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Logan Paul

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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Kyra Belcher
Kyra Belcher Hace un día
Mike has a Porn star girlfriend you have a model girlfriend and y'all live in a mansion with your best friends what else do you need
Etnik 70
Etnik 70 Hace un día
1:02 of course why the fuck not
Amaya Scott
Amaya Scott Hace un día
Evan :Do you know how it feels to get thrown around and be put in a hotdog bun when you smile but I’m bigger than you say you suck
Yuna Hillberry
Yuna Hillberry Hace un día
Huh ,I never thought I'd say this but he's pretty cool now can actually watch a video of his without cringing or just really disliking the guy now
Cameron Barnett
Cameron Barnett Hace 2 días
Logan I love the content especially now being apart of the maverick club! But I’m the one you wrestled! Let’s do a Zoom or a rematch! Your choice!!
GamingWithOlivia Hace 3 días
what happened to you breaking plates And what happened to Bennet he was funny
Kaz Hace 3 días
1:21 thats actually scary how identical they are
Jose Juarez
Jose Juarez Hace 3 días
Anybody know the name of the song playing at the end of the vlog?
Aaliyah Tipton
Aaliyah Tipton Hace 4 días
Some Random Kid On The Internet
Some Random Kid On The Internet Hace 4 días
Protect her from ur self
ZUES ! Hace 4 días
Your fucking stupid Logan because she doesn’t LOVE you she cheated twice in your vlogs you dumb ass!!!!
ZUES ! Hace 4 días
She obviously doesn’t fucking LOVE you. Let’s her go you will find another one that’s way better with her UNLOYAL ass!!!
Trinom Ch
Trinom Ch Hace 5 días
Why are we here just to suffer
Seth Mann
Seth Mann Hace 5 días
Yo I kinda think that Logan and lana would look better together
Dans Clips
Dans Clips Hace 5 días
Nicole Kaye
Nicole Kaye Hace 5 días
I'm so tempted to join the maverick club only because Josie is sooo adorbs 😍 i like seeing Logan like this he's to cute 🙄 haha
Number Hace 6 días
Protecting her from dead bodies too?? 😂
angell xh
angell xh Hace 6 días
HIS VOICE HAS GOTTEN HIGHER Note: I haven't watched his videos in over 2 years
Maverick Mason
Maverick Mason Hace 6 días
Can I get a free mav sweatshirt, my name is maverick
The Pint
The Pint Hace 7 días
she looks legit on the spectrum
Armando Santana
Armando Santana Hace 8 días
I was dying when this man added the pickles 😂 quick flash to him eating an actual hotdog 🌭 shit hilarious my guy 😂
John De Rocher
John De Rocher Hace 8 días
Hi love
About Junior
About Junior Hace 9 días
Evan: "but im bigger than you, so you suck" 😂😂😂😂😂
Camran Puterangi
Camran Puterangi Hace 9 días
Anyone know what hat he's wearing?
Jax Schraeder
Jax Schraeder Hace 9 días
You can tell which part of the zebra Marco did
yesi Pagan
yesi Pagan Hace 9 días
Logan Paul you're like the first ESwomenr that like I like
savontous laif
savontous laif Hace 10 días
اكو عرب بالطيارة ؟😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
J Fox
J Fox Hace 10 días
Never thought I would ever subscribe to any of the Paul's but Logan has grown and his content is actually really good
Edwin Tellez
Edwin Tellez Hace 10 días
Wow finally u got a dam girlfriend
reviewfor thetube
reviewfor thetube Hace 10 días
Come on my dude do t go with this shirt video trend at least make the video 10 minutes long I knwo you have enough content tell your editor to stop fucking editing so much shit out I get why you do it because someone is more likely to watch the entire video but still kind of feeling ripped off here haha
Jkmister Playzz
Jkmister Playzz Hace 10 días
Damien Sepulveda
Damien Sepulveda Hace 10 días
Off brand ronda rousey
Pastor Sive Sotomela
Pastor Sive Sotomela Hace 10 días
Your vedoes are so short like that guy... Whose your best friend
iLolzXD Hace 11 días
No cap, Mike's sister is cool
luisjana nerhati
luisjana nerhati Hace 11 días
Hahaha I love it.
