Portland Trail Blazers vs Houston Rockets - Full Highlights | January 15, 2020 | 2019-20 NBA Season

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Portland Trail Blazers vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | January 15, 2020 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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EXOTIC THE GOD Hace 6 días
Who else is here after n3on got exposed (p.s. go to 0:12 and look who I found 🤔)
Darrell Pierce
Darrell Pierce Hace un mes
When blazers move the ball they be dominating looking like the old gsw before with a lil less d bc of capt. jack Ellis barnes n them boyz
SGTSayz Hace un mes
If Portland continues to play thru MELO... they will make it to the playoffs (5/6th seed). Enough of this Dame-CJ shit
STK DAE Hace un mes
The comeback of melo
WorldPeace HOFFA
WorldPeace HOFFA Hace un mes
What’s so funny since Westbrook the Houston Rockets seat has been looking a lot fuller
Lamar Wagner
Lamar Wagner Hace un mes
Harden overrated
Jewlz Santana
Jewlz Santana Hace un mes
Harden being exposed no defense to slow man wow
chino Mndza
chino Mndza Hace un mes
fuck the rockets
welivebelieve1 Hace un mes
Rockets need better shooters. Bricking all day, missing lay ups, Harden can't win by himself
CaShoutxxxGaming Shard
CaShoutxxxGaming Shard Hace un mes
Yeah but that shit westbrook shot at 2:42 was wet like water asf
Jovhonte Jones
Jovhonte Jones Hace un mes
The Rockets got pick and roll problems💩
Gabriel Clark
Gabriel Clark Hace un mes
K Jonezey
K Jonezey Hace un mes
Melo in Basketball Shape now !
Sean J
Sean J Hace un mes
You see how Harden does that shit to try and draw a foul... look at the 1st shot of the highlights... how he takes the shot then jumps into the player. 0:05
Son of Isreal
Son of Isreal Hace un mes
Which Melo would you rather have? Braided, Hoodie, or Revenge Melo?
iWavy Cam
iWavy Cam Hace un mes
Anybody peep N3ON @ 0:12😐
spanish _only
spanish _only Hace un mes
Vamos a suponer que el equipo tiene por costumbre meter cierta cantidad de punto en un cuarto y dependiendo de esta cantidad de punto es el tiempo de las jugadas de cada posecion del tiempo de jugada.
spanish _only
spanish _only Hace un mes
Con la teclas de la posesiones.
spanish _only
spanish _only Hace un mes
Tengo una idea para nba live se trata de cuando hagas el cambio de camara como cuando haces el cambio de cámara en que vez de frente la ofensiva tener en cuenta la jugada y dependiendo de las transacciones de la jugada es un cambio preciso de posesion que tendrás que hacerlo a la medida del tiempo para que todo te salga bien.
Jimmy Cleveland
Jimmy Cleveland Hace un mes
Melo is the truth!!!
CjTheGreat Hace un mes
wtf is going on with Westbrook's neck In the thumbnail
ThatG-2 3
ThatG-2 3 Hace un mes
6:55 😷😷 why u do that baby like that CJ lol
Esco Hace un mes
the double pound dribble tween @ 4:39 is insane
Gregg Shields
Gregg Shields Hace un mes
Melo looks goood man!
Grandma with 10k subscribers
Grandma with 10k subscribers Hace un mes
I think the Seattle SuperSonics is better than the Batinore Bullets
BR Rider
BR Rider Hace un mes
Fact is..Houston helped Melo by dropping him..he needed to be humbled.
Angel Em
Angel Em Hace un mes
Teams who practice defense know exactly how to break the others teams defense down using the 5 players on the floor rather than relying on one players offensive skill.
Speedy- TheArcher
Speedy- TheArcher Hace un mes
Melo been that 🏅
Snbsrv LLC
Snbsrv LLC Hace un mes
This the guy Houston canned after 10 games? Absolutely the reason why Houston will not win championships
Long Money ent
Long Money ent Hace un mes
Melo turnt up!, I gotta watch these highlights again just because of the way he did boys
linwood dexter
linwood dexter Hace un mes
Check out kashew lew he did a song for mello
Darryl Hayes Hayes
Darryl Hayes Hayes Hace un mes
Tho' I'm not a BLAZER fan I strongly root for MELO as they go against the team that ditched him...ROCKETS are just a 1 dimension team Offense only 🏀
bigmoney iceman
bigmoney iceman Hace un mes
Good for Melo !!
