People Make Impossible Decisions In Detroit Become Human | Part 2

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Hace 27 días

Kelsey and Zach are forced to make so tough decisions... who will make it out alive?
Detroit Become Human / Quantic Dream
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Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson Hace 3 días
Kara looks like Jennifer Lawrence
kurtdc 30
kurtdc 30 Hace 4 días
For the love of RA9, give the controller to Kelsey
Daboosat Plays
Daboosat Plays Hace 11 días
The shittiest game in history. GTA is the best and Minecraft.
Carmen M
Carmen M Hace 13 días
Can someone make a Markus for the 100 baby challenge pleaseeee?
Kayla Lopez
Kayla Lopez Hace 13 días
I freaking love this series!!!
Rio Heldreth
Rio Heldreth Hace 15 días
I feel like staying in the car is the best option when it comes to places to stay
Kati Millard
Kati Millard Hace 15 días
You guys just keep killing everyone 😂😂😂
Lucy Horst
Lucy Horst Hace 16 días
Zach you fine.
jason tan
jason tan Hace 16 días
how can you not know what it meant?
Melanneniel Hace 17 días
Kels you do know that Markus is an actual actor called Jesse Williams and he's from Grey's Anatomy, right? and yeah, he's HOT lol
Andreas Rise
Andreas Rise Hace 17 días
If you Endure with Markus, he calls Carl dad
Sour Cream
Sour Cream Hace 17 días
Idk why but Kelsea sounds like Azzyland
Amber Bachmann
Amber Bachmann Hace 19 días
Who else really wanted to know what happened after Alice said "Are you alright?" 13:01
Munisa Farook
Munisa Farook Hace 19 días
Zach is so funny in this game play lmaooo
Viktor Ziegler
Viktor Ziegler Hace 20 días
the game literally said "your goal is to get a confession, you need the android stressed out to this level for confession, this is a tutorial in how to speak to people good in this game" and these two go "lets be nice :) "
ps4 gamer
ps4 gamer Hace 20 días
krindy Hace 20 días
"I feel like this is going to be really bad based on the drums"
Dolphin Perfect
Dolphin Perfect Hace 20 días
Play Man Of Medan by the creators of until dawn next for the scared buddies
mitsuki yuru
mitsuki yuru Hace 21 un día
IM SORRY BUT YOU GUYS DID CHOSE ALL THE BAD CHOICES ( but I really enjoyed this episode )
Shelby Swartz
Shelby Swartz Hace 21 un día
8:19 "Let's see if we can go 3 for 3 today" "Yeah you're hoping to not kill them all .... wait WHAT!?" "I said what I said" omg I died xD
Following Phan
Following Phan Hace 21 un día
It’s easy to make the right decision if you have never been through something like this. You move and get beat not just for the day but what about tomorrow. When you decide to protect yourself by running, who protect the family you leave behind. You know when you aren’t there to take the hits, who takes the hits after you are gone?!
Damien Williams
Damien Williams Hace 22 días
And so begins the game of how many times will conor die during this playthrough
ComedyRole6 Hace 22 días
HELP my dad took over my game for 5 minutes and didn't bring John with him so now Markus is dead. I went back and took John but Markus is still dead. Is there anything else I need to do to get the good ending??? Or do I need to start over again... Please help I am literally having the worst mental breakdown of my life (I'm a teen and I've been playing this game for months don't judge) to the point I literally threw up 😭 someone please help me ;-;
ComedyRole6 Hace 22 días
SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP! I need someone who knows a lot about the game. Ages ago I went into the shower so my dad took over for only 5 minutes while it was on Markus when they were taking the blue blood and spare parts. Before I went in the shower I told my dad whatever you do, accept the working android, John's request to get the truck and with all the spare parts. He said "yeah of course" but he completely ignored it and refused John. So now, Markus is fucking dead. How do I get the good ending now?!?!? I literally went back and did it again and took John with us but it still didn't work. Is there something else I need to do to get the good ending? Or do I have to do the game over again. Please help I'm literally having a mental breakdown over here 😭;-;
Aminat A
Aminat A Hace 22 días
I’ve seen two other gameplays of Detroit Becomes Human and this is the funniest 😆🤣🤣. But please follow the instructions of the game please 😣
Olivia Phillips
Olivia Phillips Hace 22 días
There are a lot of y'all out here criticizing Zach and the "way he is playing the game." So what if he isn't making all of the "right" choices? Kelsey and Zach are playing the game. Not us. We're not here to watch a perfect playthrough, we're here to watch Kelsey and Zach being funny and awesome.
