PVRIS - Hallucinations

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Nightblue Music

Nightblue Music

Hace 6 meses

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PVRIS - Hallucinations

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pepsi Atlas
pepsi Atlas Hace 11 días
huh. thats not too shabby
Ai Karyusai
Ai Karyusai Hace un mes
Awesome music and the Background.. sweet* :3
Jeanne _
Jeanne _ Hace 2 meses
The music matches the girl tbh. Great and beautiful.
Apoc J
Apoc J Hace 3 meses
Castelhano Hace 3 meses
Elite Wolf
Elite Wolf Hace 4 meses
My ocd is hurting because one of my new earbuds is louder than the other just enough for me to notice
Mike S
Mike S Hace 4 meses
Something special about this song. I have replayed since the post about 10 times
lukas Hace 5 meses
so damn good *-*
Liam Kadenbach
Liam Kadenbach Hace 5 meses
Everything about this song is so good
Raul Tiron
Raul Tiron Hace 5 meses
May I use this song to create a level in a game?
DarkWiN14 & Kenzo75
DarkWiN14 & Kenzo75 Hace 5 meses
Man, the bass you've make out of the first chorus was so actually great, like, the bass hit really hard. and the lyrics are awesome too, great job overall ! i would sub twice if i could legitimately, but i can't, so for the time being, enjoy a like from me, cause i am already subed,
ʃίરε Ȼλκε
ʃίરε Ȼλκε Hace 5 meses
Emrah Amir
Emrah Amir Hace 5 meses
efsane bee
Otaku Gaming
Otaku Gaming Hace 5 meses
Imagine the girl in the Background is singing this song, Idk why, but in my opinion it could be rlly her whos singing
ASOTFAN16 Hace 5 meses
The song is just as pretty as the pic :3
baSh Hace 5 meses
loving this
Anna ok
Anna ok Hace 5 meses
Ra1S Hace 5 meses
eee boy!
AlphaBoy2020 Hace 5 meses
Damn, I hooked hearing this one, awesome!
Rainbow Masquerade
Rainbow Masquerade Hace 5 meses
I must of been having Hallucinations yesterday, cause I didn't like or comment this video with my squad when this first dropped I'm sorry!!
Tibike Hace 5 meses
I just love this song!
bk-x records 記錄
bk-x records 記錄 Hace 5 meses
M a g n i f i c e n t 💎🥂🌞💙
Hope Singing Life
Hope Singing Life Hace 6 meses
Yaay they made it on here again I love their music ❤❤
Bretharus Hace 6 meses
Such a great song
Denzel Weathers
Denzel Weathers Hace 6 meses
This song Heat🔥🔥🔥.
Angelic Demon
Angelic Demon Hace 6 meses
Love it 💞
Neptune Pluto
Neptune Pluto Hace 6 meses
The beat drop is just so good in this song I had to put it in my playlist
danny sohilait
danny sohilait Hace 6 meses
Perfect track 🎯
雪下Yukino Hace 6 meses
Love ur videos night :3
Василий Джуган
Василий Джуган Hace 6 meses
apolloF117 Hace 6 meses
yay, love you!
Tofy Fathy
Tofy Fathy Hace 6 meses
Nice . Such a great song on my crush's birthday
Otaku Gaming
Otaku Gaming Hace 6 meses
Lyrics: [Verse 1] Falling backwards What  comes after the words you said? They  knocked us from our high I always thought we'd have another life Dancing alone Left  in shadows I  paint you in the corner of my mind Pull the colors from the rays of light [Pre-Chorus] Close  my eyes, I can't erase you (I can't erase you) [Chorus] Hallucinations, you occupy My imagination's running wild New  sensations, sweet temptations I can't tell what's real and what's... [Verse 2] So much breakage I see your face in blank spaces I'm hearing voices out of my TV Silent songs what they're singing to me [Pre-Chorus] Close my eyes, I can't embrace you (Embrace you, embrace