The Baby Has This Skin Condition *SAD NEWS* | Jancy Family

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Jancy Family

Jancy Family

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The Baby Has This Skin Condition* SAD NEWS* ⇢

skin conditionstary has this conditionour newborn baby has a skin conditionJancy Family

Jancy Family
Jancy Family Hace un mes
WE LOVE YOU JANCYS!! Join our Family here 👉🏻 THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️
Ariana Rodriguez
Ariana Rodriguez Hace 27 días
Jancy Family hi
Marie Marquez
Marie Marquez Hace 28 días
can i be in yalls family the babys cute
Genesis Lopez
Genesis Lopez Hace 28 días
Its ok stary bella is going to be ok I have it too I had it my hole life to she will get rid of it but only for a short time
Blanca Amaya
Blanca Amaya Hace un mes
hola estan then amen 👄👄👄👄👄
Maria Urbina
Maria Urbina Hace un mes
Pipper Rockelle
Pipper Rockelle Hace 20 días
Im so sorry for stary Bella🙏🏼god will make sure she is ok
Abby Vasquez
Abby Vasquez Hace 26 días
I have exam
Kim Hernandez
Kim Hernandez Hace 26 días
am sorry guys am going too cry 😢 this is so sad for me am crying
Tiana Bitar
Tiana Bitar Hace 26 días
I have eczema in my hands(but it doesn't appear in all my hand just in the elbow fold) only but they go and come just in summer and I am okayy with this🥰❤️
Anbri Camer
Anbri Camer Hace 27 días
Good bless her and everbody Hope she gets better ❤❤❤❤❤ This is how Many people hope she gets better 👎👎
Jose Villalta
Jose Villalta Hace 27 días
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Antonio duran
Antonio duran Hace 27 días
Ay Jean si Family
CZ Hace 28 días
Does she have Covid
Ashleyjackson08 Hace 28 días
Ummm there is no drink I really like at Starbucks so I will just say I like there cake pops
Veronica Liera
Veronica Liera Hace un mes
My favorite Starbucks drink is dragon fruit it is 👌👌
Leticia Guzman
Leticia Guzman Hace un mes
Awesome family
Johana Calixto
Johana Calixto Hace un mes
Rachy 7
Rachy 7 Hace un mes
Eczema is very common in young children
CEZZAR 55 Hace un mes
That is sad I was about to cry
Pardo Sisters
Pardo Sisters Hace un mes
I got exma too it never takes of sorry jancy family
Rosa Medina
Rosa Medina Hace un mes
Hope she gets beter My aunt has eggsema and she is fine but sometimes she has to put cream on
Abdulaziz Alawadi
Abdulaziz Alawadi Hace un mes
"This is my face, and this is the time= FACETIME!!" Lol😂
StephLoves Macncheesep1s
StephLoves Macncheesep1s Hace un mes
The biginin was funny
Lilly Cute
Lilly Cute Hace un mes
I like fat Pacino
Ashley - Roblox
Ashley - Roblox Hace un mes
And btw the kida didnt really want to go that was a bit.........idk
Ashley - Roblox
Ashley - Roblox Hace un mes
My joke part 1: why was a life made? Cuz so god can watch you (not that funny)
Denise Knox
Denise Knox Hace un mes
I mean stary
Denise Knox
Denise Knox Hace un mes
Is gorge ok ,start and is Suri ok
Denise Knox
Denise Knox Hace un mes
And is stary ok
Denise Knox
Denise Knox Hace un mes
Is Suri ok
Genesis Ventura
Genesis Ventura Hace un mes
i fawdmoch
Aubrey and Mariah
Aubrey and Mariah Hace un mes
Hope she gets better i will pray everyday until she gets better pls read this
Harlow Bailey
Harlow Bailey Hace un mes
Hibstary did amazing
Francisca Puente
Francisca Puente Hace un mes
This is my joke Why did suri trow the butter out the window To see the butter fly
Ren Dani
Ren Dani Hace un mes
Xxx Ariana
Xxx Ariana Hace un mes
Oh no
Karime Montoya
Karime Montoya Hace un mes
Kenayah's world
Kenayah's world Hace un mes
It's called axsmar
Kailee Miller
Kailee Miller Hace un mes
Start is cute and a very brave baby she will OK getting her shots there is need to be scared, be safe and wash your 👐
