Pregnant Cat Giving Birth to 6 Different Color Kittens

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Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa

Hace un mes

馃檧 Helping my pregnant cat give birth to 6 kittens!
*Watch my first vlog with the kittens here!!*
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Joey Graceffa
Joey Graceffa Hace un mes
Which kitten would you keep?
Emberlyn Moon
Emberlyn Moon Hace 7 d铆as
The black white ginger cat
Cheri C
Cheri C Hace 22 d铆as
All of them ! It'll be very difficult to choose between them
Ryleigh Milly
Ryleigh Milly Hace 28 d铆as
You are an animal abuser
Ruthie Hoiosen
Ruthie Hoiosen Hace un mes
Trixie Benitez
Trixie Benitez Hace un mes
ALL OF THEM !!!!!!!
Treena Mendoza
Treena Mendoza Hace 17 horas
I love them all so much they're so so so so cute they haven't opened thare eyes yet I think they're one month old馃槏馃ぉ馃槃馃榿馃槏馃ぉ馃ぉ馃槏鉂わ笍馃А馃А鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Treena Mendoza
Treena Mendoza Hace 17 horas
Are cat named Gater had for babies.there's three girls in one boy.
Desmond Childress
Desmond Childress Hace un d铆a
I like your cat
Adalyn Eveningpaw
Adalyn Eveningpaw Hace un d铆a
Hi Cheryl blossom
chantal de Froberville
chantal de Froberville Hace un d铆a
let the first kittens have milk, it helps mother to get contractions.
chantal de Froberville
chantal de Froberville Hace un d铆a
next time, leave the kittens with her, she won't crash them, and don't move her and look under her tail, you stress her. just stroke her back and head. let her do what she wants. Beautiful kittens.
Laneys World
Laneys World Hace un d铆a
I would keep the all black one
Karah Zawacki
Karah Zawacki Hace un d铆a
I have so much to say about this video, but its all been said below. I hope that the kittens and the momma are doing well right now.
P I E L__at___
P I E L__at___ Hace un d铆a
Congrats to Sukykra and your family.馃挄馃挀馃挏馃挍馃挌馃挌馃挋鉂ゐ煉燄煉烉煉烉煉濔煉
Kelly Green
Kelly Green Hace un d铆a
Moonest Luna
Moonest Luna Hace un d铆a
Alien? You mean adorable right? Also just so you know cats purr when there happy stressed or in pain
Martyn Colclough
Martyn Colclough Hace 2 d铆as
Amelia DeVault
Amelia DeVault Hace 2 d铆as
Nose I Love it was so cute 鉂わ笍
Megan Harris
Megan Harris Hace 2 d铆as
Hey my cat gave birth yesterday night and she had 4 kittens the are soo cut 鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍
Valcus Jn Philippe
Valcus Jn Philippe Hace 2 d铆as
Elizabeth Seals
Elizabeth Seals Hace 2 d铆as
I've watched this several time. Lol. I love how Gemini was getting all up in the action when the third one came out.
Galaxyfox xoxo
Galaxyfox xoxo Hace 2 d铆as
Who thought it was discussing but bootfool like if you thought the same
Emma StarLight
Emma StarLight Hace 3 d铆as
No offense or whatever but you shouldn't have been helping so much, also don't take them away while they are feeding
Gitis Morkunas
Gitis Morkunas Hace 3 d铆as
Bubble Ducky
Bubble Ducky Hace 3 d铆as
I remember when the pups were born :鈥)
艂酶s葲 so眉艂
艂酶s葲 so眉艂 Hace 3 d铆as
Normally when they are born with 2 different colored faces it was once supposed to be 2 different kittens. They are all so beautiful
Janice Hogan
Janice Hogan Hace 3 d铆as
Omg they are so cute I liked kitten number 5 you should name it princess or prince
silaghi40 Confib葲alitate
silaghi40 Confib葲alitate Hace 3 d铆as
Pets are like us but not saying what we say '-'
silaghi40 Confib葲alitate
silaghi40 Confib葲alitate Hace 3 d铆as
Me:awwwww my sis:ew -_- So my sis hates cats soooo I love cats UwU
Berry Bear
Berry Bear Hace 3 d铆as
My cat gave birth to I think 1 or 2 months ago yay Edit:also after giving birth they usually drink milk for the whole night I tried getting my cat out but she went back in
Ahmed Ouaida
Ahmed Ouaida Hace 4 d铆as
They are soooo CUTE
Ahmed Ouaida
Ahmed Ouaida Hace 4 d铆as
Kareena Bhatia
Kareena Bhatia Hace 4 d铆as
