Parasite, Ending Explained - Stairway to Nowhere

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Get a full month of MUBI FOR FREE: (With the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union) | What really happened at the end of Bong Joon-ho's Parasite -- and what's the deeper meaning? Why must things go down that way? In this video, we take on Bong's "surefire-kill" ending, how the movie tells a story of class divides, and what it says about our world today.
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The Take
The Take Hace un mes
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Moazam Khan
Moazam Khan Hace 8 días
Ad is far too long
K O Hace 28 días
I like your old voice better.
Caramel_ ChimChim
Caramel_ ChimChim Hace 29 días
I love your analysis of different movies
Nick Yuan
Nick Yuan Hace 29 días
The Take Best analysis of this film i’ve seen, love the work. Thank you so much for this video
Anil Timsina
Anil Timsina Hace 17 minutos
He doesn't buy the house???
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor Hace 25 minutos
What do you want the rich and powerful to do for the weak? If you gave every human steroids it doesn't make every one Barry Bonds or Arnold! We all start as helpless fat infant babies and it's up to EACH individual has to Rise up. You take away all the money every one starts at zero the same powerful people would Rise again it's in Our blood
dookies Hace un hora
I wanna watch this but I cant stand the carrot the narrator has in her mouth
Karin Allen
Karin Allen Hace 3 horas
Although you can't see the movie poster in this particular video, look at it somewhere else and notice the bars across the characters' eyes. The lower-class Kims have black bars, and the upper-class Parks have white bars. But in both cases, their eyes are blocked out, a commonplace way for photographers to hide a subject's identity. Parasite has a lot to say about identity, not least - as this video tells us - that the only real difference between the Kims and the Parks is money.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Hace 6 horas
It was pretty lame when the poor family had the party in the park's house and then were jerks to the previous housekeepers. They brought a lot of their own problems on themselves. They wanted to become wealthy immediately instead of working for it over time.
Insane Rinze
Insane Rinze Hace 6 horas
There's also one part to look at. If parasite portrayal is real due to the class differences, it would be because they believed in the differences till the end. Meaning, because of the class differences, they believed no matter what they do, they would still be in poverty because of the constant fighting against each other in their own class. So it would be a false portrayal if these class differences would work together and build their own life by having good people around. Most of the time, they aren't able to was due to the fact of just ripping each other apart instead of cooperating with other people.
G Boch
G Boch Hace 7 horas
Masterpiece, but why most americans reviewers always end up beatificating the poor is so weird, that part is 100% absent is the discussions in EU
Phil Makak
Phil Makak Hace 7 horas
The reason they're poor because the father who is supposed to be the leader has no plans for his Family. He said it to his son.
J K Hace 7 horas
The real parasite is the corporatist bureacrat who empowers Chaebols at the expense of any potential small business.
Joe Bursese
Joe Bursese Hace 7 horas
“Zero sum game” looks like somebody has been listening to the Majority Report. Left is best!
Shot in the Heart
Shot in the Heart Hace 7 horas
This is it guys. We finally have the next Citizen Kane. This movie is a masterpiece
RachetHoe3000 the 2nd
RachetHoe3000 the 2nd Hace 9 horas
Even the director himself said the title "Parasite(s)" would have been more fitting since everyone here is a leecher somehow
Fabian Yu
Fabian Yu Hace 9 horas
an someone identify the background music in the first few minutes of this video?
willa olsen
willa olsen Hace 11 horas
Amazing thanks
Whalium Hace 11 horas
So in my film class, I mentioned that my parents did not like this film because it was scary and everyone else scoffed at this comment. I don’t know why. It is really scary! Just because there is not as much death and physical violence as other movies does not mean it is not as a scary. Its much more horrifying to be alive and miserable then dead. The fear and hurt was prolonged in this movie and the situation just got worse and worse as the movie went on.
KNOCK KNOCK who's here
KNOCK KNOCK who's here Hace 13 horas
The ending is so dumb
ElephantsLover Hace 13 horas
16:15 this is a misuse of the clip because right after that line, the previous housekeeper clarifies that she buys her husband food with her own salary
Norah Manuel
Norah Manuel Hace 14 horas
I simply loved the directing and production! It really felt like it had a Wes Anderson vibe
Enki Merlin
Enki Merlin Hace 14 horas
the ending says "hope is a dream, accept your fate and place in life and be grateful for it until you die"....fuck life
James McKee
James McKee Hace 14 horas
How do you say 'Upstairs, Downstairs' in Korean?