Chloe Rayment
Chloe Rayment Hace 23 días
anyone have any good recommendations of another play-through of this game? im really curious to see the outcomes of the other choices
Chloe Rayment
Chloe Rayment Hace 23 días
Hikaru FER thank u so much!!
Hikaru FER
Hikaru FER Hace 23 días
P.S: i dont follow many youtubers tbh, i recently started following buzzfeed multiplayer for the babychallenge of the sims, so i like Kelsey now and now that she is doing the Detroit Become Human im gonna watch it cuz i feel she will play more seriously than gamegrumps for example, i like gamegrump but DBH its too serious for them haha. They (gamegrumps) did the gameplay but i felt they werent being so serious about it so i got bored; just in case u wanna check them~ Kelsey its compassive and i want to see her feel bad and happy for the chars, like i did in the pewdiepie's video, he played good but also care for the chars and story so i recommend it for that. I also checked quickly youtube and saw jacksepticeye did one in Jun 2018, so it must be complete aaaand i think its not an edited/cut video. I dont follow nor have seen videos of jacksepticeye but its been 5 minutes of footage and it seems he its taking the story seriously so i think im gonna watch that now :D I recommend u to watch a whole gameplay of someone (if u are unable to buy the game/console like me ;D...) and then search a "all paths" videos of each scene, that way u will avoid spoilers and will enjoy the story more :)
Sydney Herlong
Sydney Herlong Hace 23 días
Awesome! Keep it up!
Franz Aaron Haresco
Franz Aaron Haresco Hace 23 días
zach is cute
Hanna Zyren Genova
Hanna Zyren Genova Hace 23 días
This is fun. And both of you, too.
Not Deadpool enough
Not Deadpool enough Hace 24 días
Whatever happens please just continue the series because obviously at this time we already know what happened well maybe just me because I already kinda watch every play of this game :v
KaKathuWa Hace 24 días
Im loving this series! More! No cuts i hope..
Amy Hace 24 días
Just a helpful tip, have a good relationship with Hank
Preston The Sock
Preston The Sock Hace 24 días
*2 8 S T A B W O U N D S*
Cats_4_life Cats_are_best
Cats_4_life Cats_are_best Hace 24 días
Conor Lavagna
Conor Lavagna Hace 24 días
we want more episodes of this game, surely i’m not the only one
xXI am somethingXx 101
xXI am somethingXx 101 Hace 24 días
I feel so bad for all of them, especially Conner. 😔😭
chloe tuohy
chloe tuohy Hace 24 días
why would y push him :/
Pokeman J.r.
Pokeman J.r. Hace 24 días
Why is it always that the back man are mostly criminals, dats racists
T Hace 24 días
You can tell they don't have children, you don't tell them the truth in such a situation, you reassure them, that's whats most important in such a moment
Anna Pavey
Anna Pavey Hace 24 días
OMG BE MORE CAUTIOUS WITH ALICE AND KARA PARTS I DON'T WANNA SEE AND WON'T WATCH A BAD ENDING FOR THEM even though I'll be with scared buddies forever in every series!
naked mole rat
naked mole rat Hace 24 días
Conner was literally my favorite
SilverStoneStream Hace 25 días
No offense to Zach, but I think that he should give the controller over to Kelsey. I feel like she would be better playing through this game. Just my opinion, no hate please
Lucia Nguyen
Lucia Nguyen Hace 25 días
Simernian gal
Simernian gal Hace 25 días
it's so stressful to watch this but I love it😂
FabulousKilljoy917 Hace 25 días
Oh you guys playing choice games is my fave!!!
ogi sijak
ogi sijak Hace 25 días
Why did they shorten the 3 hour long stream to just 20 min
Dark Myth Studio
Dark Myth Studio Hace 25 días
Zach YOu VE SHOULD HAVE ENDURE LEO NOT PUSH YOU SON of A God shesz 😅Damn I was about to swear Markus shouldn't die Kelsey was right he is good looking😂😂
Heather Hippler
Heather Hippler Hace 25 días
"You just killed the most beautiful man in the game." Same Kelsey, same.
