Predicting The NBA's 2019-20 Eastern And Western Conference Standings

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Dflow Hoops

Dflow Hoops

Hace 4 meses

After seemingly every top NBA player has changed teams for the 2019-20 season, this video predicts the standings from team #15 to #1 in the eastern and western conference. Do any teams shock the world and who is the 2020 title favourite? Find out tonight.
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Predicting The NBA's 2019-20 Eastern And Western Conference Standings

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Dflow Hoops
Dflow Hoops Hace 4 meses
1. Cory Joseph is on the Kings. 2. Jazz fans: Like I said Portland was arguably to low of a seed in my west predictions; the same goes for Utah, as y'all have pointed out. They have the talent with conley, mitchell and Gobert to surprise me, but after losing Derrick Favors the only power forward on their roster is Ed Davis. The Bojan Bogdanovich is valuable though, Joe Ingles and Royce Oneal are great 3 and D role player, so there's a chance I'll reconsider this take. 3. Follow me on twitter: @therealkahane
AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions Hace 11 días
@JustinPlayz If healthy and at full strength they can but they arent right now.
JustinPlayz Hace 11 días
AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions Actually in fact I am a suns fan who he projected to be the worse in the west, and I think they are gonna make playoffs
AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions Hace 12 días
@JustinPlayz You feel smart criticizing a suns team that doesnt have its centers due to injury or suspension. Cmon man!
JustinPlayz Hace 12 días
Dflow Hoops how u feel bout suns now? 😂😂
mark brinton
mark brinton Hace un mes
@AnonymousFart,SupaNaturalActions uh, time will tell.
Dropkick Comet 974
Dropkick Comet 974 Hace 2 días
I know nobody expected the Warriors to be this bad, but D'Angelo Russell 3rd scoring option? Did nobody tell you Klay was not expected to play this season? Without him, all they have is Curry and D'Lo who can shoot with no depth at all behind them. So a 3rd seed even then would have been overrated. I would of predicted 6 or 7th seed but now without Curry too, this was expected. A shit team..
origamikingdom66 Hace 2 días
Everyone looking like a clown about Miami now. Heat fans been telling y’all didn’t know shit about this team. Y’all slept on bam y’all slept on herro and now u look like idiots
McJoseph Walter Tolentino
McJoseph Walter Tolentino Hace 2 días
Your predictions sucks!!!!
Utkarsh Mahajan
Utkarsh Mahajan Hace 4 días
When you see this a month into the season this is unrealistic
ur bonzo485
ur bonzo485 Hace 7 días
This guy doesn't know anything about NBA basketball he's more dumber and retarded than a 4 year old #fact
Brock Holder
Brock Holder Hace 7 días
NOP is underrated
thetruthaboutit Hace 12 días
Lakers #1 for sure, the big dawgs are back
Chris S
Chris S Hace 14 días
Clippers, they need two of the best players to do it, pussies
Jonathan Cortes
Jonathan Cortes Hace 14 días
Dumbass predictions. You talk basketball all the time yet cant make a decent prediction based on the knowledge you have gathered. Smh
Shammah Noël
Shammah Noël Hace 17 días
Bana is bare nonsense you talking. redo this video, please.
Lamar Powells
Lamar Powells Hace 17 días
You were wrong about the warriors and the lakers are 4 real
Arnulfo Marquez
Arnulfo Marquez Hace 18 días
Trash predictions. Golden State #3. They're in.last place
Mister Engineer
Mister Engineer Hace 18 días
Pedicting badly! How you analyze basketballs is way far from true nba fanatics. Making this video is just for making money
Mister Engineer
Mister Engineer Hace 18 días
You predict badly. Lol. Waste of time watching this
Dereck Perez
Dereck Perez Hace 19 días
Oh boy, the Golden State warriors placement aged well
Luke Loftus
Luke Loftus Hace 28 días
Personally I think the finals will be the Sixers and the Lakers
MCFRURRY69 Hace 28 días
I dont like how you edit and cut your sentences
Roz Alegre
Roz Alegre Hace 29 días
No way, Tristan Thompson is definitely doing better than people thought. And Cavs already bowed not to trade Kevin Love.
