Protests rage in NYC over George Floyd's death as mayor appeals for calm

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Eyewitness News ABC7NY

Eyewitness News ABC7NY

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Hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the Barclay's Center where bottles were thrown at officers. Some officers were injured in the exchange. Police eventually moved in and made some arrests.
Outside the 88th Precinct, there was another clash as large crowds gathered with vehicles vandalized.
Also at the 79th Precinct, protesters tried to breach and enter the precinct, but they were pushed back by police and some arrests were made.
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Unknown User
Unknown User Hace 18 horas
Davidfistytwo Boi
Davidfistytwo Boi Hace 13 días
1:04 the pure fear on the bus drivers face 🤣
Jonathan Hace 3 días
YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY, Get a life. 👎🤨
Kate Bogan
Kate Bogan Hace 15 días
oh no! polices feelings were hurt by some water bottles😖
郝春然 Hace 17 días
The problem in the United States is not racial conflict, but class struggle. We should understand that it is time for the people to overthrow the bourgeoisie! The people should unite and make clear their goals! To achieve real democracy and create a government that truly serves the people instead of supporting the capitalists and the rich! In the eyes of the ruling class, only votes, only money, never our people! It's time for those dictators to step down!
Donavon dee
Donavon dee Hace 21 un día
More whites are killed by police every year than blacks
Cloukie Gonzales
Cloukie Gonzales Hace 23 días
Hala justice lang nmn tpos yung tao na ngaprotesta sila pa makukulong
RFI-Crypto Lab
RFI-Crypto Lab Hace 26 días
Hayy mahhn, yall is oppressin us n sheeit. Ya know I mean?
Queen Existence
Queen Existence Hace 29 días
🎤😷 Dude had the virus. One of the symptoms of the virus...trouble breathing.
brightyan07 Hace un mes
The protestor sign shall be more specific ie “black suspects lives matter”. “Black lives matter “ is too broad and misleading
cameron Bidiix
cameron Bidiix Hace un mes
Yeah but most protests were in cities where most people stayed at home
alisuo toko
alisuo toko Hace un mes
2020 is the worst year man, RIP George floyed
jamie Webb
jamie Webb Hace un mes
The video cut short but just as well it was a load of nonsense from a load of journalists profiting from the suffering of others.
Nonya Sandoval
Nonya Sandoval Hace un mes
This isn't about Justice this is mob mentality when you bout to it this is what you get
alisuo toko
alisuo toko Hace un mes
better to not waste that brick at a window when you have a perfectly worthless mayor to throw it at.
miko foin
miko foin Hace un mes
1:58 From Rodney king forward there is one constant, bill barr.🎯
A L M Hace un mes
News flash, White Lives Matter
Eaimy Zahrin
Eaimy Zahrin Hace un mes
Do anything u want but don't attack madic or fireman 😘
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace un mes
This reminds me of that one scene in Joker when he is looking over Gotham, cars being destroyed / set on fire, its quite funny how this movie has become a reality.
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace un mes
these biased media needs to stop calling these riots protests... cann it for what they were... violent terrorrists looting and commiting crimes.
Isa Ojeda
Isa Ojeda Hace un mes
this reminds me of GTA cops. You look at them and they shoot you even if you showed no dangerous weapons.
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace un mes
Noise of action. @t
Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco Hace un mes
Anyone who says Black Lives Matter is racist. The stats do not support the notion there is mass racism towards blacks. I'm sorry but that's the reality. Otherwise if you protestors want everyone on board, get rid of the phrase and include everyone, and stop with the programs that "help minorities". YOU are basing this off of skin color, that's racism and discrimination by definition. You have to realize you HAVE TO STOP bringing up color, and instead bring up the rules or the system that's failing you. Not this 'white people do this' or 'white people do that' or 'everyone says something about blacks' etc. I hope the best for those who experience racism, but you will never get my backing if you keep this crap up about skin color, skin color, skin color.
