Philthy Rich - Ling Ling (Official Video)

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Hace 27 días

From the album “Big 59”. Out now!
#PhilthyRich #Big59 #SCMMLLC
Official Music Video by Philthy Rich performing Ling Ling © 2019 SCMMLLC / EMPIRE

Philthy RichLing LingSCMMLLCEMPIRE

Oh Jay
Oh Jay Hace 2 días
Should've got the Asian girl from the Dub P & Corryna vid.
Daniel G
Daniel G Hace 3 días
Standout beat from the album
Clay Poxon
Clay Poxon Hace 5 días
Sem city money man stay droppin that heat 🔥🔥🔥
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Rodrigo Rodriguez Hace 7 días
Filmed in Vegas makes this hot ... Plus the girl
Boss Shit
Boss Shit Hace 6 días
Rodrigo Rodriguez that's wuzup
banana ooyu
banana ooyu Hace 8 días
Alex Matthes
Alex Matthes Hace 8 días
I don't think were in TwoSet anymore
Sneaker Reviews
Sneaker Reviews Hace 8 días
Spicy yum yum
TBE, Tical
TBE, Tical Hace 10 días
Tell'em philthy; Thay dont know wat a real wifey is But wats understood dnt need to be explained.... # FIJI WATER.. # TBE.
6ix 9ine's Conscious
6ix 9ine's Conscious Hace 11 días
Hey what's Phillip's address ?? Asking for a friend
Yo Momma
Yo Momma Hace 11 días
Ling LING😳😱philty bruh were her sista at🤭😳???
Frank Chapman
Frank Chapman Hace 11 días
And ya gfn that 40 year old ling ling 😂🤔
B-Mo93 Hace 12 días
whatchu know about that 99 ranch
Saurav Roy
Saurav Roy Hace 12 días
Anyone else came here looking for twoset's videos?
Jay Dority
Jay Dority Hace 12 días
Spicy yum yum sauce on my lobster tail
Poppy's Plant
Poppy's Plant Hace 12 días
Don't call this song ling ling if you didn't practice 40 hours a day to make it
john dog
john dog Hace 13 días
i follow you since the first day. you a real g philty. rip your cuzin. from paris to s.f i am jew and i grew up with black people they are my brothers!!! bloods up bitches down
TheBlueRage Hace 14 días
Nice connect on the Rhymes. For more of my Reaction come check me out.
Daniel Torres Villegas
Daniel Torres Villegas Hace 14 días
40 hours of twerk a day
Autistic Bot
Autistic Bot Hace 11 días
2set ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗
not anti Vision Blind
not anti Vision Blind Hace 15 días
I clicked fo ass but damn niqqa on nofap
Painter Gus
Painter Gus Hace 15 días
Cant NOBODY say Philthy aint really Living his lyrics lmao he be showing exact visuals damn near everytime with his Music videos!! #PhilthyRich
Mike Oz
Mike Oz Hace 15 días
I just came for thick Asian broad 💯
Tony Dwayne
Tony Dwayne Hace 15 días
This why you can't listen to rappers this nigga was hollin no BFE but now he making love songs about the bitch and in another song he said she want a baby by him that ain't pimpin...quit getting rules of the game from these fake ass rappers...
Mbeya Conscious
Mbeya Conscious Hace 15 días
Rahmat Jusri
Rahmat Jusri Hace 15 días
peep how he use the chopstick lmaoo
Jonny Park
Jonny Park Hace 15 días
Hearing this song makes me proud of my "Ling Ling" and forever will be together in eternity. Philthy Rich much love to you.
Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson Hace 15 días
All i gotta say is drakeo the ruler was the first nigha sayin ling ling mayy ling
Rah Torres
Rah Torres Hace 16 días
I’m sorry imma keep it all the way G Long long lookin like a man Tranny fr fr
Fernando Miron
Fernando Miron Hace 16 días
So when tf are y’all gonn drop her @@?
Nay BorhoodRR
Nay BorhoodRR Hace 16 días
@her asap 😭
Espoire Hace 16 días
hole up he talkin bout eatin well done filets, slow down Philthy you deserve better than that playa. shit bang tho