wayne selorm
wayne selorm Hace un mes
No matter where Russ goes Dame comes with the W
FRESH AzEYEiz Hace un mes
Happy for Melo. Looks like trouble in Houston. Looks like Westbrook has a hard time with Damion Lillard
Wave Hace un mes
Bradd haley has the best plan of all time okay for hiz. Giammatti said so. 3 sport demand for 9 years. Every year. Larry deserves credit for never missing day. And shattering his nervous system. However. He has a good jab and fast feet. -along came jay(dan stone alt 4 song)
Wave Hace un mes
Just letting you gyyz no what i bun up too.
Will C
Will C Hace un mes
abnuridd24 Hace un mes
3:23 gorgeous pass
The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere
The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere Hace un mes
#RipCitySouljaStyle💪 On The Road Back To .500 Just Need A Few More Wins......
gor9027 Hace un mes
Rockets might be a 1st round exit this season. They don’t look like they’re getting better at all. And they would face the Clippers without homecourt advantage if the playoffs started now.
Dalton hendrixx
Dalton hendrixx Hace un mes
melo flexing 💪
Jordan Jackson
Jordan Jackson Hace un mes
6:56 god damn harden
D Baby
D Baby Hace un mes
Man i love melos game!😂
10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge
10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge Hace un mes
Melo made the whole building look like fools 🤣🤣
Ronald Gilmore
Ronald Gilmore Hace un mes
Listen to Kool and Tae Jumpin by KoolinDaCut on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/ron-kool-gilmore/kool-and-tae-jumpin
Aaron Burns
Aaron Burns Hace un mes
Portland can be nice if they play as a team every night. good shit Dame and cj that's how you do it
gginct Hace un mes
Harden is a bitch
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer Hace un mes
Melo is a problem! I bet there are a couple of teams kicking themselves
Dante rowell
Dante rowell Hace un mes
good thing
Richard Hace un mes
Melo is Nasty in that post. He can score 50 a game posting up.
Tperry182324 Hace un mes
Hardens defense is back to how he was two years ago absolutely horrible and effortless
Alex Star
Alex Star Hace un mes
🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥💥🧨🚀🚀🚀GOT EM!!!
Asizon Hace un mes
asizon.com/ GREAT VIDEO!🔥
Colten Williams
Colten Williams Hace un mes
Hahaha Westbrook! Dame time
JuSRaY Hace un mes
Melos revenge.......
Asylum11 Hace un mes
Melo eating all kinds of food right now
STRATE PAPER Hace un mes
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim Hace un mes
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura Hace un mes
“Amnesty” Game
GAT onTRAX Hace un mes
Someone say rockets can't win with Melo on the floor?...They were right.
TJ_Max987 Hace un mes
Bro if these bum ass Rockets actually play defense, we can beat some mfs
Carey Danna
Carey Danna Hace un mes
Aint Shit
Aint Shit Hace un mes
Melo is a beast
Selestial Kim
Selestial Kim Hace un mes
I only watch Rockets highlights when they lose.
yneone Hace un mes
Jon Hace un mes
some of the laziest defense i've seen from harden since the first year he came to the rockets
Wolfdude 111
Wolfdude 111 Hace un mes
Portland lookin like they finally off they bullshit
Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson Hace un mes
Nick Halfmann
Nick Halfmann Hace un mes
I'm just saying, they wouldn't let Melo on the Olympic team this last summer, but they were gonna give PJ Tucker an opportunity...
DJ M.I.A. Hace un mes
Melo is going god mode.
Chris Williams
Chris Williams Hace un mes
Houston we have a problem
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard Hace un mes
Harden has activated playoff mode
J.A Stevenson
J.A Stevenson Hace un mes
Rockets need shooting. That Green injury hurt them. And they need a decision maker once Harden gets trapped like Portland and GS does to him. Much like what Draymond, Iggy, and Livingston used to do does for GS when they trapped Curry and Klay off of screens. That is Houston's problem. They haven't adjusted to people taking the ball out of Harden's hands and when Harden makes the right play they can't make them pay on the back end. Gordon fine. Russ fine he adds something different. Tucker is a role player. Capella stretches the floor vertically. McLemore their only spot up shooter that is consistent besides Gordon. So house and rivers got to go.
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