Riccardo Moonk
Riccardo Moonk Hace 14 horas
we all are parasites of the planet Earth
Wenceslao Futanaki
Wenceslao Futanaki Hace 14 horas
The parasites are the hollywood industry, the politicians, all tv entertainers etc
assyrianprincess Hace 15 horas
What I especially liked about this movie was that there were no winners. No matter what was happening I was feeling sorry for everyone (Even the Parks) and especially the poor-er couple. I was sick to my stomach when the lady was dying.
Arcel Glenn Mayrena
Arcel Glenn Mayrena Hace 15 horas
Correction: *Blind False Hope Hope itself is not bad. It is a driving force when all is dark. Moving forward is way better than the alternative, which is giving up.
Goldynladi Hace 15 horas
Damn...You didn't have to make me cry
Bassel Wehbe
Bassel Wehbe Hace 15 horas
Also, when Mr park is telling him to drive the son to the emergency room he expects them to leave behind someone who is dying because a rich child is having a seizure, which is horrible a child having a seizure is horrible but they expect them to leave someone who is dying just because they are poor which refects on when a rich person is even slightly hurt it's the end of the world but when a poor person is dying they are expected to be left to die just like when a celebrity is even slightly hurt people cry and cry while there are people starving every day but just because they are in a third world country it doesn't matter. Edit:on top of that when he is picking up the keys he plugs his nose as if the stench of poor is more important than his own child having a seizure
hᄐᄋniᄐ bᄐᄐ
hᄐᄋniᄐ bᄐᄐ Hace 15 horas
The real capitalism.
jahan442 Hace 16 horas
Thanks for the narrative. Finally managed to shed the tears.
Dania Homsi
Dania Homsi Hace 17 horas
This video really helped illuminate why Ki-Jung had to die in order for the film's message to hit home. She was the real hope in the family to rise above their station. Ki-woo's tutoring job only lasts as long he is needed and he is given a name by his employers- Kevin, and they determine his pay and how often he works in the week. When Ki-Jung comes in as Jessica a name that was not bestowed by the Parks she instantly sets the conditions of her employment. You are not allowed in the room, I need this many sessions a week and you must pay me this much. She is the Kim who earns the most money from the Parks (most likely) and hers is the con that could extend beyond the Parks and lift her up. Another reason is that I think that she is the Kim that is the least subservient to the Parks and the least sympathetic to them, she controls the lessons with Da-song and ensures he respects her, and she is often the one that curses and says the meanest stuff especially about Mrs Park, mocking her, and calling her a dumb bitch. In that sense she is the one that seems the least dazzled by the Parks' luxury which is why she was the one that fit in the best.
Lowlands Hace 18 horas
Lower class don't have the second chances that upper classes do. If they fail they really go down to the basement. Whereas for the riches they can have many chances before they 'eventually' succeed. And they go on to lecture about how not giving up was important in their success. How they also had struggles but overcame it to earn their success. The truth is, poors can't even afford that little struggle.
테르모필레 Hace 18 horas
You should put the spoiler alert at the very beginning of this video.
Chang Lee
Chang Lee Hace 18 horas
They have the corona virus
VainGloriousBastard Hace 19 horas
Hahahaha no, Im not going to empathize with the Kims. They went too greedy and even kicked out some of the workers there who have no ill-intentions. They are the real parasites there will always be a triangle, someone must be at the top and the others should be below, else, there is no order
Ironheart73 Hace 20 horas
Let me add that this movie is not simplistic of its portrayal of class divide. It is not really as simply as poor people = Oppressed. Rich People = Oppressor. Because when you think about it, are the Parks really evil? Is it their fault that they have that much money and they afford to take for granted the comfort they have out of the expense of the poor? The Parks are merely a metaphor here. I do not think that the director wants us to blame a particular person! Its not just about the people belonging in a certain class. ITS ABOUT THE SYSTEM. Also the poor Kims are not whitewashed also. Not only because they are portrayed as scammers. But more of because instead of helping their fellow needy they ended up eating each other.
Jobbery2 Hace 21 un hora
Don’t agree with this interpretation
edgarae1 Hace 9 horas
It's not an interpretation. It's the meaning drawn from the director and actors themselves...
