PVRIS - Death of Me (Official Music Video)

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Download/Stream: pvr.is/deathofme
New Hallucinations out now: pvr.is/hallucinations
Director: Katharine White
Producer: Krista Worby
Death of Me | Lyrics
This love looks like a loaded gun
A noose around my neck or a sweet poison
If its gets in the wrong hands then we’re fucked
Cause heaven knows
what you do to me
You could chain me up or set me free
You could suffocate or let me breathe
Baby you could be the death of me
Maybe I’m crazy
I know you’re danger
Baby you could be, you could be
I’m falling, fading and seeing angels
Baby you could be the death of me
One man’s hell is another's god
It’s all about perspective, a parallax
You’re a cold blooded killer only after dark
But I don’t mind
Cause I’m a sucker do I’ll do about anything
Just to get those hands on me
Keep me hanging on so desperately
Baby you could be the death of me
Maybe I’m crazy
I know you’re danger
Baby you could be, you could be
I’m falling, fading and seeing angels
Baby you could be the death of me
Heaven knows what you do to me
let you chain me up or set me free
You could suffocate or let me breathe

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Anna Ramsey
Anna Ramsey Hace 2 horas
Lol scrolling through the comment thread everyone saying their style has switched up but they still “amazing” lol they are only showing everyone what they really are. Satanists.
MellowSoul Hace un día
The hand emotions, head movements, and lights behind her at 1:12 are intriguing AF!
Jeremy Ries
Jeremy Ries Hace un día
JackBauered770 Hace un día
This song makes me wanna have angry gay sex
erikainthesky Hace un día
this is some sexy shit
kittyp330 Hace 3 días
I seriously can't stop listening to this. Please never ever stop putting out music that reaches threw my skin and bones and grips my heart. the beat becomes your pulse till the song is done. idk how you guys do it but it gets me every time.
Sinead Haynes
Sinead Haynes Hace 3 días
the amount of snakes in the music video is making me want to buy a snake ._.
Ezeq B
Ezeq B Hace 4 días
Damn this new song is so cool!!!
Luiza Correa
Luiza Correa Hace 4 días
That 'WOO' made me 1000 times gayer
meliza McCormick p4l
meliza McCormick p4l Hace 5 días
Ni el tiempo hace que dejen de ser tan buenos. I'm in love
rockin' robin
rockin' robin Hace 5 días
"You're a cold blooded killed only after dark but I don't mind" idky but I'm IN LOVE with that line
Togusa Hace 5 días
I'm jealous of all those people who get to touch Lynn.
Rachael Hoye
Rachael Hoye Hace 5 días
Every single song is superb! They never disappoint ❤️
Megan Elaine
Megan Elaine Hace 5 días
Lol this video was the death of me
slnnersneversleep Hace 5 días
goddamnit im dead
Anthony McHale
Anthony McHale Hace 6 días
Just nasty good!!!!!
katya banks
katya banks Hace 6 días
i love how their music videos just keep getting more and more sexual 😂
katalyst2000 Og
katalyst2000 Og Hace 6 días
Naya Gothica
Naya Gothica Hace 6 días
seventhseance Hace 7 días
Nobody: Me: to all the people saying they're going away from their old music. How about you play or listen to the same band for 6 years and tell me you don't want to hear something else. Change is good. Exploration is good. Experiments are good. It took me a minute to get used to the song because it was different too...but now im obsessed with this song. You can't expect people or bands to stay the same forever
THiS GuY JeFF Hace 7 días
We are blessed to have em!
Valics Hace 8 días
I love almost all song from their first album, this song seems too fancy for me
RealBloom Hace 8 días
Do we have any chances to see behind the scenes :3
J James
J James Hace 8 días
love love this, i play it every dayyy. obessed
击ece Hace 9 días
im WEEPING i stg
Justin's Code
Justin's Code Hace 9 días
im about as gay as one can get but I'm straight for lynn gunn
Lizette Martínez
Lizette Martínez Hace 10 días
Solo vine por tuá💗
Tasha Mc Dermott
Tasha Mc Dermott Hace 11 días
Listening to this (for, like... the 30 thousandth time) from the top righthand corner of the U.S. in Portland, Maine right now! Where are ya'll listening from and how excited are you for the new album to come out?
