike are entirely wrong after the accident, but my friends don't believe me. Save us Captain, you're our only hope!!! :D gif.olipmedia.com/not-even-a-scratch-the-guardian-angel-was-on-his-side/
lee perry
lee perry Hace 4 días
My arguments were: (Shadows there... Shadows not there) www.dropbox.com/s/r7ewh23ivv9ar2r/Faaaaake.jpg?dl=0 (They should definitely be big enough to see clearly) www.dropbox.com/s/2jkin0azkedt5ws/Faaaaake2.jpg?dl=0
Doggie name Chase
Doggie name Chase Hace 4 días
999k views o.c.d :hello I was invited right? (Please don’t say no it’s yatta yatta your wrong)
Maxim Zaikin Entry
Maxim Zaikin Entry Hace 4 días
Hello Captain Disillusion, today I was browsing through ESwomen and found a video that both startled and scared me. It is a video of a Russian man, setting fire to his clothing and jumping off the roof of a ten floor high, building in Russia. He landed in about 2-metre deep snow and a huge plume of smoke flew up straight after his fall. The video then cuts and starts again and we see the man, buried neck-deep in snow, seeming hurt and shaken up. About 20 people unbury him and he is seen walking normally. There are a few reporters at the scene and this all seems filmed in a rural location. The video was posted in 2015 and does not have the best quality. Here is the link; eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-z64aTzXsdKw.html Please uncover if this is faked since it does look a little strange to me. Best regards. Leave a like so CD sees this!
Maxim Zaikin Entry
Maxim Zaikin Entry Hace 4 días
Leave a like so CD sees this
Rahul Nandakumar
Rahul Nandakumar Hace 4 días
That's no moon.
Fluffyeater Hace 4 días
Captain D is a modern superhero
Tiny Dino Productions
Tiny Dino Productions Hace 4 días
Debunk the james the ghost rings a bell video
EZ Concepts
EZ Concepts Hace 4 días
Mike Jameson
Mike Jameson Hace 5 días
Bold of you to assume you don't look like a paperclip.
rafdrndm Hace 5 días
wait how did he got that ian hubert 3d model...
Burns My Britches
Burns My Britches Hace 5 días
We need to get CAP and light operated calling card like Batman!!!
Ravi Makwana
Ravi Makwana Hace 5 días
Always Awesome Captain D
Nida Nazreen
Nida Nazreen Hace 5 días
Please post a video on Atlantis the mysterious land mass under water
Dr Pig and Mr Pig
Dr Pig and Mr Pig Hace 5 días
2000 more and you have 2 million subscribers
RandomKid Hace 5 días
Is editing related to science Yes
Heidriann Jl Macaraeg
Heidriann Jl Macaraeg Hace 5 días
Moreee pls
tacitus Hace 5 días
Ian Hubert reference?
Iskandar Soren
Iskandar Soren Hace 5 días
Heard about you from Viced Rhino's nearest video! Like your stuff already!
Mr Toker Smoker High All
Mr Toker Smoker High All Hace 5 días
Aw I love it when I have a good few CD videos to binge watch on ✌
Charliezard Gaming
Charliezard Gaming Hace 5 días
I think this is fake eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-oAKbUnCGwwQ.html
c00l KId
c00l KId Hace 5 días
Please debunk this eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-fQ9F8IbhSls.html
Wow Cool
Wow Cool Hace 5 días
Fake news
José Daniel Quezada
José Daniel Quezada Hace 5 días
I found the ghost video watch fireworks from Disneyland castle I would like you to see it and comment on how it happened or how they made it appear (people believe it is the ghost of walt disney
Alan S
Alan S Hace 5 días
The effort and skill that goes into these videos never fails to inspire me!
Marthinneill Apoi
Marthinneill Apoi Hace 6 días
Captain Debunkman
GGcinema_YT Hace 6 días
close to 2m subs
Florence Escobar316
Florence Escobar316 Hace 6 días
i wish to know captain d's skin care routine 😂
Peter Maar
Peter Maar Hace 6 días
"You heard it here last" jeez the writing/timing is perfect
StarDragon Hace 6 días
Also at 300,000 km/h is about 450 times EARTH's escape velocity. An object literally could not stay near the moon at that speed.
paulayala10 Hace 6 días
No captain you make the pain in our heads go away an when you let us know how I personally feel like I know what to look for next time like this one I Kno it's edited stumbler.com/v/NAuKkCZ/?s=s All thanks to you. Thanks Captain
Bad-Bunny Blogger
Bad-Bunny Blogger Hace 6 días
Thank you, ESwomen algorithm for recommending this channel.
Bad-Bunny Blogger
Bad-Bunny Blogger Hace 6 días
But I do believe in UFOs, Ive seen one up close and personal in 1997. So I know for a fact there's things in the sky that we don't know about, or supposedly don't know about. However is it aliens, i don't know. Is it us with secret tech, I don't know. Could be us from the future, I don't know. All I know is I saw a industrial looking disc craft that remained silent with a faint electronic hum, that flew directly above my head, no higher than 500ft and that it was about the size of half a soccer/football pitch. Because I was out training with my local youth football team at the time and everyone including my manager saw it. I know people saw it, because we was all laughing and joking nervously as we watched it fly over the cemetery that back onto the training area. Personally I'm going with all three. That's my judgment call.
Maksymilian Dembiński
Maksymilian Dembiński Hace 6 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-y3RIHnK0_NE.html is that CGI?
Basile Gruel
Basile Gruel Hace 6 días
NASA CGI moon kit show how much they don't give a damn about those conspiracies XD
Thor’s Thunder
Thor’s Thunder Hace 6 días
Is this real: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-L1JOpBLszWg.html
Xane Cosmo
Xane Cosmo Hace 6 horas
The footage of the tree penetrating the car is not edited and real. But the context is completely wrong and stupid. What kind of tree would grow overnight like that? Someone just pulled a prank and those stupid people think it's done by nature.
apgl07 Hace 6 días
I really like this show!
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