Paying My Twin $10,000 Every Time We Argue

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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Hace un mes

We had twin probs...
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Itz Rosey
Itz Rosey Hace un hora
Ligit me and my sister! XD Just why..... XD ;-;
Janee Thorne
Janee Thorne Hace 7 horas
It’s the way the sneaked in a promo for me 🚥👄🚥
Natalia DeCora
Natalia DeCora Hace 9 horas
Oh no not the speedo 😂😂
Shyla Swatsenbarg
Shyla Swatsenbarg Hace 15 horas
My big sister has misifona
Rimario yt
Rimario yt Hace 16 horas
Leo Godey
Leo Godey Hace 22 horas
E : tesla is good for the environment also E 1 hour shower its ok
lita lita
lita lita Hace un día
“ u sound like a walrus eating celery “ 😅😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kylee Salinas
Kylee Salinas Hace un día
i lit rally love grayson. i love ethan too but gray is so extra LMAOO
Get Silly With Tilly
Get Silly With Tilly Hace un día
somebodyneeds to get grayson life alert tho he couldnt get up when ethan was raging at him i feel like he has sitten down and he cant get up
Lori C
Lori C Hace un día
I’ll share a bed with either. Problem solved 😘
Jarrett Horsethief
Jarrett Horsethief Hace un día
Wow I'm fucking jelly that 10 thousand is just handed like that
Claudia Tapia
Claudia Tapia Hace un día
great way promoting your privilege
Allison Mccarron
Allison Mccarron Hace un día
Nikki Hace 2 días
i also have misophonia so i was very much crying during the chewing part of the video
Hace 3 días
I kind of dont get why 2 grown up men still live together but OK. .. time to start your families guys.. move on frm each other. .jesus
super cute Dog
super cute Dog Hace 3 días
Just imagine they do this every day
alaa moawia
alaa moawia Hace 3 días
I love how theres a reason behind their videos
eve mawdesley
eve mawdesley Hace 3 días
grayson kind of looks like noah beck
Memo Alalawi
Memo Alalawi Hace 3 días
Anyone else think Grayson cheated when he used a phobia since inputs an actual np medicine problem that he can’t control
Memo Alalawi
Memo Alalawi Hace 3 días
E was wasting a lot of water.
Memo Alalawi
Memo Alalawi Hace 3 días
I miss the purple couch introoo
Joselyn Sepulveda
Joselyn Sepulveda Hace 3 días
I actually have that phobia
Andrea Clarke
Andrea Clarke Hace 4 días
lol! My twin sisters were "mirror image twins" which means that they were COMPLETELY looking in a mirror. And like looking in a mirror your reflection would be opposite, so one twin was left handed and the other right handed, and that was their only 'visual' difference to every one else outside of our immediate family. In total their was 5 girls, and the twins did share a lot of that 'twin ESP', but when the twins fought....oh Lord, it was like a nuclear bomb went off in the house! We were all sisters, but their fighting was next level! Trust me, it was craazy! None of us other sisters EVER fought like that! So I totally get it, guys.
