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It took 22 years, but Ash Ketchum is finally a Pokémon master.
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In entertainment news and current events today, the latest Pokemon anime season based on Pokemon Sun and Moon featured a story line in which Ash wins Alola league. After 22 years of Pokemon, Ash is finally a Pokemon league champion. In the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, the battle match was Ash vs Gladion, Ash topped Gladion and the show revealed Ash wins Pokemon league, specifically Ash wins the Alola league. The Pokemon Alola league was the ultimate battle in the new Pokemon anime series.
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levi kirito123
levi kirito123 Hace un día
Why didn't you include Johto, Hoenn and Unova League in your video?
Nawaf Alfawzan
Nawaf Alfawzan Hace un día
So will he now battle the elite 4?
Donnell Coleman II
Donnell Coleman II Hace 18 días
Ash 2020
telgou delou
telgou delou Hace 19 días
What is even that pokemon he is fighting with lol, they went from fantasy creature to literal furries ?
Your Senpai
Your Senpai Hace 20 días
These graphics are worse than Boruto 🤦
Combative gamer Eboy
Combative gamer Eboy Hace 22 días
i has been diagnosed with ash ketchum disease
ithinkitsmeREX! Hace 24 días
22 years, still 10.
Capt Grovesy
Capt Grovesy Hace 24 días
I like the fact that he won... But why did they have to change his entire face...
Ahn Saehyun
Ahn Saehyun Hace 24 días
if only his face doesn't look like that...
MeTheOne LOL
MeTheOne LOL Hace 24 días
I dont want ash to win coz him winning will make him pokemon master and pokemon will eventually finish
Cheap business guide Guyana
Cheap business guide Guyana Hace 24 días
I watch him win but never stop and think it take him 22 years to win Wow it like he won the lottery Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉👏 Ash
Uñknøwn Nãmé
Uñknøwn Nãmé Hace 25 días
Brah I’m teenager right now. I can’t wait for Ash and pikachu to be the very best when I’m like 300 years old. 😊
Luigi Bautista
Luigi Bautista Hace 26 días
You know what that means there would be no more pokemon episodes
Sinister Sweet
Sinister Sweet Hace 26 días
There's no way.
Cole Mccowan
Cole Mccowan Hace 26 días
Can we get old Ash back? PLEASE
Sinister Sweet
Sinister Sweet Hace 26 días
Ray Hace 27 días
He should've won in the Kalos league. This victory felt hollow and it felt like Ash didn't improve during the series at all, especially when you look at previous rounds of the tournament and how he won through gimmicks.
Otsile Modiselle
Otsile Modiselle Hace 27 días
How's this on now this? Clearly misjudged this channel.
Edwin Paez
Edwin Paez Hace 27 días
....thats not Ash.
GranT STowell
GranT STowell Hace 27 días
"Ash finally wins a league championship for the first time ever" Orange islands league champion ash: Am I a joke to you?
bry rsx
bry rsx Hace 28 días
If he won with charizard...I be crying as like he finaly did it. They put a nobody pokemon. Wack.
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez Hace 28 días
Fans rejoice over ash fulfilling his life long dream of becoming a Pokemon League Champion........ Wasn't his life long dream to...... *CaTcH ThEm alL* ?
Christian Ray
Christian Ray Hace 28 días
So does the Orange League not count.....
Carlos Posadas
Carlos Posadas Hace 28 días
I'm crying right now
Carlos Posadas
Carlos Posadas Hace 28 días
I'm crying right now
TuManu2007 Hace 28 días
Jesuuuussss man! At last! Im 32 and waited for so long! Well done kid!
TheGeneral Hace 28 días
So how is teaching kids to lose for 22 years is ok?
Raichu Myers
Raichu Myers Hace 28 días
Actually its his second one, he also won the orange league
Xurat0 Hace 28 días
This is news?
Tlot Pwist
Tlot Pwist Hace 28 días
Ash's mom: "Wait does that mean he'll come back home for good?" Professor Oak: "Shhh, let's just do it again while we can"
stupid hands
stupid hands Hace 8 días
Tlot Pwist bruh I cant stop laughing 😂 😂😂
Sami Shukayr Archives
Sami Shukayr Archives Hace 28 días
Ash finally won, and Samurai Jack went back to the past. Now I'm just waiting for: - SpongeBob to get his driver license. - Yamcha to actually win a fight. - and wtf is under Double D (Edd)'s hat?
Chocolate Explosion
Chocolate Explosion Hace 28 días
Ash finally won another league after recieving a proper education.
ARBAZ QURESHI Hace 28 días
Wtf happened to the artstyle & character designs?
Alpha Jay 3.0
Alpha Jay 3.0 Hace 28 días
_It's been ages but he finally managed to do it._
Guy Tn
Guy Tn Hace 28 días
Like some of the comments mentioned. It didn't actually took 22 years for Ash to win his first league championship. It took the viewers that amount. For each episode, a day passes in ash's world. You can then do the math.
Eddy Alvarez
Eddy Alvarez Hace 28 días
This gen is to soft that's why he won They didn't want no pokemon related school shootings
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes Hace 28 días
It's been a rough 22 years, but finally Ash earned a victory. Be Forever, Ash! 😂
adeeb yousuf
adeeb yousuf Hace 28 días
What about orange island league?
monk0065 Hace 28 días
Only watch the Kanto League back when I was 18. I’m 37 now and I’m just learning about this on recommended watch. Congratulations Ash!
