Police. Protesters. People: Jocko Willink

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Jocko Willink's message to ALL PEOPLE.

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Steve Hi
Steve Hi Hace 10 minutos
Thank you for everything you have done and will do in the future.I hope that all people's really watch and hear what you have to say.A true warrior with compassion and a huge 💓
Dirk Grundy
Dirk Grundy Hace 6 horas
Reasonable people already understand this and those that don’t think this is threat to maintain the status quo. Radical change in society is their only goal and it will end the same way it always does.
Robyn Niblock
Robyn Niblock Hace 6 horas
Amen 🥰
Linda Wilson
Linda Wilson Hace 13 horas
No comparison. This is a battle against true evil and no quarter should be given.
dwrabauke Hace 18 horas
That is why so many groups and organisations with an agenda try to dehumanize the other side, to make it easier to hate them and do terrible things to each other. Antifa and other similar groups dehumanize police officers as faceless pawns of the oppressive government so they can trow molotov cocktais and stones at them. Police leaders dehumanize protesters as a faceless angry dangerous mob so they can shoot rubber bullets and teargas at them. They would never do that if they knew the face, name, and story of the other person.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Hace 2 días
Thank you
Reynaldo Hernandez
Reynaldo Hernandez Hace 2 días
You're a very wise man. I enjoy the lessons. I only wish that I could learn Jujutsu from you.
Elias Bonilla
Elias Bonilla Hace 2 días
Joey Figueroa
Joey Figueroa Hace 3 días
I was told once that there is only one race and that is the human race. Watching this put a whole new meaning to it...
bo_bo_deluxe Hace 3 días
Wars are just another system of control. Another way to destroy and burn down the past so we can't remember it.
Tom Cumby 111
Tom Cumby 111 Hace 3 días
Rich elite get wars going between the little people. Look at america right now.
Sky Boss
Sky Boss Hace 3 días
We need a president like this man
Myth Stalkers
Myth Stalkers Hace 4 días
Very true, peace and love to me and yours
Mike Nomad
Mike Nomad Hace 4 días
In the 1914 story don't forget, the Germans and English were still living in a strong period of Christian faith where respect and love of your fellow man was the central theme (e.g. the Golden Rule). I'm not sure that dynamic is even remotely present in today's combatants, which is a huge problem.
Wild Card!
Wild Card! Hace 4 días
Thank You Jocko, May we all come together, honoring our differences and similarities, I vow to work on being the best human I can be, Peace to all of you and your loved ones.
tmaddrummer Hace 4 días
Thanks and Blessings..... HOOYAH!
No no
No no Hace 4 días
What a powerful story! This is the most heartfelt version I’ve heard! Thank you!
Rao Abdullah
Rao Abdullah Hace 4 días
Who is here from shwetabh gangwar post
jerry Hace 4 días
Deeply touching words....I am sorry for those who disliked this video and I pray... that their hearts and minds may be healed and changed.
Pete S.
Pete S. Hace 4 días
If Jocko was President he would not be sending our troops around the world to be used as cannon fodder by the bankers and the politicians who are paid off by them. He would only use military force if the Untied States itself was in danger or our closest allies.
Pete S.
Pete S. Hace 4 días
Jocko for President. He'll scare the daylights out of Congress to do the right things.
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan Hace 4 días
John Henry Grzyb
John Henry Grzyb Hace 5 días
I have a question. I was in three bud classes. 255, 262, 285. But never made it. What do people like me do when things don’t work out the way you want them to? I have been to rehab since. There are many days I don’t want to live because I regret quitting. I don’t have a mom and dad anymore. And my friends are long dead. So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my life.
don jonson
don jonson Hace 5 días
jocko is one of the most uneducated and gayest individuals ive ever seen have a following
Rich Rolen
Rich Rolen Hace 5 días
AMEN What I see going on now is people being TORN by social media. I see Soldiers (PEOPLE) that don't wish to fight but are being pulled by a Political Machine that is utterly DESTROYING society to get what they want. Along with others piggybacking on this disaster for personal gain. Very sad. God will only tolerate so much.
Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno Hace 5 días
Ok, wait. let’s not lose our hea... shit. It’s too late.