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace un mes
Everyone who was condemning the lock down protests a few weeks ago are all of the sudden ok with this. No cries of “second wave”, nothing. hypocrites
Beth Weaver
Beth Weaver Hace un mes
What is George Floyd’s true life history?
Dheeraj Ekka
Dheeraj Ekka Hace un mes
A thug career criminal. But they won't show that . black lives matter i guess.
Suff Russ
Suff Russ Hace un mes
I know we are all metally bored due to covid and jobless... We should loot u know.... George didnt put a gun on a pregnant womans head while looting her house... No no... Woops
miko foin
miko foin Hace un mes
Violent protest won’t bring justice to a persons death. Smh! People who bring the riot are just acting out on bad behavior.
okow tina
okow tina Hace un mes
protests appears corona: IT’S CORONATIME BABY!
Bluku 739
Bluku 739 Hace un mes
All of this was planned in the Bilderberg meetings...
Chip Chipperson
Chip Chipperson Hace un mes
So thousands of protesters clumped together during a pandemic is okay, but having a middle school graduation is a threat to the health of all mankind?
okow tina
okow tina Hace un mes
you feel me?
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Hace un mes
They all want to de-fund the police. I say go for it but it wont be the utopia they expect or want. It will be street justice and we have way more on the civilized side that would put things right real quick..
Laërtu Hace un mes
Don't let your freedom to protest, not riot, impinge on my right to have a business or a secure life. Cause then it's war...and not good for anyone of us.
Withdime117 Hace un mes
If I was a police man I would just leave my job
Karen Rhodes
Karen Rhodes Hace un mes
You all must be proud to be Americans right now!
BobRooney Hace un mes
better to not waste that brick at a window when you have a perfectly worthless mayor to throw it at.
Alex Knizhnik
Alex Knizhnik Hace un mes
These ANIMALS are covards. They will not fight any armed group protecting their neighborhood and Families! Good luck!
Shayan Toosinezhad
Shayan Toosinezhad Hace un mes
United states of animals
LieuLieu Bear
LieuLieu Bear Hace un mes
Violent protest won’t bring justice to a persons death. Smh! People who bring the riot are just acting out on bad behavior.
Jazzikarl Ababat
Jazzikarl Ababat Hace un mes
Noise of action. @t
Amanda Choses
Amanda Choses Hace un mes
these biased media needs to stop calling these riots protests... cann it for what they were... violent terrorrists looting and commiting crimes.
The Platinum Takeoff
The Platinum Takeoff Hace un mes
Everyone who was condemning the lock down protests a few weeks ago are all of the sudden ok with this. No cries of “second wave”, nothing. hypocrites
Loxxi Gaming
Loxxi Gaming Hace un mes
Why arrest public arrest the killer police..
Don yang
Don yang Hace un mes
From now on protest = riot...hands down.
lucus lopez
lucus lopez Hace un mes
lol. Funny thing is everyone who got arrested was let go because NYC mayor refuses to prosecute low level crime
Fat Albert
Fat Albert Hace un mes
How come the media never lionizes a black guy who died trying to defend his shop against a pack of fifteen year old thugs?
35K Subscribers With No Videos
35K Subscribers With No Videos Hace un mes
Before y'all start, when people say "black lives matter," they're not saying "ONLY black lives matter." The reason people say "black lives matter" is to bring attention to the specific issue that involves hate towards us due to our skin color. Not that the current majority thinks like that, but it's still a prominent issue. All lives don't matter if black lives don't matter, you feel me?
Stevezomi Stevezomi
Stevezomi Stevezomi Hace un mes
Not all police are bad after they punished who are criminals..What do they protest for?
Shushoma Afrin
Shushoma Afrin Hace un mes
Feel what 3rd world countries feel everyday
Anti_Immigration Hace un mes
America is such a shithole now. Cyberpunk 2077.
