Please STAY FAR AWAY From This Arcade Game

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Jessii Vee

Jessii Vee

Hace un mes

Today we are continuing the series about strange phenomena in this world! This episode is about an arcade game you should never play...
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Jessii Vee
Brampton, Ontario
L6Z 0E7


Lydia Mae
Lydia Mae Hace 23 minutos
watched it all in about 1 week season 1,2,3 stranger things is the best
Billie Marygold
Billie Marygold Hace 4 horas
RIP Alexi and Billy
Xoxo _Sunshine
Xoxo _Sunshine Hace 11 horas
I asked my grandma a little ago and she told me just to stay away and never. Even watch ESwomen videos on it I asked her why.....she didn’t reply....OML this gives me the creeeps 😬😬😬😬😬😬
Dayannara Jaime
Dayannara Jaime Hace 14 horas
idk if anyone has mentioned it but i love your stranger things top
Caitlin Herrera
Caitlin Herrera Hace 16 horas
And you made me scared of the dark and This creepy stuff is ruining my childhood because I am a child
Shortie Gacha
Shortie Gacha Hace 16 horas
Eren Barrett
Eren Barrett Hace 17 horas
My dad said he thinks he has seen the game when he was younger
Crystal Llama
Crystal Llama Hace 21 un hora
Don't worry I finished the WHOLE WHOLE WHOLE thing except for the 1 that MIGHT be coming soon
raspberry •
raspberry • Hace un día
Cindy Eitniear
Cindy Eitniear Hace un día
Ummmmmmmm Well......... I FOUND A GAMEPLAY OF IT ON GOOGLE! just search polybius
Cotton Plays
Cotton Plays Hace un día
The game makes pppl not want to go on there phone,tablet,laptop,computer That means if I play it I can’t watch jessi vee nuuuuu I would be crying :v
RoxinhaGamesoficial BR
RoxinhaGamesoficial BR Hace un día
All I could think was MadMax from Stranger Things 😂😂 okay I won’t tell why cause maybe people are still watching it
eh soe
eh soe Hace un día
I just noticed your shirt says stranger things
Sean _Gacha
Sean _Gacha Hace un día
I play roblox (Huge fan of you btw) AND There's this game on there, But it has a game EXACTLY Like this one, So I never play it as often now.
famfiv Hace un día
I love stranger things I fineshst season 3
Jennifer Vega
Jennifer Vega Hace un día
Me want to play it >:3 idk why but I want too! I'll bring protection when I see those guys :> like knife XD
Camila Quiles
Camila Quiles Hace un día
I saw stranger things to I can’t believe u saw it to
Liliana Orta
Liliana Orta Hace 2 días
Pepa what are you doing in the coment section ??
Duffy Brown
Duffy Brown Hace 2 días
I play Zelda!
princess myia aka kidnapper
princess myia aka kidnapper Hace 2 días
reminds me of wreck it Ralph
no2imit Hace 2 días
My mum and dad never heard of it 🙄😬😑😐😶
qmq_Joxo_ Hace 2 días
That reminds me of me I bee migraines,NAusua,and many more so HMMMM
maya I did not no that you have a song
maya I did not no that you have a song Hace 2 días
Jiseei vee I saw thes game in rblox!!!!!
Jen Tiay
Jen Tiay Hace 3 días
Me: * Plays Polybius then 2 men in black comes in * Me: * Gets bored of playing and leaves the arcade * At home... Men in Black: * Knocks at my door * Me: * Opens door * Men in black: How was your experience when playing the game? Me: What game?.. Men in black: ... * Leaves * Y'know bc when you play polybius you will have memory loss get it? 1 like = You get it.
Smile with me :3 :3
Smile with me :3 :3 Hace 3 días
Polybius is in one of ROBLOXS game I the game is called flee the falcity
peace Mckinney
peace Mckinney Hace 3 días
I wish I'm to late
Eevee's World
Eevee's World Hace 3 días
I always knew that I shouldn't play it if I saw it some people jumped of a building or killed themselves I don't know if it's true but I always know that I should never play it because I don't ever want to run into these men...
Eevee's World
Eevee's World Hace 3 días
I knew about this I found it out in 2018 it's really interesting so I clicked this after your club penguin dark secrets video
Alena IRL
Alena IRL Hace 3 días
Polybius is in Flee The Facility on Roblox it’s in the secret hideout! Check it out Jessi Vee!
Andy Cruise
Andy Cruise Hace 3 días
Me:*gets bullied at School and comes home,and want to have no emotions* Me:*sits down and watches this vid* Also me:WHERE CAN I FIND THIS GAME?!?!?!
Hydra Agent
Hydra Agent Hace 3 días
Whelp if I find Polybius I'm playing it
A Girl
A Girl Hace 3 días
I remember when this was the last video she posted 😂
LuminousTV Hace 3 días