Zombie Slayer
Zombie Slayer Hace un mes
nigga gsw are in 14th seed in the west how can they be in 4th seed better than the lakers when gsw doesn't have any good forwards and centers then lakers have ad lebron kuzma cousins and javale and dwight to have a good line up in defense and offense bro the down side of the lakers is they don't have much outside shooters danny green can shoot but how long can he shoot? bro
Rigel Gaming
Rigel Gaming Hace un mes
this video is shit
Uncle Tom
Uncle Tom Hace un mes
Bro the Celtics will be the 2nd seed I mean look at them they beat the bucks with the king of the 4th getting the moves
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Hace un mes
3:19 last week 9 players got 10+ points and got a win over the nuggets and kristaps’s build is more filled out now so that should help
Joey The Misfit
Joey The Misfit Hace un mes
The Raptors will be 3rd in the east at least
Joey The Misfit
Joey The Misfit Hace un mes
Lmaoooo. Golden State isn't making the playoffs
Jade Boi
Jade Boi Hace un mes
Who's this nuggets fan
Sulo Daniel
Sulo Daniel Hace un mes
KATs looking awesome to start the season
Qexyz- Hace un mes
Thunder at 15?
CamWingGaming Hace un mes
Brad Forbes
Brad Forbes Hace un mes
I say the Raptors shock everyone again by finishing top 3 and going pretty far in the past season , they were 18-5 without Lenard last year.
Get that garbage outta here
Get that garbage outta here Hace un mes
Kemba a more talented player than Kyrie? A better fit than Kyrie? Kemba has never had to pass the ball around in his career because of how shit the hornets are. Kanter is shit on defence he has 1 skill offensive rebounds. Celtics lost Kyrie Morris Horford and u think they will do better
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez Hace un mes
Nuggets at #1 baby let's go!
Ryan Hillier
Ryan Hillier Hace un mes
Lmao man the nuggets are #1? Not a chance lol
dominic meyer
dominic meyer Hace un mes
Timberwolves over mavs and suns
Rah TheSgod
Rah TheSgod Hace un mes
You’re tripping if you think Denver’s coming out the west..
sampson ireman
sampson ireman Hace un mes
yeah, no. Toronto is finishing ahead of Boston. lol well made video though. thanks
jace lj
jace lj Hace un mes
There's a reason why mccaw is still in the raptors. To make it a 4 peat
Terry Gray
Terry Gray Hace un mes
Kings: You said the wrong Bogdanovic. You also completely failed to mention Marvin Bagley who will probably average a double-double this season or very close to it. Nuggets: Porter Jr is a big talking point here too. Nets Raps and Magic: Too High Bulls and Pistons: Too Low
Austin Sokolowski
Austin Sokolowski Hace un mes
Indiana at 7? Bruhhhh
Tyrone Gupta
Tyrone Gupta Hace un mes
My bet is the rockets will be either 1 or 2
Cameron Stevens
Cameron Stevens Hace un mes
ima give u 100 if nuggets #1
Cameron Stevens
Cameron Stevens Hace un mes
bro u crazy
Oscar Bautista
Oscar Bautista Hace un mes
Kemba over Kyrie ???? Lmaoooo watch some games bro
Oscar Bautista
Oscar Bautista Hace un mes
You got the nuggets at 1 lmaoooooooooooo you just watch highlights and read posts on insta watch some games and do your research clippers easy taking the first seed and the lakers are winning more games than the warriors easy.
