Pokémon: Twilight Wings | Episode 2 | Training

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The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

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After losing to Galar’s Champion, Leon, Fighting-type Gym Leader Bea sets out with her Pokémon to elevate their training. Will she find her inner resolve and grow stronger…or will she succumb to the pressure of defeat?
Dreams, realities, and challenges collide in Pokémon: Twilight Wings, a seven-episode limited animated series set in the vibrant Galar region!
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Leto85 Hace 2 horas
1:25 One-hand push up is a very heavy excersize. But with extra weight, wow.
Michael Hendrix
Michael Hendrix Hace 12 horas
Pokedex: "machamps can move mountains with one hand" Bea: *tells machamp to find another exit because they're blocked off by a few boulders* Machamp: 3:06
amateur match
amateur match Hace 12 horas
i am going to guess they took the animation of Aloha criticism to heart with how better it is here
amateur match
amateur match Hace 12 horas
Machamp should have been able to destroy the bolder with a punch
amateur match
amateur match Hace 12 horas
bea is bae
christopher snells
christopher snells Hace 14 horas
Wtf is this and where has it been
FoxyPercival714 Hace 18 horas
When I Gym leader has pokemon in Ultra balls, you know stuff went down. But back in the day, a pokeball was a pokeball like a box a chocolates, you didn't know what to expect. Like catching a scyther in a pokeball. How did they do it? Bugsy from Gen 2 or such. You know the gym leader ain't playing.
Thales Wüst
Thales Wüst Hace 19 horas
Machamp Pokedex: Machamp can push mountains with one hand Machamp: * gets stuck inside a mountain*
Milkitalix Hace un día
Who else came here after watching machamps deathbattle?
NaChO Hace un día
where is Ash Ketcham
Jeff McNew
Jeff McNew Hace un día
Pokedex say that a machamp can move a mountain with just one hand but use 3 hand when they are all most out of the tunnel
Dayan9512 Hace un día
Anyone else come here from Death Battle and wanted to see more?
Ricardo max
Ricardo max Hace un día
Isle of armor?
King Will
King Will Hace un día
1:44 The shot with machamp in the rain looked Badass af tbh
Daniel H
Daniel H Hace un día
*Bea thanked the bus driver*
VagueApollo. Hace un día
Allister: UwU I’m shy Bea: *UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!*
oops __
oops __ Hace un día
This>The game
クマ暗殺 者
クマ暗殺 者 Hace un día
This is better than real anime good work guys
Gishathosaurus Hace un día
Wish the main line of games had stories half as good as this 6 minute short...
Gabbo Verde
Gabbo Verde Hace 2 días
Why isn't pokemon always like this
good boi
good boi Hace 2 días
I like how the machoke gets tired faster than a machop. Maybe his EV is low
Joshua Blade
Joshua Blade Hace 2 días
...what a woman! 83
Karomix3 Hace 2 días
The Machamp line are much more stronger than humans. Bea: I'm gonna train you so hard I'll look stronger than you wimps by pushing through more than you noobs.
Older General Skywalker
Older General Skywalker Hace 2 días
Laziest Machoke ever 😂
Billiexpotato20 Le
Billiexpotato20 Le Hace 2 días
Look she is training to hard she needs a break
AR SPuXe Hace 3 días
1:29 What bird Pokémon are those?
Wolfy Palz
Wolfy Palz Hace 3 días
Bea reminds me of Toph from avatar the style and no shoes.
cs ll Vicious biKasuh
cs ll Vicious biKasuh Hace 3 días
I'm pretty sure the taxi man is different in all the episodes. Like how all nurse joy look and sound alike.
rex flame vermillion
rex flame vermillion Hace 3 días
* Eye of the tiger plays in the background during her training *
Minceraft Gamer
Minceraft Gamer Hace 3 días
Bea is my favorite gym leader and ain't nothin gonna change my mind
Mr Wholegrain
Mr Wholegrain Hace 3 días
Bea: *leaves to find another exit* Machoke: "Wait, Machamp can't you push mountains and st-" Machamp: "Shhhhh... Let her realise her mistake."
Maxim De Busschere
Maxim De Busschere Hace 3 días
ONE ☝️ word : BUFF
Red The Robot
Red The Robot Hace 3 días
I just wanna point out how she used a Ultra Ball to capture a Machop
xenodorian Hace 3 días
Machamp can shatter boulders with his punches. But even holding back to not hurt his trainer, he still accidentally hurt Bea. And he looked genuinely guilty too. That pokemon must feel like he lives in a world made of cardboard. Bea's lucky she only broke her arm, Machamp could have reduced her to red paste with one punch if he wanted to.
