Peaceful protests seen across Los Angeles, OC, over George Floyd's death | ABC7

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Protests in Hollywood, Van Nuys, and more across Southern California. ABC7 Los Angeles is bringing you live continuous coverage of various protests taking place today across Southern California, after protests over the weekend turned into looting and vandalism.

Right Nipple of the Forbidden One™
Right Nipple of the Forbidden One™ Hace un hora
Poor Covid19 no one acknowledge of your existence anymore
Gabriel Souza
Gabriel Souza Hace un hora
So Martial Law it is, thank you folks for being as blind and entitled as one can be.
shallwi Hace un hora
Why insert "peaceful" other than for brainwashing
Steve Harvey's Forehead
Steve Harvey's Forehead Hace un hora
Fairly sure most of the people rioting and looting are people just taking advantage of George Floyd’s death and aren’t actually protesting.
Knowledge Press
Knowledge Press Hace un hora
What cia used to do in middle east and asian countries is now happening in america. Karma 🔥
Az Smith
Az Smith Hace un hora
Trump drone strike these terrorist, please Sir🇺🇸🦅
exotic Hace un hora
Jan Hurst
Jan Hurst Hace un hora
THERE ARE MORE VIOLENT COPS THAN VIOLENT PROTESTERS Also? Why is it everytime they corner someone they've been diligently chasing they force an abrupt change to some boring overhead view of peaceful protesters 🤔 This news coverage is honestly deplorable the news is definitely on the cops side
A can of beans. Literally.
A can of beans. Literally. Hace un hora
Least they know not to come to Koreatown.
BigPapi Hace un hora
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Hace un hora
They forgot to record during the night! Peaceful my ass!!!
Kelly McShane
Kelly McShane Hace un hora
Stop saying peaceful! The media is so gross. People's businesses are being destroyed!
Taylor Sanders
Taylor Sanders Hace un hora
Am I the only one not seeing any looting!? You racists fucks. They are still being peaceful. Half of the looting has been done by undercover cops.
joseph aubrey
joseph aubrey Hace un hora
i would like to address something.....YES i absolutely think that that specific police that MURDERD Geroge Floyd should be in jail a LONG TIME..... on the news i saw an officer getting ran over and killed by a protester......this is going to far...just bc one officer did it doesn't mean all of them did it.....there just simply doing their job as an enforcer...i will say I am mixed half black it breaks my heart that some officers kill black people for no exact reason and I think it's disgusting.... but u know what's more disgusting people killing people bc of there jobs they don't have a choice most of them....they need to return home and feed their families..... it's sad seeing people die like this......and also people of the union protesters etc......i will say these people are going to be mad bc people might get shot by police bc of this....BUT if u continue to harass and KILL police officers bc of their jobs they don't have a choice.....they are also citizens and therefore they have the right to self defend..... I speak for the black community and the people of America and police....... and one final thing these GODDAMN senators, governors, and especially the president...u need to do better and help...stop asking each other and just do it. your cities. your citizens your people are being killed and ur just sitting there, do something. bc if u don't u might not have the chance to later. and don't just take up for police help everyone stop choosing sides and help people.....make us black people feel safe we are scared that just bc were black were going to be killed pls let this fear pass and let us live peacefully.... together as a union. and if ur black reading this i would like to pray for u......our father our god pls help us through these tough times pls grant us the serenity to do better pls help us release our fear upon this nation and let us thrive as a group of black people and live fairly among the others in Jesus, we pray amen
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller Hace un hora
we need another woodstock
Steo 420
Steo 420 Hace un hora
They are making black lives matter less to more people
Maria Callous
Maria Callous Hace un hora
CTRLnitehawk _
CTRLnitehawk _ Hace un hora
How do you unenroll a manged chromebook
CaliCal68 Hace un hora
fix your audio
Kitty Taco
Kitty Taco Hace un hora
We are all the same ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 when George Floyd closed his eyes for the last time he opened many of ours. Respect to the protesters. May George Floyd Rest In Peace. And may equality become present and get rid of our president.
