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Cold Ones

Cold Ones

Hace 5 meses

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Cold Ones
Cold Ones Hace 5 meses
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Idk VEVO l
Synth Hace un mes
And that’s a great price!
A Ghost.
A Ghost. Hace 2 meses
Spread the ads out more dingas
Nate Walters
Nate Walters Hace 3 meses
i gotta shave my balls now
Nelson Hoyle
Nelson Hoyle Hace 3 meses
Luca K
Luca K Hace 14 minutos
Pewds I could be your stunt double
The Cart of Videos
The Cart of Videos Hace 7 horas
Should show him the ass tattoo
Autumn Cross
Autumn Cross Hace 17 horas
o k so why isnt anyone talking about how pewds kissed a guy and said he enjoyed it-
Dwyne Playz TV
Dwyne Playz TV Hace un día
How did Pewdiepie get there???? I thought he has no legs. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Dan Fowler
Dan Fowler Hace un día
Chad, i can never have thiccc legs like you.
Michael Mulder
Michael Mulder Hace 2 días
Bookmark 27:33
Tickle My pickel
Tickle My pickel Hace 2 días
PewDiePie has the same humor as David dobrick
Scott Bain
Scott Bain Hace 2 días
mmmmmm seananners i can smell you
Harvey Britland
Harvey Britland Hace 3 días
Clicked on this genuinely believing Felix wouldn't be on it and they were memeing but here we are. Fair play.
Hijack Jake
Hijack Jake Hace 3 días
Deere Nunez
Deere Nunez Hace 3 días
So George Kusunoki Miller influences our biggest youtuber of all time? So how much money is supposed to have?
Anup K
Anup K Hace 4 días
"he's relapsing he's relapsing"
Shiki Joe
Shiki Joe Hace 4 días
Who would've thought that the first few minutes of this podcast will be them arguing over some whiskeys.
Nick Dague
Nick Dague Hace 4 días
Pewdiepie was being a dick to Chad that entire time just and everyone just ignored it. He knew full well the kind of offensive jokes that they made yet he still got mad whenever chad made one. It’s kind of annoying to see pewdiepie treat chad like shit just because he has a bigger following. There’s clearly a tension between the two the entire video and it throws off the cold ones feel.
Kisfo Hace 4 días
I wanted to enjoy this but Felix just seemed uncomfortable and it reminded me of all the many times that I was super uncomfortable and awkward in front of people and I had to click away for my own sake
T Hace 4 días
Archer Shanahan
Archer Shanahan Hace 4 días
Love this channel. XD
Laura J W
Laura J W Hace 5 días
that oneguy
that oneguy Hace 5 días
So much nostalgic memories
eskimoassasin6 Hace 5 días
Must suck to be obese and stupid like chad. He legit is retarded LOL.
Henri Schroer
Henri Schroer Hace 5 días
I’m gonna shave my balls now
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That’s for proof about these guys
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Proof that PewDiePie is a bad man called once exposed Chad is a horrible person and a money grabber in his ivory tower as Max would say
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The jerryrigger Hace 5 días
Proof that PewDiePie and cold ones are very bad news
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Subscribe to me cold ones exposed
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He’s watching subscribe
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Please watched PewDiePie and cold for once exposed
Jacob Alderman
Jacob Alderman Hace 6 días
1:25:27 Felix's laugh?
Taylor Demers
Taylor Demers Hace 6 días
I legit have the exact same Paulaner Munchen beer stein that I found in an antique shop
Liverbird Hace 7 días
Whats the name of the whiskey ?
Gici Hace 7 días
anyone here
alien.sauvage Hace 7 días
pewds is so humble lmaoooo he was so polite at the start
butyhunter 64
butyhunter 64 Hace 7 días
Bruhh sive is black
Jesse Carnell
Jesse Carnell Hace 7 días
19:00 I am 19 minutes and and I'm pausing this to go shave my balls😂
Luis Gaytan
Luis Gaytan Hace 7 días
Max is a pussy when it comes to drinking no offense
Logan Nunzel
Logan Nunzel Hace 7 días
Well I guess people change
lopton1 Hace 8 días
Yes! More regognition for bald and bancrupt!
Alexander Cope
Alexander Cope Hace 8 días
11:45 - 11:55 how fucking long did he stare at that leg
shakala mohammed
shakala mohammed Hace 9 días
16:43 ... tell me he wasn't serious
Trippa Hace 4 días
Sad but true ablism is a SEROIUS PROBLAM
Ryan Bartram
Ryan Bartram Hace 9 días
He is unfortunately. He laughs a ridiculously high amount of times in regular conversation or just to himself in his videos. But yeah the one time he keeps a straight face its after saying something like that. Hes been compromised for years.
