Pageant Mum Prayed That Her Daughter Would Be Born With "Good Hair" | Toddlers & Tiaras

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tlc uk

Hace 5 meses

7-years-old pageant princess Torrann shows us how she transforms into the singer Prince for her upcoming pageant. Watch as she wows the judges with an impressive dance routine.
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I’m Wigless
I’m Wigless Hace 19 horas
I love how her name is a mix of her parents name
Danny Linares
Danny Linares Hace un día
Tornn: Go daddy we don't need you Dad: mkay
MissKoletta Hace 2 días
WTF with the tan?!?!?
MaKenzy Springer
MaKenzy Springer Hace 3 días
i can feel the wrist pain from those back handsprings
Midnight’s Galaxy
Midnight’s Galaxy Hace 3 días
Is nobody gonna mention that Torran said that she wanted to get darker like her dad 😭 💗
Itz Just Some Lofi Sooo Yeah
Itz Just Some Lofi Sooo Yeah Hace 4 días
This is sad there are people out there that don't know how to be parents. Thats disgusting
Nervious puppy
Nervious puppy Hace 6 días
Fuck this bitch. I feel bad for poor girl. Her hair is so pretty.
Andrea Dalton
Andrea Dalton Hace 6 días
"I know what it means to be perfect"? Really? How come you have let yourself go, then???
Katherine Lerario
Katherine Lerario Hace 7 días
The parents shouldn't be saying swears in front of children, that's teaching them bad behaviour. smh
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose Hace 7 días
Mom= we respect her if she respects us and is nice to us Daughter = I said go now get me my drink!!!!
Bella Kok
Bella Kok Hace 8 días
I hate these videos because the moms always say “She is hard to control.” “She is hyper.” “She is spunky.” “She has a lot of energy.” She is none of that. SHE IS A BRAT
Braeley Johnson
Braeley Johnson Hace 9 días
nobody is even noticing that all of these girls are from the cheer show ctr. ann and torrann were on the show, cacidie cheered and her mom was the coach and the lady who’s pageant it was had a daughter that cheered for them
Kimmy Playz
Kimmy Playz Hace 9 días
I have thick long hair most people say I have nice hair buts it’s a pain
Lizzie Hace 10 días
The way she talks to her father. DISGRACEFUL:. Dad do not allow this. What happened to yes sir, please thank you. Hmm basics. She’s so nasty “Better than all the other girls”. Hope she likes winning more than friends because she will not have any
Fish Girl100
Fish Girl100 Hace 11 días
Pageant kids are brats she even said I’m better than all the other girls and doing a kids makeup and having them wear wigs is like telling them their not pretty enough
somebody you know
somebody you know Hace 12 días
But the mom's hair looks like a wig.
DALIA Hace 12 días
this girl is hella disrespectful
Mancy RuneScape
Mancy RuneScape Hace 12 días
How can a 7 yo be a full blown asshat 🤡? Teachers & CPS will love her!
Bolofex Hace 14 días
I feel bad for the dad
Yeeted_Kitten_ 11
Yeeted_Kitten_ 11 Hace 16 días
the mom: we give her anything she wants as long as she is respectful to us! child: GO GET ME A DRINK! NOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 The dad is the only one that has any sense in this family.
Alberto Medina
Alberto Medina Hace 16 días
We have the same motorsicle
"If she is very respectful we get her whatever we want" But when I'm respectful I dont get what I want ->-
Willow JR
Willow JR Hace 17 días
Hun that’s a back handspring
pokemon fan
pokemon fan Hace 18 días
wait hang on that dog had the hair piece on and was getting it brushed on its head!!! 3:13 i feel horrible for that poor dog
Anne John
Anne John Hace 19 días
On hell no told her mother drink. I would taste slap out mouth talk mother like that.
Dammy Ade
Dammy Ade Hace 21 un día
That bitch is rude everyone is beautiful no matter skin colour,hair or body
Adelina Mullins
Adelina Mullins Hace 22 días
you can tell she lied about the part when she said her daughter was doing the pageants ever since she was 4 months bc you can walk when your 4 months
Kimberly Frias
Kimberly Frias Hace 25 días
Why do I even watch these videos They make me mad
Danielle Miller
Danielle Miller Hace 28 días
this is so not ok..I'm going to let this child tell me what to do. ugh what's wrong with parents, the dad seemed normal but still let his daughter boss him around...but that mom..dear lord pull your head out of your ass and actually start teaching your daughter to be respectful.smh.
Nicola Brisibe
Nicola Brisibe Hace 29 días
She doesn't need a tan she is brown
Rebecca Lopez
Rebecca Lopez Hace 29 días
The judges name is symphonee. I dig it.
nessa is kool
nessa is kool Hace un mes
Anyone remember them from that cheer show?
nessa is kool
nessa is kool Hace 22 días
Correction, it's called Cheer Perfection.
nessa is kool
nessa is kool Hace 22 días
@Azura Cheer Imperfection, I believe it's called.
Azura Hace 28 días
Which show ?
Elena Rose
Elena Rose Hace un mes
She keeps saying “she’s biracial!” But then spray tans her?!?!?
Kac newport
Kac newport Hace un mes
