Quarantined with Norm Macdonald (ft. Roseanne)

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Norm Macdonald

Norm Macdonald

Hace un mes

Episode 5. Norm and Roseanne

Norm MacdonaldquarantinedRoseanne

Chrysler Cartography
Chrysler Cartography Hace un hora
It's all a hoax. Who's going to tell the greatest joke even bigger than the coronavirus joke? Norm?
West Lisbon
West Lisbon Hace un día
Hi Normon.
Buzzy Hampton
Buzzy Hampton Hace un día
Norm, dude? You ok? This is the last thing we’ve heard. I got too soon jokes. Ok hope you’re ok.
Christopher Phanara
Christopher Phanara Hace 2 días
there are people that have been far worse than anything Rosanne has done (Trump, etc), yet she was crucified because she was an easy target (a large one at that lol) I do miss Rosanne.
Jay schmidt
Jay schmidt Hace 3 días
So true, there's always a pineapple trying to ruin the bunch.
James King
James King Hace 3 días
More episodes please!
Thomas Leisman
Thomas Leisman Hace 3 días
NM, yours is some of the funniest stand up ever performed. It's too bad that you polluted your oeuvre with so much racist humor.
StarBorn Hace 3 días
T. S. Eliot wrote the book Cats. Then a kid had the idea and a breakouts hit song for Ms Betty Buckley That's the way it happened. TV he dad was a music producer most of his life. Or Hollywood sex harasser. So the kid composer. Just GA etc up a high amount of hit music and TV film too for nothing. Near nothing... Trivia. Gems.
StarBorn Hace 3 días
That's funny I threw away a pot of small shells pasta the beans and pasta had way over salted. I need a bottle of garlic powder. That's how you make beans.
No Diggity
No Diggity Hace 3 días
Dude's a snappy dresser!
Prolific Lamb, Sent By Hymn Godspeed.
Prolific Lamb, Sent By Hymn Godspeed. Hace 4 días
Everyone went on vacation at the same time...
Puinguin Hace 4 días
Don't tell me its already over, i need more norm
James Ivan Donnelly
James Ivan Donnelly Hace 5 días
Still no Bill and Ted save humanity song. The song is still not ready and allegedly a long way off according to sources close to the couple. They told us that Bill and Ted are nervous but optimistic and hope to like totally knock it out of the park and stuff or whatever. An un named source close to the future group commented, "Excellent!!!" We will keep you up to date with any further developments. Bill and Ted were not available for comment.
James Ivan Donnelly
James Ivan Donnelly Hace 5 días
Tenacious D have yet to comment but are said to be on an Iawaska retreat somewhere in Guatemala trying to remember or recreate a song they once performed but never recorded. News just in. We are all fucked
Kelley Somers
Kelley Somers Hace 5 días
Go Roseanne! ✌️❤️🙏
Jeremy R Hansen
Jeremy R Hansen Hace 5 días
Can we get Norm a bigger can table?
Nova Sky3
Nova Sky3 Hace 6 días
Are you Father Steve? Call or text me 😙
YeahNahNahYeah Hace 6 días
Is that it Norm...have you run out of friends?
moosti M
moosti M Hace 6 días
I think Norms ironically taking the piss out of all these pop up zoom shows
Bad2the🦴 Hace 7 días
Got any gum ?
jimmy jays johnny jibbers
jimmy jays johnny jibbers Hace 7 días
Whens the next video you lazy bum?
odibex Hace 7 días
can we talk about the fact he's using Impact font so everything looks like a meme?
Bright Falls
Bright Falls Hace 8 días
NOW THOSE... are some eyebrows.
Simon Ginks
Simon Ginks Hace 8 días
Norm, AKA I’m Not I’m Not Norm
nadine perez
nadine perez Hace 8 días
Love it..Rosanne is the REAL deal. Started watching old Rosanne episodes to have a good hardy laugh. Norm and Rosanne are two being that can make me laugh from deep inside😂🤣😂🤣
Zoe Zulma
Zoe Zulma Hace 8 días
If you could get hold of Bushman, the guy that beat you on Star Search, that would make a hilarious Quarantine phone call. He was still pretty funny in 2006, but may not have survived Covid-19.
llook05 Hace 8 días
I love how much Roseanne laughs at Norm’s jokes
Michelle Trkulja
Michelle Trkulja Hace 9 días
I'm wearing the same pants as Norm right now!
J. Her
J. Her Hace 10 días
Normy normy normy...hockey normy.
HotRodX Hace 10 días
But this is not the rapture! Fuck I hope this is not the rapture!?! x)
Jonathan Freeman
Jonathan Freeman Hace 10 días
Norm! Hope you're doing alright. These and you are great.
Johnny Ringo
Johnny Ringo Hace 11 días
Been watching Norm for years and always like him, but only recently found out how much I love this guy,, lol We are about the same age, went through the same things growing up. This man is one of the funniest fukers out there, ever... Thanks for the laugh Norm ,, to many to count