Herman Levine
Herman Levine Hace un mes
and the Corona virus are everywhere every store every street and have a field day wreaking everything on his path and the police can't not arrested him
G Caprionello
G Caprionello Hace un mes
THIS IS NOT about Mr. Floyd. They are "abusing" the Name & Death of this innocent Man, as an "excuse" for their own Agenda of Self-Pride and/or Self-Victimization. If these protesters put all of their rage, anger, and energy, into getting on their knees and praying to Jesus Christ GOD for all of those daily hours, instead of stealing, vandalising, and desecrating innocent business owners AND The Cathedral House Of GOD, then their protest would truly be of honor to Mr. Floyd, as one of GOD's Children. But, THERE IS NO MERIT in their protest when it is based on Self-Pride and GodLESS acts of Hate and Destruction. These protesters have it all wrong because they are NOT following GOD, they are following their own Pride. And THIS Pride is a Deadly Sin.
BlackBooks Matter
BlackBooks Matter Hace un mes
This is what happens when you keep harming people and no justice is served. You can't keep kicking a dog and no expectation that dog to bite back. Welcome to America. Who let the DOG'S out? America did. Here we come. ROOF ROOF! • •
Dila Florris
Dila Florris Hace un mes
Malcolm X was right.
Yasser Mohammady
Yasser Mohammady Hace un mes
We enemy is in the White House, then we attack to the white house⁦✊🏼⁩⁦✊🏽⁩⁦✊🏾⁩⁦✊🏿⁩
ricardo flores
ricardo flores Hace un mes
Come on Mr president make America great again and crash all this delincuents , national guard on the street needed.
Wesley Mose
Wesley Mose Hace un mes
This is in human why can you kill a human like a chicken
Juan Gala
Juan Gala Hace un mes
Bunch of animals! How can these stupid rioters looting, protesting and damaging property can help the cause? They need to go home and do chores instead of creating more problems!
Robert Masina
Robert Masina Hace un mes
Why do African Americans nationwide have the same mentality?
love bud
love bud Hace un mes
That's what happens when you don't listen to Pink Floyd. Hip-hop will kill you. lol
Mutlu Örs
Mutlu Örs Hace un mes
Bu olay butun dunyayi saracak coruna gibi
Arwa Ouddaf
Arwa Ouddaf Hace un mes
Y’all realize that the news is only showing the violent protests
Wolf DE
Wolf DE Hace un mes
Ohhhhh does anyone remember of people's palestine Syria Iraq Iran Yemen Afghanistan and kashmir Many people were killed there, but no one was brought to justice
you know i am right
you know i am right Hace un mes
These people aren't protesters. They are thieving scum. Time for the military to come in. The cuckold police have bent over and are holding their cheeks WIDE open. Bring in the military NOW Mr Trump. It's time to drain the swamp. M A G A 👍 God bless America God bless Trump Trump 2020
F00k White&Black People racism war sh0t
F00k White&Black People racism war sh0t Hace un mes
All Life matters period.
zoo topia
zoo topia Hace un mes
Or maybe just roll up some trucks with food and supplies. Did that occur to these brilliant politicians.
sukruoosten Hace un mes
its not a SIN to defend your self !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dislike violence but the looters en violent people need to be SHOT ore put in jail !!!! the bystander cops need jail time en the killer THE CHAIR but this has to stop ore be STOPPED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rip george
connor luke
connor luke Hace un mes
gta online
Keven Qu
Keven Qu Hace un mes
Where is this “majority” support for lockdown now?
SeekOver Horizon
SeekOver Horizon Hace un mes
2020 I love you.
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan Hace un mes
All signs of a failed state are Clair here in USA
Bosnia Hace un mes
@Ali Hassan im from england mate
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan Hace un mes
@Bosnia you belong to Serbia, shut up
Bosnia Hace un mes
ur from the middle east shut up
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan Hace un mes
USA is a failed state
49ERS EMPIRE Hace un mes
ubuntuber Hace un mes
hope it will not endup like the purge franchise.
Jawad H
Jawad H Hace un mes
Its gone so far that you cant call looters criminal without being labeld racist. People are abusing the situation.
LD P haul lyly
LD P haul lyly Hace un mes
ALCO Hace un mes
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