Pageant Mum Prayed That Her Daughter Would Be Born With "Good Hair" | Toddlers & Tiaras

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Hace 10 meses

7-years-old pageant princess Torrann shows us how she transforms into the singer Prince for her upcoming pageant. Watch as she wows the judges with an impressive dance routine.
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koogle Hace un hora
ARE WE ALL Ignoring the fact that basically the cast of this episode is the cast of cheer time revolution …
jade_smith_ jones
jade_smith_ jones Hace 20 horas
Girl does a back flip on trampoline Me can barely get on the trampoline
Makenna Howard
Makenna Howard Hace 22 horas
And this is why pageants shouldn’t be a thing
KikiVlogs Hace un día
Who else noticed that the name "Torrann" is kind of like a fusion between Torrann's parents, Torrey and Ann..?
Dark.Gothic. Angel
Dark.Gothic. Angel Hace 2 días
These kids are way too little to be doing this, they haven’t even grown into there body, let them be
Grace Marriott
Grace Marriott Hace 3 días
Mom: as long as she is respectful we will give her what she wants Kid: go get me something to drink Goooooo Mom: ok sweety
d'chll Hace 3 días
0:06 What the heck was that?
Eva Plus Billy
Eva Plus Billy Hace 3 días
torrey + ann = torrann did no one realize that
Kaelyn Drane
Kaelyn Drane Hace 4 días
did she say she has biracial
epiccheeseburger _1
epiccheeseburger _1 Hace 6 días
I took me 3 whole minutes to figure out the little girls name is a mix of her mom and dad’s names
Maria Williams
Maria Williams Hace 8 días
okay but she’s actually a pretty talented gymnast for 7, the form is all wrong but the raw talent is there. that’s what the mum should be focussing on not this pageant crap
PurpleSquid Hace 8 días
if u think about it skin comps in Minecraft are basically paegents xd
Make $#!+ Yourself
Make $#!+ Yourself Hace 8 días
Prince Was not a biracial tho...
mackenzie lanta
mackenzie lanta Hace 9 días
at least she has HAIR
Alora Gonzales
Alora Gonzales Hace 11 días
It’s sad that if they don’t tan she will be lighter then the white kids
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Hace 11 días
And this "overt narcissist" are created..ladies & gentleman!
Effortlesslygolden Hace 13 días
an ignorant mom raising a black girl... damn shame
Gina Williams
Gina Williams Hace 13 días
That woman should be ashamed 🤦‍♀️ I have 2 biracial girls and I would never say that their hair isn't "good enough " that their BEAUTIFUL skin is not perfect..I swear, everyday I see more and more trash in this country
Sista Sista
Sista Sista Hace 13 días
This women is crazy. Except your childs hair.
Mr. Goodbar
Mr. Goodbar Hace 14 días
Let's pretend black hair is nice.
Mr. Goodbar
Mr. Goodbar Hace 14 días
The afro hair gene is strong.
Giovanna Hace 15 días
This kid is so mean and rude omg! Before being beautiful you need to have respect, honey...
Shirley Owens
Shirley Owens Hace 16 días
Poor kids!!
Je suis une Artiste
Je suis une Artiste Hace 16 días
She doesn't need a tan, she's beautiful as she is!
Chronically Cassidy
Chronically Cassidy Hace 16 días
She’s biracial. She’s already dark.
Natalie Pray
Natalie Pray Hace 16 días
They literally combined their own names to name their daughter
christy capers
christy capers Hace 16 días
Thank you white mom with silky blonde hair for making little black children feel even worse about themselves
Hidden Exit
Hidden Exit Hace 17 días
She didn't get bossy & spoiled on her own so... She's a kid, she's impressioned easily.
Kiana Alexis
Kiana Alexis Hace 17 días
Im biracial and i have a white mom and a black dad, and its really a true problem because white moms often choose to have children with black men and kinda fetish their "inbetween" features of being half black and half white as if its some perfect balance. My mom made fun of my hair and always tried to relax it. That behavior is already in society (eurocentric features being praised) its so sad that it has to come from your family. what a shame.
Nandini Sharma
Nandini Sharma Hace 17 días
Torrann- Torrey+Ann.......they named their kid after their ship name?
jessie x
jessie x Hace 17 días
Dad = Torrey and Mom = Ann...... child = Torrann... lmaooooooloolo
P T Hace 17 días
All hair is good hair 😊
Sarah sulwey
Sarah sulwey Hace 17 días
She does as she wants ?no kid is bossing me around .Sorry!
Hidden Exit
Hidden Exit Hace 17 días
It's mom's fault.
Natalie BARR
Natalie BARR Hace 17 días
‘Ultimate Grand Supreme’ sounds like a burger name 😂
Hidden Exit
Hidden Exit Hace 17 días
Keep them taco bells ringin'
Leanne 92105
Leanne 92105 Hace 18 días
Snobby little brat spoiled
Hidden Exit
Hidden Exit Hace 17 días
Mom clearly didn't do a good job raising her.