Naru Uzumaki
Naru Uzumaki Hace 25 días
Ugh, this is so painful to watch. Baby Conner deserved better.
Michelle Burlingame
Michelle Burlingame Hace 25 días
“I came here for a fun game...” already made the wrong choice (but the game is FANTASTIC).
Fifibrow Hace 25 días
All the bad decisions and messing the buttons stressed m e out oofy
Noobiesoo Hace 25 días
Im invested! Please play more again soon :)
melina rose
melina rose Hace 25 días
is kelsey ever gonna get to play?😮
KhingOfSwordz 43
KhingOfSwordz 43 Hace 25 días
Detroit Becomes Human is a awesome F-ING game....! I love the. 3 protagonists with 3 differnt stories that actually ties together....i brought this game about a month ago and i play it multiple times and beat it.....i love the fact i can always go back to try out other decisions i havent choose before......
_peachtea_ Hace 25 días
Zach and kelsey seem to have forgotten this is (supposedly) a choice based game. Your actions have consequences. Pretty major ones sometimes.
_peachtea_ Hace 25 días
Also they're self proclaimed gamers. You'd think that they'd be better with the controls and gameplay.
Swirly Vic
Swirly Vic Hace 25 días
Kelsey, can u name a girl in the 100 baby challenge Alice?
Swirly Vic
Swirly Vic Hace 25 días
Heidi Wilde
Heidi Wilde Hace 25 días
Don't be sad about the Markus outcome, I think it's the better of the two options since *SPOILER* from what I've seen you can't avoid what happened to Markus, and the son isn't dead. *ANOTHER MAYBE SPOILER* I just want to say if you come to a decision between Kiss and Sing, please pick Sing!! so much more impactful.
Cari Kotze
Cari Kotze Hace 25 días
Wow you guys are making really bad choices :'D
Jasmine Thomas
Jasmine Thomas Hace 25 días
I'm laughing at everyone saying to follow the directions and do what the game tells you, when actually deviating from the instructions or task gives you more options sometimes. There are plenty of choices, the biggest one being "Don't Move," that if you follow it will end HORRIBLY! The fun in this game is finding out what leads to what and creating a story for your characters instead of getting the "best" ending.
ProKillerRap III
ProKillerRap III Hace 25 días
Let me guess the owner of this CHANNEL has a crush on kelsey shes always playing here
ItsMarley Hace 25 días
Please do this daily.
ItsMarley Hace 25 días
I hate that they choose the bad options but I love seeing their reactions
Heidi Wilde
Heidi Wilde Hace 25 días
I don't have the console to play this game, so I love watching other people play it. Everyone does it so differently - and the comment section is a circus in every one LOL Is there not a tutorial somewhere in the beginning of the game that tells you what the icon/command/whatevers mean? Cuz I'm with Zach, I would have messed up all the quicktimes that weren't just letters lol Are they the same for every game, or how do people know what to do?? I don't know how it impacts the game further on, but I was thinking they were going to kill Todd by the way they were talking and I was kind of looking forward to it. Though I suppose killing people is probably not the way to go hehe Can't wait to see more!!! Love you both!
Hannah Berry
Hannah Berry Hace 25 días
Post the full streams to ESwomen please!!!
Starr Davis
Starr Davis Hace 26 días
Sorry as a 43yr OLD mom lol, NOT liking the game that has women, kids and elderly get beat up. I know i am lame...guilty
Dallas Beard
Dallas Beard Hace 26 días
Wow i loved this series more than i thought i would xD
Mariel Gieser
Mariel Gieser Hace 26 días
They’re mvp unless they kill you... or you know their name is Todd
Jocelyn Rossi
Jocelyn Rossi Hace 26 días
I think is more stressful than Until Dawn.
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