Ryan Foley
Ryan Foley Hace 5 días
#respect #honor #loyalty - Let's just be good and decent to each other and eliminate the BAD APPLES #policereform #legalreform
The Idiot
The Idiot Hace 5 días
Jocko's head can still beat up the normal man. And tank. And attack helicopter.
Boomhauer Hace 6 días
I've long since realized my enemy are corrupt politicians
V Hace 6 días
Regretfully, their are many industries (media, banking, military industrial complex, etc.,) which stand to make a ton of money and gain a lot of power every time we are prodded into destroying one another, rather than figuring out ways to coexist peacefully. Whether by race, sex, sexuality, nationality, etc., we are constantly being divided and conquered. The puppet masters in ivory towers fear solidarity among the masses, as it would mark the end of their wicked agendas.
Aaron Staley
Aaron Staley Hace 6 días
Jocko is the dad we all need.
Aaron Staley
Aaron Staley Hace 6 días
Blessed is the peacemaker.
maplesaint Hace 6 días
dont let bad people dictate how you treat everyone else because if you do you will never shine and the biggest robbery wont be against you it will be against the world because the world will never see just how awesome you really are .you are amazing please shine bright for humanity
Po Hace 6 días
Jocko and the Rock independent for president
Ingested Media
Ingested Media Hace 6 días
Some say when the British first saw the coloured lights on the German trenches they thought it may be a signal for attack. Until they heard the singing.
NonCompliance None
NonCompliance None Hace 6 días
What's up with all censorship and silence though? Why are they trying to silence us and tell us what to say and think?
M P Hace 7 días
This is what true leadership looks like. We've gone so long without it, we don't even recognize it.
scrubsliveit Hace 7 días
Thank you, Sir.
n. D.
n. D. Hace 7 días
It's sad that the most prolific purveyors of fact have become you tubers because our leaders have become useless.
Ronin Hace 7 días
U und I know soldiers follow orders no matter how horrible or wrong the orders maybe. I stopped being a soldier and a warrior for basic human rights! You can't keeping beating a dog and not expect to get bit! Bullies wear uniforms in this day and age so add that to your pipe and smoke it. They are trying to incite a civil war. Well they keep it on the path, it will become a war path. I'm old and hope to die before this happens. Stop preaching peace when death and violence are police/military standard practice!
B Forte
B Forte Hace 7 días
So how does someone talk to a rioter and not get killed ? Hi , Excuse Me ? I love and believe , but many are not like others /us. That's brilliant on video , but walk in and see if hundreds care as they're on a rampage. Do it live.
fund the cops
fund the cops Hace 8 días
Sorry Jacko. We are at war with communism and i kneel to no man. I'll be at peace when they are done pushing their destructive ideology. You want peace? Prepare for war.
Tom Marsal
Tom Marsal Hace 8 días
That is one of my favorite stories. You did a great job! Thank you!
My name is Marsh and I'm out this world.
My name is Marsh and I'm out this world. Hace 8 días
Jocko: TF is an ANTIFA? A feminine hygeine product?
Chris Mello
Chris Mello Hace 8 días
Wisdom. Thank you
Shawn Honnick
Shawn Honnick Hace 8 días
It bothers me that Facebook blocks this. So many won’t open ESwomen app to watch and listen.
V for Vegan
V for Vegan Hace 7 días
That's weird, I can still watch it on facebook...
TeKnoVKNG23 Hace 8 días
I think the take away here is that the soldiers most likely do realize one another are human and are most likely the same despite any differences, it's the higher ups and the politicians "making the rules" that put them in those bad positions where they have to kill each other. The enemy is usually politics or the ideals of the person in charge giving the orders. Obviously you have exceptions in many cases where soldiers commit atrocities against women and children, but by and large it's a larger ideal or political people that aren't there on the front lines that put them into those positions. Same thing can be said for the police vs. protestors/rioters, there are people in leadership positions telling them how to think and act and influencing and commanding them how to act.
Chris Whitenack
Chris Whitenack Hace 8 días
Why you gotta make me all misty, Jocko? But you are right. Fucker. :-D
Jocko for president! Not next time, now! Run on the republican ticket!!! We need you.
