Pumbaa & Timon Tsum Tsum Tutorial | Collaboration with Candi Ware

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Mabel Story

Mabel Story

Hace 3 años

Hey guys! Did you know Pumbaa and Timon are my favourite Disney characters of all time! I loved them since I was a kid! Let me know what you think of the tutorial and don't forget to check out Candice's tutorial here too: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-JQcxu6j10tI.html
P.s. I forgot to mention, this set was inspired by the subscription boxes I saw Dollastic opened here : eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-L6oKZkf5LfE.html
This Lion King set isn't exactly the same as the February subscription box and I was referring to the March's box for the way the packaging opens, does that make sense? XD but I just realised they don't make their boxes in a perfect square ._. But it in a cuboid shape instead -_-" oh well.
On another note, I remember seeing Alex from Polymomotea making something similar too, here the link for you to check it out : eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-6QBHAfRfiRo.html
I think the way he makes his box is neater & has clearer instructions than mine so you might wanna check his one out instead xD
Here are the materials/tools that I used:
Polymer clay
Ball tool & needle tool
Thick sheet of paper
Transparent plastic sheet
Non-permanent marker
Color markers
Black pen
Super glue
Ruler & pencil

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What type/brand of clay do you use?
- I use air dry clay of various brands i.e Fimo Air Basic, Artpac paper clay, Hearty soft, daiso soft, etc.
What video editor did you use?
- iMovie & PocketVideo apps
Do you take custom orders?
- yes I do, just email me for the prices.

Music : "Life of Riley" by Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

pumbaatimondisneytsum tsum

Dark Knight
Dark Knight Hace 3 años
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Hace 3 años
Rosa Boone
Rosa Boone Hace 3 años
can you please do more video like this
Rosa Boone
Rosa Boone Hace 3 años
Can make a Elsa one
geo punsi
geo punsi Hace 3 años
OMG! This is enterely cute! I have a question about to paint on polymer clay. I use fimo and when I paint with acrylic paints it never dries. How do you do to paint on polymer clay figures? Thank you in advance!! ^^
Mabel Story
Mabel Story Hace 3 años
Thanks! Hmm... i don't seem to have such problems when i use acrylic paints. Only happens when i try to use water color paints on my charms. XD Do you dilute the paint with water?
Loraine Tittle
Loraine Tittle Hace 3 años
so cute!!!!!
Carmen Chen
Carmen Chen Hace 3 años
So so cute! I didn't know that they made these tsum tsums! I think your videos are so cute and neat! Do you actually work on that tiny piece of paper or do you just make it for us to see it easier?
Mabel Story
Mabel Story Hace 3 años
The actual tsum tsum are super super adorable, you have to check them out if you haven't :D as for the paper, i just started using the paper mat (paper + tape) whenever i work with polymer clays cause i think it's more convenient and easier to clean.
ChimmyGrape Hace 3 años
so cute!!! I luv your video and polymomo's too!!!
Mabel Story
Mabel Story Hace 3 años
Ahh thank you! I love Alex's videos too!
NURIA RUBIA Hace 3 años
pues esta hermoso!!muy bonito,lástima que yo no se hacer cositas tan pequeñas😉😘😘
NURIA RUBIA Hace 3 años
eso no es de polymomotea?
Mabel Story
Mabel Story Hace 3 años
I remember Polymomotea making one too! If you want reference for the box I to his tutorial has clearer explanations on the box making xD
k.vang Hace 3 años
Sooooo adorable!
Mabel Story
Mabel Story Hace 3 años
Thank you!
Mabel Story
Mabel Story Hace 3 años
Thank you!
Jaymazing Hace 3 años
Waaaah!!! So cute!
Mabel Story
Mabel Story Hace 3 años
Thank you!
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