Ella Canella
Ella Canella Hace 11 días
I have a dachshund so that part got me 😂❤❤
Specialized Dutch
Specialized Dutch Hace 11 días
How does someone this fucking trash and bland get so many views lmao. Answer: His audience has an average IQ of 68
Team Kab
Team Kab Hace 11 días
Do a break up prank on Josie. She would have such a cute reaction plzzzz
Diam Dawan
Diam Dawan Hace 12 días
Dude do you have 20,000 21,000 I mean so how do you not think I was going to be sold out in 1 to 3 I can't believe you would think that it would be sold out in like 10 weeks bitch do you need more than 1,000,000 to 21,000,000 for everyone can get it no put 28 million because someone's probably going to get 1 million of it so do that OK the same do that and every single second you have to re-put 10 million on there because it's me so that in 1 to 3 I'm just giving you advice OK and I'm not a haterI am actually a really big fan please can you give me a shout out
Phoenix Hace 7 días
why out of all ppl would he give you a fucking shout out 🤦🏾‍♂️
nevaeh Craig
nevaeh Craig Hace 12 días
U have a girlfriend
*-_Hoodie Studio_-*
*-_Hoodie Studio_-* Hace 12 días
Josie is soo pretty with or without makeup, well I haven't seen her with makeup but she looks cute anyways, she is lucky to have you and your lucky to have her
Navid Dominguez
Navid Dominguez Hace 12 días
I want to FaceTime with you
4tef 4lodeh 2
4tef 4lodeh 2 Hace 12 días
Kayden Dundas
Kayden Dundas Hace 13 días
It’s been TWO FUCKING YEARS since I’ve watched this shit
isaac Hace 13 días
no one will become a trillionare
isaac Hace 13 días
Sterling Lowery
Sterling Lowery Hace 13 días
In the dating game, as soon as we leave, memories slowly fade, and new flirtations arise.
The life of tony
The life of tony Hace 13 días
Am I the only one who never thought about zebras that way
Emily Maynard
Emily Maynard Hace 13 días
I loveeeeeee you Logan
Silent Sighs
Silent Sighs Hace 13 días
I feel so sorry for people of the pauls ilk, and of this generation. A true waste of a nut n egg.
Night shadow Gacha
Night shadow Gacha Hace 13 días
Such a coincidence my name is Josey
db gt
db gt Hace 13 días
abc 123
abc 123 Hace 14 días
Ohh i see trying to copy davids vlog concept
Ortaya karışık
Ortaya karışık Hace 14 días
MM Crew Aaliyah & Malia
MM Crew Aaliyah & Malia Hace 14 días
It all on snap the whole video
Rhyan Butler
Rhyan Butler Hace 14 días
What happend to ginger
BE STU1 owner
BE STU1 owner Hace 15 días
my name is Aaron
yrh gael
yrh gael Hace 15 días
I wish these vlogs were longer
Yv Lowry
Yv Lowry Hace 15 días
He looks so much better that hes not all super buff
Kandyss Avery
Kandyss Avery Hace 15 días
I've been gone 5 years and hes already got a girlfriend 🤦‍♀️
OnlineCheatersExposed Hace 15 días
everybody says their clothing line is the best quality! tell me if you machine dry your clothes at high degrees will it shrink or not. high quality clothes will not shrink
Frank Bayas
Frank Bayas Hace 15 días
Pieter leegte
Pieter leegte Hace 15 días
1:45 chris brown music intensifies
Neil Ashwell
Neil Ashwell Hace 15 días
what’s the song in this vid
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez Hace 15 días
Abby looks like a man 😂 1:21
AD SQUAD Hace 15 días
Who’s here from Snapchat???
CJRX95 Hace 15 días
What's the track ID on the song when they're painting the zebra?!
Blayne Mathis
Blayne Mathis Hace 15 días
This is our time by cassette deck
Eli Price
Eli Price Hace 15 días
bounces back so hard
Mateusz Prymakowski
Mateusz Prymakowski Hace 16 días
I love it
Life of Izzy
Life of Izzy Hace 16 días
Summer break Josie iykyk🤝
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