PART TWO: Dwyane Wade Opens Up About Having a Child While on a Break with Gabrielle Union

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Real fam, do you think if you are on a break with your significant other, then everything is fair game?

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Highly Favored
Highly Favored Hace 9 horas
Listening to Adrienne, Jeanie, & Tamara they're only giving diplomatic answers they were not keeping it REAL,I wonder if they were in that situation if they would be praising him about being brave..If the roles were reversed I don't think he'd want her back.
Aligned Generation
Aligned Generation Hace 4 días
Loni needs to keep quiet sometimes.
Binta McCarther
Binta McCarther Hace 4 días
Loni cut Adrienne off mid sentence to ask Amanda what she thought... that was rude 😒
Grace Ali
Grace Ali Hace 10 días
Seriously Loni Adrienne was still talking...ugh
Mao Yang
Mao Yang Hace 10 días
See THIS is why I'm glad to be single! Thank you, ladies, watching this has taught me that you can't just be throwing words or phrases around like the Ross and Rachel "we were on a break" break up or divorce for that matter unless you mean it. Once you say those words, you can't take them back. I see what all the girls are saying though. But to me personally, I'd be somewhere in the middle because it depends for me on how long we have been apart. The truth is I would not want to care for/raise another woman's child. But if me and my supposed bf were apart because we just needed more time to grow and know for sure if we were what the other was really looking for,(especially if we were young and no other prior relationship experience to really compare to) but we both know that we are going to end up back together within a few months to a year, I'm with Tam, you gotta take precautions, if not I'm out. Now if we had really ended the relationship, where we haven't talked AT ALL, lost your number, aren't even "friends" on social media, and it's been more than a year, but we have gotten back together and you have a kid now, of course then I'll accept your child and work through it like A.
blackjuetv Hace 11 días
I’m on Amanda & Tam side
Roena Skates
Roena Skates Hace 12 días
She is Black and he is Black! That is all that matters!😣 I would not listen to a White Woman give me advice on my Black Relationship!😣
LeeLee Hace 15 días
It's a strong hell no for me. I need black women to have better standards I'm tired of us looking like desperate fools
Natalia Hace 21 un día
They didn't breakup, they were on a break... Two completely different things
Gail A.
Gail A. Hace 21 un día
Loni clearly would have sided with Ross.
Gail A.
Gail A. Hace 21 un día
They clarified in the video that it was a break up, not a break. Why does the title say “on a break”!?!?
Gail A.
Gail A. Hace 21 un día
Wow, Loni interrupted Adrienne to ask Amanda what she thought.
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Hace 27 días
Why aren’t there any WHITE women co-hosting??? You know if the situation was reversed, they would be calling for the show to be cxl’d!!!!
Sha’Dai Dai’Dai
Sha’Dai Dai’Dai Hace un mes
Loni shut up 🤐.
Atelier Hace un mes
Loni+Tamara+Amanda=Old Bay. All you ladies have been soiled🌭.
Susana Nghitungumbala
Susana Nghitungumbala Hace un mes
they don't even post that break baby
Susana Nghitungumbala
Susana Nghitungumbala Hace un mes
its a no for me. i will not take him back
Agosh Fashion
Agosh Fashion Hace un mes
They all look soo stunning my gosh
Nia Carter
Nia Carter Hace un mes
Loni is annoying.
Melinda Elmore
Melinda Elmore Hace un mes
But where the baby ? We NEVER see the BREAK baby 🤣🤣
Deanna Daniels
Deanna Daniels Hace un mes
They missed a BIG a** point: Would he do the same for her if the roles were reversed and she got pregnant during their “break”? I’m not sure if she knew at the time, but what a terrible feeling it must be to know that you have troubles conceiving a child and your man just steps out while you’re on a break and gets someone pregnant. Sh*ts must be devastating.
digthewarmth Hace un mes
I would find it hard to get back with a man that started a whole family when I was away for just a little bit.
me_not_me_2008 Hace un mes
So tired of the "struggle love" "stand by your man" narrative... she should have moved on🚪🚶🏾‍♀️. He wouldn't have stayed if she got pregnant with the break baby... 😑
Martha Kautanevali
Martha Kautanevali Hace un mes
Loni..... im dying
Maya Chrissy
Maya Chrissy Hace un mes
I’m not sure if Loni is understanding that some people view breaks and break ups differently. Some people take “breaks” hoping to get back together. If I take break with someone hoping to get back with them and that’s clear on both ends I can still be upset if you have a baby or if we weren’t together and a week later you get someone pregnant I feel I can be upset. I get where she is coming from though but not everyone thinks of breaks and break ups the same and some people separate what a break and a break up is
Marisa Ford
Marisa Ford Hace un mes
Relationships are not messy. People are messy and why is cheating romanticized? People deserve better.