Videos For You
Videos For You Hace 19 días
She dey fetishised biracial babies and now she has one . Her: can I get a biracial baby please Baby giver: her you go Her: No , the one without straight hair
K N Hace 20 días
Charlotte Tasker
Charlotte Tasker Hace 20 días
Don’t spoil your kids they’ll end up brats
Leah Amauri
Leah Amauri Hace 21 un día
“I don’t want her to be white like the white kids” really are u serious Karen
Leah Amauri
Leah Amauri Hace 21 un día
I hate how this mom just wont stop bringing up her being biracial.
Hidden Exit
Hidden Exit Hace 17 días
Seriously. Who cares "what she is" she's a little girl, bottom line.
mickey Hace 21 un día
Don’t know what “good hair” is supposed to mean, but this girl is beautiful and so is her hair. It’s sad to see that her mom makes her wear hairpieces to give her “good hair”.
Racoon 257
Racoon 257 Hace 22 días
Undertale: ASgore + toRIEL= asriel This video: TORRey + ANN=Torrann
Jessica McManus
Jessica McManus Hace 22 días
A word to explain about this girl...spoiled brat
Hidden Exit
Hidden Exit Hace 17 días
The mom can only question herself for that. But she probably don't often.
bianca penney
bianca penney Hace 23 días
My mother is white and she NEVER said anything that negotiate about my hair.
chevon1920 Hace 23 días
Why did she have a baby with a black person if she doesn’t like black hair. It’s so confusing. Why not just have a white baby???
Queen Sunasia
Queen Sunasia Hace 24 días
She’s 16 now
Harley Ruppel
Harley Ruppel Hace 25 días
My mom prayed for me to be healthy. She didn't care what my hair looked like.
Kawaii Kawaii
Kawaii Kawaii Hace 26 días
Love that dad
Audrey Bogner
Audrey Bogner Hace 27 días
These pageant girls don’t treat their parents right.
Nabilah Rachmadhani
Nabilah Rachmadhani Hace 27 días
Her : GET ME SOMETHING TO DRINK GO!!! Respectful???
Courtney Michelle
Courtney Michelle Hace 28 días
I love when people be having mixed babies on purpose because “they’re cuter” 🤦🏽‍♀️
Hidden Exit
Hidden Exit Hace 17 días
I agree with your facepalm 100%
Hidden Exit
Hidden Exit Hace 17 días
"We live in a society".... Lol Just like, save the cute puppy first complex.
Megan Seals
Megan Seals Hace 28 días
She should just do gymnastics. Seems like she has a lot of energy and passion for it.
Good N' Plenty
Good N' Plenty Hace 29 días
👏🏾Prince👏🏾was 👏🏾not 👏🏾bi-racial👏🏾.
Blank Hace 29 días
Oooor you learn how to do you kids hair like a good mother like mine did. Oh waitttt you’re not
Ale angel
Ale angel Hace 29 días
Girl I'm African American and our hair is so hard to take care of
Abbey Rozenboom
Abbey Rozenboom Hace 29 días
This family should be on supernanny not this show
Nia_ 21
Nia_ 21 Hace un mes
She’s so naturally pretty. She could honestly go in and win without makeup
「 D x s g u s t e d k i w i 」
「 D x s g u s t e d k i w i 」 Hace un mes
I thought It Said Crossaint, Arkansas...
Charlie May Films
Charlie May Films Hace un mes
You can work with any type of hair, you just need the patience and know how
Kelly Co’s School
Kelly Co’s School Hace un mes
I like Torran cuz she cool and can do backflips
Kiyo_ Claire
Kiyo_ Claire Hace un mes
3:04 thats just cause he actually is the only sane person in this seires
Shelly Rae
Shelly Rae Hace un mes
His eyebrows, tho 👀
J W Hace un mes
They need to teach that lil girl some respect and manners. Id be slapped into adulthood with those demands and mouth..
silkyrox73 Hace un mes
a 'lady' at a young age? ...ladies have manners -_-
Stefania Marchese
Stefania Marchese Hace un mes
girl, your hair is awesome the way it is. "Good hair" is not a synonym of "white hair". Your mom loves you, I am sure, but she is wrong.
winwin’s elf ear
winwin’s elf ear Hace un mes
why would u marry and have a child with a black man when you don’t want your children to have black features? this is proof that just because u have a black spouse or black friends doesn’t mean it makes u immune to being anti black.
XxConstant AnxietyxX
XxConstant AnxietyxX Hace un mes
She doin back flips, I barely did a summer (somer?) salt
Laserally Marie
Laserally Marie Hace un mes
Did anybody notice the recommended age to watch this is tv-14 but these are literally 6 year olds -_-
Taylor D
Taylor D Hace un mes
why are they always karens who make her children do this
Deborah Christine Grant
Deborah Christine Grant Hace un mes
This is sick!
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