Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man (Official Music Video) ft. Elton John

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"Ordinary Man" available at: OZZY.lnk.to/OrdinaryMan
Director: Stephen Lee Carr
Producers: Sharon Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Peter Glowski, R. Greg Johnston, Stephen Lee Carr
Production Company: Lesson 5 Entertainment, Inc.
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Facebook: facebook.com/ozzyosbourne
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Twitter: twitter.com/ozzyosbourne
Website: www.ozzy.com
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Anna Bertsch
Anna Bertsch Hace 3 horas
Wow. I listened to this song several times, but today I watched the video for the first time. Made me all choked up.
Chris Marx
Chris Marx Hace 6 horas
Love Ozz forever!
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith Hace 8 horas
Click like if you also have all of Ozzys albums!
pilipiknow ravioli
pilipiknow ravioli Hace 10 horas
One of the most amazing and unique vocalist of all time hes the grandaddy of metal band respect to this iconic legend
Joseph Whiting
Joseph Whiting Hace 13 horas
Love the video but one major thing missing all members of his band dept for Randy Castillo wtf
E D 95
E D 95 Hace 14 horas
The greatest 🤘
Kyle H
Kyle H Hace 14 horas
Fucking legend
Glimmer Twin
Glimmer Twin Hace 15 horas
Slash solo. One in a million.
Pacz Arpad
Pacz Arpad Hace 16 horas
I like your music very much!!!
Pacz Arpad
Pacz Arpad Hace 16 horas
You are a so good person for me, ozzy!!!!
o k
o k Hace 19 horas
This would be a sick like song for a trailer or something but this song is so fricking good and just like perfect.
golog golag
golog golag Hace 20 horas
"don't forget me as the color's fade" never Ozzy never
Danilo Rocha
Danilo Rocha Hace 22 horas
This video really took tears from my eyes.... God bless you Ozzy, you legacy is forever....
Caleb M. F
Caleb M. F Hace 23 horas
Gonna miss him, what a fuckin legend.
Samko Masarik
Samko Masarik Hace un día
Ozzy you are Got 🤘🖤🦇🦇
brian4480 Hace un día
You dont make this song if you think you are gonna be here long. I didnt know it was this close.
sprusegoose Hace un día
s s
s s Hace un día
Thanks ozzy!
M.r Zummo
M.r Zummo Hace un día
Ozzy was destine to be way more than ordinary man . And the music world tanks you for it
Mary Mart
Mary Mart Hace un día
Ozzy, Ozzy, ma quando mai fu metal?
Gau Hace un día
im high on coke and drunk at 4 am and listening to this and crying... rip
jerry rodriguez
jerry rodriguez Hace 5 horas
mikey1974 hetfield
mikey1974 hetfield Hace un día
Randy clip is heartbreaking
Benjamin Chase
Benjamin Chase Hace un día
Unfortunately I think he is dieing and he knows it. I hope to God he had many more years but it doesn't look that way. Stay healthy man.
Kerrod Flint
Kerrod Flint Hace un día
for a guy that was born in the 90s i can honestly say you will never die an ordinary man and you will never be forgotten
Ron Strutton
Ron Strutton Hace un día
Ozzy with anyone is brilliant idea, true.
papa giovanni
papa giovanni Hace un día
I love this shit, Ozzy King
Sabine Ellinger-Lang
Sabine Ellinger-Lang Hace un día
Mein geliebter OZZY, du hast mir soviel Freude geschenkt. This is the best of you. Thx for all the music of YOU and BLACK SABBATH. Deep in my heart, I will miss you. No concerts, no festivals, no one more specials moments with you... Oh Ozzy..... 🥂❤😍
Shane Santana
Shane Santana Hace 2 días
That was amazing, I could only fathom what Ozzy has done in his life. He may not be a role model but he's had an incredible life.
Augustin Vega
Augustin Vega Hace 2 días
Ozzy you are a legend
The Gaming Paladin
The Gaming Paladin Hace 2 días
my favorites of this album are "Straight To Hell", "Goodbye", this and "Under The Graveyard". overall a beautiful album though, this song makes me cry for the day that Ozzy Osbourne leaves us, we may always have his music but he's more than his music, dammit!
Debbie Szwed
Debbie Szwed Hace 2 días
Ozzy not going nowhere anytime soon..He can't leave Sharon..She saved him& now he shall save their love & beautiful loving family👌🙌👪😈😍
Diamond 1911
Diamond 1911 Hace 2 días
I’ve never gotten to see him In concert, but the power of of his performance overwhelms me...GOD BLESS YOU OZZY WEALL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!
Werner Krammer
Werner Krammer Hace 2 días
Trost ":-)) thanks dito solong for you 👿✌💪❤👍
Carlos Calderon
Carlos Calderon Hace 2 días
Ozzy es ozzy uno de los más grandes y lo será por siempre!
Kellen Hall
Kellen Hall Hace 2 días
this is one of his best songs nobody can deny that thank you ozzie for some of the best music ever made you had a great career this was the perfect album to say goodbye with
em z
em z Hace 2 días
Reading these comments gets me so sad we love you ozzy
Sylvia Young
Sylvia Young Hace 2 días
Such creativity....as beautiful as it is I don't want it to be his swan song. It's been a 50 year relationship. One that never failed me....I will never let go. This damn sure needs to be the album of the year! No one deserves it more!
Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne Hace 2 días
I love you!
Sylvia Young
Sylvia Young Hace 2 días
I have loved Ozzy since I was 11...that would be 1971. I put Sabbath on a turntable and my life was forever changed. I too am in the twilight of my life...have gone from beautiful to beautifully old and it hurts...in every definition of the world. Not for the weak. Yet with all he has been through he opens his mouth and brings chills to us all. Far from Ordinary Ozzy! You are the icons icon and the legends legend! No one has entertained us like you. I saw you with Sabbath, Blizzard of Oz and your last date on No More Tours. You never failed to leave me breathless....you will live forever in God's Kingdom and I can't wait to see you there. God bless and live Eternal!
Sofia Orosa
Sofia Orosa Hace 2 días
Hermosa canción. Una de las mas hermosas que escuché. Y el video me hizo emocionar... ♥♥♥♥ muy hermoso
Bob Kayser
Bob Kayser Hace 2 días
Loves you as more than the average man he is the best sayer that loved
Susanna Warger
Susanna Warger Hace 2 días
Wondeful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Ozzy ! WE LOVE YOU !!!!!
Cynthia Howell Thompson
Cynthia Howell Thompson Hace 2 días
This makes me sad, Ozzy please don't leave us. We love you so much. Sitting here crying thinking about my childhood, I've been listening to you all my life and I'm not ready for you to stop playing great music
Michael Hale
Michael Hale Hace 2 días
I have a bad feeling we are about to lose this man. Remember when Johnny cash remade hurt? Less then a year later we lost him.
Rachel Michelle Niceys
Rachel Michelle Niceys Hace 2 días
I was balling in tears when i saw the picture of Ozzy and Randy Rhodes 😭
Lukáš Kanči
Lukáš Kanči Hace 3 días
Ozzy 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🦇🦇
Tyler Wolfe
Tyler Wolfe Hace 3 días
"I made mamma cry, dont know why I'm still alive" no lyrics have ever hit me deeper
Erin b stevenson
Erin b stevenson Hace 3 días
How are you all doing
Juan De Lorenzo
Juan De Lorenzo Hace 3 días
Lo lograste Ozzy sos el #1...una carrera brillante un talento descomunal y una locura que enamora...larga vida al rock & roll
Daniel Heys
Daniel Heys Hace 3 días
Best Song in 3 years I luv mr ozzy
Alpha male
Alpha male Hace 3 días
To Ozzy and Elton.. I was just a kid when I first heard your music.. now I'm turning 50 this year and here you both are STILL making great music. You've truly been blessed to have life long careers doing what you love to do and the rest of us have been blessed to enjoy what you've done. Just remember that we are all on this great "stage" of life together and that the lights go out for all of us. But it's been a pleasure to be on that stage with both of you even if it was out in the audience. Thank you
BobUrbanVideo Hace 3 días
... Plus a JOE WALSH Innerview… + more! eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-nOMp6rya_20.html
Johny Fox
Johny Fox Hace 3 días
So viel Jahre und immer noch der alte, die magischen Augen und der satte klang nach Freiheit 🤘😎
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Hace 3 días
Love this song
Logical Atheist
Logical Atheist Hace 3 días
Long Live Randy Rhoads, and Ozzy
Amber Wilcher
Amber Wilcher Hace 3 días
Omg had me crying omw to work...
Toulouse does Stuff
Toulouse does Stuff Hace 3 días
Magno Silva
Magno Silva Hace 3 días
My wife just asked my why I'm crying.
hen rob
hen rob Hace 3 días
ozzy is sick, this record is his testament for us, because whatever he does he understands that the last hours to live will only be the reflection of the last path to take before leaving us. we love you ozzy, you brought us so much, see you soon.
ankur shukla
ankur shukla Hace 3 días
one of the best song or the best song to sum up him for us..more than words for people who love his songs and who love OZZY..🤘
Eric O'Brien
Eric O'Brien Hace 4 días
Ozzy can still fucking rock it 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Wargasm644 Hace 4 días
Ozzy and Keith Richards will be the last two humans on earth.
Contrato Final
Contrato Final Hace 4 días
Lindo+parece uma despedida 😪
Lucas Young
Lucas Young Hace 4 días
Time to do a movie where Jason Momoa is in it and the guy from Rocket man appears and does this song or Ozzy and Elton do it.
Harryt22 Hace 4 días
Blimey! There probably ought to be a day of national mourning when Ozzy dies and this song and video to be played!
Susana M.
Susana M. Hace 4 días
2:21 😭❤️
Billy Hinschen
Billy Hinschen Hace 4 días
This song hits different
Marc Hoebel
Marc Hoebel Hace 4 días
ADORE ❤️... LOVE MARC FROM GERMANY... 😘🌹... I LOVE YOU OZZY... Please Stay Safe and Healthy through the Covid19. Pandemic with Sharon and your Family and Loved Ones too.. 🙏❤️🌈.... Me Too... I don't wann die an Ordinary Man... 💀🤘🎸....
orchidea Hace 4 días
i was holding my tears until randy showed up......
JP Sillick
JP Sillick Hace 4 días
Why is this making me cry
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