QI S17E16 Series Q - HD - Quads And Quins 14 February 2020

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QI S17E16 Series Q - HD - Quads And Quins 14 February 2020
14 February 2020

QI S17E16 Series Q - HD - Quads And QuinsQIQI XLQI Series Q

Janie M. Roberts
Janie M. Roberts Hace 3 días
Is there not an XL version of this???? Just love this better than anything we have in America.
Marcie S
Marcie S Hace 7 días
Aisling is hilarious in this ep
Merletastic Hace 12 días
"Giraffes are just camels..." Don't laugh - look at the species name of giraffes, cameleopardis! If you have no context for a giraffe, "combine a camel and a leopard" really isn't too bad a leap to make.
Lainey Kat
Lainey Kat Hace 19 días
Is this typically broadcast at 60 frames, or did pcromabe add it with software like SVP? I get it much lower on my set, so I'm curious if I've been missing out on that smooth motion.
Julia Arkhipova
Julia Arkhipova Hace 27 días
Wasn't there an XL version?
épinards & caramel
épinards & caramel Hace 29 días
Oh, I thought oblong simply meant elongated
Brad Yelich
Brad Yelich Hace un mes
giraffe swimming in river eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-cMjcPyaGvog.html all animals can swim
RJF SCOOTER Hace un mes
435th and happy about it!
Lynx South
Lynx South Hace un mes
Yes, but: that doctor with the long thermometer for underarm use probably knew, as did people with normal-length thermometers, to add a degree to whatever the reading was. It's not complicated.
TheLongDark Hace un mes
Just when you think Phill's impression of Stephen was the highlight of the series, Aisling impersonates Sandi.
ProfX501 Hace 12 días
@Breznak You should be asking yourself that
Breznak Hace 13 días
@ProfX501 don't you worry that people will find you sexist for suggesting that?
Breznak Hace 13 días
@victor prattley My am:-) I don't know her outside this show. But on QI she doesn't seem to try to act like she's not.
ProfX501 Hace 13 días
Breznak I don’t know what about Phil Jupitus gives you the impression that he’s apprecibly smarter than Aisling Bea. Could it be that you only think so because he’s a man?
victor prattley
victor prattley Hace 18 días
@Breznak wait your find Aisling stupid?
Bronstig Hace un mes
Nish Kumar is that guy in your friend group who thinks he’s funnier than he actually is and laughs too often and loudly
Девин Hace un mes
Here are some fun facts: Income tax are imposed on corporations in accordance to the letters of incorporation or the act that creates the entity. Taxes are imposed on officers or employees of the crown. Taxes are also imposed on slaves, by the parens patriae, by way of threat of violence, jail, and confiscation of property. A municipality, county, province, state, nation are corporations to which you are incorporated into. A de facto employee but not being paid. The law of man comes of evil.
Девин Hace un mes
@asterix811 :) yes I find it fun reading law books and court cases. All about in-terrorem or legal threats government worshipers use to force others to pay them.
asterix811 Hace un mes
You and I have different definitions of the word “fun”.
dcbsmt Hace un mes
I really dislike when the show recycles itself. The stork race was already done back Stephen's time.
dcbsmt Hace un mes
@Grunthos The Flatulent Or *they* need more researchers. Btw, I also wish Alan would stop bringing up that impaling through the anus story. It's been in, I don't know, five episodes or so.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
You need a hobby
adam Hace un mes
fun fact though: even though a baby would drown, it would make the motion in an attempt to swim.
adam Hace un mes
@Lynx South words have meaning you know and now the meaning I wish to convey is that you have no idea how meanings work or selectively pick a meaning that suits your intent without comprehending how short-sighted or actively contradictory to a conversation (you know, with words, that have meanings) they may be. I can blame you for whatever I want because I can use MY words to do that and since they have meaning, it means something.
Lynx South
Lynx South Hace un mes
@adam You're the twisted person who wrote, "fun fact though: even though a baby would drown, [...]." Don't blame your sick thinking on me.
adam Hace un mes
@Lynx South clearly you cannot read or refuse to in this case... that being said, I am now advocating for *some* babies to be drowned, good job, see what you've done?
Lynx South
Lynx South Hace un mes
@adam And sometimes people don't find a "joke" funny because there's no joke there. I agree completely with Startybartfast 42: there's no "fun" in a fact about babies drowning. Words have *meanings*.
adam Hace un mes
@Slartybartfast 42 see, if you don't find my joke funny, that is not a me problem.
PathOfPirate Hace un mes
‘Active racism’ is the perfect metaphor for hungarian income tax avoidance, I vouch that. Especially when humanity needs to decrease in number.
shramo Hace un mes
David and Alan got -4 and -5. In an episode titles Quads and Quins
Tony S
Tony S Hace un mes
The Pakistani or Indian Kumar (who the F knows the donkey he was spawned from), is an England hating racist, as his CBBC children's voice over recently proved. The fact that wanker management at the Beeb hired this F pig is proof enough for me the BBC are so left wing now they're Momentum thugs in the disguise of nice people who care about this great country; As F ing if!