I think I’ve seen Polybius I had to leave but I stalled to see it and, remember feeling sick after just looking at the shapes when it turned on and then I ran to my brother after feeling scared and sick
Helen Schurtz
Helen Schurtz Hace 3 días
Billy Nasiop
Billy Nasiop Hace 3 días
Polybius was in stranger things in the arcade episode and in the mobile game,when I noticed it I freaked out lol
Alina SS
Alina SS Hace 3 días
I seen that in roblox in the secret tunnel of flee the facility
kwii melanie
kwii melanie Hace 3 días
give me that shirt🥺
tinypaws LPS
tinypaws LPS Hace 3 días
Is it fun being a actor? I wanna be one when I grow up so bad!
Applepie Gacha
Applepie Gacha Hace 3 días
I found this game when i was on a vacation lol i was so creeped out
Seham El-Naggar
Seham El-Naggar Hace 4 días
*Im not going to any game plays* *•~• what* *LIKE SERIOUSLY*
XxxLavender Xxx
XxxLavender Xxx Hace 4 días
Luv ur shirt i watch stranger things too 😜
Wolfe gatcha life Gatcha tuber
Wolfe gatcha life Gatcha tuber Hace 4 días
Omg I saw that game
MuffinSunday Meow!
MuffinSunday Meow! Hace 4 días
Let’s raid area 51
chloechloe 2010
chloechloe 2010 Hace 4 días
christopher southerland
christopher southerland Hace 4 días
I usaly say it like "Polly-By-is"
dgermosen20 Hace 4 días
U should play Roblox Jessii
Lucille Flores
Lucille Flores Hace 4 días
My name is Frankie
Itz_ lilly_love
Itz_ lilly_love Hace 4 días
Am I the only one who wants to play this my controlling game now or am I just crazy
Lps Blue Barry
Lps Blue Barry Hace 4 días
Polybius is in my fave roblox game flee the facility it’s a fake polybius heh
Danish Dish
Danish Dish Hace 4 días
you can buy polybius on steam Like if you want jessii vee to see if it is actually what the urban legend says
Gatcha Sushi'z
Gatcha Sushi'z Hace 4 días
I played this game before.... When I was about eight or nine.... It wasn't that interesting to me so I stopped playing it. Thankfully those men in black suites weren't there.. I could have gotten in major trouble.
Millicent Keeble
Millicent Keeble Hace 4 días
I literally just went to a arcade...
Millicent Keeble
Millicent Keeble Hace 4 días
I'm now on season 3 in stranger things BILL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO😭
Tamara Lynn
Tamara Lynn Hace 4 días
Please please do Legend of Zelda glitches. Especially Majora’s Mask, since it’s the creepiest game In the whole series. I’ve played it as a child growing up and it took my cousin and I 7 years to fully complete it. There is so much lore in the game and it’s so hard and creepy. I think it would be a fantastic idea!!
Violet Johnson
Violet Johnson Hace 4 días
Holy frick ive seen bolibius before cuz I'm in Portland
Śtârÿ Çhãń
Śtârÿ Çhãń Hace 4 días
My dad’s friend owns a arcade...I play this game all the time....none of the symptoms happened to me. Yet. *YEET OUT I AINT GETTING POSSESSED.*
Cutewolfie max
Cutewolfie max Hace 4 días
No and never will
Emsal Ozturk
Emsal Ozturk Hace 4 días
Artistic Bunny
Artistic Bunny Hace 4 días
I have actually played that game I have got the symptoms but the one thing that is weird is that i dont feel just happy i only feel depressed and as soon as the game left the arcade my symptoms stopped
Aiko-Chan Hace 4 días
What is running with violet?sorry im new to the u♥️
strangerthingsedits Hace 5 días
miz fy
miz fy Hace 5 días
I swear i played this i dont rember..... OMG MABEY I DID A I FORGORT......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm nah
Bonrey Bunny
Bonrey Bunny Hace 5 días
My life is a phenomenon 😔😞😢😞 I just looked up what phenomenon mean and I just realized that I am stupid. :3
ii Unknown 11
ii Unknown 11 Hace 5 días
Yes! I love learning about creepy game conspiracy theories and stuff and would Hope to see more soon!
Xtal Marcuccio
Xtal Marcuccio Hace 5 días
Sope is life 朴智旻
Sope is life 朴智旻 Hace 5 días
The whole time I was thinking of wreck it ralph. That's sad...
my_jin _suga
my_jin _suga Hace 4 días
Sope is life 朴智旻 armmmmmyyyyyyyyyy💜💜
moza althani
moza althani Hace 5 días
I’m pretty sure it’s the government
Ella Simpson
Ella Simpson Hace 5 días
I alwAys have nightmares
Slimeheartgirls !
Slimeheartgirls ! Hace 5 días
Love your shirt Jessii I love stranger things :)
Maya Bochynski
Maya Bochynski Hace 5 días
I played that game then in the morning. I woke in asia but im in the us and i didint bring my phone because i was at the acade
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