A. B.
A. B. Hace 21 un hora
!its interesting how mr parks disgust at the man living in the basement is what immediately precedes mr kim murdering him. scent is the unwitting motif of all of this; the 'odor of poverty'. it feels like it represents absolute callousness at the plight of the lower class, and it the epitome of the rich only feeling 'echoes' of this. that scent comes from literally having nowhere else to go but in a basement.
Tenzin Jangsal
Tenzin Jangsal Hace 22 horas
Movie represent a rotten system called CAPITALISM. Currently, we have 2156 people with more money than 4.8 billion people combined. We need a revolution to change this parasitic society.
Chem Hung
Chem Hung Hace 22 horas
"Capital is an abstract parasite, an insatiable vampire and zombie maker; but the living flesh it converts into dead labor is ours, and the zombies it makes are us." - Mark Fisher
TRdutch Hace 22 horas
The real parasite was the friends we made along the way
Joe Satchton
Joe Satchton Hace 22 horas
Excellent breakdown about this magnificent film! One thing many of your viewers may not understand - in many Asian countries, it is not only the very wealthy that are able to hire domestic servants. Unlike in America or most of the Western world, in Asia, even many "middle-class" families are able to hire domestic servants, even live-in housekeepers as the availability and labor cost is so low. As a specific example, Hong Kong has one of the largest domestic helper populations in the world, comprised mainly of Filipinos but also including Indonesians and other SE Asian ethnicities. But as I mentioned, being able to afford such live-in helpers is not limited in HK only to the super-rich, as it is in the West. For example, the average monthly pay for a domestic live-in helper in HK is often well under 5K HKD - that translates into just about 600USD a month, a figure that is attainable by many people in HK and not just the super wealthy billionaires. Contrast this 600USD a month for live in domestic help in Hong Kong to the same in America which can run in the thousands per month and you begin to understand one of the major reasons why Boon Joon Ho's film is so relevant and piercing. In HK, despite having one of the largest expatriate populations of domestic helpers, these domestic helpers have almost no voice at all in government and daily affairs and in some cases, are treated quite poorly by their hiring sponsors. While not all HK families treat their helpers poorly, a disturbing large number do - you do see horrific examples of abuse coming to light. Complicating matters is the insanely priced real estate costs in HK and the average living space. Often, while HK families can indeed afford domestic helpers, as part of the sponsorship, they also have to provide onsite housing - but there is no real oversight of what is considered to be adequate housing for live-in help so many helpers live in converted closets and other super tiny, cramped spaces. My point about the parasitism on display in this film is that in certain parts of the world, it is actually far more prevalent in a broader spectrum of society than in just the super-wealthy strata. On the flip-side, the vast majority of domestic helpers in HK are honest, hard-working people, eager to come to HK to earn more money than they could possibly earn back home and most all of them support their families in turn with the money from HK. Still, yes, there are those domestic helpers which are untrustworthy and will even steal from their more wealthy employers. Many of the younger domestic helpers also are searching for eligible husbands, usually those expats from European or Western countries. It really is an odd socio-economic phenomenon that in many ways is uniquely Asian. After all, I can pretty much guarantee that none of your subs here actually employ live-in domestic help or even drivers and live-in nannies. Unless they live in HK or other SE Asian countries.
Gods Eye View
Gods Eye View Hace un día
Very well analyzed. Its a sad world we have created with money. I use to remember being stuck in traffic on the 101, feeling miserable about my 9-5 only to look over at an equally miserable guy in his tailored suit slumped and brooding in his Maserati going 2 miles an hour. I then realized that the birds sitting in a line on the lamp posts were more free and had a much better life than any of us with all our riches and fancy technology. Woe is man and unworthy of gifts.
Nicole White
Nicole White Hace un día
Ki-woo: *steps in dog shit* “how metaphorical.”
Sho Fumimura
Sho Fumimura Hace un día
I don’t think the stone represents hope but rather greed for material wealth. Only the truly privileged would mistake the two.
Erik jj
Erik jj Hace un día
Can someone explain why the dog eats Japanese food and for the boys birthday why did the rich mom reference a historic Japanese-Korean ship battle position for the tables at the Boys birthday?
crzyinzan3 Hace un día
Did anyone else also take it as a grass isn’t always greener on the other side if you had to step over others to get it?...they ended up worst off because they got too greedy. Stealing the others jobs.
Martin Espinosa
Martin Espinosa Hace un día
After the party masacre, how come the father didn’t run into his ailing bleeding son (lying on the floor) by the the basement entrance. That looked ofd to me.
