PAC-MAN Comes to Minecraft! - Nintendo Switch

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The legendary arcade classic PAC-MAN comes to Minecraft! WAKA-WAKA your way through a-mazeing 3D maze madness!
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The Polite Critic
The Polite Critic Hace 2 días
I want a first person Pac-Man game done in the style of Metroid Prime. Who else would play that?
Jackman Official
Jackman Official Hace 3 días
Tim Christ Might Sign Up To Microsoft After This
thisisayoutubechannel Hace 3 días
Me watching a bit of the video: it looks like Minecraft files putted into Roblox Nintendo: Play an arcade classic (0:05)
Blue Spider
Blue Spider Hace 4 días
You should make a splatoon one for Minecraft
yeanwoo 876
yeanwoo 876 Hace 4 días
*boop* *boop* *boop*
Xavier Larocque
Xavier Larocque Hace 4 días
Is this the neither update?????????????????
Igor Dabrowski
Igor Dabrowski Hace 4 días
so it's playable on switch? thats another thing i need to buy on nintendo switch
Cowboy Pomeranian
Cowboy Pomeranian Hace 4 días
We had Mario in Minecraft, Now we have Pacman. Up next: Donkey Kong?
Circle As
Circle As Hace 6 días
Creeper Ghost in smash
los hermano BROS GAMER
los hermano BROS GAMER Hace 10 días
Mas juegos de mario bros nintendo amo su empresa
vanesa fuentes
vanesa fuentes Hace 10 días
No me gusto el video
Cat Yes
Cat Yes Hace 10 días
Why ??????
Droidix Bacon
Droidix Bacon Hace 11 días
Great, they're high again
tripptt9 Hace 3 días
the best stuff is made that way . well the funnest at least
Nin* Tony
Nin* Tony Hace 11 días
All jokes aside This is actually genuinely fantastic
Teddy Zippy
Teddy Zippy Hace 12 días
You know, I'm pretty sure there are several games like this that are pacman themed too....except bein of the horror genre
katclow Hace 12 días
1:29 hola realmente buen video espero que prosigan haciendo este metarial!!! Voy a continuar mirando sus creaciones. Les envio un abrazo nos vemos luego ☝️👍🏽
Sebastian Merced
Sebastian Merced Hace 13 días
Why can't we talk to our friends through the nintendo switch even though it's a tablet.
creeps Hace 13 días
If Nintendo has the ability to upload this after uploading a FNAF video, then ANYTHING is possible.
Mateo Palacios
Mateo Palacios Hace 15 días
nintendo hello
Dave Wang
Dave Wang Hace 16 días
I Want Roblox In Nintendo Switch
Candy Hace 17 días
*happiness noise*
SuperBloopers 65
SuperBloopers 65 Hace 17 días
кекушка Hace 17 días
Sonic The Highoug
Sonic The Highoug Hace 17 días
Sonic The Highoug
Sonic The Highoug Hace 17 días
Grainne Marrinan
Grainne Marrinan Hace 19 días
Love you Nintendo 😀😍
リズミカルなスカリウンコ Hace 19 días
Damian Marrufo2
Damian Marrufo2 Hace 20 días
Add another right to Minecraft
doncorzone Hace 20 días
I wish that they made pac man come to Minecraft but they did not
doncorzone Hace 20 días
Alan Rizkallah
Alan Rizkallah Hace 20 días
Several people: "...what?" Me: "That's a fantastic question."
Justin Cristea
Justin Cristea Hace 20 días
So is this an add for Minecraft or Pacman?
The Liam and Justin show !
The Liam and Justin show ! Hace 21 un día
Why isn’t there a pac man skin
HaqAttack _ 9
HaqAttack _ 9 Hace 21 un día
It's SMM2 all over again!
