Owner Tries Cooking Soul Food In A Wok & Pizza Oven | Kitchen Nightmares

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Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares

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WaTcH Me ChEF!
Comment if you have a 'plzza oven'
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yyeeaahhboy Hace 2 días
The problem with dumb people is they aren't smart enough to know there dumb
Toloria Gray
Toloria Gray Hace 3 días
2:28 is karma at its best LMAOOO
Larry T
Larry T Hace 6 días
I'm 18, but I want a plzza oven
ne alaka
ne alaka Hace 7 días
2:35 who dat
Pam1010 Aj
Pam1010 Aj Hace 9 días
Unfortunately I don't have a plzza oven yet
Emerald Playz
Emerald Playz Hace 9 días
So no one gonna mention that at 2:46 that's dish's 'sauce' just dripped off
Deadpool231 Hace 9 días
Shellys a fucked up owner and the shitholes closed
SirCylinder Hace 9 días
Did anyone else watch the grease roll off the plate at 2:44 ewwwwwwwwww
Gabriel Guttierez
Gabriel Guttierez Hace 11 días
Fake. How was that shelf self standing BEFORE the pan was placed on top of it????????????? 🙈
Baraa Badawi
Baraa Badawi Hace 13 días
maybe their restaurant sucks but Ramsay shouldn't be as rude
Mr. Chair
Mr. Chair Hace 16 días
You know that black guy
Itz_FaItH_RoBlOx_GaMeZ GaMeZ
Itz_FaItH_RoBlOx_GaMeZ GaMeZ Hace 16 días
Why are always black people saying stuff about Chinese people? Like ur not any good ur black :)
SasukeUchiha 2002
SasukeUchiha 2002 Hace 17 días
At least they ain’t boiling the lettuce and the putting tomatoes in the pizza oven
Timothy Riel
Timothy Riel Hace 19 días
2:15 - Why are you still sitting there? I would have left after an hour.
Pattie Malone
Pattie Malone Hace 21 un día
Kitchen small
Mr. Peanutbutter
Mr. Peanutbutter Hace 22 días
If I was Gordon and I saw that I would just wok away
Debbie Jj
Debbie Jj Hace 24 días
which epsiode is this?
robert damgaard
robert damgaard Hace 24 días
2:45 did... did that plate just drip?
Chesco Hace 24 días
bryan frengky
bryan frengky Hace 25 días
You: this restaurant The guy she told you not to worry about: Mama Cherri's Soul Food Shack
Jiterdomer Hace 25 días
Using a wok for a soul food is a disgrace.
Just Maddie
Just Maddie Hace 25 días
Her hair is freaking me out!
Thermo ツ
Thermo ツ Hace 25 días
BRUCE ASKEW Hace 26 días
Woka flocka woka flame 🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣
Liza Koshy
Liza Koshy Hace 27 días
when that shelf broke hahah omg
Christina Tijani
Christina Tijani Hace 27 días
Watch me chef watch me thought she said fuck me chef fuck me
NCA_APONTE Hace 27 días
Shelly: I’m doing fiiiine!!!! Not even 3 seconds later... *DROPS A WHOLE FUCKING SHELF*
Saso Fermin
Saso Fermin Hace 27 días
Nobody: Shelf at 2:33: Aight bro, I'm boutta head out.
Zulfadli Shaukie
Zulfadli Shaukie Hace 28 días
Suddenly....Everyone become a gangsta about their food when they see Chef Gordon Ramsay hanging out at the kitchen😁
William Wyatt
William Wyatt Hace 28 días
Is no one going to talk about the fluid careening off the edge of the plate at 2:45.
TsuSlippy :D
TsuSlippy :D Hace 28 días
I didn't even know what a Wok was until today
Gh0st Channel
Gh0st Channel Hace 28 días
LOL how many people are working in that kitchen? Seems like 10 cooks, wtf
xX SubWoofer Xx
xX SubWoofer Xx Hace 28 días
I read the title as Chef cooks soul food in a wok inside a pizza oven 😂
First Name
First Name Hace 29 días
2:32 Talking all that smack, karma got ya.
Al Hace 29 días
Some customers are over reacting , when they saw Ramsay is here
FrighteningSpoon Hace 29 días
1:45 that plate drip though. I think I just had a stroke
Pablitoes ツ
Pablitoes ツ Hace 29 días
The food is so bad my dad ran away
Pablitoes ツ
Pablitoes ツ Hace 29 días
The title has a typo....
