Purgatony Episode 08 - What?! Dreams May Come?!

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Tony Pergatelli is a low level bureaucrat in Purgatory - a claims adjustor for Death. Day in and day out, Tony reviews the files of the newly dead and decides singlehandedly whether they’re approved or denied to get into Heaven. He’s unqualified, unsure of himself and unbelievably burdened by the weight of his choices. It’s just one thing after another!
When Tony discovers the secret Soulmate Clause in the Purgatory Handbook that he didn’t know existed, he tries to find the woman he loved in life, but ends up uncovering the truth to his own untimely death.
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Da Pickle
Da Pickle Hace un hora
Its says shes 31 but she was born 1993 and died 2007 shes 17😳
Nathan Pennington
Nathan Pennington Hace 6 horas
We need more purgatony
Banana Cat
Banana Cat Hace 12 horas
week 9?
The lower Case guy
The lower Case guy Hace 15 horas
Why they stop making these
AaronFnaf Racer
AaronFnaf Racer Hace 16 horas
I think I know who Pambela’s husband was. It was Kenny from one of the Episodes
spring foxy0912
spring foxy0912 Hace un día
wee need a season 2 pleas
Big Bubba
Big Bubba Hace un día
They need to make a new episode about that one Cristian that survived from the poisoned jizz drink when Tony left the folder
Viper 6098
Viper 6098 Hace un día
Season nine how long that’s going to come I don’t wanna see it come on
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron Hace un día
“Oh man what luck! She’s dead!!”
Mintastic Gaminq
Mintastic Gaminq Hace un día
Ngl this is the saddest episode out of the whole series smh
Wrestling Hace un día
Imagine if this is real
Foxtrot6624 Hace un día
This show has more views than lots of tv shows, how do we not have a second season yet?
Deus Lawson
Deus Lawson Hace 2 días
super pepper
super pepper Hace 2 días
How doesn’t this have funding its got millions of views
gogo daal
gogo daal Hace 2 días
guys i know i am nitpicking here but her file says she is not married and i am so confused either she is a lair or death has a bad information or maybe there is something deeper to this shit either way i am confused as fuck
Kellen Smash
Kellen Smash Hace 2 días
4:34 that was flashback cum
Julian Jimenez
Julian Jimenez Hace 2 días
Ryan Musoke
Ryan Musoke Hace 2 días
Till death do us part am I right ?
Aqpdicjwj Qkfido
Aqpdicjwj Qkfido Hace 2 días
Noooo! I shipped them when I first saw them 😥😢😰😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ryder Koch
Ryder Koch Hace 3 días
How does the Sub delivery girl not have PTSD from watching several hundred-thousand people die in an office building collapsing?
Seikoto 30
Seikoto 30 Hace 3 días
This episode hit me hard fr, it made me question “what if I died without a purpose or without a cause? What effect would it do?”
Lx_ynn Hace 3 días
Imagine dying and its just black. No reincarnation or afterlife. Just darkness forever.
Austin Garman
Austin Garman Hace 3 días
Please make more purgatony
J Mikey Fajota
J Mikey Fajota Hace 4 días
Her husband was Kenny from episode 4
Atticus Bliss
Atticus Bliss Hace 4 días
Could we get a season 2 please?
The Bloody wolf lol
The Bloody wolf lol Hace 4 días
I think I know why season 2 hasn’t happened yet cyanide needs these people called black pills to make it I think cause I think black pills makes the animation but cyanide does the voices the only problem is that this was actually aired in 2017 on blackpills I think so it’s been 2 years since the last season so we may never get another season unless they make it this year cause last year it turn Ed 1 and if they were still working on purgatony in 2018 cause the first season of a show last a year and then plan making the next season on the 2nd year and then premier it on that years all tho it’s gonna be werid if they do cause more people actually watched it this year cause it premiered on this channel this year unless they premiere it on blackpills this year then next year they upload season 2 on this channel that could work if they want
Abby Alphonse
Abby Alphonse Hace 4 días
Just a request, could you use the old outro song, with piano and singing?
AlphaBiggitz Hace 4 días
Of course there'll be a season 2. With the popularity and purgatory never ending and such....
armin mesic
armin mesic Hace 4 días
pls make new episde
Invader Zim
Invader Zim Hace 4 días
Now one see the coffee beans in the corner
Rapolas Hace 4 días
Where is episode 9?? I really love these episodes!!!