Tank Engine
Tank Engine Hace 21 un día
LEGO man
Shell CR
Shell CR Hace 22 días
guy you blooked
saadhd123 Hace 23 días
00:26 STV can only mean one thing: *Steve*
The Cooper Squad
The Cooper Squad Hace 23 días
This is a mess. This just looks awful. Why would anyone ever want to play this
Liam Villarreal
Liam Villarreal Hace 24 días
Hey, How about we make a ghost that can blow up the freaking maze? He'll be very not OP
Gloria Garcia
Gloria Garcia Hace 24 días
Nintendo. So you. 🥰
Ayaan Rahman
Ayaan Rahman Hace 24 días
1st off, do you even own Pac-Man? and assume you are a bit of a fan of Minecraft and how did you even upload pac man on Minecraft, and pay attention that you could get Minecraft copyright striked out of the internet because you got Pacman on Minecraft without Toru Itwani's permission and since you uploaded this they could copy right strike you once Toru Itwani accidently copyright strikes Mojang Creator's Names / Company's Names, Game / Console They Own used in the comment: Mojang / Notch, creator of Minecraft Nintendo, Creator of the Nintendo Switch Toru Itwani, creator of PacMan
john mom
john mom Hace 24 días
I was gonna delte Minecraft on my switch for fortnite but I saw this trailer
JAMUAR MAC-10 Hace 24 días
we almost forgot him
YouTuber Pro
YouTuber Pro Hace 25 días
Nintendo is Incredible all day!!!!!!!!!!
͔ ͔
͔ ͔ Hace 26 días
this looks like if someone tried to make pac-man but they did not change the design of the character instead make him a cube
Adam [SupremeNBFan]
Adam [SupremeNBFan] Hace 26 días
shot down chances of a new pac-man world game.
Jose Alarcon
Jose Alarcon Hace 26 días
Lucas Tube Jogos
Lucas Tube Jogos Hace 27 días
I love Nintendo and Minecraft and PAC Man (。♡‿♡。)
Zomkill 52
Zomkill 52 Hace 27 días
...Why am I happy about this video when I'm usually still an antsy teen even though I'm 18
BomberX20 the Bomber
BomberX20 the Bomber Hace 28 días
Permafreux Hace 28 días
Andrew J. Chainuvati
Andrew J. Chainuvati Hace 29 días
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Andrew J. Chainuvati
Andrew J. Chainuvati Hace 29 días
Is it PAC-Man even a Nintendo game? Its interesting game PAC-Man Minecraft, how do you get them at the Minecraft shop? Tell me Nintendo makers so that I can play it to be creative and have some fun
Yoshi Studios
Yoshi Studios Hace 29 días
Cross over episodes be like:
DEMI-DRAGON Hace un mes
fantastique !!!
Joseph Womer
Joseph Womer Hace un mes
Join Pac-Man as he faces his greatest challenge yet......being a cube!
GyT Yholll
GyT Yholll Hace un mes
eligamerman Hace un mes
Rosie game Z
Rosie game Z Hace un mes
jackson sville
jackson sville Hace un mes
Is this a new game a add on or just a map I cant tell also minecraft is now a quadrilogy of games
isbragg Hace un mes
It's a Marketplace add-on for Bedrock Edition.
Kirby -DARIS
Kirby -DARIS Hace un mes
Pac-Man: is round Nintendo: *Are you sure about that-*
Esau the TIX Man
Esau the TIX Man Hace un mes
Its nice you have minecraft on switch why not roblox and let the bring pokemon brick bronze along with it👌😉
Mulder & Scully
Mulder & Scully Hace un mes
Nintendo stop making trash and make real games.
Juan Antonio Moreno
Juan Antonio Moreno Hace un mes
Lance Monaco
Lance Monaco Hace un mes
dan medeiros
dan medeiros Hace un mes
let's see Adam Sandler outrun this guy now
ThatRobloxGamer Hace un mes
Wait this was made by Minecraft I thought this was made by a random person
Da jg3E
Da jg3E Hace un mes
Not something I expected
Sloth879 Hace un mes
Yay micro transactions
Uncle WAH
Uncle WAH Hace un mes
this just feels really cursed
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