Steo 420
Steo 420 Hace un hora
Skateboard just screams entitled college kid.
Jon Prader
Jon Prader Hace un hora
shirley miller
shirley miller Hace un hora
haley rodriguez
haley rodriguez Hace un hora
People literally never show the good stuff, smh. Like their are peaceful protest.
Steo 420
Steo 420 Hace un hora
Hahahaha peaceful.......
Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig Hace un hora
You are gaslighting and should be thrown in GITMO. The MSM is truly the enemy of the people.
Luigi's Shop & Reviews
Luigi's Shop & Reviews Hace un hora
2:03:50 she was worried about the drivers haha dude got mad at her
Ulysses Alonso
Ulysses Alonso Hace un hora
hunter liu
hunter liu Hace un hora
Stupid rioters. Only if they put as much effort in doing good or working hard.
Claudia Romero
Claudia Romero Hace un hora
Peaceful???!! A lot people are dying!! I am Mexican and I came here for give my kids a good future. Please peoples stop protesting.. I am really sad about this person who die . But please stop hurting each other!! How many more people has to die?? United States is the primer mundo!!!
CHUAN HUANG Hace un hora
how come hong kong riots also 'peaceful protestors'
Rennalaya Alden
Rennalaya Alden Hace un hora
Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson Hace un hora
Kobe: My death was huge George Floyd: But you didnt have Alaska or Hawaii though
Bimmer Won
Bimmer Won Hace un hora
These protesters need to be cutdown with Gatling guns
Antonio Gualotuña
Antonio Gualotuña Hace un hora
m xx.
James DH
James DH Hace un hora
This isn’t peaceful at all, please stop this yellow journalism. It’s not even yellow journalism, it’s just lies
Sherman B. Mason
Sherman B. Mason Hace un hora
Call it a murder, not a death.
Lucah Gianino
Lucah Gianino Hace un hora
This is the Jokers place I Gothem
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Hace un hora
Dani Wolf
Dani Wolf Hace un hora
Dave Farrel
Dave Farrel Hace un hora
Last I checked we're still dealing with Covid-19 so please explain to me, How is it safe for thousands of people to go out and protest but me and my family going to the beach is not safe?
kn0wr3zz Hace un hora
Yeah except all that violence looting and vandalism
David Falade
David Falade Hace un hora
Why run in feet when you have a skateboard? 😂
Harvey Too Fresh
Harvey Too Fresh Hace un hora
kokh kok
kokh kok Hace un hora
thanh thanh
thanh thanh Hace un hora
Listen to narrator, *News appear to be looking/hoping for trouble* so News can have a “story”
Frank O' The Mountain
Frank O' The Mountain Hace un hora
Peaceful, my ass. Reported for inaccurate caption/title.
E the Martz
E the Martz Hace un hora
Producer calls: "dont follow the looters just watch the crowd"... wtf
Lil Tree
Lil Tree Hace un hora
E the Martz There is no looters
Lacey Krone
Lacey Krone Hace un hora
Robert Caballero
Robert Caballero Hace un hora
Not to belittle the horrible crime done against George Floyd but I can almost guarantee that people wouldn't be in such an uproar if it had been some Hispanic or Asian man who had been suffocated to death by a police officer.
chxrry Icx cream
chxrry Icx cream Hace un hora
1 down 3 to go
__ Hace un hora
Jews eat children every day. Why don’t people riot about that?
Cow Thighs
Cow Thighs Hace un hora
Nothin peaceful about this shit.
Sigh Kronmiller
Sigh Kronmiller Hace un hora
What happened to Mr. Floyd was horrible. And, it has happened countless times. But, I hope people realize that this is what our government has done to innocent civilians in the Middle East for decades. We are too violent a society.
DubQWST Hace un hora
"peaceful"....what a joke.