you) We're not close, but I still taste you (Still taste you, still taste you) [Chorus] Hallucinations, you occupy My imagination's running wild New sensations, sweet temptations I can't tell what's real and what's Hallucinations, they satisfy Our imagination's running wild New sensations, sweet temptations I can't tell what's real and what's [Bridge] Hallucinations, -nations, -nations Hallucinations, -nations, -nations Hallucinations, -nations, -nations Hallucinations (I can't tell what's real and what's...) [Chorus] (Oh) Hallucinations, you occupy My imagination's running wild New sensations, sweet temptations (I can't tell) I can't tell what's real and what's
Otaku Gaming
Otaku Gaming Hace 6 meses
My eares r halucinating, this is too beautyfull for this universe🔊🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎚🎚🎚🎛🎛🎚🎚🎚
Jaz Per
Jaz Per Hace 6 meses
what the hell, I glossed over this when looking at PVRIS songs totally thinking it was probably nothing, but holy fire track batman
Vinay S
Vinay S Hace 5 meses
Same xD
Jeck Mars
Jeck Mars Hace 6 meses
PVRIS's music are fire♥️😁 this is my no.1 fave now of PVRIS music, second to The Death of me!
chris tps
chris tps Hace 6 meses
good song broo 👌
Kura Howl
Kura Howl Hace 6 meses
As always, a wonderful song and an absolutely gorgeous picture. Thanks Night blue!
Gifs With Meme
Gifs With Meme Hace 6 meses
the beat make me wona dance
Timothy Kwek
Timothy Kwek Hace 6 meses
Great upload by PVRIS! I love it~
fari fari
fari fari Hace 6 meses
totally adding this to my dope gaming music miiix :D
fari fari
fari fari Hace 6 meses
ayy nightblue uploaded ofc im gonna listen
NxC Hace 6 meses
T Heroic
T Heroic Hace 6 meses
This picture is really beautiful 😊
RetrixG3 Hace 6 meses
Great beat and vibe to it!! Ya love to see it
Krisztian Jakab
Krisztian Jakab Hace 6 meses
The beats beats me outta me if that makes sense. lol BG looks similiar to gurl from "Masamune-kun no revenge" anime, but its just a random art tho xD
Alexander Hace 6 meses
Wow, when I was this early my comment was pinned
Alexander Hace 6 meses
@Hydrogen shhh late me have this moment
SyntaxW Hace 6 meses
This is fire
Christopher K
Christopher K Hace 6 meses
Have just had this song in repeat is so good xD
ZeroTwoChan Hace 6 meses
KonLest Hace 6 meses
945 V
Nigito Shizuno
Nigito Shizuno Hace 6 meses
Whoever disliked is gonna have a hard time.
Андрей Шевчуков
Андрей Шевчуков Hace 6 meses
Dups Hace 6 meses
love it pls make more
Tân Nguyễn
Tân Nguyễn Hace 6 meses
5min late but all right also nice song
Sicko Lyrics
Sicko Lyrics Hace 6 meses
This song is very nice + Background it is very very very nice
prreor Hace 5 meses
Tyrese Hace 5 meses
evan carrasco
evan carrasco Hace 5 meses
ʃίરε Ȼλκε
ʃίરε Ȼλκε Hace 5 meses
Eidonium Hace 6 meses
ooh the vibe
KroNox Hace 6 meses
Ela Ela
Ela Ela Hace 6 meses
Super 💙🌺! 📚
Tavi Black
Tavi Black Hace 6 meses
Great song as always!
sam cornish
sam cornish Hace 6 meses
Murtuza Salman
Murtuza Salman Hace 6 meses
5 views 25 likes.
Milica Miljkovic
Milica Miljkovic Hace 6 meses
OddKid Music
OddKid Music Hace 6 meses
Yo lets get its havent been on here for a while + really love that background :)
Tomer Yud
Tomer Yud Hace 5 meses
nevermind wlop didnt make it
Tomer Yud
Tomer Yud Hace 5 meses
@Hydrogen wait wlop made it?? i love him
Denzel Weathers
Denzel Weathers Hace 6 meses
Damn straight.
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