Coy Hace un mes
at 6:43 you can see a little error in the giraffe. Can't really explain it myself but neat.
John Steward
John Steward Hace un mes
What is the error?
Colin Meadley
Colin Meadley Hace un mes
Great show tonight but Nish Kumar's ingrationating laugh really jars.
ninik sulikah
ninik sulikah Hace un mes
Qi was so much better with steven fry ,, cant watch this woman
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
You sad pathetic individual. Watch the early series of QI B through F. Fry was not that great. Series A is best forgotten altogether.
Iin Retno
Iin Retno Hace un mes
🙏🖖🙏🖖🙏 THANK YOU!
ButacuP PucatuB
ButacuP PucatuB Hace un mes
The King of Arms is overdue for a pay rise!!!
Renzo Hace un mes
Big Ben is not the tower. Nor is it the clock. It is the bell.
Kate Hace un mes
I watched this just so I would stop seeing Nish in my recommendations.
Lynx South
Lynx South Hace un mes
Me, too. That thumbnail is atrocious.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
He's disgusting.
Nathan C
Nathan C Hace un mes
Nish Kumar = Wank.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
Aaron Robb
Aaron Robb Hace un mes
Please someone make that gif! Hahaha :,-)
JS 09
JS 09 Hace un mes
"were not supported by public funds at all, we get paid by the crown". Rich people are as dumb no matter the country!
Levi McGlinchey
Levi McGlinchey Hace un mes
Best thing about this episode is Aisling's blazer
trueheart78 Hace un mes
Aisling is such a delight 😊
John Steward
John Steward Hace un mes
Absolutely gorgeous.
Stefan Sharak
Stefan Sharak Hace un mes
Other apes can’t swim because they lack the webbing we as humans have on our fingers and toes. It also has something to do with body fat as well.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
@Nigel Tolley probably.
Nigel Tolley
Nigel Tolley Hace un mes
The other apes are too dense to swim.
Benjamin Lodi
Benjamin Lodi Hace un mes
I'm always sad when they interrupt David Mitchell in the middle of explaining "you want me to say X, but the real answer is Y", and he always looks so irritated afterward.
davidspackage Hace un mes
Yeah, I feel like QI could do with giving the guests a chance to contribute something Quite Interesting, like they did in the early days. Nowadays it mostly seems to be about tripping up the guests to say something wrong, and Sandi just rushes in with the correct answer without giving them much of a chance. I miss when a guest would just get points for telling an interesting story.
rgwholt Hace un mes
Nish Kumar is about as funny as Lung Cancer ....... what a knob
l337z0r Hace un mes
BBC have to meet their race quota. And he has that silly voice...
Robert Rivers
Robert Rivers Hace un mes
Quadriga still exists as Chuckwagon racing at the Calgary Stampede.
Rigel7WasAlreadyUsed Hace un mes
It's really easy to have too much Aisling.
Tom Leahy
Tom Leahy Hace un mes
Just recently stumbled upon qi shows, smashingly excellent!! Coming back for more. Best regards and ttfn TL.
The Cursing Photographer
The Cursing Photographer Hace un mes
I love these so much
Mark Audette
Mark Audette Hace un mes
I refuse to watch anything with Nish Kumar, unfunny left-wing wanker and another example of the downfall of the BBC.
Captain Calculus
Captain Calculus Hace un mes
I just can’t get into this show anymore. It’s past it
bowblizz Hace un mes
Brother Nish is rocking the jihadi look.
Jim Skea
Jim Skea Hace un mes
21:24 and in the end the pot was split 4 ways.... As were the women who had 56 kids!
LanDi3000 Hace un mes
Who does the thumbnail remind me of? I feel it’s missing a curved sword or something...
oyun oyna
oyun oyna Hace un mes
Calvin Limuel
Calvin Limuel Hace un mes
Thomas Savage
Thomas Savage Hace un mes
primates have muscle like corded steel no wonder they sink.
Whalesnamedshark Hace un mes
Thank you for posting
Grump Hace un mes
Just started the video, going to take a huge gamble and say that Nish spends 90% of his breath on brown/indian jokes
mojmir svoboda
mojmir svoboda Hace un mes
wow, Aisling was on fire this episode :)
roy coffey
roy coffey Hace un mes
Who does the subtitles??? ..... I have for (4) guests @ 0:37
PhantomObserver Hace un mes
It's always nice when Alan doesn't wind up in last place
let's go
let's go Hace un mes
I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of it until now, but I’d love for Susie Dent to be a QI guest. She’d be, as one might say, quite interesting.
Tobias Kraus
Tobias Kraus Hace 10 días
@Ex Essex You know that Jimmy was on QI, right? He was quite good. Although I agree, Dent would be awesome, too...
