Maroon 5 (feat. Travis Scott & Big Boi) | Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

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Adam Levine and Maroon 5 perform at the Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show featuring Travis Scott and Big Boi. The New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams during Super Bowl LIII.
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Dr.Tragedy Hace un hora
Best time was when the audio cut out during the music.
Pwease Hwelp me
Pwease Hwelp me Hace 5 horas
The Audience was Forcefully applauding the Half-Time show cause they didn’t want to be thrown out of the stadium
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez Hace 14 horas
Sinceramente no estoy encontra de maroon 5 pero lo pudo haberlo hecho mejor
Superpan21 Hace 17 horas
Stephen Hillenburg must be rolling in his grave at that point.
Jana' DeBow
Jana' DeBow Hace 20 horas
i love it
Andres j
Andres j Hace 20 horas
Nobody: Travis Scott at the half time show: aT tHe GaTe oUtSiDe, WhEn ThEy PuLl Up, ThEy GeT mE lOoSe
Zazume Hace un día
They pay millions of dollars to people who organised this. And then they thought "Hey, if we tease Sweet Victory but stop it right before it would start, the people will certainly love it!" was a good idea? Every person with more than 5 brain cells could've gotten to the idea that this will bring a major shitstorm.
Jen T
Jen T Hace un día
From Michael Jackson to this. Life is so unfair.
John Kannard
John Kannard Hace un día
Fu nfa 😭😭😭
John Kannard
John Kannard Hace un día
Fu nfa 😭😭😭
Daniel Claw
Daniel Claw Hace un día
Michael Jackson's superbowl lasted 12 minutes and I wanted to see more. I am 2 minutes in this and I am already bored.
Jen T
Jen T Hace un día
Lol yeah
Nikki Hace un día
I wonder what mr beasts reaction to this was
Arya Mini Manoj
Arya Mini Manoj Hace un día
Just seeing this after watching Bruno's first half time performance ... I feel🤢
Kshitij Kumar
Kshitij Kumar Hace un día
You are probably here for 3:00.
FamilyGuyfan889 Hace un día
Most lackluster Super Bowl of the decade
FamilyGuyfan889 Hace un día
Bait and switch on us
Jesús Castro
Jesús Castro Hace un día
Jesús Castro
Jesús Castro Hace un día
The only really really one good thing... Moves like Jagger hahaha you know the rest is boring 😅
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez Hace un día
This is so disrespectful to Stephen Hillenburg
Flarbargason Hace un día
Let’s take the NFL and PUSH them somewhere else!
Henrik Gostomski
Henrik Gostomski Hace un día
you know what'd be cool? If they did sweet victory next time in acknowledgement of all the disappointed fans
Abz Hace 2 días
erfan K.M
erfan K.M Hace 2 días
Just someone tell me why people say it was bad, come on, it was great
Rusty No. 5
Rusty No. 5 Hace 2 días
They soiled the Hillenburg name! SOILED IT! SOILED IT! SOILED IT!
Nello Melendez
Nello Melendez Hace 2 días
Thank god I still do love Maroon 5 even this is the worst halftime evah!
Ricardo Roa
Ricardo Roa Hace 2 días
Ewww 🤮
Flávia R
Flávia R Hace 2 días
Adam is so lame! The worst haft time ever! Simply terrible! He should learn with gaga how to do a real performance!
Thomas Domino
Thomas Domino Hace 2 días
Like if Travis Scott was worse reply if maroon 5 was worse
Feytey .DarkEmber
Feytey .DarkEmber Hace 2 días
Came back to make sure I disliked this video, glad to see the massive dislike bar, warms my heart.
Cartoon Master
Cartoon Master Hace 2 días
Is it just me...or was Adam attempting to secretly pull an Elvis?
drifted Hace 2 días
Travis scott can't sing
winnie queen
winnie queen Hace 2 días
The amount of dislikes tho
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez Hace 3 días
NFL goes to Stephen Helenburg's grave NFL- Am I going to dig up this grave for money, of course I am!!
Em Hace 3 días
Squidward: "A true musical genius who needs no introduction" ~Travis Scott starts~ Me: This ain't it chief
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee Hace 3 días
2019 J Cole NBA halftime>>>>>>>>>>>>>>another level>>>>>>2019 Adam NFL halftime
Lobetec Hace 3 días
Petiton: If they dont fix there mistake for the next superbowl, we all yell "Boo!"
Hugh Doyle
Hugh Doyle Hace 2 días
If Queen+Adam Lambert played Bohemian Rhapsody?