Trinity Riddle
Trinity Riddle Hace 4 días
i thought they shared a bank account 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
David Featherstone
David Featherstone Hace 4 días
So when can we see this speedo
paige leach
paige leach Hace 4 días
my misaphonia kicked TF in . i couldn’t ahhh💀 bahaha but i love you too
_NiyahPie_208 Hace 5 días
Is anyone else dying when they kept putting the grunting parts during the ear thingy promotion🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ok Sure
Ok Sure Hace 5 días
hunch back duckling interesting i like it
Anya Sleeper Sheppard
Anya Sleeper Sheppard Hace 5 días
video idea: have a fan edit your video and then you upload it
Daisy Louise Nichols
Daisy Louise Nichols Hace 5 días
I love how they have 10 thousand in front of them but they don’t have a tripod (I do know they own one I just find it funny) 😅😂
Danielle Bennett
Danielle Bennett Hace 5 días
me with misaphonia watching this 👁👄👁
Saira Naeem
Saira Naeem Hace 5 días
Saira Naeem
Saira Naeem Hace 5 días
I can do a planche push up- underwater
reese alexis san juan
reese alexis san juan Hace 5 días
no one: ethan: "ima spit on u"
Lonii Copeland
Lonii Copeland Hace 5 días
Gray: "I would never fuck up like that" Ethan: "but you would" Gray: "No I wouldn't 😡" 😂😂😂😁
itsYahBoiShrimp 123
itsYahBoiShrimp 123 Hace 5 días
am i the only one thats going to talk about how much water Ethan just wasted in the bathroom
Shay Alexandra
Shay Alexandra Hace 6 días
This is by far the most adorable video. They argue but they care. 🥰😍
Salman Khan
Salman Khan Hace 6 días
Both of you are good ESwomenr and l loving both of you please read my comment
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Hace 6 días
"You sound like a walrus eating celery" *eating celery*
ODETTE HERR Hace 6 días
When starting a fight is on their list. Doing what they were doing is that exactly. Oop
Drew Jaconelli
Drew Jaconelli Hace 6 días
I think I got more annoyed then Ethan when Grayson was chewing 😂
Autumn Hace 7 días
I stan Gray😌
Josie Shepherd
Josie Shepherd Hace 7 días
dont u share a bank account
Sydney P
Sydney P Hace 7 días
can you guys do another surviving in the wilderness video/series? please!!! those were so entertaining and fun to watch
Underground Bleeb
Underground Bleeb Hace 7 días
18:12-18:18 that's a whole other person😂
youtube pictures
youtube pictures Hace 7 días
Hey grayson! (Or ethan) I just posted a video on my channel and in the video I put a clip where grayson said he was gonna have a kid. Alot of people are freaking out over this. So can you pls address it?
Deborah Araya
Deborah Araya Hace 7 días
13:44 I'm sorry but WTF IS HE DOING??😂😂😂
Anaja Hace 7 días
the enter galactic hoodie!!!
SarahGene Aucoin
SarahGene Aucoin Hace 7 días
love you guys
AA Hace 7 días
you guys re too cute, your bond is out of this world
Uswah Khan
Uswah Khan Hace 7 días
Ethan : I value our connection more than myself. Grayson : I feel like I could withstand you for the rest of my life.
Magic Clouds
Magic Clouds Hace 7 días
Sneaky Brand deal I see 😂💕
Rachel Humphrey’s Channel
Rachel Humphrey’s Channel Hace 8 días
Lucy Tymczyszyn
Lucy Tymczyszyn Hace 8 días
I wish I could fight and win 10000
Avery Hinnant vlogs
Avery Hinnant vlogs Hace 8 días
I be Honored to sleep with gray
Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell Hace 8 días
I wish I could have this right now. I would do some online shopping and go shopping tomorrow
Anowar Mahmud
Anowar Mahmud Hace 8 días
first vid that comes across as them flexing to me
Renāte Meldere
Renāte Meldere Hace 8 días
Omg, I get so mad when somebody is in the kitchen with me, like SAMEEEE
Michelle Yuen
Michelle Yuen Hace 9 días
Corntine..... haha 😂🤣🤣
Sharmarke Awil
Sharmarke Awil Hace 9 días
is it still gay if there twins
Lexi Robinson
Lexi Robinson Hace 9 días
“We need to use money to motivate us not to fight” ... then money is on the line and they try to piss each other off even more
Geordie Russell
Geordie Russell Hace 9 días
rip all the water😭
Johedus Hace 10 días
eathans like the layed back teenager and grayson is the uptight dad and honestly i love how grayson takes care of eathan and ethans makes grayson calmer.
Natalia Wittig
Natalia Wittig Hace 10 días
Ethan's eyelashes look really good in this video WHAT?!!
sky lara
sky lara Hace 10 días
“My feet are uncovered now” that freakin got me rollin lmfao 😂😂
M-M M Hace 10 días
Isn't LA in a drought?
Lapin Coquin
Lapin Coquin Hace 10 días
the smoothest add raycon earbuds ever!
inkyybear Hace 10 días
remember the time they had to share a bed bc of the handcuffs? only OGs will know
shannon hedden
shannon hedden Hace 10 días
I think this would have been funny if they played this in a longer format like for a full week and the winner is whoever has the full stack at any time.
Oscar Hace 10 días
Honestly, Ethan is trying to get money while Grayson is trying to stop arguing. It’s kind of infuriating.
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