Noritos Hace un hora
you realize that the looters are not part of the protest?
Asianoid Hace un hora
This is defitnitly fake Few minute of peace in america dont exist
Iczel Gaming
Iczel Gaming Hace un hora
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Dfuze L0ğğy
Dfuze L0ğğy Hace un hora
Note: looting is considered peaceful
Master Lo
Master Lo Hace un hora
These letters are giving law enforcement extra overtime pay, that's really showing them ha!
o2bakgb Hace un hora
I’m scared for America police brutality and people oppression by politics and institutions, they using oppression of poor people and even using undercover cops to provoke riots cops FBI agents antifa paid by the same people so sad 😞
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Hace un hora
Follow my ig I'm there live jaymesneutron
T O Hace 2 horas
Peaceful my ass. The world needs to understand that this is an organized violent event and we must protect ourselves. Not a protest at all
Midwest_Railfan Hace 2 horas
“ Peaceful”
Bode Brnao
Bode Brnao Hace 2 horas
U should check it
El 4yud4nt3
El 4yud4nt3 Hace 2 horas
Look 49:09, 50:55 WOW!!!!. Protests of Peace and Love.
diesellifter Hace 2 horas Check this out
Philip Quaglino
Philip Quaglino Hace 2 horas
1:19:23 Yes, you're right, TV only shows the bad stuff, its called Ad Revenue, you're crazy to think the media cares. PLEASE watch the documentary "Hoaxed" The TV networks WANT this.
Creature Domes
Creature Domes Hace 2 horas
Edward Merida
Edward Merida Hace 2 horas
Damn it Kyle! Tighter!
Creature Domes
Creature Domes Hace 2 horas
Haha 🤣
BlueBot Livingston
BlueBot Livingston Hace 2 horas
Isn't the complex individual the ultimate minority? We should let go of skin and focus on the well-being and basic needs and education of EVERY single individual in the country, that's how you solve racism. You don't solve it by guilting white people that didn't choose to be born privileged, judging negatively by group generalizations has a name: discrimination. Without individual awareness and personal responsibility discrimination is inevitable. Guess what groups are made of? Complex individuals. The more you give importance to skin color the more people will judge by it, it's as simple as that. The day skin will be finally treated like a summer tan, that day racism will be gone. And equality will finally come. Skin color isn't culture, it's just a feature of the body. Let it go. If you're black and alive, no one enslaved you. No one on earth was alive when slaves were a thing in America, it's not by guilting vaguely defined present groups about past atrocities they didn't commit that you solve discrimination of present individuals. You solve it by lifting EVERYONE from struggle, poverty, lacking education, poor health and living conditions. The government's job. Guess what? Saying that the majority of whites is discriminating without adding anything else, is discrimination. "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." ~Martin Luther King, Jr. Judging by the content of their INDIVIDUAL character, and not their group's skin color. Any color. I would trust the guy. He knows better. We can't allow racial polarization to distract a broken nation from the government's incompetence in addressing wealth inequality, and poor living conditions for millions of Americans. Americans that are being turned against each other by focusing on a symptom caused by the disease they are unwilling to cure. Don't let a bunch of lying politicians and patronizing celebrities decide who you are supposed to hate, it is not left or right. It's UP. Together. As a family: The only place where racism has no place. The individual is the ultimate minority, and the most neglected. Individual responsibility comes before any group, because improves any group.
KnockManJo Hace 2 horas
Thank you so much for providing actual solutions instead of pointing fingers, this comment should go viral
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 2 horas
I feel like I’m watching real life SimCity.
Creature Domes
Creature Domes Hace 2 horas
Haha me too
James Diaz
James Diaz Hace 2 horas
Ask David Dorn if it was peaceful.
James Diaz
James Diaz Hace un hora
Will not even make the news, they won't even say his name.
James Diaz
James Diaz Hace un hora
@Creature Domes Exactly my point.
Creature Domes
Creature Domes Hace 2 horas
Who’s that?
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