Geaux Gabbie
Geaux Gabbie Hace un mes
Y’all stay on Loni.. But listen ... If someone tells me that we’re taking a break that means we’re BREAKING UP. Cause if you even think we need to take a break in the first place then you’ve already given up. What do you need to walk away from the situation for? We’re grown. Handle it, don’t run away from it.
🙄🙄🙄 I can’t stand Loni 🙄 She’s always on the side of the #Man 🙄 #StarvingMuch
Wanda Hace un mes
Why? I got to accept what he did and him having a baby on me as being mature enough to handle it. That is bullshit, mature enough is also not accepting his bullshit. There is no such thing as a "Break" you either want to be with the person or not. You guys made a conscious effort to Get with each other at first without having a break about it. Clearly he didn't love her because he went out and did what he wanted to do. There is a double standard when it comes to situations like this. It's funny he knows that it's ok to run back to her after he messed up and not work it out like before the so called break. We need to stop praising mess ups as a key to staying in a relationship.
MAD Jackson Love
MAD Jackson Love Hace un mes
I get what loni is saying if we are broken up what I do is my business and only mine. However tamera is right if you're gonna be doing stuff wrap up
Pari Shumial
Pari Shumial Hace un mes
Can we take a minute to appreciate how cute jeanie's chuckles are ❤
justinph Hace un mes
Loni is not funny. a smartass, but she does not have the facts nor the capacity of having empathy.
Emily Sinclair
Emily Sinclair Hace un mes
He was wrong, and he knows it.
His_Princess Hace un mes
Why Loni's loud ass going hard to make it a point, they were "broken up ?" How many breakup hoes & babies she accepting ?
Bri Micke'l
Bri Micke'l Hace un mes
I’m with Tamara!
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez Hace un mes
This would have been an easy explanation for me. They were on a break, and she's 10 years older and can't breed. His sexual market value is a lot higher than hers. Gabrielle had to eat that one, it's simp.
Jenny Rebecca
Jenny Rebecca Hace un mes
Loni annoying af
Nyia Alyssè
Nyia Alyssè Hace un mes
Why tf Loni cut off Adrienne to here what Amanda had to say? That had me all the way fucked up 😒
s'busisiwe lin shaba
s'busisiwe lin shaba Hace un mes
The man already 2 kids from ex wife, why would he had a third one, unplanned? It just looks reckless. I could never take him back, happy that they look happy.
Seveyn Roses
Seveyn Roses Hace un mes
I don't agree because if gabby got pregnant on there "Break" he wouldn't even look her way after that.
Lennette Wells
Lennette Wells Hace un mes
...but didn’t Wade meet Gabrielle when he was STILL married to his first wife?!? 🐸☕️ Lord...
Youtube Commentator
Youtube Commentator Hace un mes
A break and a breakup are two different things.
Wesley roamin
Wesley roamin Hace un mes
They sacrifice their son for hollywood Woke fake god and acting jobs.They know what they are doing they dont care .
Alma Almanza
Alma Almanza Hace un mes
EVERYTHING that comes out of jennies mouth is “it’s there business” “they don’t owe us an explanation” like we get it but it’s a topic talk about it 🙄🙄🙄🙄
omarusmc1967 Hace un mes
This group works well together!!
Oprah Williams
Oprah Williams Hace un mes
Would he have accepted her back if another man had impregnated her. I doubt it. But they alright though.
Fatima Dubose
Fatima Dubose Hace un mes
They all look amazing
ilive 2love
ilive 2love Hace un mes
Where is the family pictures with the lil girl??? 👀👀👀 I have never seen one 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ They don’t embarrass her ..