star one
star one Hace un mes
1. Clippers. 2 lakers. 3 nuggets. 4 rockets 5. Warriors. 6.Jazz. 7. Pelicans. 8 trail blazers The east. 1.76ers 2.bucks, 3.raptors 4 celtics 5.Pacers 6. Nets 7.Heat 8.pistons
Brian Logsdon
Brian Logsdon Hace un mes
I think bulls should be 8-10, not 12. Lauri is a stud, Coby is already showing promise, and the additions of thad young, Daniel gafford and Tomas Satoransky will solidify their bench. I predict 9 seed or even sneaking past Orlando for 8th. Toronto is not gonna be #4. No way
Paul Anthony
Paul Anthony Hace un mes
The 8 teams I am predicting for the Western Conference playoffs: 1. Nuggets 2. Rockets 3. Trailblazers 4. Clippers 5. Jazz 6. Lakers 7. Spurs 8. Warriors First Round Winners A. Warriors B. Rockets C. Lakers D. Clippers Semifinals Winners A. Clippers B. Lakers Western Conference Champs A. Lakers The 8 teams I am predicting for the Eastern Conference playoffs: 1. 76ers 2. Bucks 3. Raptors 4. Celtics 5. Nets 6. Magic 7. Pistons 8. Pacers Eastern Conference First Round Winners A. 76ers B. Bucks C. Raptors D. Nets Semifinals A. 76ers B. Bucks EC Final Champs A. 76ers The 2019-20 NBA Finals * 76ers vs Lakers Gm 1 76ers - 123 vs Lakers - 116 (76ers 1-0) Gm 2 76ers - 120 vs Lakers - 125 ( series tied 1-1) Gm 3 Lakers - 118 vs 76ers - 112 (Lakers 2-1) Gm 4 Lakers - 134 vs 76ers - 136 or (series tied 2-2) Gm 5 76ers - 109 vs Lakers 95 (76ers 3-2) Gm 6 Lakers- 138 vs 76ers - 117 (series tied 3-3) Gm 7 76ers - 121 vs Lakers 128 (Lakers win series) The Lakers are the 2019- 20 NBA Champs
Rajwinder Thiara
Rajwinder Thiara Hace un mes
1 clippers 2 rockets 3 warriors 4 lakers 5 nuggets 6 jazz 7 Dallas 8 spurs
Rajwinder Thiara
Rajwinder Thiara Hace un mes
Do you think this guys
Ronibel Dumangia
Ronibel Dumangia Hace un mes
Pelicans 6 seed Brandon Ingram leading scorer 25+ppg
Taylor Landry
Taylor Landry Hace un mes
Pelicans at 10, cmon man we finally have some hope😂
Mohamed Adel RAMDANE
Mohamed Adel RAMDANE Hace un mes
Jazz that low ?!! 🙄😒😑😑
Christian Cabaltera
Christian Cabaltera Hace un mes
TR3Yz _
TR3Yz _ Hace 2 meses
My prediction:Eastern Conference Finals-Sixers vs Celtics(Sixers win) Western Conference Finals-Lakers vs Rockets(Lakers Win) Nba Finals Lakers beat 76ers in 6
the noobmaster69
the noobmaster69 Hace 2 meses
Your wrong about Detroit
Alex Vartazarian
Alex Vartazarian Hace 2 meses
sixers no.1
Get Shaggy'd
Get Shaggy'd Hace 2 meses
I'm telling ya, sixers will take over the east 💪💪
amyest ashey
amyest ashey Hace 2 meses
Ok lets ponit out the lakers under the Clippers Pg: lebron pg: patrick beravly Sg: Danny green sg: Lou Williams Sf: kuzma sf: Paul George Pf: anothy davis pf: khwai C: Dwight Howard c: montrazel Pg lebron is like two players right there as he can score and assists and hes way better than Beverly at shooting garud Lou might be better but I think Danny is a really good system player and can hit that three yeah Paul is way better than kuzma but kuzma is a really good player and can playing giod out of no were as hes still young pf. Anothy davis or khawi I say ad because he can do a lot even if hes big he can dribble well for a big guy and can knock down that mid range j at center I think javlee going to start but javvle is a really good finisher and a good screen setter so I think lakers should be 2 and there so much better than the warriors as klay Thomson is still out and even with klay lakers still have a way better bench andin the pre season they were up 11-0 so um yeah at least 2 maybe 1
Lawrence Hace 2 meses
Warriors at 3?? Hell nah, Lakers obliterated them last night. Lakers at 1
-- Hace 2 meses
Robert Covington is not a fringe starter, he literally one of the best 3&D players in the league. I'm not a Wolves fan.