Smash Dawg
Smash Dawg Hace 5 días
0:46 every Jewish person ever when someone says either catholic or christian
Ayden Pagan
Ayden Pagan Hace 5 días
Pambela Easly Pamela Beasly *i see what you did there*
Diego Romero
Diego Romero Hace 5 días
Please do a crossover with Rudy :3
EGG SOUP Hace 5 días
*MAKE MORE DAMN IT!* _please_
Haven Batman
Haven Batman Hace 5 días
hey death
Haven Batman
Haven Batman Hace 5 días
toni toni toni toni toni toni toni toni toni i love it plies
Haven Batman
Haven Batman Hace 5 días
fuck the pepol that hate yore shows make more i am number 1 fan
Haven Batman
Haven Batman Hace 5 días
toni toni toni toni PLIES more for me toni
Haven Batman
Haven Batman Hace 5 días
Connor Dowd
Connor Dowd Hace 6 días
If you guys ever make another episode you should put a character named stony talk(yall know they don't own the rights to Tony Stark or iron man) and have him do something cool like save the office building or something. That would be great Edit: sorry if you hadn't seen endgame yet. My bad
Megan Monroe
Megan Monroe Hace 6 días
2:51 sweet home Alabama
The Bloody wolf lol
The Bloody wolf lol Hace 6 días
If there’s not a purgatony season 2 I’m starting a riot
UltimateDNA YT
UltimateDNA YT Hace 6 días
Top 10 anime betrayals Death betrays Tony
clairedoezItAll Hace 6 días
I just realised Death Sings the intro
Damien Info Bastings
Damien Info Bastings Hace 6 días
Oh for sure, when the song ends with "This is my job", it's Death's job to judge clients.
red ream
red ream Hace 6 días
I dont caaaaaaare
Desmond Gentle
Desmond Gentle Hace 6 días
Death's hand in that delivery uniform was everything I didn't know I needed. Correction: Death's apparently omnipresent sombrero was also unknowingly necessary.
LilMike3010 Hace 6 días
When you realise, death tried to save Tony and give him the perfect life because he knew Pam loved him but he was depressed
Shane Burson
Shane Burson Hace 7 días
More episodes
Scott LaFleur
Scott LaFleur Hace 7 días
12:23 turn brightness to 100 and you can see his face and the hat
Adrian Bernal
Adrian Bernal Hace 7 días
Scott LaFleur no u cant
AyySavy Hace 8 días
Then why is there only one midroll ad?
Mike McGuffey
Mike McGuffey Hace 8 días
You guys have a patron I can donate money to?
Josh Lehni
Josh Lehni Hace 9 días
Did anyone realize Pambela is basically pam from the office?
Ian Garcia
Ian Garcia Hace 9 días
Why did Pambela said she's married but in 4:55 her description said she's not
wydclutchh Hace 9 días
make more make more please
dakota taylor
dakota taylor Hace 9 días
Pleeeeease make more of this series!!!! It's an amazing show to watch and honestly think it should be on something like adult swim! Make more pleeeeease!!!!
Destiny Iheakanwa
Destiny Iheakanwa Hace 9 días
This show is so good!!! I just finished watching everything back to back and I think we all agree that we need another season. How many views do the videos need to get?
geodash {gd}
geodash {gd} Hace 10 días
Episode 9 when?
Dyn Awesome
Dyn Awesome Hace 10 días
Tony not telling her how he feels hurts me in a really personal way aaaaaaevrrhgrhr
Jamison super gamer
Jamison super gamer Hace 10 días
Make a 10th one pls
Talon Stewart
Talon Stewart Hace 10 días
Let's see Trolley Tom!
Lauren Alexander
Lauren Alexander Hace 10 días
i love this so much
I FEEL NoThiNg! Hace 10 días
4:56 Anybody noticed her portfolio says she's not married? Yet later on she explains she's met someone else and got married. *ExplosmEntertainment you guys are fuckthing with uuuuus🙃*
David Adventure234
David Adventure234 Hace 10 días
Who else thought she was going to turn out lesbian? LOL
Hollow Roxas
Hollow Roxas Hace 11 días
Imagine how it must have been like in purgatory after infinity war Edit: I bet it would make everyone in the office pissed off that five years which was probably how long it took to get all of those clients done that their work was all for nothing because they all just came back
logancrafter2 lc2
logancrafter2 lc2 Hace 11 días
What happened with the morman at the end of episode 6
Jacob Hoffmeister
Jacob Hoffmeister Hace 11 días
Sometimes siblings Alabama 100
Memphis Russell
Memphis Russell Hace 11 días
Wait can’t tony just go to the same after life as his mom
The two inventors
The two inventors Hace 11 días
Come on you cant end it
Harrison Hace 11 días
Roses are Red Violets are Blue Death is an Asshole We want season 2
Constitutional Patriot
Constitutional Patriot Hace 11 días
Over 1 million views. Time for season 2
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