Painting My Boyfriend's Toe Nails In His Sleep

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Simply Nailogical

Simply Nailogical

Hace un mes

Simply's Back🤠💅
👀👀👀 *omg*
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Simply Nailogical
Simply Nailogical Hace un mes
Um well holo again everyone🤠💅???!!! Thank you guys for all the love and for coming back to witness obviously a masterpiece in film. Holo Taco update: Flakie Holo Taco has FINALLY come back in stock after 7 MONTHS of you guys running the supply dry since we launched!! Grab a few this time🤣🤣🤣
Luna Eclipse
Luna Eclipse Hace 22 horas
I was smiling and laughing throughout this whole video, I have been quite busy so I need to catch up on your videos but I loved this and it's great to come back to🙃
Cordelia Qualle
Cordelia Qualle Hace 7 días
You are fucking FUNNY
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson Hace 12 días
where's your cat ears? you may as well be naked without the cat ears. :P
Tahlia Cathers
Tahlia Cathers Hace 14 días
Holo Cristen can you please reply
Me Just Being Me
Me Just Being Me Hace 18 días long hair pretty nails used your polish
Anna Kelly
Anna Kelly Hace 4 minutos
I love how ben has his nintendo switch beside thue bed🤣🤣
Kelli Spillan
Kelli Spillan Hace 3 horas
What was the sleep app tho?
Random Gacha
Random Gacha Hace 6 horas
Paint your nails w8th gallium Is it safe? I dont know
Amelia Vincent
Amelia Vincent Hace 9 horas
9:23 i died lmao
Charlotte Marr
Charlotte Marr Hace 12 horas
Is it just me i keep thinking that simply is a ghost
Olivia Zirkle
Olivia Zirkle Hace 15 horas
*Cristine (what’s going on are we making a movie) *me (what kind of movie Cristine)🤣😂
Scarlett Faye
Scarlett Faye Hace 17 horas
I was literally being quiet so Ben wouldn’t wake up lol🤣
Samantha Ament
Samantha Ament Hace 19 horas
Am I the only one who painted their dad and uncles toe nails in their sleep???
septima septima
septima septima Hace 23 horas
Liesl van Wyk
Liesl van Wyk Hace un día
You're glowing. The break was good for you. x
Madison Pilbeam
Madison Pilbeam Hace un día
I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a while you should do something like this again 😂😂
roxie fulgham
roxie fulgham Hace un día
I always love the serious, and sometimes heartfelt parts at the end of her videos with Ben 😁😊
Isabella Raper
Isabella Raper Hace un día
how did ben wake up
Angelina Dubois
Angelina Dubois Hace un día
My mom use to pain my nails in my sleep when I was like 9 and 10 cause I wouldnt be still otherwise and she's use to staying up at night so she found something to do
Angelina Dubois
Angelina Dubois Hace un día
I love you guys relationship so positive and healthy
Maddy Oliver
Maddy Oliver Hace un día
Being a dad means that nothing is weird anymore.. Apparently it works with cats...? 🤔😺
Anna Lee
Anna Lee Hace un día
I love how Ben is so sweet and doesn’t get mad
Gizem Kuyumcu
Gizem Kuyumcu Hace un día
how about waxing his feet next time
HeyyItsSam !
HeyyItsSam ! Hace un día
When I was little I did this exact thing to my dad.
Nikki Hace un día
I want to have a relationship like theirs🥺🥺🥺we stan them im just so soft inside
~• Corbyn Rose •~
~• Corbyn Rose •~ Hace 2 días
I was so nervous for his reaction and then.. "what are you doing?" "you're dreaming" *laughs*
BlueIvy Animation
BlueIvy Animation Hace 2 días
Cristine! He's asleep! Ben doesn't want the tea if he's asleep! P.S. If you don't get that reference, just search up Tea Consent, it should explain everything.
BlueIvy Animation
BlueIvy Animation Hace 2 días
Simply's becoming more and more like Troom Troom, multiple channels, boyfriend abuse, pranks, when will it end!
Hayden McCullough
Hayden McCullough Hace 2 días
Who else thought this is like a spy mission?
Susanna Youlton
Susanna Youlton Hace 2 días
“Ppl with a foot fetched insanity klick the video “ 😂😂😂🤣
Jackie Serrett
Jackie Serrett Hace 2 días
What nail vinyls do you use
Scereyaha Hace 2 días
The only caution I would give is that if people also want to do this that they should make sure the person isn't allergic to nail polish first. Like yes it's a temporary change that isn't particularly destructive and will probably be taken in good fun, but doing something to someone in their sleep as a surprise is still a delicate thing... like makes sure they don't have PTSD, or allergies, or a panic disorder before you do something like this... Maybe also make sure they aren't ticklish or something to the point that they're liable to kick you.
lollipop 2016
lollipop 2016 Hace 3 días
He looks at her in a way that I think he is melting. When he said “Don’t worry, you can do whatever you want to me” and rubbed her back I died❤️❤️❤️He really accepts her for who she is and she does too. And the traits that they have and seem weird to us, are the things that they love the most about each other. Ben and Christine I wish you the best. Greetings from Greece
amber edwards
amber edwards Hace 3 días
