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President Trump delivers remarks at the 2020 Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration.
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On the eve of Independence Day, President Donald Trump used a speech before Mount Rushmore on Friday to condemn protesters across the country for attacking monuments while announcing he would sign an executive order to establish a "National Garden of American Heroes."
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Ivan Bombana
Ivan Bombana Hace 3 horas
Trump seems to be unusual calm here....
Ivan Bombana
Ivan Bombana Hace 3 horas
It seems this State Is for Trump
Tyler Garza
Tyler Garza Hace 4 horas
I am beyond proud and impressed. Mr. President, you have the support of the light workers. It’s time we came out of hiding and show support publicly. We can change the world.
SteveRT Hace 6 horas
They should put Trump’s face on Mount Rushmore and change the name to Mount MAGA. Would be only fitting since he’s the best president we’ve have in the last 50 years. Trump 2020! Keep America Great!!!
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes Hace 18 horas
Jesus Christ Donny! Pick up the pace 😴
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes Hace 18 horas
Needs to up his dose of adderall, almost put me to sleep with this slow drone speech.
Crypto Cat
Crypto Cat Hace 20 horas
13K dislikes?? Wow, they'll be changing the minds about Trump real soon . . . .
b00g3ym4n Hace 2 días
you can measure the outcome of the election on the likes/dislikes of this video here
Brandyn Koogler
Brandyn Koogler Hace 2 días
13k people must have been taught to hate America. You'll never find someone who genuinely loves this country, and the principles it was founded upon, dislike anything that was said here. I am proud to be an American. May God continue to bless us and our president and help us right the wrongs that so many people committed against this country. I'll get flak for this comment I'm sure so unless you democratcs can give me evidence from a reliable source that Trump is horrible then keep your negative opinions to yourself. God bless Trump, and God bless America.
Sonida Svay
Sonida Svay Hace 2 días
😷😷😷😷😷 🙌🛁 👈
Sonida Svay
Sonida Svay Hace 2 días
❌We not supporting and not sale for Communist Dictator 🇨🇳
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson Hace 2 días
the feds didn't get deployed to oregon to stop the riots, they got deployed there because they knew there was someone that knew something there, that's why they were grabbing these people off the street
Fake Name
Fake Name Hace 3 días
Trump 2020
Jaded Gal
Jaded Gal Hace 3 días
Once you see the ads on this you know why USA Today uploaded it...that political dunderhead, Stacey Abrams fundraising ads for the Democrats are the only ones I’ve seen.
midiland Hace 4 días
midiland Hace 4 días
Enfin, les USA ont un PRESIDENT!
midiland Hace 4 días
Magnifique allocution du Président. Comme il fait bon d'entendre des paroles positives! Donald Trump for President!!!!!
Jay Jefferson
Jay Jefferson Hace 4 días
Better than a commie
Sam G
Sam G Hace 5 días
Yeah, president trump's face would look good on that.
Butterfly toca
Butterfly toca Hace 5 días
If you like trump like this comment: If you do not like Trump reply to this comment: Let’s see who wins!
russ117044 Hace 6 días
Thank you Mr President!
Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller Hace 6 días
Trump would have ran as an independent if the Republican Party didn’t give him the platform. I see that he has his own agenda. As a businessman he knows what the American dream is all about. He is red pilling those who want to wake up! Enough of the left! I’ve witnessed first hand what the college indoctrination has done to a close family member of mine. There’s no respect, no truth, no facts, no civil discourse with them. Everything is racist! I’ll be damned if I let my child be indoctrinated! Trump 2020!
so★ Hace 6 días
great speech
MsLRoscoe 2
MsLRoscoe 2 Hace 6 días
♥️♥️♥️♥️....Trump 2020!
Steven Bowser
Steven Bowser Hace 6 días
This speech is honestly inspiring.
seangwill Hace 6 días
Over 157,000 deaths from covid. This guy is truly an inspiration.
Jean Alcantara
Jean Alcantara Hace 7 días
Dggg Dghh
Dggg Dghh Hace 7 días
Rajasaar iga päev
Mahmoud talaat
Mahmoud talaat Hace 7 días
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J C Hace 7 días
"we stand tall and we stand proud and we only kneel to Almighty God".......WOW, i have never, in my 42 years of living, heard a western leader speak up for Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob aka JESUS CHRIST!!!!!
shawn 9
shawn 9 Hace 7 días
Great speech . Great american speech
seangwill Hace 6 días
He probably wrote it with crayons all by himself too
King Of Darkness
King Of Darkness Hace 7 días
TRUMP 2020
Николай Торишный
Николай Торишный Hace 7 días
I'm bad at English but even I understand that it was a great speech that inspired many Americans to be part of this amazing country. Wish you all the best
Ahmed Amer
Ahmed Amer Hace 8 días
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Joseph Mango
Joseph Mango Hace 8 días
That was the best speech I ever heard a President make. Be proud to be American.
seangwill Hace 6 días
You haven't heard very many speeches, have you? You should get out more
lerri popi
lerri popi Hace 8 días
William Providence
William Providence Hace 8 días
Love you Donald J Trump. I will always remember how you had billions, but you set aside your wealth to preserve your country and our heritage. You are my heritage and my hero.
seangwill Hace 6 días
Ignore the part where over 157,000 U.S. citizens died from covid. He still has billions
not like
not like Hace 8 días
Huh after watching this I can say that CNN makes him out to be a lot worse than he actually is , my advice for Americans is to always look at both sides, watch CNN , watch fox news and research online, make sure you hear the truth and not just what they want you to hear!
seangwill Hace 6 días
If only Trump followed your advice too.
bchlon1 Hace 9 días
It is our beautiful America from Sea to Shining Sea! Our God Wins for We the People! We stand with you President Donald Trump as you fight our enemies both domestic and abroad! ❤✝️🙏🏼⛪💪🏽🇺🇸🕊🦅🐘🎆🗽
Elizabeth De La Torre
Elizabeth De La Torre Hace 9 días
God bless you
Jehanne Marie
Jehanne Marie Hace 9 días
Amazing speech! What a patriot! We need a french Trump!