Brontide Recluse
Brontide Recluse Hace 11 días
Badass band
Luis Dominguez J
Luis Dominguez J Hace 12 días
MY GOD!!!....Awesome song, i love PVRIS ...i'm anxiously waiting for the new album :)
Geovana Lima
Geovana Lima Hace 12 días
please give me the new music vinyl
Domo _
Domo _ Hace 12 días
Люцифер Hace 13 días
Ура! Новая Песня! Кто из рашки - лайк
saeklin Hace 14 días
Play it at 0.75x speed. Enjoy.
Pat Thomas
Pat Thomas Hace 14 días
Kristina Schiano brought me here
Alli C
Alli C Hace 14 días
Kelsey Brown
Kelsey Brown Hace 15 días
Wifey and the dudes back at it with the tasty jams. 😍
Tabbz8645 Hace 15 días
Seriously though where do I sign up be the people that just touch her?
Juan Gonzalo
Juan Gonzalo Hace 16 días
Pvris is the best musical band
Sis Anej
Sis Anej Hace 17 días
New favorite song of all time you've done it again Lynn Gunn
mic mor
mic mor Hace 17 días
honestly disappointing to read the comments suggesting that an artist can’t move in a different direction musically. it’d be weird to think that every song that comes from pvris will sound like something from white noise... artists grow and change .. as they should ... i always see the same kind of ppl who always equate an artist/band evolving its sound to trying to appeal to the public and become “mainstream” when that isn’t the case. anyways. i lov this song and it has the essence of pvris within it regardless of the effects. i’m looking forward to the new album!!!!!
Miss Independent
Miss Independent Hace 18 días
I have listened to this song about 100 times. And I'm still not sick of it!
Damon Reed
Damon Reed Hace 18 días
Start of a new generation for rock. Love you guys you make me cry and I love you with all my heart 😍
Lel E
Lel E Hace 19 días
Had to replay this because my ears had an orgasm
Hu Ssss
Hu Ssss Hace 19 días
And she acting
songohan511 Hace 19 días
When will the next album come people?
Emrel Hace 20 días
This was worth the wait. Damn. Fuck. Lynn Gunn please marry me.
Emrel Hace 20 días
Okay, but how’s fucking cool is Pvris
Cesare Paolucci
Cesare Paolucci Hace 21 un día
Two years worth of waiting for this eargasm. Please someone out there turn my being into a female because I am fucking gay for Lynn Gunn. How this song is mesmerizing me ffs? I love it to death! A new era is began. They're back!
netkooper Hace 21 un día
Can't stop listening to it...
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson Hace 22 días
I come back to this still a lot because I still don’t know how I feel about it. It’s not a bad song by all means- Maybe my least favorite. Considering this song solely produced by Lynn (and of course the producer that helped) this may have been a song that resonates with her or the band. Not all music is personally for fans.
Lxxxs Y
Lxxxs Y Hace 22 días
that song is stuck in my head for 3 days now!
oh • com
oh • com Hace 22 días
Lynn is rly sumit else, wow
Sofia V.
Sofia V. Hace 22 días
I haven't listened to this band in ages and wow, Lynn looks so different
Dan Parker
Dan Parker Hace 22 días
The more I listen the more I like...
Dmitry Greb
Dmitry Greb Hace 23 días
Kursed One
Kursed One Hace 23 días
Yes, their back..or never left idk...im geeked tho
Stuey Star
Stuey Star Hace 24 días
Its different but I'm living for it.
alexx Hace 24 días
I need help because this song took my breath away and made me suffocate. 🤷‍♀️❤
Gio Hace 24 días
you guys never disappoint. amazing job
T Y Hace 24 días
Soo good ❤️❤️
Paola Castillo Seguel
Paola Castillo Seguel Hace 24 días
4ever with You!
Endtyme Hace 25 días
WHAT HAPPENED HERE? This is not the same band who did two of the best contemporary records of the last decade..this is a pop joke. What a disgusting surprise. 😣
Mike B.
Mike B. Hace 25 días
This should be called "Let dem bitties breath" lol.
Dezigns by Sandra Lee
Dezigns by Sandra Lee Hace 25 días
I love these guys! Great job!! As always loving me some PVRIS!!
ʀᴇʟᴀxɪɴɢ ᴛᴇᴀ
ʀᴇʟᴀxɪɴɢ ᴛᴇᴀ Hace 26 días
Am I hearing this right or does she sound exactly like Ariana Grande?
At The Bricks
At The Bricks Hace 26 días
Vibes of Britney here eh!?
AestheticPotato Hace 26 días
Lynn Gunn is the death of ME
monica h
monica h Hace 26 días
Are they no longer with rise records?
Suvar Hace 26 días
I am from Kristina )
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