Srikar Viswanatha
Srikar Viswanatha Hace 28 días
Im not crying, im just sweating through my eyes
Julian Becker
Julian Becker Hace 28 días
Is everyone just ignoring the orange island league?
Minh Nguyễn Hải
Minh Nguyễn Hải Hace 28 días
orange islands is not official league
fluffyboi Hace 29 días
I hate how they drastically changed his art. I understand if the animation needs to be done quick, but you cant tell me this: His PERSONALITY. it drastically changed, okay okay, some things HAVE to change. But the guys been 10 years old for 22 years. And before sun and moon everything was basically staying the same, even in black and white!
Carlo Colvin
Carlo Colvin Hace 29 días
I still say the Kalos league loss was BULL, you let him lose to the pokemon HE made popular in the first place, Charizard.
U. S. S. A.
U. S. S. A. Hace 29 días
Really takes me back. To think that I was once younger than this guy.
TMATIONS Hace 29 días
Pokemon forever!!! @tmations
Jon Jon
Jon Jon Hace 29 días
Hello, what song is used in this video?
-_- Cody
-_- Cody Hace 29 días
Matias Luukkanen
Matias Luukkanen Hace 29 días
So he won the only time everybody was hoping he would lose.
Army Affa
Army Affa Hace 29 días
He should've been twenty years older than me but now I'm older than him. And I'm now worried about the series coming to an end.
Army Affa
Army Affa Hace 29 días
He actually got younger after these 22 years.
Chris Klitou
Chris Klitou Hace 29 días
Liverpool fans don't get your hopes up
alreid09 Hace 29 días
Lol Ash's victory was so Farfetch'd it made it legitimately newsworthy. Now we just need to investigate another mystery.....who is Ash's father?
Samantha T
Samantha T Hace 29 días
So he's a Pokemon master now? Congrats to him :D
Pika Szablak
Pika Szablak Hace 29 días
Nice to see Ash finally won a Pokemon league. And also to hear Veronica Taylor as Ash again.
Joshua Tewolde
Joshua Tewolde Hace 29 días
Bon Voyage, old friend!
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade Hace 29 días
U skipped three leagues
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade Hace 29 días
The reboot will erase everything this past twenty years like it was nothing Ash has taught us a lot of lessons that we keep with us to just dump him without remorse his heartless and cruel He’s too iconic Whoever says ash didn’t earn this I’m gonna slap them he fought hard Rica Matsumoto said ash may have won but his journey is far from over People who haven’t caught up with the anime don’t deserve to congratulate him because they aren’t loyal
Steven S
Steven S Hace 29 días
Bout time.
Daniel Lied
Daniel Lied Hace 29 días
I hate it that he finally wins but in the worst re boot series
America WW
America WW Hace un mes
Pokémon will still continue with mr mime as the stepfather.
Andrii Shumskyi
Andrii Shumskyi Hace un mes
now that is the news i am excited to hear
Águila701 Hace un mes
Haha, this is news? 🤔😂😂👍
Laramie Tingle
Laramie Tingle Hace un mes
Good for him!! Too bad the animation is ugly though!!! Bring back kalos league ash
TVLouie Hace un mes
Veronica Taylor!
ed23jk -
ed23jk - Hace un mes
is it only in Japanese as of right now? even so, where can i watch it?
Minh Nguyễn Hải
Minh Nguyễn Hải Hace 28 días
many anime website have it like animerush, kissanime, gogoanime, etc.
Jike Tagg
Jike Tagg Hace un mes
I’ll never forget this: When Charizard quit that match, I quit Pokémon and I’m now thankful that I made that decision knowing that the shows producers gave viewers “blue balls” for the past 22 years. P.S. As a kid, I probably would’ve stayed around for another season after his first defeat but when they brought in all those new Pokémon, it was a w(rap), literally
Dante Mance
Dante Mance Hace un mes
I mean its cool that the writers finally gave ash a tournament league win but ffs man comon....Why does he literally look younger than his original design. I cant even call him Ash Ketchum, his voice changes as well as his appearance seas after season. And technically speaking, shouldnt his pikachu practically mop the floor with every pokemon that ever appeared the seasons episodes? His pikachu has faced legendaries, many gym leader pokemon and many other league tournaments. That pikachu should be more powerful than the current canon legendaries...Again technically speaking. Pokemon has lots all sense of common logic.
jean-claude schwartz
jean-claude schwartz Hace un mes
I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was.
TheAllKnowingAya Hace un mes
Wait. Do you guys see those lightning things under his eyes that he's had throughout the series? That means...HE SURVIVED LORD VOLDEMORTS ATTACKS. TWICE.
Ranj 7
Ranj 7 Hace un mes
I think the creator of Pokemon 'Satoshi Tajiri' told the writer to make Satoshi(Ash) win as its ruining his name
Richard Chin
Richard Chin Hace un mes
"Have you finally become champion?" "Yes." "But at what cost?" "Art quality."
Gustavo Blanco
Gustavo Blanco Hace un mes
Too bad it was the worst animated series, should’ve won either in Jhoto or Hoenn
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