Push Notifications: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

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Hace 28 días

John Oliver explains what type of news should - and shouldn’t - warrant a push notification.
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Chris Hill
Chris Hill Hace 5 horas
Excellent coverage of the democratic primary John. Zero mention of the chaos in Iowa in the latest episode. Is it still too early to pay attention to the democratic primary as you said this time last year? Better to discuss Trump's show trial?
Da Bomb
Da Bomb Hace 6 horas
Why is he so corny?..
joseph braun
joseph braun Hace 7 horas
Does this guy seem like a complete douche or what!!!
N Marrs
N Marrs Hace 8 horas
I don’t use push notifications cause I knew instantly that I wouldn’t need it and that it was really just a way to keep you “the addict” attached to their products.
rockn roll
rockn roll Hace 13 horas
any upcoming vids on the left wing media who is shooting themselves in the foot.. yet again
David Hay
David Hay Hace 20 horas
Real audience?
Gnomicality Hace 13 horas
David Hay Yeah
i used to like john oliver when he was fighting against bad governments around the world , i come from france where our president macron is destoying the middle class with taxes , a retirement reform where rich get richer and poor poorer , and he has given money to the police to crash the protests from ordinary people why don't u talk about the authoritarianism of macron ??????? please mr oliver i beg u , protests started 15 months ago we have more than 5 people who have their hand blown ( i don t know how to say they lost their hands by grenades from the police ) more than twenty eyes blown by a gun called lbd40 , 3 people killed by the police ( 3 who are famous and we exactly know who or which regiment did it ,but they are more ) : MADAME ZINEB REDOUANE , a granny who was in her house shot in the head by a tear gas grenade from the police while peaceful protesters were passing in her street , MONSIEUR STEVE MAIA CANICO drawn in a river "la loire" when police pushed 20 people in the river to stop " la fête de la musique " the music party at 6am with dogs grenades teargas flashball , only 19 people went back on the ground steve drawned , MONSIEUR CEDRIC CHOUVIAT a motorcycle deliverer who didn't have his driving licence was strangled with his helmet , the police told his wife he was in the police precint while he was dead in a hospital than they said to her he was dead from a heart attack , those 3 in a few month and there is no account of the migrants or "gangsters" ( or so called by the police ) killed by them , only 1 policeman was fired from duty and sentenced to 3 months in jail ( without going in , french laws ... ) some violent police officers received " la légion d'honneur " created by napoleon !!! a decoration who gives a lot of priviliege . please mr oliver the yellow vets beg u to talk to the world about this mad motherfucker emmanuel macron it would be a start to get rid of him
Gnomicality Hace 13 horas
VOILA POURQUOI He still does that stuff, but they do take a while to research enough to be able to talk about. I agree that issue needs to be addressed. To bring it full circle, it sounds like the kind of issue you would need a push notification for.
Toddpunchify Hace un día
I should call my Mum...
moose inbeesocks
moose inbeesocks Hace un día
that 1% joke you kiiiiiind of stole from NPR forgiven though perfect execution
some one
some one Hace un día
Is there no more last week tonight or something? Nothing new since this video.
Slap Stick Comedy
Slap Stick Comedy Hace un día
John Oliver looks like a ball of clay that was smoothed out by someone with motor problems
Jenifer R.
Jenifer R. Hace un día
How did you miss the spelling/grammar clusterfuck in the last "push" image? Seriously! You had this NEXT TO YOUR FACE while yelling at it and didn't notice it was a fake! But don't worry - I have five tips for how to "answers them"... 1) Fire your research staff. 2) Hire new research staff. 3) Make sure your research staff can read. 4) Make sure your research staff can READ. 5) Check their work.
Un ix
Un ix Hace 2 días
As Mr Oliver has AT&T, it's unlikely that he'll need to worry about push notifications actually reaching him.
eddyk Hace 2 días
I ignore all alerts from my phone on bed except for the BBC alert.... in case the Queen’s dead.
Feral the Earthworm
Feral the Earthworm Hace 2 días
I've had 90% of mine turned off for years now
Gnomicality Hace 13 horas
Feral the Earthworm I honestly just have youtube alerts lil
Ajila Waya
Ajila Waya Hace 2 días
Isaac The Red
Isaac The Red Hace 2 días
Thanks Samsung, I totally needed to know that this Sonic plush is non-canon because you can see its feet.
Seashell Os
Seashell Os Hace 2 días
John, if you scroll down the videos on your page, you can literally see you aging.
Just Bangers
Just Bangers Hace 2 días
One of the most unfunny clips of this show
Cameron Brtnik
Cameron Brtnik Hace 3 días
I disabled all my push notifications...and I haven't returned a single dm in over a year
Modern Combat
Modern Combat Hace 3 días
Siri repeately goes on when he says „in theory“ at 0:30😂
Robe Hace 3 días
When will there be a John Oliver Stand Up tour? If he came anywhere near Northern Europe I would go see that
MST Hace 3 días
I like John except when he screams that he did a joke. It's quite a bit cringy.
John Borneman
John Borneman Hace 3 días
Sorry. Didn't get the Joke
zarzarbeast Hace 3 días
Reminder: John Oliver is not a US Citizen. He is a foreign agent meddling in US elections. Not a citizen. "Of particular concern to Oliver is Trump's executive actions on immigration, which he fears could worsen. He is not an American citizen himself." www.newsweek.com/john-oliver-stephen-colbert-immigration-554163
trinityfang Hace 4 días
no matter how shitty the world may seem, this man always seems to brighten my week.
jonas90 Hace 4 días
I don't even believe that there are apps with push notifications by default. I only have like 2/3 apps with those active. All the rest are disabled. What kind of maniac would have them all of them turned on? Actually, why having a news apps anyway? Important news cross all outlets, you would know in questions of minutes or hours.
stock exchange
stock exchange Hace 4 días
I really dont think you should have a break in making last week tonight. Because every break you have its like a premonition that bad thing that you should have cover but you cant so you finally decided not to, happens.