Alura H-D
Alura H-D Hace 9 días
was felix serious about the abilist joke? he sounded like one of those super sensitive retards, i hope he was joking
Failed Abortion
Failed Abortion Hace 6 días
Definitely not, I am more than certain he's taking the piss
Ryan Bartram
Ryan Bartram Hace 9 días
Its like the one time he doesnt laugh after something/anything is said. He has become a super sensitive retard
Lonely Boi
Lonely Boi Hace 10 días
I didn't know this but this was uploaded on my bday.
Eroottine Hace 10 días
44:32 Chad seems to awkward here just by himself and Felix
Anna Haxelz
Anna Haxelz Hace 10 días
Get oneyplays!
Ron Chargualaf
Ron Chargualaf Hace 11 días
*4 months before pewdiepie has 100 million subs* "maybe if you get a 100 million subs it'll be worth something" -maxmoefoe
Andrei Laurențiu
Andrei Laurențiu Hace 12 días
What brand is the whiskey?
el geu5e
el geu5e Hace 12 días
37:04 holy shit towoe madd
Pappy Hace 12 días
holy shit max moefoe broke charactger in this podcast for the first time ever. Everyone crumbles under the sheer presence of the one and only keilvesmurg
Bryce Sasser
Bryce Sasser Hace 12 días
It’s the same with pot Felix. Bout 76% of pot smokers say “oh I can quit whenever I want” but they couldn’t. No chemical addiction for the butthurt people but still can be mentally dependent.
Bryce Sasser
Bryce Sasser Hace 7 horas
Primer Gray a square lol? I smoked weed much much longer than you buddy. Give it I quit years back but IDk how old you are but if it’s around these guys age then it was while you were in diapers. As of rn there is only one state a physician, lawyers, politicians can smoke pot legally and that’s California. You contradict yourself by saying you can’t speak for everyone but then say everyone smokes it. If you listened you would get that my whole point is pot smokers don’t listen to doctors or ANYONE else for that matter UNLESS they are defending pot. That any notion against pot offends the typical millennial such as you calling me a square for speaking facts, not opinions, against pot. For example if I said pot helps prevent cancer cells from forming then you would agree. But if I said anything factual against it, y’all will defend it no matter what. I mean smoke going in your lungs at all no matter what the substance, is bad. If you smoke irdc. I was making my point to pewds, comparing it to him seeing if he could quit drinking. There are squares who haven’t experienced it and go by other people’s words. Then there are people with years of experience with multiple drugs who can conclude that pot isn’t a fucking miracle plant. Least I’m not one of those people saying “pot is the devils drug”.
Primer Gray
Primer Gray Hace 16 horas
@Bryce Sasser not to be rude but you sound like a square. you know who smokes weed? everybody. doctors, politicians, parents, teens, old people etc. whether a person listens to their doctor or not has nothing to do with them smoking pot. ive put a lot of money into smoking the best kush i can get my hands on for the last 6 years. very high thc % and a lot of terpenes. my mental and physical state feel a1 despite my lifestyle.i dont speak for everyone who smokes, but i can admit that it would be hard to stop smoking. However if my health was on the line, im not gonna be a dummy and do nothing about it.
Bryce Sasser
Bryce Sasser Hace 22 horas
Primer Gray nope and even if I was, pot smokers still don’t listen to doctors. If a doctor says pot is good for you for a specific reason y’all believe it. But when a doctor says marijuana these days have so much thc, that constant and daily use can cause psychosis. Everyone says “nah man I’ve smoked for years and never seen anything, y’all shit laced”
Primer Gray
Primer Gray Hace un día
u a doctor or sum ?
Team Best Girl
Team Best Girl Hace 13 días
2:02 I'm literally shaking and shitting and farting
n. kelati
n. kelati Hace 13 días
"DO NOT TAKE THIS OUT OF CONTEXT" is the watermark we all need
Absol 812
Absol 812 Hace 13 días
Why is every podcast with Pewdiepie in a shitty Room /Rbnb
Possy Slayer
Possy Slayer Hace 13 días
Pewdiepie sniffs whiskyy
FernandoLikesToastsWithCinnamon Hace 13 días
Bruh... I’m I the only one that finds difficult to differentiate Max from Anything4?
Mayor O'Raily
Mayor O'Raily Hace 13 días
Gotta love the cheal beats stream on the background
Redafa Hace 14 días
the black one i can't wait to die
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