Rezuvious Hace 3 días
Outdoing machop and machoke with those pushups, pokemon are supposed to be super powered beings compared to humans
cyberwolfy37 Hace 3 días
wait aren't machamp like super strong and can bust up mountains or something? why is a cave collapse even a problem?
Gem Grimm
Gem Grimm Hace 3 días
Well Goodluck To U Machamp You Are Ready To Face Goro From Mortal Kombat
Joseph Gabriel Bastiero
Joseph Gabriel Bastiero Hace 4 días
Machamp gets his speed faster because of the rain dance.
The Ultimate Leon Master
The Ultimate Leon Master Hace 4 días
Machamp is one of my favorite Pokemon
Ethan's Randomness
Ethan's Randomness Hace 4 días
What the person who voices hawk moth also voices chairman rose
Mike Lodigiani
Mike Lodigiani Hace 4 días
I want 4:28 to be my ringtone
Ryan Timlin
Ryan Timlin Hace 4 días
Umm...Pokemon Company, if you made an actual legit series that was THIS GOOD of quality I, a 27 year old man, would watch that series. Thank you.
Karlo Gregor
Karlo Gregor Hace 4 días
And then we have Ash... got bored with him after Misty and Brock left
Ness Hace 4 días
Her name is pronounced like bee?? I always thought it was Bé-ya
SkyMewtwo64 Hace 4 días
I think that bea was in fact at the Isle of armor
Karnga Riba
Karnga Riba Hace 4 días
I like this series. Nothing can replace the old 1 but they were too repeatative. Nice work
Dillon McCormack
Dillon McCormack Hace 5 días
Not the greatest showing for Death Battle.......
The broke boyo
The broke boyo Hace 5 días
Machamp should have not just broken her arm, but logically her first arm should have been completely obliterated. HOWEVER other than the fact that my mental cannon is way too much, this is genuinely great. Not too much dialog, no exposition dump, no ash, and almost no bad places in particular. Honestly if this replaces the main series I will be glad. Give me a show with a main character that properly ages- I-I mean that can develop over time
Sondra J
Sondra J Hace 5 días
The gym leaders look amazing in the series I can't wait to watch it 😍
Big Poppy
Big Poppy Hace 5 días
Christian Holmes
Christian Holmes Hace 5 días
I love how indifferent Machoke looked throughout the whole episode
Pro Resgxd
Pro Resgxd Hace 5 días
Machismo “has the strength to lift up mountains” but can’t move a bolder out of the way
Formortiis Warhawk
Formortiis Warhawk Hace 5 días
Bea’s a superhuman for sure. Trade blows with a wild Rhydon and her Machamp and only have a broken(?) arm.
Corrupted Steven
Corrupted Steven Hace 6 días
I noticed, Bea is just like young me.... constantly needing help by her friends, disbeliving in herself.... 😩
Rae__ Hace 6 días
I like Bea, but I also like Allister so I got both games ;-;
2B Hace 6 días
She is stilp alive after fighting a machamp I love her
RufRGTFan Hace 7 días
I love Bea
Link2007AS Hace 7 días
What Happened to John?
LC .337
LC .337 Hace 7 días
She did not just run at the Rhydon thinking she was gonna land a hit on that Brute
KanjiGodomo Hace 5 días
A great workout that she may have done: Three laps around the exterior of Wyndon Stadium 2-minute planks with 32kg (70lbs) on her back (4 sets) Still with those weights, do one-handed pushups (3 sets of 25 per hand) Fight a Rhydon 1-v-1 in fisticuffs
Grav3staR Hace 7 días
Jeez I really enjoyed this, this has so much more emotion and energy than most of the main series and movies combined. We need more anime of the gym leaders honestly.
Gabriel Alcantara
Gabriel Alcantara Hace 7 días
This is not how you train pokemon
Lisa Weseth
Lisa Weseth Hace 7 días
À g
Deep Toot
Deep Toot Hace 7 días
am I the only one whos at awe by how freakin huge corviknight is???? Finally a bird you can ride!!!
Captain Souvlakis
Captain Souvlakis Hace 7 días
Yea let the machamp punch you
Blocky From Bfdi
Blocky From Bfdi Hace 8 días
This video is so beautiful, thank you Pokémon sword and shield
Dollar Hat
Dollar Hat Hace 8 días
3:43 Look at all the mega stones for pokémon that'll never get their mega!
Fung Max
Fung Max Hace 8 días
When Bea smiles the world is blessed
Niceness_of_Gemini Hace 8 días
Lets get down to business to defeat...the huns.
Zaturatsu Hace 8 días
So your telling me this same Machamp is going to fight Goro in a Death Battle?! Weird matchup but ok
OverlordGab Hace 8 días
I would totally watch an anime with this girl as protagonist!
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