Mihai Pavel
Mihai Pavel Hace un día
This is a great and complete review.
A Hace un día
Some other metaphors/symbolism: 1. The Ran Don dish is a mix of cheap instant noodle with expensive beef. This represents the mix of the high class rich family with the low class being in the same house. 2. The poor daughter is eating the dog food on the couch long before she realizes it. She even likes it and barely noticed. This Symbolizes that the poor are happy even with the scraps of the rich. Literally happy even eating their dog food.
محمد نازيف ناجمودين
محمد نازيف ناجمودين Hace un día
11:12 this scene really breaks my heart. I really wished Kim family wouldl help them. But turns out they become Park family in this scene. I actually felt sorry for the lady as she seems genuinely honest.
The Slug Boi
The Slug Boi Hace un día
Ki-Taek killing Mr. Park = Parasite killing the Host.
greathelmm Hace un día
Movie is excellent but I really don't want to watch it again. I was uncomfortable watching it the first time. I think I subconsciously realized that I'm living in a half-basement.
Jacques Pasquinel
Jacques Pasquinel Hace un día
The only solution to this class struggle is communism like North Korean?
unsteddie music
unsteddie music Hace 2 días
It’s not who but what. Money is the parasite
Kumbi Mukaro
Kumbi Mukaro Hace 2 días
Amazing analysis.
Kleeeenex1 Hace 2 días
Additionally, i think the main reason Ki Jeong dies is not because she was close to fitting in with the upper class, but because she was selfish in that approach. When the family was drinking and feeling sympathy for the individuals they replaced , wondering if the taxi driver got a new job. Ki Jeong suddenly yelled in anger , "why think about them? Think about me! We're the ones that need help!" The thunder also symbolizes the destruction/power in that very sentence.
Addicted to Reality
Addicted to Reality Hace 2 días
Be honest. The Kim's are lying scumbags.
Juanfran Hace 2 días
The parasites are the economic systems
Adriana Silva
Adriana Silva Hace 2 días
An additional point is how the lower classes had a chance to cooperate (hey sister...) but decided differently (you are not my sister). Once one had a slight advantage, they chose loyalty to upper classes (maybe in hope of becoming wealthy as well).
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen Hace 2 días
There is always a line that separates the rich from the poor in every shot. Like literally.
rov li
rov li Hace 2 días
Next, Snowpiercer
KawaiiMiri Hace 2 días
Deep. I grew up believing the true parasite was the one who simply gave up and lived off others like the man in the lower lv. It wasn't fully clear to me why he couldn't just say yes i love her with a smile. I was under the impression he was using his wifes money. I also understood the father died.
Forestbathing444 Hace 2 días
Fake cinema
Elam White
Elam White Hace 2 días
Another way to look at Ki-Jeong's death, is if the stabber represents the angry "lower-lower class" then she's the up-and-comer caught in the cross fire.
Adrian Costea
Adrian Costea Hace 2 días
Btw, the actress playing "Jessica" - her real name is Park, just like the movie's rich family, probably that's one of the reasons the script kills her :D
bursegsardaukar Hace 2 días
18:58 The emotional parasite is hope. Bane: As I terrorise Gotham I will feed its people hope to poison their you watch them clamber over each other to stay in the sun.
life is beautiful
life is beautiful Hace 2 días
Just realised y jessica died, she was the most selfish among kim family, fitting right in parks house as told by ki woo, others showed humanity sometimes Kim thought about workers they replaced Ki woo thought if he ever could fit in rich family, probably he went with stone to give them, to bring them luck Chung sook thought of giving food to basement people But jessica in drunk scene says, think only about us, how we should survive, never regrets removing driver from job, thinks of coming to some understanding with basement people, sits on toilet suppressing the dirt coming out, So she and mr.park, the real parasites die at the end.
LiK Hace 2 días
I felt sooo bad for the former housekeeper. What the Kims did to her was just cruel. Her death was just so upsetting to me. The director and actress did such an amazing job with that character. Makes it difficult for me to rewatch because of those scenes.
Kenneth Wong
Kenneth Wong Hace 2 días
There’s one shot when the Kim’s run away from Park’s house , the rain flush into a sewage , represent Kim’s house , which design exactly like a sewage , eventually flooded.
Donamtrx Hace 2 días
Stellar film!!👌🏻
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