Rejected Letters
Rejected Letters Hace 3 días
2:22 the moment they ran out of steam and started losing the audiences at home..
Gibd0 Hace 3 días
this show was a big stinky doodoo and it make me very ANGRY >:c
Gaster Gamer
Gaster Gamer Hace 3 días
It is almost September of 2019 and I am still pissed off, I want to slaughter everyone involved in changing sweet victory to sicko mode, but really I will just dislike every half time show after this
Gaster Gamer
Gaster Gamer Hace un día
@Aarnavo there would be no point, the whole reason why people were voting it to be played during this super bowl was because it was the actual year Stephen Hillenburg died, so it would just be lazy of them to play it next year
Aarnavo Hace un día
STEVIE49229 Hace 3 días
The dislikes is from the disappointment we got
DeltaFrost Zero
DeltaFrost Zero Hace 3 días
Travis Scott part is super cringe mannnn
Mungy mungy
Mungy mungy Hace 3 días
Forget this super bowl the rams will win in Miami in super bowl 54
Mungy mungy
Mungy mungy Hace 3 días
Gaster Gamer I know right
Gaster Gamer
Gaster Gamer Hace 3 días
Forget this super bowl from the half time show
Birb Hace 4 días
Lmao they're still getting rid of dislikes
Infinitivo5 Hace 4 días
Master Of Kingdomz
Master Of Kingdomz Hace 4 días
2019: They didnt show sweet victory (mean comments) 2020: Comments are disabled
Blaze Draconic
Blaze Draconic Hace 4 días
That’s a disgrace to SpongeBob
PinkABlink Hace 4 días
This is the best halftime show. Change my mind.
Shivek Shandil
Shivek Shandil Hace 4 días
It sucks alsways has to be adam show
terah101 Hace 4 días
If they were going to do Sicko Mode then they at least should have brought Drake instead of Adam Levine. I mean what kind of pairing is Adam Levine and Travis Scott.
Mia E.G
Mia E.G Hace 4 días
So Adam took his shirt off and no one cared but Janet Jackson had a nip slip and instantly covered up but was ridiculed
N&M Hace 5 días
Okay next years i want Christina Aguilera do the superbowl
Patrick Gallagher
Patrick Gallagher Hace 5 días
Literally everyone: People of Bikini Bottom! *YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATED AND LIED TO*
facts Hace 5 días
Who's here after jay z is in charge of the next super bowl halftime show.
Thanos Hace 5 días
Don’t mind me I just came to disliked the video...ok bye 👋
Herbie Clint
Herbie Clint Hace 5 días
It could have been better if you stayed in The Voice LMAO I won't even turn my chair for yah! 😂😂😂
Paolo Ferreras
Paolo Ferreras Hace 5 días
Black Eyed Peas left the group.
Super Short
Super Short Hace 5 días
🖕 you NFL
Giselle Hace 5 días
2016 Halftime show was superior
Ben Nguyen
Ben Nguyen Hace 5 días
Show might be trash but Adam Levine shoes be fire tho
Kyorisis Hades
Kyorisis Hades Hace 5 días
I thought people had been exaggerating this because I had been rewatching Lady Gaga and other past half times and I believed they had bias but this is actually...
KitKatYee235 Hace 5 días
aLaNtAaAaAaAaAaAa Who else is here from Jenna’s video?
marlin brando
marlin brando Hace 5 días
He cant even rather listen. Wait he has no hits today.
Kobe Strouse
Kobe Strouse Hace 5 días
Whoever came for the Spongebob Halftime show disappointment your welcome (3:00) Which is probably why everyone's mostly on this video
Gaster Gamer
Gaster Gamer Hace 3 días
It's almost September of 2019 and I am still pissed off, I litterally want to slaughter everyone who organized the half time show at this super bowl, but really I'm just gonna come back to dislike every half time show after this
Elias Galeano
Elias Galeano Hace 5 días
No entiendo los dislikes si esta hecho un *_PAPITO RICO_* , sabes como me lo llevaria a casa.
RaiderKay Hace 5 días
*Poor Adam.*
SuperBranman011 Hace 5 días
Y’all said “musical genius” then why did Travis Scott come out?
Nayeli Lechuga
Nayeli Lechuga Hace 5 días
Superbowl 54 please L.P.💗
ari peryatd
ari peryatd Hace 5 días
i have to laugh I-
The Great Hawk
The Great Hawk Hace 5 días
Adam Levine or whatever the hell his name is eats many dicks
Leon Schoepf
Leon Schoepf Hace 5 días
Is this a joke?
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