M.O. Stats
M.O. Stats Hace 2 meses
East: 1) Boston Celtics, 2) Indiana Pacers, 3) Orlando Magic, 4) Toronto Raptors, 5) Philadelphia 76ers, 6) Milwaukee Bucks, 7) Detroit Pistons, 8) New York Knicks, 9) Brooklyn Nets, 10) Miami Heat, 11) Chicago Bulls, 12) Washington Wizards, 13) Charlotte Hornets, 14) Cleveland Cavaliers, 15) Atlanta Hawks West: 1) LA Clippers, 2) Utah Jazz, 3) San Antonio Spurs, 4) Denver Nuggets, 5) LA Lakers, 6) Portland Trail Blazers, 7) Houston Rockets, 8) Sacramento Kings, 9) Golden State Warriors, 10) OKC, 11) New Orleans Pelicans, 12) Phoenix Suns, 13) Minnesota Timberwolves, 14) Memphis Grizzlies, 15) Dallas Mavericks
Buhay OFW 101
Buhay OFW 101 Hace 2 meses
Phoenix Suns will be a surprise this season.
Zach McDowell
Zach McDowell Hace 2 meses
I'd bet anyone $500 the Pacers are not a lower seed than the Heat
Arwin Grewal
Arwin Grewal Hace 2 meses
My guess is Western finals warriors vs lakers Eastern Finals Nets vs sixers and finals nets vs lakers winners: Lakers
Sam.Killgorre10 Hace 2 meses
There’s no way the pistons finish lower than the magic.
ur bonzo485
ur bonzo485 Hace 7 días
Sam.Killgorre10 ikr this guy is totally fucking retarded
Joseph Jensen
Joseph Jensen Hace 2 meses
Nuggz have a great team with ALOT of chemistry! They really have a shot at winning it all this year!
Charlie Townsend
Charlie Townsend Hace 2 meses
2019-2020 NBA PLAYOFF TEAMS EAST: 1. Bucks - 60-22 2. 76ers - 54-28 3. Celtics - 50-32 4. Pacers - 50-32 5. Nets - 47-35 6. Raptors - 44-38 7. Heat - 43-39 8. Magic - 42-40 TEAMS THAT WERE CLOSE TO MAKING THE TOP 8 Pistons - 38-44 + Bulls - 37-45 WEST: 1. Clippers - 56-26 2. Nuggets - 54-28 3. Rockets - 54-28 4. Lakers - 53-29 5. Jazz - 52-30 6. Warriors - 50-32 7. Trail - Blazers - 47-35 8. Spurs - 43-39 TEAMS THAT WERE CLOSE TO MAKING THE TOP 8 Mavericks - 42-40 + Kings - 40-42
Kaiden Nailer
Kaiden Nailer Hace 2 meses
Honestly this more reasonable I'm a denver nuggets fan I even think that clippers will still be on top but I do think nuggets will be second though
Jesús Morán
Jesús Morán Hace 2 meses
I will give you 20 dollars if you hit 10% of your choices. And I dont give more cause I dont have it
Jack Horncy
Jack Horncy Hace 2 meses
Philly will go 1 in the east
VBMSerenity Hace 2 meses
As usual, all y'all still sleeping and disrespecting the Champions. The Raptors will once again prove why they are the beasts of the east, even without Kawhi. So keep on disrespecting them, cause they love playing with a chip on their shoulders
Bunky G
Bunky G Hace 2 meses
I think best in the East will be: 1. Celtics 2. Bucks 3. Sixers Best in the West will be: 1. Clippers 2. Rockets 3. Jazz Most improved team will be the Hawks
Bunky G
Bunky G Hace 2 meses
​@I’m A Legend , If the Lakers stay healthy, then yes, I could see that. I just don't have a lot of confidence that they can stay healthy
I’m A Legend
I’m A Legend Hace 2 meses
Bunky G Lakers are 2. Not Rockets
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