Make America great again! Trump will bring it to hell!!! Greetings from The Netherlands, Europe!...................... ;)
James W.
James W. Hace 9 días
What an amazing speech god bless this President and this country
clara leiva
clara leiva Hace 9 días
An Authentic True and Patriot President !
Alan Harvey
Alan Harvey Hace 10 días
Hopefully one day soon the busts of Ronald Reagan and Donald J. Trump will be added to Mount Rushmore!
Smile Mor-phony
Smile Mor-phony Hace 10 días
As if Trump's lies for the past 3 years isn't bad enough, bend over folks, you're about to get it again. 'Rectal swabs for covid (even when testing negative with nasal swab) for covid diagnosis.'
kwan robinson
kwan robinson Hace 10 días
oh and i will not worship idols statues are idols and so is the flag i appreciate the war heroes i have some in my family and the war vets in my family believe all these things that we worship as idols has no baring on their accomlishments
Michael Moran
Michael Moran Hace 10 días
Not on my watch. I bet that guys still got a sore throat! What a speech 🔥
Matt Evans
Matt Evans Hace 10 días
I love this President ❤️🇺🇸🇬🇧
Manuel Quezada
Manuel Quezada Hace 10 días
I'm not american, but this makes me feel american, because america's spirit is human sprirt, freedom and happiness. Proud to be american! Even when i'm not xD
matt leathers
matt leathers Hace 10 días
That’s my president 🇺🇸
Fiddle Sticks
Fiddle Sticks Hace 11 días
I watched this speech for 20 seconds then nearly threw up. Go to Hell, Trump, and don't come back. You and I, we know each other. You are the 13th fairy.
joe gonzagaz
joe gonzagaz Hace 11 días
Strong man, Strong President, he has earned my vote.
Psi Clops
Psi Clops Hace 12 días
Sounded better in the original German.
T McGe
T McGe Hace 12 días
President Trump has EARNED MY VOTE!!!!!!!!
Eric L
Eric L Hace 13 días
Terry Brinkley
Terry Brinkley Hace 13 días
Is there anybody on this planet think Joe Biden could have have this speech
Nicki Snyder
Nicki Snyder Hace 13 días
To hear trump call others facists at Mt Rushmore shows his ignorance once more. This game he does of I'm rubber, you're glue....where he accuses others of exactly what HE is guilty of only works on his low IQ base. For the record: (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.
Anton Rodionov
Anton Rodionov Hace 13 días
Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
sailing7777 Hace 13 días
I will be voting for TRUMP THIS NOVEMBER!
Patrick O'Laughlin
Patrick O'Laughlin Hace 13 días
Dear Mr . President : It's not your decision to make whether this monument stands or falls ... that's up to the American people, period.
JUNG VS Angel, Ma Francescarosa
JUNG VS Angel, Ma Francescarosa Hace 13 días
crushthis123 Hace 13 días
What we need to do is celebrate the names of the people who toiled to build North America. Ashby Barnes Craig Devin's Elderly Found Gorden hawking Ingersol Jenkens Knight Iee Middlton Newton Osembloxy Parker Quackenbush Roberts Stevenson Timmons Unger Valentine Webster Xavier Ziggler
crushthis123 Hace 13 días
How many names can you think of that built this county that start with A. Just go to the old cemeterys and look at the names
Chuck Redhill
Chuck Redhill Hace 13 días
I love, respect, and pray for my President. God Speed President Trump.
Bob Barbour
Bob Barbour Hace 13 días
I”m a UK citizen proud of President Trump and sad that we don’t have a leader in the UK since Maggie able or with the guts to give such a patriotic speech as this one.
Die große Göttin
Die große Göttin Hace 14 días
impressive speech.
Sasmit Vaidya
Sasmit Vaidya Hace 14 días
Please wear masks america , wear it for your loved ones
Sean Cautela
Sean Cautela Hace 14 días
Great Speech!
Kim Winn
Kim Winn Hace 14 días
Trump looks like he's gold plated?.....
Caswell Mphuthi
Caswell Mphuthi Hace 15 días
I'm a South African, I'm asking myself how on earth does Americans hate this President.
Brandyn Koogler
Brandyn Koogler Hace 2 días
@G Sutphin You seem pretty confident. Why don't you go ahead and share with the rest of us how evil this man is. We who follow Trump are not sheep. We don't follow the media. We discover for ourselves. Not take others words for it. You sound like a Democrat so you're probably unintelligent. We will be patient. The floor is yours and we the people are waiting.
alan wiggins
alan wiggins Hace 7 días
Americans don't.
sataka 23
sataka 23 Hace 13 días
CNN man and trevor noah also now hates him for no reason its crazy his been brainwashed
Playstation Sverige
Playstation Sverige Hace 13 días
@blue cars when did i hate on him
blue cars
blue cars Hace 13 días
@Playstation Sverige do you get your news from twitter?
J Lewis
J Lewis Hace 15 días
Our good president HAS A LOT OF HEART!
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