Man From Uncool
Man From Uncool Hace 5 días
In a style best described as slipshod... manfromuncool.blogspot.com/2020/02/eggsproofofreincarnation.html
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams Hace 5 días
John Oliver I've been watching your show I'm from Jamaica it's my nerd brother introduced me to your show I'm not criticizing that's he's a nerd🤣🤣🤣..at times he can be but otherwise tho I'd love a shout out on your show 💯💯💯💯
TheHikingnut Hace 5 días
I think tRump has already provided most of this coming season.
paco ramon
paco ramon Hace 5 días
Thank God my mommy can't die.
B Hace 5 días
When tf is this show coming back?
Big Brain Man Chris
Big Brain Man Chris Hace 5 días
omg I thought he was being serious for a second! mummy's not gonna die!
L u c a s
L u c a s Hace 5 días
PLEASE do a show on the Iowa caucus. That shit show needs to be broken down.
W. C. Orielly
W. C. Orielly Hace 5 días
My mom died a few years ago... I think his joke would funnier to those who haven't lost their moms yet... I get it... But it's just not very funny to someone who knows that pain...
kindlin Hace 3 horas
Phew, that's a buzzkill moment. Legitimately sorry, but you're basically missing the entire point of the joke, which just that, it's a joke.
Jean Pau Prince/Brooklyn Dorisca
Jean Pau Prince/Brooklyn Dorisca Hace 5 días
Shame he's only on 1 nite a week
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese Hace 5 días
So this is more important than coronavirus?
Lani Kiss
Lani Kiss Hace 6 días
Can I just say that as an aspiring Anthropologist, the Neanderthal child being eaten by a bird is pretty interesting to me. I already knew that, but still.
Stephanie A
Stephanie A Hace 6 días
When is this show back? I need my Last Week Tonight fix!
Amrita Nair
Amrita Nair Hace 6 días
i waiting for new videos
Dale Jennings
Dale Jennings Hace 6 días
Hey I don't know if you have heard that South Dakota is on meth...but South Dakota's totally on meth. You are letting me down John, get on this asap.
wHw_Syxx Hace 6 días
Shrek is love, Shrek is life.
Anko Ranko
Anko Ranko Hace 6 días
Rylac Zero
Rylac Zero Hace 7 días
Push Notifications are to bring web apps functionally close to native mobile apps. There are several other features on the way, check Project Fugu.
John Lewis
John Lewis Hace 7 días
It’s February where is the new video at John ????
Kiri 36
Kiri 36 Hace 7 días
I came from the future. It still isn’t on yet
Jan Kompos
Jan Kompos Hace 7 días
love the intro
Cerbyo Hace 7 días
I disabled my bell, I don't read any responses to my genius.
Cerbyo Hace 7 días
Hi Charlotte
mike tang
mike tang Hace 7 días
love the show but when john is off the air and he does web content how is cheering in the studio???? does he get an audience to sit for the bit and then tell them to piss off?!
Priscilla Austin
Priscilla Austin Hace 8 días
It's February.... where's John?
Priscilla Austin
Priscilla Austin Hace 8 días
Just realized it's not Sunday night, is he coming on tomorrow???
Cynthia Thornton
Cynthia Thornton Hace 8 días
These are clearly fake. There's no way a phone with AT&T had internet long enough to receive these headlines. (Come on, John, I'm doing your job for you here!)
jcast39 Hace 2 horas
yeee peepee
yeee peepee Hace 8 días
Mike Sankey
Mike Sankey Hace 8 días
Nothing online I need to know now..I blocked all notifications for all apps,
James Mines
James Mines Hace 8 días
John You are fucking slipping.
Andrew Falconer
Andrew Falconer Hace 8 días
Fuck. I wish I had the job security to take a month (or two) off from work and still have a job when I return. For fuck sake.
Phillip Riggins
Phillip Riggins Hace 8 días
Great video, thanks for posting this video!!!! LOL
Huby Blake
Huby Blake Hace 9 días
Except that miracles do exist. Verified by countless people and caught on camera by respected journalists like Mike Willesee.
alpha_хopek Hace 9 días
damn i didnt get the 3:26 JOKE explain plz :(
Wonda Connor
Wonda Connor Hace 9 días
Your elegance is indescribable
Ender Wolf
Ender Wolf Hace 9 días
WHEN IN FEBRUARY,,,,JOHN,,!!!!!!! WHEN????!?!?!?!?!???!!!!
Lavish Sainani
Lavish Sainani Hace 9 días
Where are you JO , the impeachment is over, Damn. Thanks Jimmy K was there. Your show has a purpose that is more than entertainment, you know that right?
Fuggetaboutit Hace 9 días
Imagine my predicament when I recieve push notifications from channels I havent subscribed to let alone had notifications on.
Let's learn English and Paragraphs
Let's learn English and Paragraphs Hace 9 días
Jerry Rodriguez
Jerry Rodriguez Hace 9 días
3:32 AIR HORN!
Plucky Bellhop
Plucky Bellhop Hace 9 días
Where are you guys on the impeachment acquittal? Reeally curious about your take.
Light River
Light River Hace 10 días
I didn't actually get that LV and Milk Joke......
RabeeK Hace 10 días
The writers of the show are geniuses, this was very edgy humor but had me spitting my food out of laughter lol.
TheMissbehaven1 Hace 11 días
John Oliver! Where are you? AMERICA NEEDS YOU.....just can't get them to understand ....
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