Lilyanna Hage
Lilyanna Hage Hace un mes
Here’s my joke Why did the skeleton not go to a party? Because he had no body to dance with.
Destiny Delacruz
Destiny Delacruz Hace un mes
This is how much the kids care about there baby sister that she don't want her to get her shots my favorite drink at Starbucks is vanilla bean and mango dragon fruit with peach in it you guys should try it love you jancy family👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊😘😘😘😘💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙👊👊👊👊👊👊
sunfløwer Hace un mes
The baby's skin is the same thing
Hafiz Aqib
Hafiz Aqib Hace un mes
Who is watching in quarantine? I am LOL 😂
Miranda Muniz
Miranda Muniz Hace un mes
I cried 😭😢
Jennifer Pqngolo
Jennifer Pqngolo Hace un mes
Who cares about stary and when stary cried i thought she died of and suri is not PRETTY
Angeles Ortiz
Angeles Ortiz Hace un mes
IVY GARCHAR Hace un mes
Q: Why couldn’t the toilet paper cross the road? A: It got stuck in a crack!
Galaxy Pink Stars
Galaxy Pink Stars Hace un mes
I felt bad when Suri was crying, but then I was laughing when George said "I'm not crying !!!!! "
ZahraaZairarose Plays
ZahraaZairarose Plays Hace un mes
This family is literally so cute and shade on the people that dislike I mean you just like because you dislike your attitude ha ha
jennifer moran
jennifer moran Hace un mes
Omg poor stary I feel bad guys help stary please
minecraft team
minecraft team Hace un mes
Eczema my baby cousin has it.
minecraft team
minecraft team Hace un mes
My favorite drink from Starbucks is hot chocolate with a chocolate cake pop.
Adag Bashir
Adag Bashir Hace un mes
My favorite drink is the dragon fruit drink
macie french
macie french Hace un mes
i really want a shout out Jancy family
Mili Cubillos
Mili Cubillos Hace un mes
Elian Analysts
Elian Analysts Hace un mes
Me: “knock knock” You: “who’s there” Me: “cows go” You: “cows go who” Me: “ no. Cows go moooo”
Yanely Ponce
Yanely Ponce Hace un mes
They have this good medicine for that it’s like a lotion they sale it in Mexico tho 😩 and that really help my little cousin
Kimberly Montoya
Kimberly Montoya Hace un mes
This is my joke This is an app this is a pool, a pool😂😂
Lunamoonwolf the moon wolf
Lunamoonwolf the moon wolf Hace un mes
What :/
surely hlongwane
surely hlongwane Hace un mes
Caramel frappuccino
Claudia Barraza
Claudia Barraza Hace un mes
Is the baby ok
Koki Star
Koki Star Hace un mes
The baby is so cute
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Hace un mes
My is in spinish is sabes el cuento de yo tan poco no yo tanpoco
Moonlight sky
Moonlight sky Hace un mes
What rhymes with the word family? Jancy family!!!
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez Hace un mes
I nevera gring Starbucks
ajesh mathew
ajesh mathew Hace un mes
Baby ???
Cutie 123
Cutie 123 Hace un mes
My best joke: What do you call a fight between celebrity actors? A: Star wars
Vidhisha Hurdoyale
Vidhisha Hurdoyale Hace un mes
A joke from me : what do you call a bear with no teeth .....: A gummy 🐻 bear !!!! Ok I know that was lame am just so sleepy right now 😴💤
Shikeanma Johnson
Shikeanma Johnson Hace un mes
I'll always be by your side 😘❤️😍💙😍💙
Zaina Ali
Zaina Ali Hace un mes
Zaina Ali
Zaina Ali Hace un mes
Zaina Ali
Zaina Ali Hace un mes
Zaina Ali
Zaina Ali Hace un mes
Stephanie Ramales
Stephanie Ramales Hace un mes
That was kinda mean that he said in less he wife wanted Starbucks that’s mean he don’t like his daughter
Lety Morales E
Lety Morales E Hace un mes
Hope she get better love you jancy family🤞😞😷
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