Putting Weird Things In A Hot Glue Gun (Test)

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Hace un mes

Today, we're seeing what we can make putting weird things through a hot glue gun! GMM #1748
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gmmgood mythical morningrhettandlinkrhett and link

LukeTheMan 2008
LukeTheMan 2008 Hace 4 horas
5:50 6:00 that’s what she said
Oath Hace 5 horas
7:37 He on X games mode
Megan Brusnahan
Megan Brusnahan Hace 23 horas
I'm such a fan of the new "blooper reel" feel of these episodes!!! Too funny!
justPlainOl'CommonSense Hace un día
I think this quarantine has helped them become even better friends
Amarina Maloney
Amarina Maloney Hace un día
When camping u can roast gummy bear over the camp fire and they become even better
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Hace un día
They have the quarantine hair
Bethany Shultz
Bethany Shultz Hace un día
Yesss mythical editors, keep doing those random *beeeeeeps*
hay do fen
Queen Jen Jen
Queen Jen Jen Hace un día
LMBO MAN if you wanted melted ,gooey,gummy bears,well ..your welcome hahaha love you guys!
Queen Jen Jen
Queen Jen Jen Hace un día
lmbo i just dont know,at this point,rhett an link are tweenies trying experiment with their sisters toys XD
sara kate
sara kate Hace un día
Well this experiment didn’t work AT ALL lol
Fluffyfluff Fox
Fluffyfluff Fox Hace 2 días
With the eggs and cheese it looks like they made a homemade zit
Oliver McLean
Oliver McLean Hace 2 días
The quick cuts are so halarious I can’t stop laughing lmaooo
CosmicBrambleclawV2 Hace 2 días
This video is basically a product review for Barbie xD takes 2 grown men to break one
Dedalus94 Hace 2 días
Wh... But... Huh?
BuzzbyK YT
BuzzbyK YT Hace 2 días
7:37 OOHH YAH to oh look at that
Kia Redman
Kia Redman Hace 2 días
I've never head a more justified guttural "OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" 🤣🤣🤣
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Hace 2 días
What’s the other 10%? WHATS THE OTHER 10%???!!??
Shannan.b Hace 3 días
I just watched two men desperately struggle to mutilate a Barbie doll.
ThiccBusanBaddiesOnly Hace 3 días
When this channel ends the whole world will collapse. Istg I love Rhett and link so much, I’ve been watching them for many years
Manny Is Mood
Manny Is Mood Hace 3 días
*The Barbie part got me 😂*
The Yolo Gamer
The Yolo Gamer Hace 4 días
Damn they are older than the last time I saw them
L S Hace 4 días
seems like two 16 year olds experimenting and trying to make.. with...stuff :D :D
Viktor Cacor
Viktor Cacor Hace 4 días
4:06 - 4:10 try it blindfolded.
Victoria’s Cabinet
Victoria’s Cabinet Hace 4 días
The hair was looking rather majestic that day.
Jade Hace 4 días
Ive never seen two men looking as though they’re fighting over a barbie but i was pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed that
Obsidian _Fløøf
Obsidian _Fløøf Hace 4 días
Why do they look cute together? Or is just me.?
Alex Krayons
Alex Krayons Hace 4 días
Netflix: anybody still watching? Somebody's daughter: 5:21
Darkest Serenity
Darkest Serenity Hace 4 días
you guys are nuts lol
Martianmellow Hace 4 días
7:50 every guy watching felt that
ExoticPotatoFish Hace 5 días
damn they’ve changed
Kittenvibe Hace 5 días
It’s a syringe with a tube why didn’t you just slurp it in the syringe
Jsool 7
Jsool 7 Hace 5 días
Brooo I havent watched their episodes since 2018 and I’m seeing their hair and attitudes and I LOVE IT!! wtf happened?😂😂
stacy LeAnn