Loved this😊 Bens so chill and u seem so much happier which is great, always take time for yourself when u need it. And Yeh I get really sleepy when someone does my nails or hair lol take care, stay safe and healthy xxx
emily rabbit
emily rabbit Hace 3 días
"whats going on are we filming a movie?" omgggg
Dannie it
Dannie it Hace 3 días
tbh made m heart melt when he said" you could have just asked me"
Kaya Steffensen
Kaya Steffensen Hace 3 días
15:15 i thought (and hoped) that they would say that they want a baby. I'm sad now ):
Ashley Rodgers
Ashley Rodgers Hace 3 días
this is the funniest thing ever
Petty Princess
Petty Princess Hace 3 días
i laughed so hard when he fixed his hair in his SLEEP 😂😂😂🤣😂😂
popcorn 103
popcorn 103 Hace 4 días
Never seen someone so happy in there sleep
Aryana P.
Aryana P. Hace 4 días
You is lmao
Zaffer das Pferdi
Zaffer das Pferdi Hace 4 días
9:23 i laughed so hard at that xD At 3.30am
Elijah McFall
Elijah McFall Hace 4 días
I want what y’all have😂😂 that’s amazing. Super funny, so healthy and warm. I loved every second. I love all your videos but idk man. This one is so pure
Anna Zaloom
Anna Zaloom Hace 4 días
Nothing about this is simple
playing games with kacey
playing games with kacey Hace 4 días
I painted my dads
Alex jones
Alex jones Hace 5 días
he has lots of socks because hes a guy y'know and he definitely isnt watching sports P 3 P
Natalie Chan
Natalie Chan Hace 5 días
My mom painted my dads toe nails before XD
Kat_Kaitlyn_Bri Hace 5 días
one time i fell asleep at the drying station though 😂
Malika Ortikova
Malika Ortikova Hace 5 días
What kind of app does ben uses for sleep data
Demon Blair
Demon Blair Hace 5 días
Congrats i got tons of ads in this video! Your still relevant XD
taywwor Hace 5 días
my mom painted my oldest brother's toenails in his sleep too a long time ago because he refused to cut his toenails
Gianna Tolle
Gianna Tolle Hace 5 días
I painted my grandpa's toes when he took a nap one time he was rlly mad. He now wears socks or shoes when he takes naps 😄
Deni The potato!
Deni The potato! Hace 5 días
This is the best video ive ever laid my lil eyes one 😂😂
Sierra Raso
Sierra Raso Hace 5 días
I am a nail technician and yes people fall asleep on me all the time Ben
Charissa Wong
Charissa Wong Hace 5 días
OMG YOURE A GENIUS i been wanting to paint my dad's nails while he was asleep for the longest time cause he has the best nails, cristine youre the absolute best role model!!!
exacto Hace 5 días
Stephanie Tinoco
Stephanie Tinoco Hace 5 días
This had me actually crying😂 it was that hilarious. Love you guys❤ Now go back to sleep, you're dreaming Also, Kim Possible
Leah F
Leah F Hace 5 días
i definitely fell asleep during a pedicure when i was about 10. my mom had to wake me up and by that time my nails were dry so i honestly think the concept of this video is a good idea
Vimaria Raphaela
Vimaria Raphaela Hace 5 días
aww i missed them
Hardee Quinn
Hardee Quinn Hace 5 días
12:39 laser eyes menchie
L'Handicapée Recyclable
L'Handicapée Recyclable Hace 5 días
Oh now I have to paint my bf's nails while he sleeps. I NEED to. No. Wait. HE needs to have painted nails. He'll thank me later.
체민Jae Min
체민Jae Min Hace 5 días
Does anyone notice Ben's backward small toe or only me 12:48
Ludwika Nowak
Ludwika Nowak Hace 5 días
Jesus I’m cackling like a crazy witch from the woods. Thank you for making my isolation (UGH) better. Much better 💗
Naris UP
Naris UP Hace 5 días
glad for you to be happy spending time for yourself. I love all your vdos and I want you to be happy on yourself too! by the way, will you plan to ship your Holo product to Asia like Thailand? I really love your nail polishes!!!
Jessica Sherman
Jessica Sherman Hace 5 días
People do you sleep at Nanna salons
Abigail Raven
Abigail Raven Hace 5 días
She did not say "well holo everyone, it's me Cristine again" 💔
Camdyn Lee
Camdyn Lee Hace 6 días
Once my dad was sleeping and me and my 2 sisters painted his nails but the next morning he had a baseball game he wore flip flops the whole time except when he was on the field he said he was proud so he was showing off our work!!( THEY WERE HOT PINK)
Camdyn Lee
Camdyn Lee Hace 6 días
His toe nails I meant
Tuskimo Hace 6 días
when she was telling ben to say something iwas like oH fRiKk ThErE GoInG To HaVe A bAbY MeNChIE WaTcH oUt simply:WE GETTING A PODCAST! me:
Tom Zhu
Tom Zhu Hace 6 días
Isn't play rosie and party punch basically Zyler the cat and Menchie the cat
Claire Green
Claire Green Hace 6 días
i didnt know you had a switch
Frisk LOL • 2 years ago
Frisk LOL • 2 years ago Hace 6 días
1:30 Oh mah GAWD. Cristene's an ARTIST!
Aubree Kofoot
Aubree Kofoot Hace 6 días
Are you my big brother YES I AMM
Alex packmember
Alex packmember Hace 7 días
Bruh when they where doing the announcement I thought they was gonna have a baby😭😭😭
SxRxFxD Wsx
SxRxFxD Wsx Hace 7 días
How can i really laugh with one video of nails??😂😂 love ya
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