Kay Lewis
Kay Lewis Hace un mes
All I can say is Gabrielle Union is a better woman than me😓
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Hace un mes
I agree. Better than me too, I wouldn't be able to deal with that.
lexnikolle Hace un mes
Man he had a baby on her if it was a BREAK then he had the intention of getting back with Gabrielle. He decided to mess around with another women possibly not wear protection and then got her pregnant. I don't care how "honest" he was being about it he didn't have much of a choice lol what was he gonna do hide the fact that he had another child? He had to speak about it in some way and if roles were reversed would they be together right now? 🤔
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Hace un mes
Ugh - Loni is so annoying. Let everyone speak. Damn
storm canady
storm canady Hace un mes
Amanda was on point with this topic
cindy alvarez
cindy alvarez Hace un mes
Loni is so rude and annoying she straight up cut off Adrienne!
T J Hace un mes
I feel as though Dwyane Wade would have definitely taken Gabrielle Union if she got pregnant on their break/ break up! he loves her that much! I really believe he would have but hopefully he read these comments and wants to answer that question! I would love to hear from him on social media LOL inquiring minds want to know😁😎🕶👀🗣👂🏼👂🏼👂🏼#🤷🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Hace un mes
loni and amanda😭😭😂😍😍😍❤️
Mike Mushipe
Mike Mushipe Hace un mes
Loni is an idiot
Simphiwe Princess Qutsu
Simphiwe Princess Qutsu Hace un mes
I’m with Amanda and Tam. Sometimes there are bias because of who it is!
Aledra Riley
Aledra Riley Hace un mes
L Obi
L Obi Hace un mes
Loni was mad childish and ignorant in this segment!
YEN BRO Hace un mes
I live Amanda she's a keeper
Rebaone Phage
Rebaone Phage Hace un mes
Loni was being really weird and annoying.
Amanda M
Amanda M Hace un mes
Loni is annoying AF! 🥴
Inside Entertainment
Inside Entertainment Hace un mes
Loni killed me 😂💀💀💀💀💀😂💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂
Y Hideit
Y Hideit Hace un mes
A break ? LOL..... they weren't on a break ....stop the bullshit. !
Inside Entertainment
Inside Entertainment Hace un mes
Y they make it look like he’s the bad guy 🤨
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Hace un mes
Loni is on a mission, dont let adrienne finish talking anymore
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Hace un mes
Sorry, if they started a whole life with someone else, they can continue with that life together. I’m outtie.
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Hace un mes
Why did Jeanie and Loni at 1:58 quote almost exactly what I was going to say lol. YAsssssssssssss
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Hace un mes
And don't think the boot and the earrings slipped my eye, Adrienne is always IT for my audience demo, that couldn't care less about the news but just loves to see daytime tv fashions~ just ask the ET Canada people lol
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Hace un mes
Jeanie looks equipped to do some fun with that lip and that eye shadow and Tamera looks amazing- structure is for her. This is really the content I needed right now! Thank you, The Real!!!
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Hace un mes
Oh my goodness. And Loni's hair is looking like Egyptian silk had time with a waterfall and bloop, out popped THE ONLY lacefront unit
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Hace un mes
GoldenState Lolita
GoldenState Lolita Hace un mes
This show seems so fake. When you got to TRY to be nice by limiting your opinion then why claim the show is Real? The only controversy they seem to not care about getting backlash about is talking about Black women. 🙄. I know Tams and Adrienne felt a different way than Jeannie about the 12 yo young male Zion being trans. So they went on to the easier topic about the baby. Be real Gaby didn’t want Wade to have nothing to do with the baby. Now she got a daughter she made sure to push them all front and center. I think Gaby is vindictive. She is purposely living her life on social media to remain rubbing it in the baby momma face and the ex wife face. Why do we need to know so much about y’all lives, talk about attention whoring at the expense of children.
jewels24k Hace un mes
What if Gabby gave him some "break HIV" or "hiatus herpes" ... just to even the playing field? Nasty knuckle head!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Hace un mes
marriage relevant when God said no you can’t bare children’s smh this is some washed up bull
jeanie Hace un mes
loni and amanda😭😭😂😍😍😍❤️
C Lynn Clark
C Lynn Clark Hace un mes
Whether they were on a break or not. Wade , in my opinion, was with this woman for some time. Was this the reason that they took "the break in the first place? "
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