Random mannigan lying around. Typical joey
Adinda Litzouw
Adinda Litzouw Hace 4 d铆as
Omg so cute
Gaming ETN
Gaming ETN Hace 4 d铆as
Joey: his dog got birth Joey: his cat got birth Joey: MY HORSE GOT BIRTH Edit: I鈥檒l keep madaline鈥檚 xD
Gail Dupont
Gail Dupont Hace 4 d铆as
Yall are one of the best ESwomenrs I love yall videos
Melyssa Kierns
Melyssa Kierns Hace 4 d铆as
Ewwww 馃あ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ
Bryn Sherrill
Bryn Sherrill Hace 4 d铆as
I can't bleave you are friends with the girl from Rivledale
Ada Burdette
Ada Burdette Hace 4 d铆as
When I first saw this I was gonna comment the names they should have but I forgot so I will write them now! Blossom Blake Sean Delilah Cherie Jullian
Charlotte Sibley
Charlotte Sibley Hace 4 d铆as
My daughter Zoie loves kittens
Priscilla Baltierra
Priscilla Baltierra Hace 4 d铆as
I keep the last one
Elizabeth Perez
Elizabeth Perez Hace 5 d铆as
I wad keep all of them
Raya Madsen
Raya Madsen Hace 5 d铆as
Love your vids!
Raya Madsen
Raya Madsen Hace 5 d铆as
Me : can I have one?
Heather Mckenzie
Heather Mckenzie Hace 5 d铆as
My cat gave birth under the stairs in my basement with a bunch of stuff
King Isaac
King Isaac Hace 5 d铆as
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones Hace 5 d铆as
Eva Simmon
Eva Simmon Hace 5 d铆as
The girl looks like Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale
戋佸崈鍗傚昂涓傚崉鍗 鍗勩剸舀銊╀箛戋
戋佸崈鍗傚昂涓傚崉鍗 鍗勩剸舀銊╀箛戋 Hace 5 d铆as
Her eyes are glowing
Luis_Sully Roldan
Luis_Sully Roldan Hace 5 d铆as
Molly Tarver
Molly Tarver Hace 5 d铆as
Molly Tarver
Molly Tarver Hace 5 d铆as
I HAVE A KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LaFonda Newberry
LaFonda Newberry Hace 5 d铆as
The girl with the red hair looks like Cheryl off of Riverdale am I right or am I right
Zoey Tichenor
Zoey Tichenor Hace 5 d铆as
*Middle of doing homework* Joey: rip it open Me: what
nich1957 Hace 5 d铆as
Soo cute give.mEe them馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
Macie Archer
Macie Archer Hace 5 d铆as
You're the girl from Riverdale
Whatsagoodname? ?
Whatsagoodname? ? Hace 6 d铆as
joey:i adopted a prego seahorse it came with a prego turtle!
Whatsagoodname? ?
Whatsagoodname? ? Hace 6 d铆as
Waits whothe ginger hair gurl in the back shes pretty! (:
Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates Hace 6 d铆as
Joey have you been in ten minute vet School 馃槀
Alaina Kane
Alaina Kane Hace 6 d铆as
Name it Archie actually here鈥檚 a good idea name all the cat鈥檚 after the cast of Riverdale because I thought it would be so fitting cause it鈥檚 like you know one of the people already so that honestly would be so 馃槑 COOL!
Alaina Kane
Alaina Kane Hace 6 d铆as
You know Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale I am so JEALOUS.
Dayna Frank
Dayna Frank Hace 6 d铆as
I would keep all the kittens
Wolfurygamer2.0 Mayers
Wolfurygamer2.0 Mayers Hace 6 d铆as
I thought your not allowed to touch them when there born
Sugar Spice
Sugar Spice Hace 7 d铆as
They are so cute 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槝馃槡馃槞馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
Scarlett McCall
Scarlett McCall Hace 7 d铆as
Good girl
Jenna Levers
Jenna Levers Hace 7 d铆as
Jenna Levers
Jenna Levers Hace 7 d铆as
The babies are so cute 馃惐
Yanija C
Yanija C Hace 7 d铆as
9:01 lol 馃槀
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs Hace 7 d铆as
You were so nervous and excited. I love it.
Lps Shadow Wolf
Lps Shadow Wolf Hace 8 d铆as
My kittens just came out like a waterfall
Lps Shadow Wolf
Lps Shadow Wolf Hace 8 d铆as
You are the version of me as a grown adult when my cat gave birth
Leah-Rose Illsley
Leah-Rose Illsley Hace 8 d铆as
I love baby animals 馃惐馃惗馃惣馃惏馃惞馃惙馃悾馃惄馃悋馃悎馃馃Ζ馃悤馃馃馃Ξ
Shaylee field
Shaylee field Hace 8 d铆as
I love them all but I would love to keep the first one
Shaylee field
Shaylee field Hace 8 d铆as
It鈥檚 the 4th one
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