Polo G "Gang With Me" (Many Men Remix) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Gang With Me" by Polo G.
Directed by Ryan Lynch
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Matthias2k5 Hace 47 minutos
Is it just me or does the song sound not as good on SoundCloud like the video sounds better
Evan P
Evan P Hace 2 horas
Why’s this so much better on yt then Spotify
Achraf M
Achraf M Hace 4 horas
got no balls to do it urslf
The Proxyy
The Proxyy Hace 5 horas
Prettyboyfredo up in this bitch😂😂😂
Tom Brook
Tom Brook Hace 8 horas
Lil Capalot BITCH!!!
Ykyri Scott
Ykyri Scott Hace 11 horas
In between that pussy like that bih was giving birth to me
mxriolow Hace 19 horas
Still fire 🔥🔥🔥
Gabriel Babaniotis
Gabriel Babaniotis Hace 21 un hora
The start sounds like something out of toy story 😂
Klutch Hace 18 horas
Gabriel Babaniotis how
Gabriel Babaniotis
Gabriel Babaniotis Hace 18 horas
Klutch a little bit
Klutch Hace 18 horas
Tf no it don’t
Hunter Stoffer
Hunter Stoffer Hace un día
No offense to polo g I love him but I think that gangster music in 2013 was better that's just my opinion
Matthias2k5 Hace un día
Damn old polo was lit asf
asiyiaa TV
asiyiaa TV Hace un día
he looks good eshit (still do)
Asher 3
Asher 3 Hace un día
Polo gs progress threw his music is one of the best I’ve seen
9 watermelon
9 watermelon Hace un día
This sounds like something you would hear in elementary
saaamiirrr 6
saaamiirrr 6 Hace un día
someone needs to remix this and pop smokes remix 🤩🤩🤩🤩
BZRK NEMESIS Hace un día
Pop Smoke’s Many men remix is better no 🧢
LlamaFaDe Hace un día
bruh thought this gonna be those songs where the beginning fire but this is just FIRE
Ismael Enciso
Ismael Enciso Hace un día
Lowkey this foo music not that hard lmao other artist underrated go hard. Polo g should’ve stayed underground
NoLove JJ
NoLove JJ Hace un día
Dis 1 of polos hardest song top 10
ChainzyYT Gaming
ChainzyYT Gaming Hace un día
i love how his old music videos were recording at the same spot so they all look the same
JaQuorius Hardman
JaQuorius Hardman Hace un día
I thought this song was trash until the beat drop
XxElite ScorpionxX
XxElite ScorpionxX Hace un día
where's the lyrics guy?
Lorenzo Bravi
Lorenzo Bravi Hace un día
polo da goat stop cappucinin
Christian. B_L
Christian. B_L Hace un día
Abdul T
Abdul T Hace un día
Great spelling
Aiziah Henry
Aiziah Henry Hace 2 días
dis shit snap and he need this to pop up on the radio no cap
Ticho Montes
Ticho Montes Hace 2 días
Stay still so I can see that AR👀😂
ivan guric
ivan guric Hace 2 días
Lil kids if you front on em with a slap they piss themselves,what are these kids 12 14 wtf 110 pounds in them
Ugochi Uradu
Ugochi Uradu Hace 2 días
A year later and this song is still one of my favorites🤘🏽
YourVeryOwnProfessor 11
YourVeryOwnProfessor 11 Hace 2 días
Ahh old polo!
Royal Zecoy
Royal Zecoy Hace 2 días
I miss this polo 😔
Gbay Hace 2 días
Royal Zecoy polo good here and now
Mitchell Kerr
Mitchell Kerr Hace 2 días
Most calm gang song iv ever heard.
Côme Roullet
Côme Roullet Hace 2 días
Lol nice to see how far he came
Marcos Corona
Marcos Corona Hace 2 días
Adam Jackal
Adam Jackal Hace 3 días
Proof that 50 is The Best Ever 💯 👑
Yer Boiy
Yer Boiy Hace 3 días
I wonder what its like living next to me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ann Gardener
Ann Gardener Hace 3 días
Polo g said he doesn’t take pics with guns...
J Rod BeAts
J Rod BeAts Hace 3 días
Randall Mendoza
Randall Mendoza Hace 3 días
This is the most underrated song that polo g has
P Nut
P Nut Hace un día
You barely on this n it shows
CHOPPA WRLD Hace un día
13 million view’s lol
Joshua Paradise
Joshua Paradise Hace un día
Just found this and it’s a heater
RAPWRLD Hace un día
Isaac Salazar
Isaac Salazar Hace un día
Edgar Lopez catchy how he sings with it
sehawks4life 28
sehawks4life 28 Hace 3 días
Never made a bad song
ftcflightteam Hace 3 días
It's crazy how much polo g grew up
yktravis Hace 3 días
Zain Khan
Zain Khan Hace 3 días
the flow in this song hit every time
Meme Academy
Meme Academy Hace 3 días
Imagine BIG on this beat
Elijah Haney
Elijah Haney Hace 3 días
fuck vl
Elijah Haney
Elijah Haney Hace 3 días
Jaidenisugly Hace 3 días
It just went from Church to streets😤
IwinSoaber Hace 3 días
Shit underrated
Jeremy Warren
Jeremy Warren Hace 3 días
this beat wack
Mega Weeb 2000
Mega Weeb 2000 Hace 3 días
So fire
Jack Gainer
Jack Gainer Hace 3 días
2020 is a fucked up year ain’t it?
Jack Gainer
Jack Gainer Hace 3 días
I love this bruh
Gaming chanel
Gaming chanel Hace 3 días
U finally made it, ur da goat🐐
lil marco
lil marco Hace 3 días
Never mind this slaps
jackson drago
jackson drago Hace 3 días
Nobody can do "many men" like 50 or pop smoke but this is still flames
Ryan Black
Ryan Black Hace 3 días
Dude ripped off 50 almost word for word in the chorus
Eb Bunny
Eb Bunny Hace 4 días
I said polo g is the closest to young pappy we gunna get ....😐
JIDR2R Hace 4 días
nigga really the goat
Pieceof garbage
Pieceof garbage Hace 4 días
Just realized this was posted on my birthday 2 yrs ago
Seth Rounsaville
Seth Rounsaville Hace 4 días
tell me why it sounds like trippes song bang
999 4ever
999 4ever Hace 4 días
Wtf is this instrumental. Some Sesame Street shit lol
CrZy Legendd
CrZy Legendd Hace 4 días
How come this a slap and the Spotify version sucks ass?
tartify Hace 4 días
1 year later He's living lavish.
Gsn Hace 4 días
2 years my nigga
Nai Boogie
Nai Boogie Hace 4 días
forever a bop😎
kiddo Hace 4 días
Lol, only i think that this song is a type of song that don't match the video
Аян Уланбек
Аян Уланбек Hace 4 días
Young niggA so cool
james pobjecky
james pobjecky Hace 4 días
Here in June 2020, this year sucks but this song slaps🔥🔥
x-player 2
x-player 2 Hace 3 días
Your bugging it’s been fire
V HS Hace 4 días
50 is proud i think
V HS Hace 4 días
50 is proud i thino
Francis s
Francis s Hace 4 días
Man u can tell polo g grew up
Deykaze Hace 5 días
This man shown some serious character development
Mike Ballou
Mike Ballou Hace 5 días
Making 50 cent proud
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