Erin Schmitt
Erin Schmitt Hace 11 días
Kabbah list warlocks Barr we see you
Kerry McSweeney
Kerry McSweeney Hace 12 días
Only Norm could lay around in pajamas and finally achieve the old man schitik just by aging.
Roger M
Roger M Hace 13 días
Perfect for quarantine: the #speaklesssaymore challenge. See my channel. It was a lot of fun!
syed qasim
syed qasim Hace 14 días
Where are you nrom?
Clay Sullivan
Clay Sullivan Hace 14 días
Chelsea Eiben
Chelsea Eiben Hace 14 días
The Impossible Bat - hilarious
liamquinn1981 Hace 15 días
Roseanne was not a bad looking woman by any means, bit large for my personal tastes but she always had a pretty face and her personality was hilarious! "Dan" was a lucky man!
liamquinn1981 Hace 15 días
hey brother, go out and get some vitamin d! lookin pale, everyone is with this lockdown! cod liver oil tablets if you cant get out.
Mrs Cacilhas
Mrs Cacilhas Hace 15 días
Miss you Roseanne!!
Poppy Mango
Poppy Mango Hace 15 días
Literally my grandparents on the phone.
seam rog
seam rog Hace 15 días
Norm's crotchety bockety old man routine is flawless. "The virus is here! obey the Government!" So much fright over this scamdemic, yet author Colin Flaherty gets ignored. He wrote "Don't make the bl**k kids angry" and does daily podcasts/videos
Francisco Mejia
Francisco Mejia Hace 16 días
You see my old man's got a problem He live with the bottle that's the way it is He says his body's too old for working His body's too young to look like his
Johnny Canuck
Johnny Canuck Hace 16 días
Meh. Typical STONER Canadian, meets the last comic sitting. Web-search Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) #WPRPN
Jair Kerker
Jair Kerker Hace 16 días
Now I like old Roseanne, but she could be more sanitary round the cock and balls area.
Israel Cabanas
Israel Cabanas Hace 16 días
It's like old people that are in on everything but in the coolest way
Daemie Kim
Daemie Kim Hace 16 días
Come back! 😢
Nate Norris
Nate Norris Hace 16 días
Not with a bang but a whimper, this is how the world will end
Rateye Smertz
Rateye Smertz Hace 17 días
Don't think of it as quarantine,, think of it as Chinese house arrest. "Nobody in Hollywood wanted to F*CK her"---- I did when she first lost the weight.
Howie Hippie
Howie Hippie Hace 17 días
Where u been bud
Tyler Robbins
Tyler Robbins Hace 17 días
Why did u stop doing these? Im worried.
S F Hace 17 días
Hassan Osman
Hassan Osman Hace 18 días
Tom Cizzle
Tom Cizzle Hace 18 días
Hey Norm, could you pop in and do stand up at a club in Glendale Az called Stir Crazy and tell em Tom the Bartender convinced you to do it? They'll be open beginning of June. That would blow their minds, make me a hero, and probably get me into some cocktail waitress panties. Thanks, Bro!
Gregory Heidt
Gregory Heidt Hace 18 días
The only New Norm I like to see
Jojo McCarthy
Jojo McCarthy Hace 18 días
love you assholes, both ..so much
Napoleon Bonerfarte
Napoleon Bonerfarte Hace 18 días
I have those pajama bottoms but in blue !
james tatley
james tatley Hace 17 días
You must be very proud!
SomeKindOfTaco Hace 19 días
Grecco Buckliano
Grecco Buckliano Hace 19 días
well.....THAT was highly uplifting. I would now like to show you my scars where my father beat me with a belt buckle /s.
Jair Kerker
Jair Kerker Hace 16 días
Can I take pictures? It's for a friend.
Ericola Hace 20 días
Does he have to hold the phone like that
Grindstaff09 Hace 20 días
Will someone who knows Norm please contact him. Check on him. He got suddenly silent.
Samson Crosswood
Samson Crosswood Hace 20 días
Roseanne is awesome. Yes, Valerie Jarrett has a fucked up looking face. She, Roseanne, chose her words poorly. It’s not racial. It WAS the ambien. It’s like skin stretched over some sort of goddamn exoskeleton, a sleestack from Land of the Lost or A melted doll.
Stewww86 Hace 20 días
Only like 4 ppl? We need more content man these are excellent
Rachel Manning
Rachel Manning Hace 20 días
I love Roseanne and norm . their chat is refreshing
Dindu Nuffin
Dindu Nuffin Hace 21 un día
Norm likes his laroix
Phil Granito
Phil Granito Hace 21 un día
Norm, You're the best ! God Bless you.
Matt Therrien
Matt Therrien Hace 21 un día
I want her recipe for bean soup!
Sevencoins7 Hace 21 un día
He is just 60 yers old, why do I feel as he is 80 years old here
David S
David S Hace 21 un día
we need more norm!
Teabonesteak Hace 22 días
You all know me. The name is McManus.
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