Ex Essex
Ex Essex Hace 17 días
It'd be nice for her to get away from Jimmy Carr who is a gifted comedian but also a total philistine.
Lainey Kat
Lainey Kat Hace 19 días
Ah, hello like-minded person! I love when she talks about pretty much anything, so it'd be amazing for QI to have her. I had a dream over the holidays where she was in the next episode I'd be watching; unfortunately that did not come true. :/ But it can still happen!
Cheez Factory
Cheez Factory Hace un mes
Best Italian accent I've ever heard.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
You need to get out of mum's basement
Dios67 Hace un mes
Isn't Kumar a bit too radical to be on a show like this? Never mind, its the BBC.
nirfz Hace un mes
Whenever i see Aisling Bee and Nish Kumar on panel shows, their spontaneous humor to me appears so much more funny than their normal (scripted?) commedy bits. Also regarding Mrs. Lagarde: she was convicted for negligent usage of tax money during her time as french minster for economy. (She didn't get any punishment, but hey, the money in question only made up 403 million € ;-) )
Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross Hace un mes
odds and ends
TeamBlizzFM Hace un mes
yermanoh Hace un mes
nish is a shithead
donks 01
donks 01 Hace un mes
Use fucking Celcius you weirdos. At least America pick one, imperial. By what logic does it make sense to you metric AND imperial.
donks 01
donks 01 Hace un mes
@Eric Minch as the kids say : r/facepalm I wonder if the males exaggerate in inches or centimetres?🤔😂
Eric Minch
Eric Minch Hace un mes
I've heard that they use whichever scale sounds more impressive, so in the winter they complain "Lordy it's below zero!" (in C), but in the summer they gripe "Heavens, it's almost 100" (in F).
donks 01
donks 01 Hace un mes
My understanding is that a horse can't win a race without a live jockey or no jockey at all after a guy had a heart attack and died in the saddle but crossed the line first. At the time there was no rule regarding this so one was put in place subsequently but that original case had to be recorded as the winner as it hadn't broken any rules. (Might have even heard on QI and haven't fact checked!!!!!)
Ray Watson
Ray Watson Hace un mes
Google pictures of swimming giraffes - and be surprised
Lynx South
Lynx South Hace un mes
@Ray Watson That's what I said, walking through deep water. Standing upright looks like they're walking, not swimming.
Ray Watson
Ray Watson Hace un mes
@Lynx South I found at least three giraffes in deep water in a river
Lynx South
Lynx South Hace un mes
I did, and not a single picture looked like anything but giraffes walking through deep water.
Preppy New Zealand
Preppy New Zealand Hace un mes
Sandi has no shoulders
Jürgen Erhard
Jürgen Erhard Hace un mes
I just love episodes where the winner has a negative score.
Donna Marie
Donna Marie Hace un mes
My sisters are Quad's, but Mum and Dad still had to pay tax! The joys of living "down-under"
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
At least the weather is nice
bluegreenplanet89 Hace un mes
Two of my favourite guests in the same episode! Aisling and David!
Lumpy Hace un mes
sandi makes me fully erect
Ian Dalziel
Ian Dalziel Hace un mes
I love a good 'stand-up' comedian! :- )
Palanthis Hace un mes
In Malay, Orang Utan means "Old man of the forest".
Irvin Lim
Irvin Lim Hace un mes
Sasi Kumar Rajenthran Yup. Orang = man, Utan/Hutan = forest. No mention of old.
Sasi Kumar Rajenthran
Sasi Kumar Rajenthran Hace un mes
Isn't it just "Man of the Forest"?
szczurek2725 Hace un mes
Aisling Sandi impression is at 22:50 :)
Kendra D
Kendra D Hace un mes
I'd love to hear the Mitchell logic about why keeping Hungary Hungarian is racist.
Sitting Still
Sitting Still Hace un mes
Kendra D He wrote an OP-ED for Guardian a few years ago on how the term is used these days. The OP ED came across really balanced to me in calling for a more meaningful use of the term. _Edited for clarity_
Kendra D
Kendra D Hace un mes
Let's hope, I really like David Mitchell. That word is thrown around so casually anymore, it no longer has any real meaning.
Sitting Still
Sitting Still Hace un mes
I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic. Others seem to prefer the other interpretation though.
Grant Harding
Grant Harding Hace un mes
Darren Naish, one of the scientists on the giraffe study, has an excellent blog and podcast called Tetrapod Zoology.
Marcelo Glenadel
Marcelo Glenadel Hace un mes
And so we discover why giraffes are so tall: as they can't swim, they've evolved to be able to reach the bottom even in very deep rivers.
Ukie Hag
Ukie Hag Hace un mes
Wow! BritBox hasn't even loaded this episode yet on Amazon Prime. Pcromabe has magical powers indeed.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Grunthos The Flatulent Hace un mes
Can't get Brit box in Australia
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