stacy LeAnn Hace 5 días
XxSunpie GachaxX
XxSunpie GachaxX Hace 5 días
I forgot how interesting these are😅
Light summer Korea
Light summer Korea Hace 5 días
Everything around us is always changing but these guys never do😂 love y’all 😛✨
Goldenboysantos19 GBS19
Goldenboysantos19 GBS19 Hace 5 días
I'm ready to put thing into thing into another thing🤣🤣🤣
Dragonborn Skyrim
Dragonborn Skyrim Hace 5 días
Pancake creampie
LeeAnna LASISTER Hace 5 días
Little kids ripping apart barbies and two grown men can't
The Duck Guy
The Duck Guy Hace 5 días
“Putting things in things” Yes. Putting things in things indeed
WILLIAM CHAN Hace 6 días
Petition for Rhett to keep his surfer hair
thekrustycrab Hace 6 días
“ I’ll ram any rod you got” - Rhett 2020
A thro ugh Z
A thro ugh Z Hace 6 días
The reason barbies are so strong I so when sibling fight over them they don’t break
DarknoorX Hace 6 días
This was madness. Loved it.
Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Hace 6 días
This video is giving me crackhead sleepover vibes and I’m loving it😂❤️
Kieran Wood
Kieran Wood Hace 6 días
If I heard this episode without watching it, I’d probably never watch GMM ever again 😂
Kev Hace 6 días
It’s crazy how You guys have been doing this for about 10 YEARS keep it up
inflicted eyes
inflicted eyes Hace 6 días
It went from AAAAARRGHHHH to yea
Elizabeth Thornburgh
Elizabeth Thornburgh Hace 6 días
E l i z a b e t h is typing...
awesome brendan gamer
awesome brendan gamer Hace 6 días
when did you get that beard rhett
Natalie Elfner
Natalie Elfner Hace 6 días
Rhett and Link trying and failing to pull apart a Barbie is something I never knew I needed
Gabrielle Hernandez
Gabrielle Hernandez Hace 7 días
This was all over the place and I loved it! Couldn’t stop laughing at the Barbies noodle arm lol
Diesel 300
Diesel 300 Hace 7 días
The barbie is pretty close to how a 3D printing pen works. Heat plastic and push it through the nozzle.
MsCcase Hace 7 días
Ian malcom disapproves
DetourGaming Hace 7 días
I feel super nostalgic watching this! A return to form for Rhett and Link! 😂😂
Victoria Gillihan
Victoria Gillihan Hace 7 días
Few bears bush pull few bears push pull
Victoria Gillihan
Victoria Gillihan Hace 7 días
Inside of things
Victoria Gillihan
Victoria Gillihan Hace 7 días
We’re going to put things that shouldn’t be in things. 2020
Jah TV
Jah TV Hace 7 días
So embarrassing grown man that can’t break a Barbie doll😂
Lance dudding
Lance dudding Hace 7 días
I can't stand rets hair
Poo Poo
Poo Poo Hace 7 días
Netflix:Are you still watching Somebody's daughter: 5:18
Deen M
Deen M Hace 7 días
How many men does it take to dismember a Barbie? Two men. It takes two grown ass men.
Sarah Jennings
Sarah Jennings Hace 7 días
Best 3am ESwomen find! Forgot how much I missed watching the traditional GMM
Tori Jeanette
Tori Jeanette Hace 7 días
Loved this episode!!!! PERFECTION
its britto bitch
its britto bitch Hace 7 días
i"ve heard on the night of a full moon, they combine to make paul rudd
Sarah Morrison
Sarah Morrison Hace 7 días
When they started pulling the barbie apart, I saw that cup and knew right away what was about to happen lol
Sofia Smith
Sofia Smith Hace 8 días
5:36 i have never seen link be so quiet ever before
alex ander
alex ander Hace 8 días
and 10 prosent air
H0LY SLAYER Hace 8 días
Beth Griffith
Beth Griffith Hace 8 días
I think this episode is so chaotic because they've been saving it up in quarantine 😂
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