alexander perez
alexander perez Hace 16 días
I'll put my kabasi between those buns😂
Juan Gil
Juan Gil Hace 16 días
Damn she can get it
Drewbert 420
Drewbert 420 Hace 16 días
That 🍑🍑🍑👍
SCKEV Hace 16 días
Just click on the video for that hot ass bitch 👀 Who did the same?
Rob S.
Rob S. Hace 17 días
those big breasts, that nice big butt, and between those thick legs 😋 😋 😋😈🔥 🔥
HoleeShietPyro Hace 17 días
her face is trashed, too much greasy chinese food
Mr Goodwin
Mr Goodwin Hace 17 días
Boyfriend experience facts
Road Runner
Road Runner Hace 17 días
What’s her IG
sick with it beats
sick with it beats Hace 17 días
Lease 5 beats for 4.99 (visit)
delirio a roma
delirio a roma Hace 17 días
Spero che dopo il video jai sborrato in culo a sta cavallona
Chris Pee
Chris Pee Hace 18 días
I’ll put my face in that🍑
Sperry Springer
Sperry Springer Hace 18 días
LIL RXX Hace 18 días
Philthy Consistent as a mf 💪💰
JirendaGreat Hace 19 días
Shoutout Philthy doing 1 for the Asians 🔥
Alkimachos Hace 19 días
So this is the legendary ling ling that practices 40 hours a day
vistastructions Hace 14 días
Ofc lmao. TwoSet represent!
Tomcha Tomchha
Tomcha Tomchha Hace 19 días
Ooo wat a big fresh boobs
Mr Smith
Mr Smith Hace 19 días
I thought it was nobfe we making love songs for the hoes now
Mr Smith
Mr Smith Hace 18 días
COCA_GOT_BANDZ Hace 18 días
Mr Smith she been down for the nigga over 10 years she deserve a song 👑
J Kelly
J Kelly Hace 19 días
Somebody Tricken Hard!!!# JS..m
Damarcio Henry-Winston
Damarcio Henry-Winston Hace 19 días
who got this girls ig
Miguel Soriano
Miguel Soriano Hace 19 días
Need this females IG
king cali
king cali Hace 19 días
TrumpTheOnly TrueAmericanHeroPresident
TrumpTheOnly TrueAmericanHeroPresident Hace 19 días
Ugly AF
MrMdot1186 Hace 19 días
Off wit dat Gucci!!! Shit weak!!
Demond Nellum
Demond Nellum Hace 19 días
Redwood Giant
Redwood Giant Hace 20 días
How a love song should be done
Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada Hace 20 días
Ling Ling needs a brown bag
Mr2TRILL4TV Hace 20 días
8500armand Hace 20 días
I swear on every Philthy Rich videos he always sitting down either on the chair or crate rapping is it just me or do you think he having health issues
Roy Liu
Roy Liu Hace 17 días
bro, look @ his wieght and u will know....
Grass Mask Records - GMR
Grass Mask Records - GMR Hace 20 días
It's Philthy Nigga!!!💯💯💯
Weasna Sim
Weasna Sim Hace 20 días
Khmer girls are the best!!!
SD 4 LIFE Hace 20 días
Marketing to the asians
Pretty Ahki
Pretty Ahki Hace 20 días
I seen the thumbnail so I had to click! Song goes hard though
Ovayo Ovayo
Ovayo Ovayo Hace 20 días
Who else came 4 that Booty☺
Quavo Anderson
Quavo Anderson Hace 14 días
Yea sHe supposed to badder tHen dat 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
2 district
2 district Hace 20 días
Purifier lyrics.
truck daddy
truck daddy Hace 20 días
Ling Ling Needs Ding-a-Ling Yameen
Alvaro Garcia
Alvaro Garcia Hace 20 días
🍆all day long ling ling,,,she bad
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete Hace 20 días
Either she has had surgery or is mixed with something Asian woman aren't built like that naturally. I'd still ram it tho.
Mister Chubbers
Mister Chubbers Hace 21 un día
Cambodian women and mainly southeast Asian be thick AF tho.
BBW Queen
BBW Queen Hace 21 un día
Boss Shit
Boss Shit Hace 5 días
BBW Queen that's wuzup 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌
G ‘
G ‘ Hace 21 un día
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