Trill Will
Trill Will Hace 8 días
It isn't even a war yet, only one side has guns. War references don't fix everything gotta dig a little deeper, it is time to put the gun (in your mind) down and think about changing some of the fucked republican ideals and policies that led to this.
quicksiliva Hace 8 días
Jocko's story trying to relate to police and protesters.... Yet he was a Navy seal, a paid government killer. Jocko, did you stop and ask, "Why am I here? Why am I killing people I have never met and know nothing about?" Nah, you didn't do that... you just did your job, just like the police, just like everyone else that does anything for a paycheck.
-Younq Shawtyy
-Younq Shawtyy Hace 8 días
Jocko Willink for President!! 🇺🇸
Nubuki Hace 8 días
Jocko should be Judge Dredd :D
HA.HA. GoodMeme
HA.HA. GoodMeme Hace 8 días
The giant Jocko head soothes me.
coachmarc2002 Hace 9 días
Dude just run for president. Please. The people will get behind you.
DEVUNK88 Hace 9 días
most of us see people as people, but we are being bombarded by people who see us as the enemy, and must of "us" didnt even sign up to be their enemy, we didnt even know we were the enemy of anyone. we are being dehumanized by people that have us in their sights for no other reason than we arent bowing to their wishes
raul maximo
raul maximo Hace 9 días
In 11 years you with ur comerades will be deployed in the US homefront, cause the leftist guerrillas will try to take over your country.
Cho Rinu
Cho Rinu Hace 9 días
🙏 understood
SKenny Balls
SKenny Balls Hace 9 días
Just curious whoever thumbs down this video why?please reply
Rebecca Blankenship
Rebecca Blankenship Hace 9 días
Unfortunately our previous civil war the same thoughts arose. Not till they got tired of brothers fathers did they understand. But they aren't the same their value system is broken and attempting to ruin our free society and country.
D D Hace 9 días
The parasites in society may be people but they’re not like us. They hate the idea of America, liberty and freedom and they need to go.
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Hace 9 días
Powerful message brother, thanks
Alfredo Rosa
Alfredo Rosa Hace 9 días
God bless you
The Hitman
The Hitman Hace 9 días
Any "person" that willfully aids in the mass murders of millions of people (Nazi Germany) or wants to take away my freedom as a US citizen (BLM, antifa) has given up their right as a "person" and now will just be a target in my crosshair. I could never have sympathy or even empathy for an enemy only respect and they don't even get that.
no no
no no Hace 10 días
something happened December 23, 1913 that made all wars possible
Eric coffey
Eric coffey Hace 10 días
a beautiful story.its a shame men can't get along
Felix Duran
Felix Duran Hace 10 días
You black people need to not be so sensitive man i am a brown man and i to have been picked on by police but you don't see brown people say n brown lives matter and protest and burn shit down its not even about floyd anymore never was it's about taking away our hystery what about all those black people that got shot up on father's day weekend no one's say n anything about that where is blm over there huh? Yeah tha5s what i thought STOP YOUR B S blm and antifa oh and guess what America is still the GREATEST country in the 🌎 believe that !!! And Jocko thank you for your service my bratha💪👊🙏👍
St.G Hace 10 días
I wonder if Jocko listens to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
LetsBeClear Hace 10 días
One thing to add : Dear Officers and soldiers :: these aren’t combatants or Iraqi suicide bombers either. EVERYONE’s PTSD is amped up.. and we all need a little grace.
No Hace 6 días
Vet here: the second an entire group or conglomerate of groups use violence, coercion, threats and intimidation to ascertain social, political or religious change, they ARE insurgent terrorists and are to be dealt with as such. You cannot love and respect the psychopathy out of a psychopath. Maybe when leftists stop acting as such, I will respect and listen. Until then, a fight is needed
Do It Now Podcast
Do It Now Podcast Hace 10 días
We should never allow ourselves to miss each others humanity for the sake of skin color or political ideology. For all the distress happening in our country right now, Jocko's message is absolutely crucial. It should not be controversial to say that All Lives Matter.
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