Larsinater Hace 29 días
2:46 damn I was scared the food would fall of the plate
LoafKing KB
LoafKing KB Hace 29 días
2:46 the food in her hand is tilted and it’s juices is falling off the plate!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Electrified Memories
Electrified Memories Hace un mes
Imagine having a horrible dinner and the next day you're on Gordon Ramsay's YouTUbe channel.
Lunch Hace un mes
Oh my fucking god. My second chef at an Italian place looked, sounded, and talked EXACTLY like this chef lady. The only difference is she was a read head. Chef owners who can’t cook are the *worst*
Joe meyer
Joe meyer Hace un mes
They didn’t pay the electric ⚡️ bill 😂😂😂😂all the same
nezquick Hace un mes
Anyone else notice the beauty at 2:35?
Arty Boi
Arty Boi Hace un mes
Is this the same people from the rap video
A Shwin
A Shwin Hace un mes
2:59 lmao the customers are so dramatic when they knew they’re being filmed
hector vazquez
hector vazquez Hace un mes
Gordon:there’s no control in here Shelly:I got the recipes I’m exact. *shelf was discounted from game* 2:30
Mitcho Hace un mes
"Cabbage in a wok" what
Akshay Chaturvedi
Akshay Chaturvedi Hace un mes
she love wok more than her own life simply is that.😂
TheGringoBR Hace un mes
2:43 Did anyone see that??
Koneko Ray
Koneko Ray Hace un mes
2:45 Server just casually pours excess grease off of the plate before it gets to the customer. I know it is probably an accident, but I like to believe she did it on purpose to try to protect the customer from dealing with it themselves.
Weirdo’s art dump
Weirdo’s art dump Hace un mes
I was literally just looking for the meme of “finally some good fucking food” and now I’m obsessed with kitchen nightmares
Unknown _
Unknown _ Hace un mes
Plainfield nj
TableFlippersInc Hace un mes
Sorry my comments not witty, but does anyone know what season this is from? I wanna try and watch the full episode
Nerk Durgen
Nerk Durgen Hace un mes
Stomaching her food isn't a wok in the park!
Brett Sharpe
Brett Sharpe Hace un mes
Dont see why cooking from a wok is a problem, its just a big stove and and pan tbh
puddin cup
puddin cup Hace un mes
This is survival cooking; when you have to use what you have to get it done. She needs to get her mentality together.
Omega Styles
Omega Styles Hace un mes
If Gordon Ramsay became a health inspector/commission he'd shutdown 99% of restaurants and hotels in the country.
Robbie T
Robbie T Hace un mes
Man i am white and i knew soulfood takes time to make ..... Everything black is relaxed and take it easy...... And you gonna cook in a wok....thats for asians and asians are super fast
Antz3The3rd Hace un mes
How to make soul food in a wok: 1. Don't unless you know how to use it. 2. Repeat step 1.
Anthony Ditizio
Anthony Ditizio Hace un mes
When I watched these like a few years ago, I used to think Gordon was being too mean. Now I understand all these people deserve it.
nicholas seng
nicholas seng Hace un mes
To be fair, pizza oven is Italian soul and wok is definitely the chinese soul
Sahil Pradhan
Sahil Pradhan Hace un mes
Don't worry guys the grandma saves ta the day with her delicious desert 🏜 😌
coooolibri Hace un mes
who in the hell would eat there. out of your mind :D easy food poisoning
Z Bella
Z Bella Hace un mes
Hold up now! My mom cooks her fried chicken in a Wok and it’s DELICIOUS. 😂
wawa Elias
wawa Elias Hace un mes
Brick deep fryer , 🤔 is that what he said ??
H4ppyness? Hace un mes
I love watching this because I get to see someone worse
Geno J
Geno J Hace un mes
She needs to sit back and allow professionals be professionals! She need a camera on herself...to see herself! That kitchen looks cramped and hot! Good conceptional restaurant, though! That food also looks as if it's just processed food....trying to cook it in a wok! She probably also obtained the restaurant and didn't want to change anything! It was previously a different restaurant! She tried, it didn't work...now change it!
Andy Mo
Andy Mo Hace un mes
Typical ignorant black attitude. No intelligence, no correctness, no humility.
Michael c:
Michael c: Hace un mes
When I was a kid whenever I got something that tasted disgusting at a restaurant I couldnt tell my parents about it because theyd say "how dare you order something with our money that you don't even like"
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