She does not need a tan. Thats pure bull.
heartbroken lover_0001
heartbroken lover_0001 Hace un mes
While she was praying that her daughter would have good hair my mother was praying for a miracle because she was sterile I came from a miracle I am half Korean half puertorican and I am happy my character is more on the Korean side cause I took my father's skin tone and my mother's features along with her pale complexion and how I act us all over the place but very respectful I want to hit them for allowing her to be a brat and not giving her discipline
kimma508 Hace un mes
What a spoiled brat! Way to go mom and dad!
JS Gang
JS Gang Hace un mes
These craking voices girls are brat like what the world
SkinnTAEH potatos
SkinnTAEH potatos Hace un mes
Dad: slow down Child: NO Me: it ain't gone be so funny once that bike flip over and she face plants into the ground
Marija Ilic
Marija Ilic Hace un mes
wtf is wrong with her hair? I really like it
Itz Me Mayah
Itz Me Mayah Hace un mes
She’s so rascist
kiti023 Hace un mes
i feel bad for these poor kids that are forced to do pageants
Spooky Moo
Spooky Moo Hace un mes
He's married a kkk wtf
Spooky Moo
Spooky Moo Hace un mes
Wtf she basically had this kid for a fashion statement. You're disgusting woman
Molly Miller
Molly Miller Hace un mes
I’m with the dad on this one...he’s not taking this seriously like the mom is!! He’s just doing this for fun and joking with it, that’s what I like to see💛
Molly Miller
Molly Miller Hace un mes
If she says biracial one more time
Molly Miller
Molly Miller Hace un mes
Her parents, Torrey and Ann: hmmm we can’t really figure out a good name for our child.. God: I’ll give u a hint, combine ur names that’ll be a good idea
Erin Hace un mes
*girl smiles like a normal child* Mom- *iS tHaT hOw YoUr GonNa SmIlE?*
abudo abuy
abudo abuy Hace un mes
the mum be like she gets what ever she wants if she shows us respect. Tff she show u no fucking respect she’s just a spoilt brat
Nyasha Zumazuma
Nyasha Zumazuma Hace un mes
ignorant white people have got to stop fucking black guys if they don’t want black kids 😒
Lisa Chau
Lisa Chau Hace un mes
Me: Little diva, is that you? Me: YES YES Torran: NOOO
Genny Toussaint
Genny Toussaint Hace un mes
“Even tho she’s biracial”? 🤨 what does that have to do anything
Talkindurinthemovie Hace un mes
Oh hell no...your hair isnt better than black hair
sherry steward
sherry steward Hace un mes
You are sick! And you are given your child a complex! You are creating a " monster"
April Brooks
April Brooks Hace un mes
2:17 I prayed for a little girl also one with good hair. Than why not marry someone like yourself. Like I am confused on that. Due to it not making sense. All hair and people are beautiful if you are saying that to or around your daughter your destroying her respect for the other half of her. Being biracial is beautiful both sides. If you did not want too do her hair or wanted a child who closely resembled you than why marry an African American man? This is still wrong. Very wrong you should love your child regardless of hair. I am not a perfect mom no one is. Yet I love my children regardless of hair. I am biracial myself. An what you are doing is damaging.
Cwad :D
Cwad :D Hace un mes
The amount of likes this gets = how many times the mom calls her daughter biracial
Game Phone
Game Phone Hace un mes
*he doesn't take pageants seriously* well neither does any sane person
Hera Reigns
Hera Reigns Hace un mes
First contestant, I seen without fake huge hair, fake teeth and loaded with makeup. They really need to ban these pageants.
Mariana S
Mariana S Hace un mes
what a brat
Little Ruby
Little Ruby Hace un mes
Um when she said shes doing back flips on stage she did a back HANDSPRING!
loise fee
loise fee Hace un mes
loise fee
loise fee Hace un mes
1:34 why is the dogs name Tinkerbel? Also this is a bitch ass mom who has to go in jail
Dabbing Unicorn 2019
Dabbing Unicorn 2019 Hace un mes
Wow that was wow 😨
acting while black
acting while black Hace un mes
Another black man that married a whyte racist nothing new
Carrie Mahoney
Carrie Mahoney Hace un mes
Smh I hate when white women have babies by black men than yell good hair
Charlize Cuneo-Pitham
Charlize Cuneo-Pitham Hace un mes
Did anyone else notice that these girls are all from that cheerleading show lol 😂
Caitlin’s Life
Caitlin’s Life Hace un mes
Did anyone else notice she has part of her dads name and part of her moms name??
Amy J
Amy J Hace un mes
Is this mom related to another Pageant mom of a Super Bratty kid? I think the kid's name is Madison and the mom has black hair?
Aislin Kangas
Aislin Kangas Hace un mes
I like her hair is cute
vlogs w audrey
vlogs w audrey Hace un mes
The way she speaks to her parents... oh my. “Daddy go we don’t need you.” Are you kidding me! I know she’s only seven but my gosh
Keunta Donehue
Keunta Donehue Hace un mes
Honey, you call that a respectful child if I was that kid's friend we will have some big problems
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